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An erotic, Daddy/Son story written especially for

Mickey "Daddy" Ray

By: Alan Winkler

Alan "Woofy" Winkler was born in rural North Carolina. He is proud to have lived through and enjoyed the music and mayhem of the 1980s. (Eurythmics and Animotion anyone?) Woofy has experienced both country living and city life. His vocations have ranged from janitor... to corporate professional... to male model. He's even spent a couple of years in the driver's seat of an eighteen-wheeler.

Woofy's writing of adult erotic fiction began when he was invited to pen a story for submission to Handjobs Magazine. The story (Texas Hot Tub) was well received and appeared in two parts in the April and May 2002 issues. Since then, he's written many stories for Handjobs. His current Handjobs projects are two consecutive trucker themed series. "Ride'n The Zipper" - which tells of the experiences of a seasoned trucker (J.T.) and his new trainee (Luke) as they travel the lower 48, and "Roscoe Trucking Company" - a collection of tales sharing a behind the scenes look at the adventures of 12 different truckers. These stories can be read monthly from January 2011 through December 2012. Each episode is illustrated with original artwork by the artist Roscoe (
www.roscoestuff.com )

"Brave Men Do - When Lust is Relative" was Alan's first collection of Incest and daddy/boy stories. Published right on its heels was "Brave Men Do 2 - Fun in a Plain brown Wrapper" a second collection of incestuous toned stories. The third book, an illustrated erotic novel based on a studly mountain man named Buck and his mischievous family, is currently waiting in the wings and should be available in the Spring of 2013!

He has interest in writing for the adult film industry and is currently available for Private Commissions. Please contact him for information.


Illustrations by Mickey "Daddy" Ray


(It is no secret that Daddy has a strong fetish for socked feet. "Woofy" wrote this story for me with my particular fetish in mind. I was inspired to pick up pencil and do some illustrations for it. I hope you enjoy this tale as much as I do!)



            It was easy for Mark to pinpoint the instant that he first noticed a pair of big, cotton-wrapped feet… His father, Joe, was a strict disciplinarian, but he knew how to have fun as well. Every evening, he would come in from a long day and sit back while his son knelt at his feet to unlace his worn work-boots. Once the laces were loose, they’d make a game of wrestling the boots off Joe’s big, size 12 feet. Mark would hold tight and giggle wildly as his dad clenched his feet tight inside and thrashed him back and forth on the floor. Eventually, Mark would win the match, freeing his dad’s tired feet. This game made the smell of hot leather mixed with his father’s sweat a common scent to Mark… a scent that he grew to enjoy.


After supper, Joe would lay on the couch to watch TV. He’d settle in on his side and tuck his feet just behind him, making the perfect space for Mark to sit, nestled snugly behind the crook of Joe’s strong legs. Night after night, Mark would fall asleep there, with his head lying on his dad’s hip, their feet wedged warmly together between the cushions.



As they do, the years passed… and Mark grew. Soon he was too large to nestle behind Joe’s knees, so he took to just sitting on the couch, holding his father’s feet in his lap, with that familiar scent of leathered sweat teasing his maturing nose. During his high school years, Mark, like every other teenage boy, developed a passionate love affair with his own cock. The clumsiness of his childhood fingers soon gave way to skill and expertise of a growing man’s hands and he became skilled at pleasuring his stiff young prick. Every time he was alone at home, Mark seized the opportunity to strip down and enjoy a healthy stroke session. He began a mental checklist of the rooms in their two-story home that he’d christened with his young spunk. Eventually, the only room left was his parents’ bedroom.


