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Big Bully

By Mickey (Daddy) Ray

Renders by Tulduro (Added 02-15-2016)


"Hey, Louise!" came the dreaded shout as I walked home from school.


The voice behind me belonged to the school bully, Eddie Nook. What the hell was HE doing on this side of town? Skinny little me had been his favorite target since fourth grade. When younger, it had been sheer sadism, punching me without warning, taking or smashing my things, dumping my lunch tray over my head, that sort of thing.


I was thirteen and in the seventh grade and Eddie was sixteen and a junior in high school. Because of overcrowding and the school districts’ financial problems, they combined the students from the seventh and eighth grades into the high school with the older kids.


Eddie had now moved to more elaborate pranks, like the time he hid my jock strap before a basketball game then yanked down my basketball shorts during the game, exposing me to the entire congregated township. Mortifying to a thirteen-year-old like myself, I was still being teased about it months later


"Hey, Louise!" Eddie called again, now right behind me.



"What do you want, Eddie?" I sighed.


"Hey, can't two schoolmates walk together? What's your problem, Louise?" My name is Louis, but Eddie never called me anything but Louise.


"No problem." I said, while being careful to stay out of arm's reach. "Why are you going this way?"


"Aw, my old man's decided to shack up with this dumb broad he's been balling for a while." Eddie said. "I'm supposed to meet her after school. It's this way."


"Oh." Would Eddie be walking my way after school every day? I looked at him carefully.


Eddie was a big guy, with a body more massive than muscular; not because he didn't have muscles; he was building them steadily for the last few years, especially using weights and such in the high school gym. His arms had biceps that bulged and rippled with the slightest movement. His chest was big and from there he narrowed so slowly until you got to his groin, the narrowest part of his body. His neck was thick, almost as large as his head, which was as wide as it was tall, but there was nothing square about it, it was all round but somehow not in the least soft-looking. He topped it with light-blonde hair that he kept cut in a military flat-top, which made him seem fiercer than ever. That face and body had jumped on me many times in my dreams. Those immense arms would fasten upon me and I would wake up sweating.


"Yeah, he's been seeing this woman for some months. Now she's talking marriage, but he says he won't do it until they get to know each other better, and see if she's going to be a good mother for me. Y’ know…guff like that. So she's agreed to shack up for the summer and they'll marry in the fall." Eddie began to snicker. "Gives my old man time to come up with a good reason not to marry her." And Eddie laughed a hard laugh.


"Well," I noted, with relief, that I was home, "I wish you and your new family a lot of luck, Eddie." I said. "This is my house. Where are you going?"



Eddie looked up at the house, and a dumbfounded look came over his face. He yanked a note from his shirt pocket, and looked at it, at me.


"What is it?" I asked. "What's the address?"


"2802 Fayette St.."


"You don't mean...?"


"Yep!" Eddie gave me a nasty grin. "We're going to be sharing the same house. You, me, my old man, and your old lady."


"Oh, my God!" I whispered hoarsely.


"Hello, darling!" Mom called from the front door. "Come on in, son. I have someone I want you to meet!"



I took the front stairs as if they were steps up an executioner's block. Eddie was right by my side. "This promises to be loads of laughs, Louise!" he chortled.


Eddie's father, Jim, was a bigger, meaner version of Eddie, if that were possible. Dinner was an uncomfortable nightmare, food hitting my stomach in solid lumps, totally indigestible.


Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. "I'm going to bed, Mom." I said. "I going fishing tomorrow morning."


"All right, son. Won't you show Eddie where your bedroom is?"


"Why?" I asked suspiciously.


"Son, he's going to be sharing your room with you." Mom said gently, near-pleading. "You don't mind, do you? That bed of yours is plenty big enough for two."


What can you say to that? "Okay, Mom, no problem."


"Come on, Louis." Eddie said, getting to his big feet. "Let's hit the sack. I'm sleepy, too."


I freaked; he had called me Louis for the first time since I'd known him. Clutching this tiny straw of friendliness, I led him into my bedroom, my inner sanctum.


Eddie looked around when we got there. "Nice room, Louise."


"Don't call me that." I groaned.


"What's that?" His grin ruined his surprised look.


