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About the Artist

Roscoe was born in 1954 and began drawing at an early age. He excelled at full body portraits from copying images from comic books.

He began his career as an Erotic Artist in 1998 after discovering the internet on his home computer and Ebay's Erotic Art category.
It wasn't long before his 8.5"x 11" drawings were selling for a minimum of $100. The more he he realized what pleasure his art gave people, the more Roscoe was encouraged to continue in this field.

When he worked and lived in Hollywood, California he began creating art for a variety of venues (Straight BDSM and Gay)-(on-line and print magazines). Some of his favorites were "MALE", "ALL BOY", "BAD PUPPY" and "HANDJOBS".

When the internet became bigger, the more print magazines failed. Roscoe partnered with "Handjobs" Magazine in publishing a series illustrated gay erotic novels and an on-line cataloge of all of his art, much of which have been re edited and published in a couple European countries.

Roscoe is presently retired from commercial/ editorial erotic gay art.

Roscoe is only accepting commissioned art for personal use only. $200 for pencil on 8.5"x 11" and $300 for Prisma color pencil on 8.5"x 11" - email Roscoe direct at: roscoeart@yahoo.com



Boi Toy

by Jonathan Asche
Art by Roscoe (GaySketch)
Playguy, November 2004


Once starting out by jackin' off with a hunky relative, Cousin Boi Toy just can't get enough sex! One relative after another and other men as well!

Cute enough to poke!


It was after midnight when Jed Bolshear got home. Mama and his second cousin Doyle were already asleep. He tried to move through the dark house silently, wincing every time the stairs creaked under his feet, even though he knew Mama wasn't likely to hear him over her snoring.

He went straight to the bathroom, stripping off his clothes as soon as he shut the door. The clothes stunk of smoke and oil. *Should'a thrown those in the fire as well*, Jed thought. Instead he'd have to get rid of them in the morning.

Jed started the water running for a bath--he smelled of smoke and oil, too. The rust-stained tub filled slowly, there being barely enough pressure for the water to win its fight against gravity as it ran through the pipes up to the second floor. After ten minutes there was only three inches of water in the tub. Impatient, Jed turned off the water and eased his thick, muscular body into the confines of the tub.

He cupped his hands and scooped up the warm water, splashing it onto his face. The water started to turn gray as he rinsed the soot off his body. The guilt did not wash away so easily.

"I shouldn't-a done it," he whispered to himself, his face buried in his hands. In the same breath he reminded himself it was only right--and the only way he'd ever be able to support his family again.

"Oh, sorry, Jed. Jus' needed to pee."

Jed looked up from his hands. At the bathroom door was his second cousin Doyle, peeking inside at Jed sitting in the bathtub. Even though he'd turned eighteen this year, his face was so pretty he'd been nicknamed Boi Toy.

"Well, c'mon," Jed said impatiently, motioning for Boi Toy to step inside. "No need to be shy. You ain't got nothin' in your shorts that I don't."

Boi Toy gave a little laugh and padded into the bathroom, wearing nothing but a pair of dingy, threadbare boxer shorts. Jed followed his second cousin with his eyes. The two men may have had the same parts, but to Jed 's eyes, those parts--sinewy arms, bulging pees, smooth, flat torso--fit together real nice on Boi Toy's compact frame. He was built like a brick shithouse. Jed still found it hard to believe that Doyle was only eighteen years old.

Boi Toy stood at the commode and yanked down his drawers. From his position in the bathtub, Jed only got a rear view of his second cousin while he pissed, but Boi Toy looked just as fine from this angle as he did from head on. Jed's eyes glided down the spine of Boi Toy's muscled back, down to the curve of his full, round butt, where just enough crack was showing to spark Jed's imagination and awaken his cock.

"What'cha doin' takin' a bath so late, Jed?" Boi Toy asked as he shook the last drops from his dick.

"Was up at Joe Willard's, helpin' him fix that dang truck of his. Leaked oil all over me."

"Guess that's why it smells like gas in here," Boi Toy observed, pulling the chain on the toilet. He started to head for the door when Jed stopped him.

"Since yer here, you mind scrubbin' my back?"

