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This is the third of a series of Daddys & Sons pages which contain photos and artwork of younger and older men and the erotic relationships between the two. Currently, in New York, the legal age of sexual consent is 17**. There are no images of any young men under that age.


Although no minors are purposely depicted in any of the photos, if you still find this subject objectionable, I suggest you move on to another page or another site!


I , personally, came out openly gay when I was sixteen years of age, although I'd been aware of and willingly involved in homosexual acts since I was seven years old.


On the Daddys and Sons Erotic Fiction page, the stories are totally fiction although many are based on true incidences of the author's past when the author or other persons involved were younger than the legal age of consent. If you have any concerns on this issue, I can only advise that you do not to read any of the stories.



The age of consent in NY is 17. I, personally, find rape and non-consensual sex with minors intolerable. Non-consensual sex is defined in NY Penal Law 130.05 Paragraph 3 part a, as copied and pasted below. 

3. A person is deemed incapable of consent when he or she is:
(a) less than seventeen years old; or
(b) mentally disabled; or
(c) mentally incapacitated; or
(d) physically helpless; or
(e) committed to the care and custody of the state department of correctional services.

You can go to this website: http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/menuge
And type in "130.05" in the search and you will get the full text of the statute.



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Take It



Teaching the Boy



Young Talent - Self-Sucker Boy






August 5, 2012




August 5, 2012





August 5, 2012





The Poker Bet



Picture and story submitted by Adam Teague

If you'd like to email Daddy, Sgt. (Ret) Adam Teague, you may write to him sgt.adamteague@gmail.com


That's it Boy! Nice and slow...we got all weekend! Damn, you are just as talented as I imagined.

At least you ain't crying no more! We was all sick of listening to that shit! "Who are you guys? Why are you doin' this to me? Where's my dad?"

Hey, pussyboy, it's your old man's fault you're even here!!! If he was half as good at poker as you are at cocksucking...well, thank God he ain't! Bottom line...it was either you or his car, and he damn well didn't want to part with that beauty!

So, now I got me an on-call cockwhore, hee hee! Two lousy bets and bing, bang, boom...here you are!

Your dad's into us for almost $11,000...so, let's see here...I figure you're worth about $750 a weekend...tops!

Don't look at me, bitch...just keep sucking! Go deeper now, all the way down! You're gonna get to know me and my boys, real good!!!

Hey Tony! I been watching this lil' faggot eat dick all night and it's making me real thirsty, so have his old man come on down here with some beers!!



Hopefully, this story will continue! If it does, I'll add it to the Daddys and Sons Erotic Fiction page!




Even Big Brothers get into it!



And, of course, back to Daddies!



August 7, 2012







August 7, 2012





August 7, 2012

Sucking & Fucking Training In Progress






Ah, The Joy of Hitchhiking!

Or, My First Time!


Hitchhiking (A True Story)

By M. Thomas



My very first experience where I did something...not just getting my cock sucked off and sucking off another cock. (Another true story, one with my real daddy)


I was eighteen already, my dad had passed away the year before. I'd been dating girls and getting really lucky, but I was really missing something. So I decided to hitch a ride to New Orleans for the summer; this was in 1976. I was at a highway ramp just outside San Antonio. A small, mom and pop truck stop was there; still is for that matter, and the forth truck that went by stopped. It was a red truck, a Peterbilt long nose. The driver, a man with a belly on him, was maybe in his 40's. He seemed nice and when I told him where I was headed he told me he was going right thru there and as he swapped gears I settled in.


He talked about all sorts of things and when it turned to sex, he wanted to know about all the 'pussy' I had been getting. What I did notice, however, was the lump in his jeans and how he kept looking at mine.


Like I said I was eighteen, maybe weighed 160 and, standing at 6'2", I was also skinny. My long, dirty blond hair came just below my shoulders. He, on the other hand, looked to be maybe 6 foot tall but must have weighed close to 225, maybe more.


His dark hair had some gray, as did his sideburns; I remember those wide, Elvis kind, he had those. His hand weren't big but his fingers were thick and when he would laugh at something I said, he'd slap my thigh; not hard, but then he wouldn't move his hand for a minute or so. Then he asked if I did drugs. Again, remember that this was the mid-seventies, marijuana was plentiful, as were pills, and I bragged how I had done weed, which was true, and how I loved Quaaludes, a bold face lie.


My friend had told me how he felt so fine on them but I had never even seen one, and I had done diet pills – speed. Well, that's all he wanted to know. He handed me a bottle of pills and told me to try this one and that one, and then sparked up his pipe, which had been lying in the ashtray this whole time. That stuff smelled way better than anything I had ever smoked! And it tasted like it also. Several hits later and I was toasted.