One fall evening after football practice, he’d come home to an empty house and a note on the kitchen table telling him that his parents had gone bowling with some friends. In less than five minutes, Mark was naked, on his knees by his parents’ bed, confidently stroking his stiff teenage cock, determined to spew a load in every room of the house. He stared across at his own reflection in his mom’s full length dressing mirror. He liked the sight of his fit, young body, and he moved himself into different positions to examine himself totally. As his big, potent balls grew tight in their smooth sack, Mark leaned back against the side of the bed, panting and grunting with self-pleasure. His hand rode his stiff, reddening prick wildly as his hips thrust forward and back, forcing his thick meat in and out of his spit-lubed fist. He laid his head back and closed his eyes, focusing his concentration on the wave of pleasure flowing from his groin as his cock began to erupt! He liked the feeling of warm jizz splattering onto his smooth, muscled chest and running down the rigid shaft of his teen prick. He lingered in the orgasmic glow as long as possible. He watched blissfully as his hand continued to milk his softening cock long after the waves of pleasure had faded. All too soon, he was flaccid and the fresh cum had begun to melt and run down his taught torso.


Not wanting to drip his ball juice onto his mom’s carpeting, Mark looked around and saw a small pile of dirty clothes. Without thinking about it, he reached out and grabbed an article and began sopping up the shimmering semen from his body. As he wiped himself down, a familiar scent hit his nose. At first it was no more than that, just a familiar scent. But as he continued to wipe himself off, Mark realized that he’d grabbed one of his father’s dirty socks… and that was the scent he was noticing. The more he pulled the soft material across his chest and stomach, the stronger the aroma became. The boy found himself pulling the sock up to his neck and across his chin. With the sock right under his nose and the scent of his father strong in his nostrils, Mark inhaled deeply. His eyes rolled in their sockets as his freshly spent cock began to stir once more. Slowly, he slid the old sock back down his body and swabbed his swelling prick with it. In mere seconds his teenage junk was once more standing at full attention.



Mark grinned to himself as he inserted his cock into the sock and then gripped it with both hands. Slowly he slid the cum-soaked fabric up and down his pulsing shaft. As the tempo increased, he reached over and frantically searched through the pile of clothes until he located the mate to the sock he was fucking. Almost violently, he shoved the second sock into his face and sucked in the heavy, musky odor. Loudly he moaned as he fucked his cock into his dad’s dirty sock, stuffing its mate into his mouth to muffle his loud moans and grunts. All too soon, his body began to shake and once again his stiff young cock was erupting, this time filling the velvety inside of Joe’s musty sock!


When the episode was over, Mark, feeling a little embarrassed, quickly showered and then did a load of laundry… that included his dad’s funky, cum soaked sock. He couldn’t help but blush, when later that night his mother teased him about finally learning to use the washing machine.


More time passed and Mark was soon off to college… for what turned out to be a very brief stay. During his second semester, Mark had allowed himself to be needled into joining a few of his football buddies in an old fashioned panty raid. The event had been planned for an evening when all the girls in the Pi Theta Kai sorority would be on an outing, visiting the school’s sister University. Little did the boys know that a sudden flu bug had crippled the trip, leaving several girls laid up in bed with the bug, including the Dean’s uptight daughter, Kelli. The ground floor room the guys had chosen to enter through was luckily empty and the raid went just as planned… until one of the guys knocked over a large lamp, sending it crashing loudly to the floor. At that exact moment, who should be just outside the room in the hallway on a midnight run to the bathroom? None other than Kelli. The frightened drama queen put on an incredible screaming fit, running through the house and waking the other girls before finally pulling the fire alarm and calling 911. In the mayhem, three of the young men, including Mark, were identified. Their punishment was swift… and harsh. All three of the boys were ejected from school… permanently.


The turmoil couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Mark’s family. His parents’ shaky marriage had finally collapsed and his mother had moved out, leaving his dad, who’d just been laid off from work, to fend for himself. Things were so tight financially, that Joe had to borrow the gas money needed to drive the four-hundred miles to collect Mark and bring him home. Mark had never seen his dad so pissed. In fact, Joe didn’t utter a single word during the entire ride home. Once, Mark had tried to force a laugh from his dad by telling an old joke. The only response he received was a long, cold stare from Joe’s steely, gray eyes.