Obediently, Boi Toy walked over to the tub, his eyes widening as he saw his older cousin's naked body. Jed was only five years older than Boi Toy, yet, with his face and chest covered with coarse, rust-colored hair, he seemed ten years older at least.

Jed handed Boi Toy a grimy bar of soap. "Soap up my shoulders and back, would ya?" As Boi Toy lathered up his broad back, Jed closed his eyes, his mind drifting from tonight's crime to more pleasurable misconduct. He hadn't been too thrilled about his second cousin coming here to live when Boi Toy's mother, Aunt Tizzy, finally drank herself to death two months ago. It was just one more mouth they couldn't afford to feed. But once they picked him up from the bus station, Jed immediately warmed up to the idea of having another man around the house.

The Bolshear house was full of holes--holes in the roof, holes in the windows, holes in the floor. One of those holes was in the wall dividing Jed and Boi Toy's rooms. Jed spent a lot of his time at night peeping through that hole, hoping beyond hope, he'd catch his second cousin changing clothes or, even better, jacking off. But nothing dirty ever happened--if Boi Toy beat off, he did it with the lights off. But Jed had caught enough glimpses of Boi Toy's body to flesh out his fantasies for when he jacked off. Jed often imagined his second cousin 's full, peach-colored lips wrapped around his hard cock; or he thought of sinking his face into that smooth trench between his fleshy buttocks and ...

"Gosh, Jed, you sure got a big one!"

Jed opened his eyes. He didn't have to ask what Boi Toy was talking about. His cock stood at full attention, quivering with anticipation. "You like lookin' at my pecker? " Jed asked, looking over his shoulder.

Boi Toy's face reddened, and he looked away. "Sorry," he mumbled.

"Naw, that's OK. You can touch it if you like."

Though a flash of interest crossed Boi Toy's face, Jed's young second cousin made no move to reach for his swollen rod. Jed cuffed Boi Toy's wrist, making him drop the soap into the tub. He guided Boi Toy's hand down to his boner.

"It feels warm," Boi Toy blurted out as he wrapped his fingers around Jed's cock.

"Wanna suck it?"

Boi Toy recoiled, wrenching his hand away. "I don't know, Jed. I'm pretty sure that's a sin."

*God damn Mama for takin' the boy to church!* "It's only a sin if you're caught," Jed said.

"I don't think we're s'posed to be touchin' each other that way," Boi Toy said, getting up to leave the bathroom. He barely took two steps before Jed grabbed his wrist again.

Jed, his eyes filled with a scary urgency, stared into Boi Toy's face. "Don't look like all of you agrees," he hissed.

Boi Toy's free hand moved to cover the pitched tent in the crotch of his shorts. "Jed, leggo of me," he whined.

"How's 'bout this: If it's wrong for us to touch each other, how 'bout we touch ourselves?"

Though Boi Toy was sure this wasn't right either, he was not quick enough to give a reason why. And even if Jed's suggestion was immoral, his dick sure needed some release. In the big scheme of things, Boi Toy reasoned, jerking off in front of his second cousin was not as big a sin as sucking his cock. Without saying anything, he pulled down his boxers, exposing his stiff dick.

Jed's lips curled into a lecherous grin as he feasted his eyes upon his second cousin 's thick tool, admiring its plump head and the way the shaft bowed slightly. Just looking at it made his cock jump. He reached down and took his rod in his hand, stroking it as he stared at Boi Toy's dick. "Play with it," he instructed.

Boi Toy, his face crimson, slowly circled his hand around his cock. "Ain't never done this with people watching before," he stammered.

Jed said nothing, just eased back in the tub, his hand on his dick and his eyes on Boi Toy's. Boi Toy was watching him, too, though he'd look away whenever his eyes met his older cousin's. "You can look," Jed said, his voice low and deep. "I want you to." Boi Toy became less self-conscious about watching Jed jack off, though he still wouldn't look him in the eyes.

The two men were stroking their dicks with greater speed. Jed had to lather up his hands with soap for extra lubricant while Boi Toy relied on his own spit. Pleasure burned through Jed's body, making him forget his poverty, how he'd been wronged and the revenge he'd taken earlier in the night.