"Eddie, it's bad enough that you and I are going to have to share this house, this room and this bed. Could you at least TRY to get along with me?"


Eddie smirked. "And what's wrong with the way we've been getting along, Louise? Where's the can?"


"In there." I sighed.


Eddie went in, and I sat on the edge of my bed, disconsolate. Eddie's pranks at school were hard enough to take. But what he could do to me now...?



I shook my head when I heard the toilet flush, and the sounds of brushing and running water. I shucked my clothes, and was down to my briefs when a square of yellow lit the floor, broken by a sharp black silhouette. I looked up, to see Eddie standing there stark naked.



This was the body I'd glimpsed in the showers that haunted my dreams. No hair adorned his body. His skin was a burnished bronze above the waist, a pale triangle at his groin, and a golden tan on his legs. His pubic hair was a straggle of fur as blonde as his head and in this pale nest, his cock dangled pinkish-brown, covered with the heavy folds of his uncut foreskin.


"Don't you even wear your briefs in bed?" I asked.


Eddie guffawed. "Naw! Besides, you've seen me in the showers often enough. Wish you had a body like this, don'tcha?" He struck a body-builder's pose.


I didn't want to respond to his question and just said, "Move over. I need the bathroom." I didn't want him to see the bulge in my shorts.



While getting ready for bed, scenes of the nights to come played in my mind. Me and Eddie in bed together. Me tossing in pretended sleep and my hand coming in for a landing on that big cock of his. What does a cock that big feel like? What is it like to have a thick, long schlong pulsating in my palm? To play with it, get it all hard and warm in my hand, feel the pulsating pud twitch as Eddie groaned in his sleep with pleasure and need....


Damn, I was getting horny! I shifted it in my shorts, and went out to join my new bedmate. No sleeping raw tonight!


Eddie hadn't even bothered getting under the covers. He was lying there, with a big grin and a raging hard-on! The foreskin was cut somewhat; it just came to the glans, giving his cock a sculptured, smooth look.


"Come on over here and listen to this!" he chuckled at me.


I crawled into bed, wondering what he meant. Mom's bedroom was behind the wall next to my bed.


"Ooh, Jim!" Mom groaned. "It's so big! Oh, God, Jim, oh, I love it, oh!" Jim was making thick, grunting, animal sounds.


Eddie snickered. "Sounds like we have front row seats, Louise."


"You're sick, man." I snorted.


Eddie's eyes were locked at my crotch, my little four-incher tenting out my briefs. "You're enjoying the show, too."


"Oh, go to sleep."


I turned onto my side, away from him. I couldn't help but listen to my mother being regally fucked in the next room. How long would they keep this up, anyway? Jim's long cock sliding in and out in a moist suckling sound I could hear. A tiny, moist, sucking sound and a slight shuddering in my bed. Eddie? I turned over and gaped. Eddie was lying there, beating his meat! Our eyes locked as I looked up to his face.



I swallowed hard, managed to give out an annoyed groan, "Aw, man, can't you take that into the bathroom or something?" My eyes wandered back down his body past his flailing hand onto his cock, and my tongue licked my lips nervously.


"Why? The bed's more comfortable." Eddie didn't even slow down; in fact, I think he speeded up now that I was watching him. His hand was a blur as he flogged his monster schlong, the cockhead glistening and slopping with pre-cum. His cock was oozing a clear line of fluid down over his fingers, making the squishy sound I had heard.


I licked my lips again, realized what I was doing and looked at his face. He was still looking right at me; his eyes bored into mine. "You want some of this, Louise?" He panted.


"Aw, you're sick, man." I choked out a sneer.


"Then why are you throwing a boner again?" He asked.


I hastily, turned away from him, balled up into a fetal position, my gut churning with fire.


I felt Eddie shift, and then he was pushing his big body up against mine, his uppermost hand and arm went around me while its mate snaked in from over my head to ensnare me, his sticky boner jabbing at my buttocks.



"What are you doing?" I gasped, startled and scared.


"Lay still, Louise." He panted, hunched at my butt with his slime-covered cock, rubbing against me. "This won't hurt you one bit," he slavered. "Hell, you might even dig it."