Once they were home, Joe finally broke his silence, but only to inform Mark of the bad situation there, making him feel even worse than he had. Quietly, he hoisted one of his heavy backpacks onto his broad shoulders and started up the stairs to his old room. “Where the fuck do you think you’re goin’?” growled Joe, as he returned from the kitchen and popped the cap on a fresh beer. More than a little confused, Mark pointed up and said, “Up to my room.” Joe took a long swig from his cold beer and shook his head. “No, I don’t think so.” he said, casually kicking off his heavy work boots and unbuckling his belt. Mark couldn’t help but admire his dad’s strong legs as he shoved his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. Joe’s thick neck and shoulders swelled as he maneuvered his heavy flannel shirt off, leaving him in only a snug under-tank, his baggy boxers and a pair of thick, white boot-socks. He groaned heavily as he flopped down into his easy chair, propping his sweaty feet up on a shabby foot-stool. He clicked on the old television and concluded his statement, “Your shit’s all in the basement. I got bills to pay, so I’m gonna rent out that upstairs room. Your Uncle Dave is gonna move in for a while.” he said coldly, not even looking up from the television as he wiggled his toes and picked up his sweating beer bottle.


Mark was instantly pissed, but he knew better than to argue. Silently, he carried his bags and boxes down to the basement and then set about trying to make the unfinished space livable. He assembled his old bed and then arranged the few pieces of worn out, mismatched furniture. An old plank rested shakily atop a couple of cinder blocks, making a table of sorts, to hold his lamp and alarm clock. His mom’s old sideboard didn’t look half bad, once he’d knocked the layers of dust off, and he used it to hold his clothes. When he was finished, Mark looked around the space and decided that he liked it better than his room anyway… at least, that’s what he told himself. He turned on the radio and stripped down to his briefs before stretching out on the bed. For a long while he laid there, staring up at the bare light bulb, listening to the floor above, creek and pop as his father walked from his chair to the kitchen and back, over and over, fetching himself beer after beer, spending the evening getting good and loaded.


Exhausted, the college jock took a long stretch and breathed in a heavy yawn, as his hand worked its way into his shorts to scratch lazily at his heavy balls. After a few minutes, he sat on the edge of the bed and picked up his duffel bag. He fumbled through the bag a while, finally withdrawing a tightly rolled joint and a cheap lighter. He slid back to the center of his bed and torched his doobie. After a few deep tokes, the herb began to do its job and Mark found himself totally mellowed and relaxed. Carefully, he pinched the blackened end of his blunt and secreted it away beneath his mattress, before contently dozing off to sleep.


Sometime later, Mark was jolted from his deep sleep by a hard slap on the stomach, which scared him more than it hurt. His eyes flew wide open and he sat up, looking around wildly. There standing by his bed was Joe, with a half drank beer in his hand. Joe turned up the bottle and drained it as he raised his foot off the floor and brought it down on the edge of his son’s mattress. He tossed the empty bottle on the floor and leaned forward, resting an elbow on his raised knee. It was impossible for Mark not to notice how the leg of his dad’s shorts hung open, giving a clear view of his hairy cock and balls.


Joe raised his big hand and pointed a finger at his son. “I ain’t stupid ya know. You don’t need to think that you’re gonna come in here and just do whatever the hell you want!” he growled. Mark could tell from the occasional slurred word that his father had finished his twelve-pack and was now feeling the effects. Joe continued to rail on about responsibility, maturity and disappointment. Mark heard the words, but the potent herb flowing through him made it hard to pay close attention, and his focus drifted from his dad’s speech to his exposed cock, hairy legs… and his big, sock covered foot only inches away. The boy’s earlier indulgence had heightened his sense of smell, and right away he was aware of the musky scent of his father’s foot. His body’s reaction was totally beyond his control and he blushed as his young cock began to awaken. Within seconds, the meaty flesh had grown into a solid woody. Of course, Joe didn’t notice. He was busy unloading verbally on his wide eyed son. As he lay there, with his stiff cock straining against his tight briefs, Mark couldn’t help but be amused by the situation, and although he tried not to, a small grin came to his face. This, Joe noticed at once.