His eyes popped open when he heard Boi Toy's sharp moan. "Oh, I'm cummin'," he panted. Immediately, Jed leaned forward and cupped a hand beneath Boi Toy's dick. Boi Toy's cock erupted with a fierce geyser of jism, shooting straight up and landing against his own abdomen, missing Jed's hand completely. The next few spurts had less velocity, and Jed was able to catch Boi Toy's cum in the palm of his hand.

"Oh, yeah," he gasped, bringing his palm to his face and dipping his tongue in the pool of Boi Toy's sweet spooge that collected in his hand. Smacking his lips, he grabbed his swollen cock with his cum-slick hand. He jacked off so wildly, grunting and thrashing about in the tub, creating a mini tidal wave in the gray water, it was a wonder he didn't rouse his mother, still snoring downstairs.

Jed froze suddenly. He made a noise like he was trying to inhale a groan before it left his throat. He fired his load, ejaculating with such force his wad landed in his chest hair. The sight made Boi Toy's lower jaw slack in awe.

When Jed regained his breath, he caught a glimpse of his second cousin staring at his furry torso splattered with cum. "Kinda makes you wish you sucked it, don't it?" Jed sneered.

At the sound of Jed's voice, Boi Toy acted guilty and immediately fumbling for his drawers. "Ah ... I ... gotta get to bed," he mumbled, hiking up his shorts and scurrying out of the bathroom, not even pausing to wash his jizz off his belly.

When Boi Toy was out of the room, Jed shook his head. "Shee-it," he chuckled, absent-mindedly poking at one of the globules of cum floating in the water.

Boi Toy woke up to an empty house the next morning. He vaguely remembered Jed waking him up earlier, long enough to say he had to take Aunt Wanda--Jed's mama--to town. It was early and Jed was grumpy. When he slammed Boi Toy's bedroom door behind him he was mumbling something about "that God damn bitch."

He slept another hour before he got up. Though it was early, the summer air was already hot and heavy. Boi Toy put some fig preserves on a cold biscuit, poured a glass of milk and stepped out onto the rickety front porch to eat his breakfast.

The car--shiny, black and foreign--pulled up into the Bolshears' driveway as Boi Toy had taken the last bite of his biscuit. The driver cut the engine and stepped out. It was a man, dressed like he was going to church, wearing a gray, tailored suit. Shielding his eyes from the sun with his hand, he looked right at Boi Toy. "Excuse me, are you Jed Bolshear?"

"N'sir," Boi Toy said, wiping crumbs off his face with the back of his hand. "He's took Aunt Wander to town."

"Do you know when he'll be back?"

"No tellin'. Probably not 'til after dinner."

The man made a face, looked away and cursed. He stared into the bleak horizon for several minutes before his eyes returned to Boi Toy. "Are you here by yourself?" he asked. When Boi Toy nodded, he then asked: "Mind some company?"

"Guess that'll be all right," Boi Toy said.

The man stepped up onto the porch. He was tall and filled out his suit nicely. His handsome face reminded Boi Toy of someone he'd seen in a movie, though he couldn't remember the actor's name. Boi Toy wasn't good with names.

"I'm David Castell," the man introduced himself, offering his hand. "I'm one of the owners of the paper plant."

When they shook the man looked directly into Boi Toy's face. Though he wasn't quite sure why, the man's gaze gave Boi Toy butterflies. "I'm Doyle," he said sheepishly. "But people call me Boi Toy."

"I bet they do," Castell smiled.

Boi Toy then realized why the man's gaze was making him feel funny: Jed looked at him the same way last night. The younger man withdrew his hand. "What you want with Jed?"

"Just some business," David Castell said, taking a handkerchief from his coat and wiping his hands and then his brow. "Seems I could use his services to haul pulp wood, like he did before my company bought the plant and set up its own hauling service. Someone set fire to my trucks last night. Not a one of them worth a damn now. Even poisoned the guard dogs! Can you believe that?"

"Why'd they do that?"

The man exhaled slowly. "Don't know exactly, but I have my suspicions." He lightened his tone when he asked, "You mind if we go inside? I'm burning up out in the sun like this."

Inside the house, in the living room, the man took off his coat and carefully draped it over a chair. "You've got the right idea, I think," he said, nodding in Boi Toy's direction and loosening his tie. "It's not the type of weather for wearing a lot of clothes."