What could I do? I lay still as ordered while he ground against me like a rutting dog, his hard cock rubbing against my thin buttocks, positioning itself between as he hunched and fucked at me with his thick, velvet-covered salami sliding between my ass cheeks. At least, it shouldn't take him very long.


Then he rolled over, taking me with him, until he was on top of me, straddling my buttocks, his massive rod sliding back and forth over my cotton-covered buns. He locked one elbow under my chin, holding my head all the way back in a painful hold, while his breaths were a roar in one ear, a "huh-huh-huh- huh" sound, each syllable with a thrust that slid his cock back and forth over my asscrack.



His rutting hunches of his powerful thighs were moving my body, wiggling my cock back and forth between me and the mattress. I felt my cock tingle with building sexual excitement, my face flushed, my own breath matched Eddie grunt for grunt.


"Huh, huh, huh, HUHNK-U-U-UH!" came an emphatic groan that altered into choking sounds and I felt my ass and the small of my back suddenly hot, slimy wet with his jism as he ground at me with a fierce intensity. Done, he collapsed on me, a sweating, sweltering weight that pinioned me, crushed my breath and life absolutely flat. I felt the jism sticking us together, his sweat pooling along my spine and dripping off his face onto the nape of my neck and ear; I was surrounded by the odor of come, sweat and the musk of horny male rut.


He rolled off of me when he was good and ready. "Whoof!" he gasped. "Louise, this may not be so bad, after all."


I wiped the come and sweat off my back with the covers, pulled off my briefs and threw them, a soggy mass, to the floor.


Eddie looked over to see me glaring at him. "What is it?"


"You bastard!" I said, not knowing if I was going to cry or try to kill him with my feeble, bare hands. Or kiss him, for that matter.


Eddie sneered, and his hand came up to touch my cheek possessively, a touch that evaporated the confused emotion like so much morning dew. "What's the matter, Louise? Didn't you get off?"


"No, I didn't." I admitted.


"Oh." Eddie reached down for my groin. "Well, let's take care of that right now."


His hairy hand, horned with calluses, wrapped itself around my dick with a jolt like an electric shock. "Lay back, and enjoy it, Louise." Eddie said as his left hand mauled my tiny manhood. I laid back while he sat up over my face and, with his right hand, pushed his cum painted, sticky cock into my mouth.


I felt out of control of my own body. Powerless, I meekly did as he said, tasting the thick slime coating his cock. Other than tasting my own when I dribbled an orgasm, this was the first time I had ever tasted another guy's cum and I found myself hungrily sucking in more of his cock.


Even using his left hand, his touch was harsh, the grip on my cock so tight; the motions so strong. Eddie was used to flogging his own monster, not my miniscule organ.  He overextended each stroke, causing pain to intermix with pleasure until I couldn't separate them. Hurt blended with pleasure all the way to climax, when I pushed his hand away and grabbed my own cock. I jerk-spurted a powerful load that flew wildly into the air. It was utter heaven, absolute hell, the strangest orgasm I'd ever had.



"Agh, jeez, Louise, watch it with that stuff!" Eddie groaned as wads hit him on his shoulder, flogging arm, one inner thigh. But he didn't stop pumping his cock in my mouth until he reached back again, grabbing my softening cock and manipulating a sloggy-sounding pile of mush in his palm that used to be my hard cock.


"There, now, you feel better?" Eddie impudently wiped his hand off on my stomach.


I looked into his scornful face, and so help me, I couldn't manage to be angry. "Yeah, Eddie, I feel better." I conceded.


"That's good." Eddie yawned mightily. "Now go to sleep, you dumb little prick."


He shucked the covers up over us, rolled onto his back, and soon was "sawing logs" with loud, shuddering rasps. I dared to snuggle under his arm to lie with my shoulder nestled in his hairy sweat-soaked armpit, rested my head on his big bicep and, finding a strange comfort within my tormentor's embrace, went to sleep.


I awoke to Eddie shaking my shoulder. I looked up and said, "Whazzuh?" I don't wake up easily in the morning.


"Are you awake?" he asked me. He was still naked, standing by the bed.


"I am now." I mumbled, yawned widely.


"Good." He made a long leg that arced over my chest and followed it with the rest of him, seated his buttocks on my chest. "Suck my dick." He then shoved his schlong at my mouth.


