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Erotic Fiction



This section of Daddys and Sons web pages, contains stories and the erotic relationships among younger and older men, siblings, or other family relatives as well as school and college students,



I , personally, came out openly gay when I was sixteen years of age, although I'd been aware of and willingly involved in homosexual acts since I was seven years old.


On this Daddys and Sons Erotic Fiction page, the stories are totally fiction although many are based on true incidences of the author's past when the author or other persons involved were younger than the legal age of consent. If you have any concerns on this issue, I can only advise that you do not to read any of the stories.



The age of consent in NY is 17. I, personally, find rape and non-consensual sex with minors intolerable. Non-consensual sex is defined in NY Penal Law 130.05 Paragraph 3 part a, as copied and pasted below. 

3. A person is deemed incapable of consent when he or she is:
(a) less than seventeen years old; or
(b) mentally disabled; or
(c) mentally incapacitated; or
(d) physically helpless; or
(e) committed to the care and custody of the state department of correctional services.

You can go to this website: http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/menuge
And type in "130.05" in the search and you will get the full text of the statute.



(By the way, please don't write telling me that I've misspelled the plural for "Daddies". I spelled it the way I did purposely. ~ Thanks!)



The stories on this page were submitted to me by the writers. I will also supply links to similarly based stories that I've written on this subject. Many of the images you see at this page were sent by Friends and Fans of Daddy's website.


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I wish to welcome a new gay fiction writer to this page. His name is Alan "Woofy" Winkler.

As you scroll down this page, you'll eventually come to the links to his newest stories, "Head Count" and "Texas Hot Tub".  However, if you haven't read the other contributed stories here, be sure and do so! I know you'll enjoy them as well!





By Kyle Arandor

Cherry Boys Nov 2001

The young, impatient guy with the broken-down Audi didn’t have the money to pay for the repairs…But there are other ways to pay, aren’t there?

 I was dispatched to a deserted highway, just outside of town. Some guy had called in, said he was stranded. His car had just quit on him, and he was in a big hurry-just like almost everybody else I had met driving a tow truck for the last 10 years.

It didn't take long before I found him. He was pacing back and forth alongside his Audi, a cell phone in his hand. But he was nothing like I'd expected. I was expecting some stuffy business-type. Instead, the driver was a sexy young stud.

"Good morning," I called as I climbed down from the cab of my truck.

"'Morning,” he grumble.

I didn't pay him any attention, just went to work hooking up his car. But I did sneak occasional peeks at the hard-bodied blond. He was dressed in a pair of tight, faded Levis and a blue sport shirt, and his blond hair just rested on his collar. He was a regular wet-dream come true, and my cock instantly came to life, oozing pre-cum into my briefs.

"I need to see your license and registration," I said, though only the registration was necessary for the tow. The license was to be sure he was legal, that I wouldn't be robbing the cradle when I made my move on my innocent young thing.

He grumbled to himself as he pawed through the, glove box for the registration, then took his license from his wallet. "Satisfied?" he growled.

"Yeah. Come on; climb up," I instructed. "You can come back to the garage with me. Maybe I'll be able to get your car running right away. The only thing that might hold us up is if we need to order parts." But it wasn't the car parts I was thinking about. I had checked out his firm, rounded ass-cheeks as I worked, and I wondered about the hidden treasures that were concealed from my hungry eyes.

He hesitated for just a moment, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Then he headed toward the truck. He was quiet as he climbed into the cab. I watched him out of the corner of my eye as I hauled the truck back onto the highway and headed back to town. He was sitting right up against the door, as if he was afraid of me, though I hadn't given him any reason to be.

“So how much is this going to cost me?" he asked, looking at me for the first time.

"Usually 75 for the tow, then whatever it costs to get your car going again."

"Geez, I don't have that much cash on me. I'll have to call my parents and have them wire me some money."

"Don't worry about it. We'll deal with all that when the time comes."

In a few short minutes we were back at the shop. I backed his car into one of the bays and got out of the truck. "Just go into the office. I'll be in as soon as I get your car unhooked."

He didn't protest, just obediently followed my direction. I waited until he was in the office, then followed him inside. I closed the door behind me, and stepped so close to the sexy stud that our bodies touched. “So you're a little short on cash?"

His blond hair fell forward into his face, making him look much younger than the 18 years reflected on his driver's license. There was confusion, uncertainty in his bright blue eyes. "A little," he replied, his voice faltering slightly. "But I can call my folks. They'll wire the money."

"Maybe they won't have to," I said, letting my hand slip around his waist.

In an instant I clamped my lips over his and let my tongue slither into his mouth. I held him tight, our bodies mashed together. My cock was already rock-hard, straining against my greasy coveralls. I hadn't gotten a load off in weeks, and I knew I couldn't wait much longer. I tugged at his button fly until, one by one, the buttons popped open, and my hand crept beneath the waistband of his white briefs.

He didn't struggle or try to pull away. But his body was stiff against mine, his breathing loud and ragged in the empty garage. I could feel his heart thumping in his chest.

A low moan escaped from deep down inside him as my fingers wrapped around his hard, hot flesh for the first time. "What are you going to do to me?" he whispered.

"Nothing you don't want me to do," I assured him. "I've never forced myself on anybody."

"But I've never... I mean... I don't know... What do you want me to do?"

"Relax," I encouraged, letting my hand stroke along his throbbing cock. "We'll just let nature take its course."

I let my thumb circle the wet, sticky head, then poke into the oozing slit. His body was hungry-and willing-even if his mind was still unsure. His hips bucked involuntarily, grinding his cock into my fist.

I didn't waste any time, just eagerly pushed his jeans and briefs down until they fell around his ankles. I guided him back onto the edge of my desk, as I played with his cock, rubbing, then squeezing the pulsating hose. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, allowing me to handle his cock like it was my own.