Boi Toy, who only wore a pair of cut-off jeans, folded his hands across his smooth, bare chest as if he were cold. David Castell removed his tie, and then started to unbutton his shirt.

"Just us guys," Castell said, noticing Boi Toy's surprise as he opened his shirt. "Don 't worry; I'll be decent before the women-folk arrive," he added with a wink.

David Castell had a body like Doyle's older cousin, thick with muscle and hair--though Mr. Castell 's body hair was jet black. Sweat glistened on the man's bronzed skin, yet he smelled like he just had a bath.

"Never seen a man without his shirt on?" Castell's voice was mocking.

Boi Toy wasn't aware he'd been staring and looked away. "Sorry, sir," he muttered, his face growing hot.

"No need to apologize." The man's voice was soft. He stepped closer. "I don 't mind. Hell, I can barely take my eyes off you."

The visitor's admission sent a surge of excitement and fear running through Boi Toy's veins. Like when Jed asked him to suck his cock last night.

"You're cute when you blush." Castell took a couple more steps closer. Boi Toy took a step back.

"Maybe ... maybe you should go, sir," Boi Toy said, his voice wavering.

"After I drove all the way out here? Your mama taught you better manners than that. "

"My mama's dead, sir."

Undeterred, one of Castell's hands settled on Boi Toy's shoulder. Boi Toy flinched at his touch. Only moments ago the man was several feet away; now there was barely two inches between them.

Castell's warm, soft hand slowly descended the slope of Boi Toy's firm pecs, sliding toward one of his hard, rosy nipples. "You have a very nice body," he whispered, pinching one of Boi Toy's nipples.

Trembling, Boi Toy slowly exhaled. This man, a stranger, was making him uncomfortable. Yet despite his apprehension, his dick was like iron in his pants.

His hard-on did not go unnoticed by Castell, whose own stiff prick was poking at the front of his trousers. Circling his arms around Boi Toy's athletic body, he pulled the young man against him, their bare torsos and bulging crotches pressing together.

Boi Toy started to protest. "I don't think--"

"Sssshhh. Just relax." Mr. Castell's hands were cupping Boi Toy's full, round ass, gently squeezing it like he was testing the ripeness of fruit.

*This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong*, Boi Toy repeated in his mind, though he had difficulty thinking of the reason why this was wrong. The more David Castell fondled his butt, the less clear his thinking became.

When Mr. Castell started unbuttoning his shorts, Boi Toy made no further attempt to protest. Castell slid the shorts off Boi Toy's body, breathing a barely audible, "oooh, yes," as he saw Boi Toy's full-grown boner. He curled his fingers around the shaft.

"That feel good, Boi Toy?" Castell asked, pulling on the swollen cock. Boi Toy gasped and nodded. Another wave of guilt shot through him, followed by Jed's voice saying, *It's only a sin if you get caught.* "You won't tell nobody 'bout this, will you, sir?"

His plea got a hearty roar of laughter from Castell. "Just call me David," was all he said before leading Boi Toy back to the faded sofa and coaxing him to sit down.

Boi Toy sat motionless and watched his visitor take off the rest of his clothes--not as carefully as he'd removed his coat, tie and shirt. He didn't even bother draping his pants over the back of a chair, just left them on the floor. When he pulled off his silk boxers, Castell's cock immediately transfixed Boi Toy. It long and thick--it was even bigger than Jed's--but there was something else about it that intrigued Boi Toy.

"Yer pecker looks different," he commented. "Ain't seen one like that before, with that extra skin on it."

"You mean uncut?" David stepped closer to where Boi Toy sat, legs splayed, on the sofa. "You want to play with it?"

"Um, I ... I ..."

Castell rested one knee on the sofa, his fat, uncut cock bobbing inches away from Boi Toy's sweet face. "Go on; touch it."

With some trepidation in his movements, Boi Toy reached for his visitor's dick. The pulsing, purplish head bloomed from its sheath of tan foreskin. Boi Toy carefully rolled the skin away from Castell's glans, marveling at the nuances of his unsnipped cock. "Now it looks normal!" exclaimed Boi Toy at the transformation of David Castell's dick.

"Put it in your mouth."