He handed me a Coke from a cooler behind his seat and we rode along, pretty quietly, for the next thirty miles or so, as those pills I took began to hit me and then things got weird.


I was still with it, but so relaxed, and it seemed when he spoke I couldn't lie if I wanted to. We had made it thru Houston and were pulling into Rose City, TX. It was really just a truck stop with a few houses around, just outside of Beaumont, TX. That’s when the fun began.


He parked in the very back row and told me it was break time. Then he asked me if I had ever sucked a cock before. I know I tried to lie but I told him yes. When he asked who it was again I really tried to lie, but again I failed and, for the first time ever, I told my secret. It was my dad's.


Then he asked me if I wanted to suck his, and he placed my hand on his lump; or had I done that myself? I will never forget my own words, "Yes Sir..Can I suck it now?"


He laughed and this time placed his hand right on my limp dick, damn pills, and told me it's better in the bunk and he helped me work my skinny butt past the seats and into sixty inches of the 'Den of Sin'...his sleeper! There was a wooden sign, on the back wall, that said that.


He wasn't hung, more on the normal size, but not cut. My brother and I are, so was my dad. The guy was clean. He must have taken a shower back at the last place he stayed. I was sitting on his bunk and he was standing in front of me and he tasted so good; the velvet smoothness of his skin over the rock steel beneath it, and he leaked his juice like crazy.


When I reached down to stroke at my dick, which was still soft, bit more swollen but no where near hard, he stopped me, telling me that was for later. Now it was about him, and paying for my ride. Then he said it…”cocksucker”, I moaned. My dad would call me sissy or bitch, but never that...that which I was, …a cocksucker! I liked sucking cock. I would often wish that I could suck mine. I would almost always eat my load after I would beat off, .but for the first time I was sucking a cock other than my dad’s, and I could feel the huge wet spot in my pants!


When he pulled loose from my mouth he told me to strip. I remember fumbling with my belt, then the buttons on my shirt. He laughed, telling me this was gonna be fun, as he tweaked my nipples, making me moan and then pushed me back. I was sucking him as he worked my nipples. It seemed that they were a direct line to making my dick leak juice, which he was rubbing over my dick, still soft and swollen, as well as my nearly bald nut sack and over my tender hole, which he tapped with his fingers and that made me suck him harder.


Then he held my head against him; his cock fitting perfectly in my mouth without choking me, and suddenly I felt his cum hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed each spurt…moaning…because his finger was now inside my hole. He twisted my left nipple good as he used my mouth for his release, telling me that I was trained to be a good cocksucker, and that he'd want more later on. He shoved me to the wall and climbed in beside me; his semi hard cock resting in my ass crack...; soon his snoring had me falling into a deep sleep, or was it the pills? Either way, I felt safe lying there.


I woke up with a start! I felt a slight stinging at my ass and a grunting in my ear. When I reached between my legs I felt it. He had his cock buried inside my ass and, almost that same instant, my arm, where my dick was resting, was coated with cum! I was cumming hard as he moved slowly in and out of my ass. "That's it boy...knew you was gonna be a slut for it...cum baby because I'm gonna fill this sweet ass full!"


I still can't remember what he said his name was, Stan…Dan.... no matter, he was right. I was cumming just from him fucking what was that morning untouched, but not now!! He was really pounding me, he had my legs trapped between his, and when he told me he was cumming, sadly I didn't feel each spurt as I've read about so many times lately, no, but I felt a heat and slickness and even more cum pumping out of my soft dick, and now his sweat covered chest was resting on my back. His cock was still inside me, as he sucked a huge love bite on the side of my neck.


I could feel his cock growing again, slowly, as he barely moved. Soon he had slipped me over, his one hand jacking my slick cum-covered dick, the other tweaking, first one tit then the other. Cum was leaking from where his cock was inside me; a trail of it was reaching my lower back. Then he pulled out...a loud pop because he was still rock hard…and he pulled my head down to his cock and I allowed him to use my mouth as he shot off his third load, the second to enter my mouth. This one, not tasting that good, covered with my own juices and his…and ours, but his cum was enough.

I moaned, and again he spooned behind me after I had drained his cum. His bunk was wet with my loads and the one inside me leaking out now. I was happy, I was safe, and where I needed to be.


I stayed with him that whole summer and he shared me with a few close friends and a few that weren't. I learned a trade, well two of them. The one was short lived, and the other, a thirty year career driving across this land...looking and finding a few hitch hikers of my own.




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