The big man’s face turned red as his brow furrowed deeply and he bellowed, “Let me get this straight… You’re gonna get kicked out of school, then come into my house and smoke dope… and then have the balls to laugh at me?!” Before Mark could say a word, his back of his father’s big hand swung at him and caught him square on the cheek. The force of the blow sent him rolling off the bed and onto the concrete floor! There was no serious damage, just a stinging in Marks’ smooth, red cheek… and the deep wound to his ego. He sat there, spread-legged on the floor at the foot of his bed, shaking off the shock of his father’s sudden blow. Joe strode to the foot of his son’s bed and stood there, looking down at him. Like a victorious gladiator, the large man again raised his foot from the floor and placed it on the bottom edge of the mattress… right beside Mark’s head, which hung down in embarrassment. “From now on…” Joe began, but then stopped when he realized his boy’s eyes were not on him. Slowly, and deliberately, Joe moved his foot and pressed it into Mark’s chest, saying, “Show some respect, boy. You look at your ‘ol man when he’s talkin’ to you.” Slowly, Mark raised his eyes and looked at his father. “Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir.” he said, meekly as he lifted his hand and placed it softly around his father’s large foot. The warmth ran straight up his arm and down to his cock! Mark’s heart began to beat faster as his eyes darted from his handsome dad’s face to his over-full boxers. “Do you want to end up on the street?!” Joe pressed.


Through his distraction, Mark missed hearing his father’s question completely and he just sat there. His silence infuriated Joe, who instantly took his foot from Mark’s chest and swung it solidly against the side of his face, knocking him onto his side on the floor. Again, feeling triumphant, Joe stepped down on the side of his boy’s head and applied a little weight, pinning him to the floor. As he looked down, examining his nearly naked son, Joe finally noticed Mark’s erection, which had worked itself slightly free and was sticking half-out from under the waistband. “What the hell…” Joe muttered, as he squinted his eyes, not sure of what he was seeing. In a moment or two, it was clear to him that Mark had wood. It was then that he felt a gentle squeezing sensation on his foot. He looked closely and saw that Mark was holding onto the ankle of the foot that was pressed tightly against his face.


Not being a naïve man, Joe realized what he was looking at. His eyes trailed up and down his son’s contorted body on the floor before him. The young muscled body looked taught, firm and masculine. Mark was not a small fella. In fact, he was nearly as big as Joe now. This recognition gave Joe yet another jolt of testosterone. He saw himself, not only as the boy’s father… but his conqueror as well. The rush of power thrilled Joe, and even more than that… it excited him! The sense of power was exhilarating to Joe and his cock too began to respond to the situation.

Without really thinking about it, Joe removed his foot from Mark’s head and placed it on the floor right in front of his face, nearly touching his lips. He watched as slowly his boy began to move. Painfully slow, the boy inched himself forward. Joe’s heart pounded in his ears as he watched young Mark press his lips against his warm, cotton covered foot and kiss it gently.



Joe’s eyes trailed back down to the exposed portion of Mark’s long, rigid cock. He raised a surprised eyebrow, as he watched a large, single drop of glistening pre-cum ooze from the swollen head and string its way to the floor. It was in that moment, that the big man became aware of some discomfort in his groin. He realized that his cock had grown fully to life and was now pressed awkwardly against the fabric of his boxers. He casually reached down and tugged at the material, making room for his engorged cock. His swollen member trailed downward along his thigh, showing itself clearly through the worn white fabric.


