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Backwoods Sex II

(Chapter 7 of "Land O' Goshen")


Mickey "Daddy" Ray


Chapter 7


MM, Mt, Oral, Anal, NC, Rape, BD, WS, Sock Fetish etc.


Copyright 1998, and 2008

All rights reserved


This is a work of fiction, which contains consensual and NON-consensual adult, homosexual sex between men and with a sixteen-year-old boy, and there is some violence. Please do not read any further if these issues are bothersome to your sensibilities even in fiction.



While there are several populated areas in the United States called "Goshen", the area "Goshen, Alabama", referred to in my story is completely fictitious, although the surrounding mountains, rivers and other locals mentioned do exist. The characters in the story are also fictitious and are in no way meant to reflect on or resemble anyone living or diseased, nor should any negative generalizations be implied regarding the fine people of Alabama or of any alternate lifestyles.


***A reminder that "Land O' Goshen", as well as any of it's chapters, is copyrighted and is the exclusive property of Mickey Ray, AKA "Daddy", of Artistic Affairs in Binghamton, NY. The author may be contacted by email at daddyshere@gmail.com.  "The Bachelor Party" may not be used, edited or altered, directly or indirectly, in part or in whole, for any commercial purposes without express permission from the author.


The content is adult, sexual reading material which is primarily homoerotic in nature, contains particular sexual fetishes and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The author takes no responsibility for illegal accessing of this material to minors. All characters are fictional and any similarities of names or personalities with real persons are purely coincidental. Today, things being what they are, the author neither approves nor condones unsafe sex. Daddy


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Chapter VII



At Milo's bar, off the beaten path between Hueytown and Bessemer, Peaceable Drummer laid two well-worn bills on the bar. He picked up the glasses of beer, suds overflowing and dripping, and he carried them over to one of the corner booths. He set them down and walked swiftly back to grab a whole stack of paper napkins from the red plastic holder that sat between an ashtray and a jar of pickled eggs. He returned to the table and proceeded to methodically mop up the forming puddles and neatly placed the beer glasses on their own paper dais.



"I hate a mess. Don't you? Don't you just hate a mess?" he said quickly in a southern drawl reminiscent of Henry Gibson, 'poet laureate' on the old "Laugh-In" television show. The unsympathetic listener was Rusty Balls. A local plumber who worked on occasion for construction crews, he was a sometimes handy-man, and an always freeloading alcoholic!



Peaceable, his actual name, was born the middle son of a preacher's family of seven. At 34, he'd found his mark in the world by performing the labors of his inherited name, Drummer, that of being a traveling salesman. His product lines were women's personal garments, make-up, and scents for those of modest behavior. For the more adventurous of his clients, he carried an assortment of the latest sex toys and other bedroom items. These could be used for self-satisfaction, or for sharing with their mates. Demonstrations on how to use some of these nasty little devices could be made available by appointment.



He was tall and skinny. He had a beaked nose and sported thinning, slick-backed hair the color of muddy water, and a hairline mustache dyed shoe polish black, like his sideburns. His eyes were a soft brown and sincere and though he was a little neurotic and a tad flighty, he smiled a lot and had a way of ingratiating himself to women that made him successful at his job.



His sense of clothing style never changed though, once he discovered polyester pants at an old flea market years ago. He loved how the tight knits clung to every part of his anatomy. Some parts showed themselves in the extreme, and he had a assortment of colors and patterns he'd collected over time. He especially loved the white, polyester matching jacket and jeans he now wore. They left nothing to the imagination, and there was a great deal to see!



The women on his route loved him. The men tolerated his irritating banter and tiny movements because Peaceable knew secrets ...lots of secrets. And he had a way of getting other hard to get products that they occasionally had a need for. Strictly cash and under the table. Demonstrations also possible by appointment!



Rusty nodded his appreciation for the beer and reached into his shirt pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes. He left his cigars in the truck.   



"You're not gonna smoke that now, are you?" Peaceable asked, shocked. "I mean, if you are, then I'm not sittin' here and you can just go and get your own beers!" He sat back stiffly and folded his arms. "Those things aren't good for you, you know. They'll kill you one of these days! You mark my words!"