My mouth was still open with the yawn, and he shoved it in. "Glmph!" I protested. I had never sucked a cock before, and had no idea how!


"Ah, shut up and suck it!" His thick, rough hands interlocked behind my head and he started rocking on my chest, sliding that prick of his in and out of my mouth, and I knew I was about to learn to suck cock the hard way. He sent it in me so damned deep, fucking my face mercilessly.


As I learned how to handle his monster cock, I found I was getting off on the whole experience. My cock got harder and harder by the moment. Eddie noticed, I guess, for he let go of my head and reached back with one hand and pounded my cock.


The way he bent caused the early morning sun to highlight his every muscle with an arc of golden sheen. Eddie was not body- builder perfect, but in that pose in this light, with his warm schlong buried in my mouth, he was the most desirable guy I'd ever seen. I redoubled my efforts, sending his thick cock in and out of my mouth at a furious rate and he reciprocated by mauling my pud brutally.


I hit orgasm without warning, managed only a few choked groans before I hit him in his back with my explosion, thick splats and he jerked in disgust as they landed on him.


"Damn it, Louise, you soaked me again!" he snarled. "I told you not to do that. Two can play that fucking game, you little cocksucker!" And he snatched his cock from my mouth, gave it a fervent pounding, and as his face contorted with climax, he aimed his cock at my face.


A thick layer of gooey jism burst out of the narrow slit, slathered my entire face, blinding me, plugging my nostrils, dripping down my temples and dribbling into my ears. I couldn't see, and all I could hear was his animal grunts of lust as he pumped his wad onto me.


I squeezed my eyes tight then opened them and I could see again. He was panting, his chest pulsating with each ragged breath, and his face looked so soft and vulnerable, his lips parted, eyes half- closed.


He gulped hard and rocked his head back, then looked down at me and now there was nothing soft about him at all. "That will teach you to spurt your puny juice on me, you little shithead." he growled, wiping his cock off on my chest.


I licked my lips free of his sperm, a salty, slimy taste. "I'm sorry, Eddie." I said contritely. "I won't do that to you next time."


"Next time? So the little fuckface likes the taste of man- dick, does he?" Eddie leered at me contemptuously.


I didn't know how to answer that, settled for a mute nod.


"Say it." he snarled down at me.


"I like sucking your dick, Eddie. I like it a lot." I gasped.


"I thought so." Eddie rested both hands on my ribs, put all his weight on me as he clambered off me and onto the floor. "Well, don't worry, Louise. Long as I live here, you're going to get plenty of it. From now on," he hefted his cock, flaccid but still large and enraged, "you take care of this whenever I want you to. You got that?"


"I got it."


"Good. Now get dressed. You and me are going fishing. Wipe the jism off your face before you step in the kitchen."


Eddie threw my underwear from the night before onto my face, picked up his jeans from the floor, and stepped into them without bothering with underwear. I used my briefs to clean my face; with difficulty, they seemed to be saturated with old and new come. Done, I stood up and took them toward the clothes hamper.


Eddie stopped me. "No. You wear them today. Marks you as my property in case some other dog starts sniffing around you." he stated flatly while he pulled on an orange tank-top.


He turned while tucking it in and I saw from the way it stuck to him in dark pools that he hadn't wiped my come off his back. I may be "marked", but Eddie bore my own spoor as well. I smiled as I donned the sticky underwear. No one need know but him and me.


I thought of something. "Eddie?"


"What is it?" He looked up from lacing up his sneakers.


"I was just wondering...."


"Wondering what? Spit it out."


"I was wondering when you were planning on fucking me."


Eddie grinned crookedly. "Looking forward to it?"


I wasn't sure. "Maybe."


"Well." Eddie considered it. "We'll have to have some privacy for the first few times…can't have you yowling like an alley cat with your mom and my dad in the next room." He looked down at me. "That's why I didn't fuck you last night, y’ know."


"Oh." I said.


Eddie changed the subject. "Where's your fishing hole?"


"About two miles out of town." I said. "You'll like it. Nice and quiet. Secluded."


"Private, huh?" Eddie threw a wicked grin at me.


"Yeah," and I couldn't help but grin back. "Real private." All of a sudden, I couldn't wait to go fishing.




Copyright 2013 All rights reserved


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