Mark strained his eyes upward, taking in the sight of his obviously aroused father. Slowly his hand reached toward his own cock. His thumb toyed with the sensitive underside, while his fingers worked the restrictive waistband of his small briefs down below his balls. The freedom felt amazing, and Mark’s body was alive with fear and excitement as he waited for Joe’s reaction at seeing his fully exposed manhood. Once he was certain that his angry father had seen his uncovered cock and balls, Mark gently began to stroke himself, moaning softly as his hand manipulated the smooth skin of his cock back and forth, coaxing more shiny pre-cum from his weighty fuck-sack. Joe stared at his masturbating son on the floor at his feet as his daddy-cock pulsed in his shorts.


Joe’s eyes trailed back up Mark’s body, and when he got to the boy’s face he couldn’t help but gasp softly to himself. Mark was licking and nibbling softly at his father’s sock covered foot. The older stud watched his boy eagerly gnawing at his foot, panting and sniffing as he worked his tongue over the side and top of it. Quickly, Joe jerked his foot away and barked, “Boy, I don’t remember telling you to slobber on me!” For an instant, Mark feared a possible violent reaction from his nearly inebriated father, but then he watched as Joe’s big hand slowly slid inside the gaping fly of his boxers. His eyes grew wide as he watched Joe fondling himself. Suddenly, Joe pressed his foot right into Mark’s face and pressed down hard. “Damn you, boy! Don’t you got any manners at all? It’s rude to stare, ya know.” Joe badgered.  


Mark inhaled deeply, sucking both lungs full of the scent of his father’s foot. He closed his eyes tightly and said softly, “I’m sorry… Daddy. It’s just that…. Well, it’s…” Joe pressed his foot down even harder and again reprimanded his son. “For fuck sake, boy. Did I raise you to be a blitherin’ idiot?! If you got somethin’ to say… now’s the time to spit it out.” Then he slid his foot from the boy’s handsome face and rested it on his throat. Mark opened his eyes and looked up at his father again. He swallowed hard and tried to find the words. “Dad… Daddy… I want… I want…” Once again Joe became disgusted with his son’s inability to man-up. He took a large step back and roughly removed his under-shirt and pushed his boxers down to the floor. Skillfully he nabbed the discarded drawers with his toes and tossed them over by the stairs, then stood spread-legged in front of his son, naked… except for his white socks. He pressed his hips forward, forcing his long, stiff rod to jut out from his groin like a fleshy, hairy weapon. It bobbed gently in front of him in time to the pounding of his strong heart. He gripped his tool at its thick base and gave it a few long strokes and then slapped the tip loudly into his open palm. “Is this what you want, you little fuck-up? Some cock? My cock!? Is that it, huh? You hungry for your ol’ man’s cock?!” he said loudly… very nearly shouting.


Without giving Mark time to answer, Joe bent over and began ripping at the boy’s tighty-whities. The material gave way fairly easily and ripped free, leaving the teen stud lying naked and hard on the cold concrete floor. Joe reached down and gripped Mark’s leaking cock firmly, causing the boy to yelp. He squeezed and tugged roughly on his son’s hard-on, giving it a mock inspection. “Yeah, looks to me like Daddy’s boy is in need. What kind of parent would I be if I didn’t give my boy what he needs?” he said, with a sly tone in his mockingly caring voice. Slowly he stood, and then lifted his foot slightly, hooking his thumb into the neck of his white crew sock. Teasingly slow, he slid the sock down and then off, letting it fall onto Mark’s stomach. Carefully, he balanced on one leg as he let his bare foot hover just above his son’s face. He could feel Mark’s hot breath on the sole of his manly dog.


“Ya know, boy… I just might be willin’ to give you some of this cock of mine… If you can show me that you know what to do with it.” To make his point crystal clear, Joe traced the soft underside of his big toe gently across his son’s lips. “Come on Marky… show Daddy what you can do.” he said with a smirk, as he firmly pressed the toe downward. Mark’s lips yielded and parted, instantly allowing the thick toe to slip into his mouth.