Grudgingly, Rusty stuffed them back in his pocket and grabbed a swig from his beer glass as if to mark it permanently his by default; his lips touched it!



"Well, okay, Peace, let's give! What was you gonna tell me about Elrod and Rodel Wilson?" Rusty loved the salesman's nasty little stories. Peace seemed to know everything about everybody's little secrets. The mystery of the lifelong feud between the Wilson siblings was about to be uncovered, and Rusty would be the first to know what it was. Well, first after Peaceable, of course!



Seeing his friend's curiosity peaked, Peace's tiff melted away and his businessman's façade gave way. "Un-uh. Not so fast, there, Mr. Balls! I got your beers and I got the story for you. What do you have for me?" This was the start of their little game.



"Well, just how good is this story?" Rusty asked. He knew in the end that no one would loose on the deal, but that going through the motions was part of the fun. Each knew what the other wanted.



"Oh, it's a beaut! Believe me, you are going to turn somersaults from here to Mobile when you hear it! And," Peace leaned in then looked about the bar conspiratorially, "I've got pictures to prove it true!"



"Ooh-whee-hoo!" Rusty drew out his long, snort-type laugh, his lips spread to show the gap between his upper front teeth and the yellow of those remaining. His face reddened with anticipation and he dribbled a bit of his beer when he took another drink. "Okay, okay!" his head shaking, "I'll help you fix the plumbing in that extension you're building. Whatssit? Your "playroom", you said?"



Peace pulled out a sheet of paper. "Oh, no you don't! You already owe me that! See, right here, for tellin' you 'bout ol' man Curtis and why his own goats are so scared of him! Besides, you'll be wantin' to use it plenty enough when it's finished!"



There it was in writing. The deal, the story and his X. Peace didn't miss a trick! Rusty relented. "Damn! So, what do you want?"



Peace gave that knowing grin. "Oh, I want your plumbing services, all right, but not on any metal pipes! I'm saying, this story's so good, to hear it, you gotta give me five minutes of head right here in Milo's bar ...in the john!"




There it was. The deal. A great story in exchange for a blowjob.



This wouldn't be the first time Rusty had to pay such a price for one of Peace's tidbits of juicy gossip, but doing it here, in the bar, where someone might catch them? This was new! Scary, but exciting too. Still, Rusty knew not to give in at the first demand. Resisting was also part of the fun.



"Well, now I know'd you lost your mind!" he told Peace. Watching Peace get up and take their now empty glasses to the bar, Rusty continued his argument quietly to himself. "No way! No how! Not today. Not tomorrow, nor next week, next month or next year! That's ridiculous! I never heard of anything so ridiculous!" he went on, shaking his head and slapping his fists on his thighs. "I mean, you can't seriously expect me to walk in that nasty toilet, get on my knees and start sucking on that big pipe of yours right here in front of God and everybody that might walk in and have to take a piss? Can you?" he finished just as Peace returned.



"Well, for one thing, I don't think God ever needs to piss and if He did, He surely wouldn't come in this dump to do it!" Peace handed Rusty his fresh glass of beer, replacing the wet napkins with new dry ones. "And if you'll look around, you'll notice we're the only ones in here right now. So, make the deal quick like, and we can be in and out before you know it!" He stood before Rusty, his crotch even with the man's face. His stretch white pants gave way to the swelling of his cock as it slithered downward unencumbered by underwear.



Rusty subconsciously licked his lips as he watched Peace reach in his right pocket and observed the detailed outline of the man's hand grabbing and adjusting the growing cock. Everybody knew Peaceable cut out all the right hand pockets of his pants for easy access. He left just enough material to appear as though the pocket was in tact. When Peace removed his hand, his erection was pointing down and to the far right along his thigh as though it would circumnavigate it, if it could.



"Oh, all right! All right!" Rusty relented. "But that includes seeing those pictures you mentioned too!"



"Absolutely, Rusty! I am a man of my word!" That was true. You just had to listen carefully to the words he used! But with Rusty, he always came through...in more ways than one. "C'mon, le's go 'fore others do start coming in!"