Apprehension crossed Boi Toy's face. He looked up at David Castell's strong, handsome face and rightly saw little chance of reprieve. Sucking David's cock was not a request.

Slowly, Boi Toy brought his lips to David's dick, taking a deep breath before closing his mouth over the head. His tongue pushed against the engorged glans. Boi Toy, who'd expected a dick to taste funny, was relieved that the taste was not bad.

"That's it," sighed David Castell. "Try to take as much as you can in your mouth."

Boi Toy managed to take in about three more inches before his throat rebelled. He retreated back an inch before he choked, concentrating on sucking the first third of Castell's cock. That was enough to please his visitor, who undulated his hips, gently pushing his big dick into Boi Toy's warm, virgin mouth.

"Yessss," he moaned, placing one of his hands on top of Boi Toy's blond head. "Feels so good."

Boi Toy pushed at the thick foreskin with his tongue, tracing the deep groove that marked the separation of the cock-head and its collar of skin. This caused Castell to suck in his breath sharply. A lightly salty fluid oozed out of his piss-slit and onto Boi Toy's tongue. At first he thought the man was cumming, but soon realized it was only the man's natural juiciness.

Still, David Castell was getting awfully close to shooting his load. Abruptly, he pushed Boi Toy away. Ropes of saliva hung from his cock when it popped out of Boi Toy's mouth. Castell said he wanted to suck Boi Toy's cock. Boi Toy did not say that this, too, might be a sin.

Castell crouched on his knees before Boi Toy's hefty, curved dick. Taking it in one of his large hands, he stroked it, squeezing it gently to milk out drops of pre-cum. Boi Toy closed his eyes, drifting on a cloud of pleasure. When Castell's mouth closed around his cock, his eyes flew open. "Oh, mah Lord!" he squealed as if he'd just been goosed.

Castell's mouth moved down Boi Toy's shaft, his lips stopping only a half-inch from the base. Boi Toy's golden pubes tickled the tip of his nose. With practiced skill, he slurped on the young man's tool. As David Castell sucked Boi Toy's cock, he lightly fondled his pendulous balls.

This oral attention was almost more than Boi Toy could bear. He writhed and squirmed on the couch, moaning and whimpering. First he'd beg his visitor to ease, then he'd tell him not to stop. He would've happily shot his load into Castell's mouth had the man not pulled his mouth away abruptly just before Boi Toy reached the point of no return.

"Get up and turn around," Castell instructed. "Kneel down on the couch. I want to eat your ass. "

Boi Toy looked askance at the suggestion, turning it over in his mind: *Eat my ass?* He'd never heard of such a thing. It sounded nasty, but not nasty enough for Boi Toy to refuse to do as he'd been told.

Kneeling on the sofa, his hands gripping the dusty backrest, Boi Toy was ready for whatever the man had in mind. His pert butt turned toward Castell practically issued an invitation. Breathing heavily, the older man roughly kneaded Boi Toy's succulent ass cheeks. His fingertips glided down the channel between Boi Toy's smooth buttocks, pausing at the wrinkled, fur-trimmed, pucker of his asshole. "I don't know about this ...," Boi Toy meekly protested.

Not listening, Castell pressed his face into the warm, musky trench and began lapping at Boi Toy's hole. Boi Toy offered no further protest. His visitor's tongue circled and prodded his butthole, making Boi Toy moan softly from the sensation. When Castell's tongue plunged inside his ass, Boi Toy cried out so loud he startled the chickens resting in their coop outside.

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" he hollered like a repentant sinner at a revival. He pushed his ass back to meet the wet stab of Castell's tongue, his body trembling with ecstasy on account of his asshole's invasion. David Castell feasted on Boi Toy's ass so enthusiastically he sounded like a hog at a trough. When he pulled his mouth away, Boi Toy begged him not to stop.

"Don't worry, I'll do something you'll like just as much."

Spitting into his palm, David Castell lubed up his pulsing dick with his own saliva. He stood up and positioned himself behind Boi Toy, pressing the head of his cock against the young man's asshole. To this, Boi Toy resisted.

"Don't! It'll hurt!" he wailed.

"I'll start slow," Castell assured him.

"Don't stick it in," Boi Toy insisted. "Just ... rub up against it, maybe?"