His eyes closed in ecstasy as his mouth tightened around his father’s offering and began to suck, gently at first, but then more urgently. He chewed softly as his hungry mouth covered every inch of Joe’s foot. His tongue wove itself intricately between the toes as he gave each one some special attention. “There ya go, son. Yeah, you’re Daddy’s good boy, ain’t ya?” the big fella crooned, as he grunted with pleasure while stroking himself boldly.


Mark’s velvety, soft tongue was nearly driving his stern dad mad with desire. As Joe looked down on his son happily nursing on his toes, he couldn’t help but begin to yearn for the feeling of the boy’s talented mouth on his rigid, demanding fuck-pole. He wanted it… badly, but he didn’t dare allow young Mark to know this. He lowered his voice and chose his words carefully as he spoke. “Okay, okay.” he said, as he pulled his foot away and then stood motionless beside his panting son. “If you want this cock of mine, you better get on it before I change my mind.” With the enthusiasm of a young child attacking a colorful birthday cake, Mark quickly rose to his knees and dove on the cock that made him! In his excitement he too quickly forced too much meat into his novice throat and began to gag. “Whoa there. Go easy, cock-hound.” Joe said sarcastically, as he pulled his stiff meat from Mark’s mouth. “Come on, you little fucker. Do it like ya showed me… or just forget the whole damn thing.” Instantly, Mark apologized. “I’m sorry, Daddy. Please… I’ll do better. I promise.”


Mark then lowered himself to the floor at his father’s feet and began licking his bare foot once again, starting at the tip of his big toe. Softly… almost reverently, he worked his way across his father’s flesh, not missing a single inch. Each toe, each vein across the top, around the heel, stopping briefly to nibble playfully at both the inner and outer ankle before making his way slowly up Joe’s hairy leg. Joe couldn’t have ever imagined how much he’d enjoy seeing his masculine, muscular son… on his knees, cooing and whimpering like a baby as he strived to bring pleasure to another man… not just any man… His own father! Joe thought for a moment that perhaps he shouldn’t proceed; that maybe this was something that shouldn’t happen… But, as he looked down at both his own rigid cock and the excited prick being stroked by his son as he licked and chewed his way up his dad’s leg… he said, “Fuck it.”


Mark’s worship had reached Joe’s upper thigh and over and over Joe’s low hanging balls brushed lightly against the young man’s head and face. The good looking kid paused to admire his dad’s impressive manhood. Then he looked up at him and said softly, “Daddy… may I?” Joe had forgotten just how much his son looked like him, but now, in the glare of a bare bulb in the darkness of the basement, the resemblance was impossible to miss. In the first truly gentle gesture of the evening, Joe reached down and softly traced his thumb along the strong jawline of Mark’s smooth face. He gave his boy a quick wink and a nod, letting him know it was time.


Immediately, Mark opened his mouth wide and sucked both Joe’s big balls inside. The fit was tight and not altogether painless for the man, but he liked the way his boy looked… his distended jaw straining to make room for the hairy, family jewels. One at a time he released his dad’s big balls and then sucked them back into his warm mouth. Joe was unable to contain a long, deep moan of pleasure as a glistening drop of pre-cum emerged from the piss slit at the tip of his big cockhead. Mark then ran his tongue upward along the underside of Joe’s cock. Once he reached the end, his tongue swept away the salty droplet. He smiled with pride as another immediately emerged to take its place. Mark looked up and locked eyed with his rugged father, he wanted to see his face as his cock was softly sucked into his mouth. As his sensitive prick slid gently inside across Mark’s pink tongue, Joe’s jaw dropped open and a loud gasp filled the air of the basement. His breathing became labored as his son toyed with him, taking the full length of his cock into his mouth at a maddeningly slow pace. This time, there was no gagging as Mark’s nose became buried in his father’s bushy pubic mound. His cock-hunger easily squashed any gag reflex, as the dripping tip of Joe’s thick meat passed into his eager throat.