Rusty rose his full five-foot, six and a half inches up from the booth and headed to the bathroom with Peaceable directly in back. Their coats and beers they left safely behind. The little man never noticed the furtive wink that Peace gave Milo, the owner and bartender, as he followed his small frame to the rear of the bar and down the hallway to where the johns were.



When they were inside, Rusty turned and put the little eye-hook in its place to secure their privacy. He then moved past the sink and the urinal to the toilet. He undid his pants and let them drop to his feet, then sat down on the piss stained, wooden seat. There were no walls separating the bowl from the urinal. This, and the lack of toilet paper, was to discourage its normal use as much as possible and the regulars were used to it. The room itself was a good size and not particularly clean but it served its purpose.



All the plumbing fixtures were on the west wall of the bathroom, behind which was the parking lot. The opposite wall was shared with the bar's liquor storage room. Peaceable leaned against that wall and opened his belt and unzipped his fly. He moved purposely just to the left of Rusty to the north wall of the john, his head just below a small ventilation window that was at the back of the building.



"Okay, Rusty. Take it out for me! Your five minutes starts the second your lips are on it. Understand?" Peace stood above the little man on the toilet, tapped his watch and felt him grope into the tight pants to release his straining hard-on.



"God! But you sure do have a long fucker, Peace!" Rusty told him. He pulled it free from the opened fly, then reached in and released Peace's balls as well. He held Peace's warm nuts as he worked the cock before him with his other hand, bringing it to full erection.



"Now, no fair jacking me off, Rusty!" Peace insisted. "You got suck it off and take every drop, too," he paused, that is, if I cum in five minutes!"



"Hey! You never said nothing about having to swallow your cum!" Rusty protested weakly.



"You want to hear that story and see them pictures?" Peace received no further protest but enjoyed the warm, wet feeling of moist lips around the head of his cock.



Peaceable's cock wasn't thick, but it was an amazingly long and uncircumcised piece of meat. As Rusty began the chore of slurping and gradually taking more and more of that hot cock into his mouth, Peace felt it snaking down the little man's throat. Rusty's spit lubed it easily in and out and the hard gums from the gap of missing front teeth added a special feeling that made his cocksucking so worthwhile to Peace.



Though only a moment or two had passed, Peace was getting too worked up to hold out any longer. He reached both hands to either side of Rusty's head and began to fuck the little man's mouth and throat. Rusty placed both his hands to work on Peace's balls, rubbing and squeezing them. Then he slid a finger up and into Peace's unprotected rectum. He found as usual, as was Peace's habit, it was lubed beforehand.



Peace felt the rising of his cum and moaned loudly. "I'm cumming, Rusty! I'm cumming! Drink it! Drink it down, buddy!" He fired the first powerful jet of cum just as the head of his cock was at the tip of Rusty's tongue. It flew out explosively to the back of the man's throat, only to be followed by another thrust and another thick wad of cum. Down, down the cocksucker's throat he delivered more and more of his creamy jism!



Rusty swallowed pump after relentless pump of the sticky cum and just when he thought it was all over, Peace pulled out to let the last few spurts land on the man's lips and chin. He then took his cock and spread the white film around only to scoop it together and push it inside Rusty's mouth. "Clean me off nice now, Rusty! Don't want to get any nasty stains on m' white pants!"



The little man took hold of the shrinking cock and began a careful tongue cleansing, removing any trace of apparent cum from the glistening head or shaft.



"I think some got on my balls, too. Better make sure," Peace told him.



Rusty obediently raised the cock in his hand and bent his head lower for easy access and began to thoroughly lave Peace's hairy balls.



"Oh, yeah, that should do it real good!" Peace said appreciatively. He handed Rusty a handkerchief. "Pat it nice and dry now." Rusty obeyed.



"Give it a big ol' kiss and say, 'Thank you Peace for letting me drink your deee-licious cum!"



"Oh, come on," Rusty whined.



"Do it!" He demanded as he waved an envelope from his jacket pocket that contained the wicked photos Rusty wanted to see.