"How about we start out that way," Castell said patiently, confident Boi Toy would want his cock inside once he felt it pressing against his asshole.

David Castell slobbered into Boi Toy's butt crack and smeared his saliva up and down the fleshy crevice with his drooling dick. Boi Toy's pliant butt cheeks enveloped his schlong. As he slowly humped Boi Toy's ass, the shaft of his cock pressed against the young man's asshole. The friction made for intense pleasure, driving both men to move their bodies with greater abandon. Castell all but forgot about entering Boi Toy's ass, though he relished the moments the blunt head of his dick got stuck on the puckered entrance to Boi Toy's moist insides.

The visitor's sturdy cock rubbing against his asshole made Boi Toy smolder and reconsider getting fucked. His second thoughts came too late though, and David Castell came too soon. Letting out a monstrous howl, Castell fired his load across Boi Toy's back. Boi Toy could feel the dick pressed in the cleft of his ass pumping out the last heavy drops of cum.

For a moment there was no movement except their heaving chests. Boi Toy hoped this wasn't the end of the encounter. He still had to get off and wanted to feel Castell, cock or mouth, on his body when he came.

Stepping back from Boi Toy's ass, Castell told him to stand up as he lay on the sofa, face up. His next instruction: "Sit on my face."

Awkwardly, Boi Toy positioned himself astride his visitor's face, his stiff cock swinging over Castell's forehead, drizzling a thin icing of pre-cum. Clamping his hands onto Boi Toy's muscular thighs, he guided the young man's open ass down to his waiting mouth. His tongue slid past the twitching sphincter, lapping up salty, sticky vestiges of saliva, sweat and cum.

Riding David Castell's face, Boi Toy stroked his engorged cock. Each time his fist traveled the length of his shaft, Boi Toy got a little closer to cumming. He twisted his hips, rotating his ass against the counter-swirl of Castell 's tongue. He hissed, whimpered and whined as the tingling pleasure--more intense than he'd ever known it when he jacked off--overtook him. His body jerking like he'd been struck by lightning, Boi Toy came forcefully, his jism raining down on Castell's forehead and his dark hair, as well as spattering the sofa's upholstery.

Spent and light-headed, Boi Toy slid off Castell's face, straightened his body and lay full length against the visitor's solid, manly body. For the first time since Castell arrived, the two men kissed.

After a moment, David Castell urged Boi Toy to get up. "I need to clean up," he said, gathering his clothes. "Where is your bathroom?" Boi Toy directed him to the one upstairs.

When David came back downstairs, dressed and scrubbed clean, he brought with him Jed's dirty clothes, reeking of gas, oil and smoke, found in a pile on the bathroom floor where they'd been left in the early hours of the morning.

"Tell me, Boi Toy," Castell said, holding the smelly, incriminating clothes away from his clean suit. "Do you know where your second cousin was last night?"

Two cars were in the Bolshears' driveway when Jed and his mother returned. One car he didn't immediately recognize. The other was easy to identify: Pearl County Sheriff's Department was emblazoned on the door.

"What's this about?" Mama gasped. Jed Bolshear knew full well, but didn't let on.

The sheriff and his deputy appeared at either side of the truck. "Afraid I'll have to take you in for questioning, Jed," the sheriff said, almost apologetically. His deputy helped Jed's astonished mother from the passenger side of the truck.

Sitting in the other car, the shiny, black one, was David Castell, watching as they handcuffed Jed Bolshear. By his side was Boi Toy.

"Don't worry," David Castell said, squeezing Boi Toy's thigh. "Everything will be much better for you now."

The End


Another Story Illustrated by Roscoe!

From Santa with Love


By George Edington

Illustration by Roscoe

Badpuppy January 2001 (Badpuppy Number 8)

Santa makes one young man's wishes come true in a big way!


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This version includes sex acts, both consensual and forced, however, all parties in this version are of legal age.


Multiple pages of erotic photos dedicated to guys who enjoy their socks fetish, in whichever way they choose ~ Top, Bottom or going Versatile.



This page is dedicated to my socks fetish!

Artwork by artists like Etienne, Stephen and more!!

All especially dedicated to the Sox Fetish!





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