Joe couldn’t help but be impressed. In his lifetime, he couldn’t remember a single time that any woman had managed to swallow his entire shaft… much less without gagging violently. Mark not only took all of Joe’s cock, but he was still able to manipulate it with the muscled in his mouth and tongue. “Ohhh boy. Yeahhh, that’s so good Marky. Daddy likes.” Joe sighed, unable to refrain from complimenting the boy’s valiant efforts. He looked down to the floor between Mark’s thick thighs and smiled as he watched his son pumping his hard prick steadily. How could there be anything wrong with something that was bringing them both so much obvious pleasure?


Joe admired his boy’s strong, fit body and smooth perfect cock. Aside from his recent trouble, Mark had never been any real disappointment and now was Joe’s chance to reward his boy. Carefully, he slid his big, foot between Mark’s legs and pressed the soft cotton covered toes into his boy’s bouncing balls. Mark groaned loudly as the last of his reserve melted away and he began to work Joe’s hard cock in earnest. Hungrily he gobbled on his father’s big cock, urgently working for his final reward!


Mark grabbed Joe’s lower leg and pressed his dad’s foot firmly into his groin and began to hump. Joe couldn’t help but grin as he watched the muscles of his son’s athletic body swell and contract as his full, round ass ground his stiff dick against his foot. “You like that, boy? Huh? You like fuckin’ your ol’ man’s foot?” Joe teased, knowing full well the answers to those pointless questions. Slobber flowed from Mark’s mouth as he pulled off Joe’s big cock just long enough to gasp, “Yes. Yes sir!” before returning to his work. Joe felt his asshole clench tightly closed as his natural impulse to piston his hips forward took over and he started to rhythmically fuck his son’s talented mouth. He held Mark’s head in place with his big hands as he grunted, moaned and hissed encouragement to his son. “Atta-boy, Marky. Do it. Do it good for Daddy!”


Beads of sweat began to appear on Mark’s broad back as he continued to fuck himself wildly against his father’s foot. The soft, warm cotton sock felt so amazing against his teenage cock! Joe added to the pleasure by rocking his foot from side to side and curling his toes upward, pressing them firmly against Mark’s pulsing young meat. The heat and suction inside Mark’s mouth soon took their toll on Joe’s restraint and he felt his big balls grow tight within their hairy sack as his load began to churn upward. “That’s my boy. Yeah, that’s it Mark. Suck Daddy’s cock… Daddy’s gonna feed you, son! Oh fuck! Yeah… Daddy’s… gonna… feed…. Youuuuuu!” Joe roared, as his cock unloaded in Mark’s cock-starved mouth. Mark was floored by the rich flavor of his father’s cum. It was hot & smooth and he could feel it rolling thickly down his throat as he swallowed it down. He loved the way his father’s strong body trembled and shook as his balls pumped their load up and out of his stone-hard cock.


Before he even realized it, Mark’s equally impressive cum-load was flowing from his own loins. The bright white semen erupted in spurts from his vitally potent young staff. Big globs and splatters of shiny spunk were smeared all over Joe’s sock, as Mark rode his dad’s foot. He wrapped his strong arms around his father’s legs and pawed at Joe’s ass, pulling him forward… urging him to continue the mouth-fucking, even as his mature cock was beginning to soften. For only a few blissful minutes, the two men clung to each other, both eagerly giving and taking pleasure from the other. Finally, the two were equally spent and they reluctantly parted.


“Damn-it, boy. Look what a fuckin’ mess you’ve made on my foot.” Joe croaked, his voice having returned to its regular rough, insensitive tone. “Clean that off me… Now!” Quickly, Mark lowered himself to the floor and began following his father’s orders. He grabbed his ripped underwear from the floor and began to wipe his dad’s slimy foot. Joe jerked his foot away and barked, “Oh hell no you don’t! That mess came out of you… and it’s going back into you.” Mark knew what his dad wanted, and he resigned himself to doing as he was told. Slowly he leaned in and began licking Joe’s cum-covered foot. Most of the warm liquid had soaked in, but Mark licked and sucked valiantly trying to extract as much as possible. It wasn’t as bad as he’d thought it would be… in fact… he kind of liked it. The reality of what he was doing, and the fact that his father had ordered him to do it, turned the boy on… and his cock began to harden once again.