"Oh, alright. Thank you Peace for letting me drink your deee-licious cum!"



Peace pulled himself from Rusty's grip and started to put himself back in his pants. "Perfect."



Rusty got up off the bowl, his pants still around his feet and awkwardly walked over to the sink. Cupping some cold water in his hands, he sucked up some water, swished it around and spit it out. Coughing a little he said, "Whew, you nearly brought tears to my eyes, Peace...you went in so deep!"



"You were great, as usual, Rusty!" Peace said.



"Yeah, well, that's between us! No one has to know we done this now or ever b'fore, right?"      



Peace buckled his belt, patted his tight stomach, gave himself an approving look in the mirror. "Shall we get back out to the bar?"



"Yeah, right! 'Sides, our beers are gettin' warm!" But, instead of pulling his pants back up, Rusty hesitated. "Say Peaceable, what about me gettin' my dick off?"



"Not my problem, Rusty, ol' boy. That's not part of the deal! "Of course if you want to beat it off real quick like, I suppose I could give you a few more minutes to finish up while we're here."



"Could I, could I just hold your dick in mah mouth while I do it, Peace?"



"Well, now, Rusty boy, it's a bit drained right now, but I'll tell you what I'll do...," he paused as he bent down and removed his shoes. "I'll give you my black dress socks to suck on so your mouth will feel like there's something good inside it!" He peeled off his moist hose as he spoke and pushed them into Rusty's mouth before the man could protest.



The little man's ample cock rose quickly to the occasion. Rusty sidled back over to the toilet seat, socks in mouth, turned and began to beat his cock off over the bowl. Peace walked up behind him, reached around and encased Rusty's mouth and nose with his hand so that Rusty's mouth and nose would get the full benefit of his sock odor.



"That's it, Rusty, ol' boy! Suck on those nasty socks! Smell 'em! You love Peaceable's sweaty, foot odor in those warm, black socks, don't you? Do it! Beat your meat! Taste 'em, smell my socks! Cum, boy! Shoot that load!



And he did! His cum flew over the toilet seat as his muffled grunts pushed against the socks within and the hand covering his mouth and nose. As his ejaculations ebbed, Peaceable released his hand and yanked his socks from Rusty's mouth.



"Oh, God! Peace! That was so great!" he panted exhausted as he shook off the remaining drop of cum at the head of his cock; his cum joining previous evidence of past activity on the toilet seat, tank and wall.



He bent down and pulled his pants up. Peaceable slipped his shoes back on without his socks, handing the damp hose to Rusty.



"Here, Rusty. You can keep these. Consider it a bonus!"



Rusty stuffed the proffered damp ball of black socks into his back pocket, thanking Peaceable profusely.



"Well, Rusty, are you ready for that story?" Peace asked. He reached in his back pocket and pulled out an envelope of snapshots. "Elrod and Rodel Wilson. Here's the secret of their feud and why, after all these years, you never see brother and sister together in one place."       



"Oh, my God!" Rusty gasped wide-eyed as he stared at the photos before him. That's him! He's...he's both of them! He's Ro-del, too? Oh, Peace, this is priceless! How do you do it? You are so amazin'!" he snorted as he complimented Peaceable. "Oh, I am just gonna have to go over there and ...do you know, he blew me once when I thought he was her? Well, this is too great! Am I gonna surprise him, next time I visit!"



"Surprising folks is part of the fun!" Peaceable replied. "Shall we get back out to the bar? Don't want Milo suspecting anything, do we?" he added, taking the photos back from Rusty.



He unhooked the latch and proceeded back down the hall to the bar with Peace close behind him. Amazingly, in just those few moments, the place had pretty much filled up.



The usual waves and greetings exchanged back and forth and the two of them sat back down in their booth. "Hey, look at that there!" someone shouted from the bar.



Rusty looked up and on the large screen TV, he saw himself sitting on a toilet, hungrily sucking a big cock jutting out of a pair of tight, white, polyester pants.



"Surprise!" Peaceable grinned.



End of Chapter VII





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