Suddenly, a sound filled the silent basement… it was the sound of slow, metered applause. Both Joe and Mark snapped their heads up and over to the stairs! Standing there, on the third step from the bottom was Mark’s Uncle Dave! It was he who was applauding. He was dressed in boots, jeans and a deep blue flannel shirt beneath his brown leather jacket. His tattered, always present, ball cap rested firmly in place on his head. He stopped clapping and lowered his right hand to his swollen crotch and squeezed himself as he spoke. “Damn, little brother… that was one hell of a show. Ya know, I never figured you for the type though.” he said to Joe, with a slight grin. Slowly, he stepped on down into the basement and began sauntering toward the two surprised men. As he walked, he undid his belt and opened his jeans. By the time he’d crossed the floor, he’d freed his excited cock and big balls.


He tossed his baseball cap onto Mark’s bed and then clamped his hand on Joe’s shoulder. Until this very second, Mark had never really noticed what a large man Dave was. He truly was Joe’s “Big Brother”. “Ya know, Joe…” he said, in a deep, steady tone, “These boots of mine are awfully tight. How ‘bout takin’ em off for me, huh?” Joe just stood motionless, his fists clenched. “Awe, come on little bro… this is gonna be like the good ‘ol days.” Dave said with a grin, as he shoved down on Joe’s shoulder, forcing him down to the floor on one knee. Mark watched, awestruck, as his rugged father silently began untying Dave’s heavy boots. Playfully, Dave thumped his huge cock onto the top of Joe’s head as he worked the boot laces free.



Dave looked down at Mark and said, “Howdy nephew. Ya know, when I first heard that you’d got yourself kicked out of school, I was wonderin’ if movin’ in here was a good idea or not… but now I see that we’re all gonna get along just fine.” Mark didn’t react to his Uncle’s joke. He was too distracted by his kneeling father, obediently taking Dave’s boots off for him. With no warning, as soon as both his boots were off, Dave grabbed Joe roughly by the head and forcefully worked his oversized cock between his tightly pinched lips! Mark’s jaw dropped as he watched several inches of his big Uncle Dave’s hard meat begin sliding in and out of his father’s mouth! Dave released Joe’s head, but the kneeling man continued sucking his cock. Dave began working his tight jeans down, telling Joe to be sure not to let his cock leave his mouth as he wiggled around.


It was then that Mark noticed that, despite the look of disgust on his face, his dad’s cock was beginning to swell steadily as he worked his big brother’s cock. Once Dave was finally free of his jeans, he began stripping off his jacket. He looked at Mark again and said, “Now, you let this be a lesson to you, hot shot. No matter how big’a man you grow to be… There’s always, always somebody bigger and stronger, just’a waitin’ to put you in your place.” He tossed his jacket on the bed and began unbuttoning his flannel shirt, revealing his thick, hairy body beneath. Playfully, he tousled Mark’s short hair and said, “Now buddy-boy, why don’t you get on down there with your pop… and see if ya’ll can help me outta these sweaty ‘ol socks…”



The End



This caricature of Alan "Woofy" Winkler was created by CMAN. Click on his name, you can go directly to the artist's Blog!



It is with deep regret I received the news today, December 9, 2012, from writer Alan "Woofy" Winkler, that Calvin "CMan" Washington passed away at 12:24 AM on Saturday, December 8, 2012. He was struck by a drunk driver while traveling home from the library on November 27th, and was air lifted to a hospital in Fort Worth, TX in critical condition. He died, early Saturday morning, during an emergency operating procedure.




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This caricature of Alan "Woofy" Winkler was created by CMAN Click on his name and you can go directly to the artist's Blog!


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