I was so horny, so desperate for relief, that I couldn't hold back. I unzipped my coveralls and hauled out my own aching boner. In seconds I had reached into the desk drawer and retrieved a strip of condoms. I tore into one of the wrappers and rolled a layer of latex down the beet red tip of my cock. I rubbed my body against his, letting my cock slither alongside his, then placed my hands on his shoulders and guided him to his knees.

I had to smile at his innocent, expecting expression as he came face-to-face with my quivering cock.

"Kiss it," I coaxed.

He looked up at me, then let his lips brush lightly against the supersensitive tip. I rubbed it across his cheek, then across his sexy mouth, pushing gently against his lips. He reluctantly opened his mouth and allowed just the head to slide inside. His tongue swirled over and around it, then poked against the covered slit. I groaned, as I struggled to hold back. I didn't want this to be over too soon, and I didn't want to frighten him. It was obviously his first time.

"Come on, suck it," I encouraged. "Take it all, just let it slide down your throat."

He tried to be obedient, sucking on my cock and drawing more and more of it into his throat. But he was inexperienced and gagged easily. I pulled back, allowing him to catch his breath. Then my cock once again invaded his cherry mouth. This time I grabbed a handful of his soft blond hair and held his head firmly in place. I jabbed my cock in and out of his mouth, each thrust plowing deeper and deeper into his throat. He gagged and gasped for air a couple of times before he got the hang of sucking cock. But once he did, let me tell you, he was all pro. He sucked and slurped on my cock like he had been starved for it. He tongued it, then swallowed around his captive again and again.

"Oh yeah, that's so good. Don't stop," I coached. "Keep sucking that cock."

I didn't know how much longer I could hold back. I fucked his mouth like there was no tomorrow, my bloated balls slapping against his chin with each forward thrust. Then I could hold back no longer. The heat spread slowly from between my thighs. My hard, horny cock began to jerk and twitch in his mouth, and my hot cream blasted against the back of his throat.

Only the layer of latex kept the sweet goo from trickling down his throat. Still he swallowed again and again as a second and third burst of cream erupted from my gaping slit. His lips were locked around the pulsating stem until every drop of cum had been expelled from my oversized balls. Then he released his hold on his captive and let it slide from the corner of his mouth. He looked up at me, as though waiting for praise, for reassurance that he had done a good job.

"You've just about paid for that tow," I said, tearing off the full condom and wiping up. "But you've still got a ways to go to cover the repairs," I reminded him, as I stuffed my cock back into my coveralls.

I slipped my hands under his arms and hauled him to his feet, positioning him on the edge of the desk. I took another condom and rolled it down over his cock, cloaking his impressive hose in a layer of protection. I leaned over him, nuzzling his cock and balls, then lapped at his crinkled skin-sac until it was drenched in my saliva. I ran my tongue along the bulging blue vein, then flicked my tongue mercilessly against the very tip of his cock. He moaned and bucked his hips, his cock bobbing and bouncing in my face.

"Suck it, please," he whispered.

I didn't waste any time complying, immediately letting his cock slide onto my tongue. I drew it deep into my throat, swallowing around it again and again. He groaned and thrashed as the heat built up inside him. I could see his balls creeping up close to his body, as I knew it wouldn't be long before I felt his load exploding into the condom.

My head bobbed up and down, his cock shooting in and out of my mouth. I swirled my tongue over and around it, then poked the oozing slit at every opportunity. Just sucking his tasty cock was making me hard all over again. I knew I was going to have to fuck the sexy stud before I let him get away. His hand came down on the back of my head, then he bucked his hips, jabbing his cock deep into my throat over and over again.

In seconds his cock was wiggling and squirming in my throat, his oversized load ballooning the layer of latex. I kept my lips locked around his cock until it finished twitching, then let it slide out of my mouth. I stood up and looked down at my handsome young stud.

"How was that?"

He couldn't speak, but he smiled. That smile quickly disappeared, though, as I began to. finger the tiny entrance to his body, "What are you going to do.?" he whispered.

"Exactly what you think I'm going to do," I answered, pushing my finger against the reluctant muscle-ring.

His body tensed. "But... "

"But what?" I asked, unzipping my coveralls and once again dressing my cock in a layer of latex. "Don't you want to finish paying up?"

He didn't answer me, just nodded his head.

I rubbed my cock against the clenched muscle. "You have to relax," I encouraged. "Take a couple of deep breaths."

He leaned back and closed his eyes, drawing a reluctant breath, as I aimed my cock for his cherry little boy-pussy. I pushed against the guardian muscle, invading his body in one quick lunge. He groaned as the initial wave of pleasure-pain swept through him.

I paused, letting him get used to the new sensations, then began to slowly fuck him. The long, deep strokes massaged the previously-untouched nerve-endings, rubbing, teasing his insides. He bucked and thrashed, trying to meet each downward thrust.

"Harder, faster," he pleaded.

I didn't alter my pace, though, continuing to fuck him with the same long, deep strokes. I had already come once and had regained a measure of self-control. This time I could wait, would make this last as long as possible. I was certain that as soon as his car was repaired, the young stud would hurry from my shop, never to return. But I was definitely satisfied that I had gotten the better deal.

The End



By Tad Grand

Cherry Boys Nov 2001

Play Ball(s)!

I was pretty pissed when I got the call. Instead of moving from Class A ball to Class M, I would be staying put in Niles, Ohio, home of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers. Not as a player or manager for the Cleveland Indians farm team, but as assistant trainer. Okay, maybe drinking shots with an executive for the big club meant nothing, but a guy can hope.

Since I was local, I opened the clubhouse a few days before spring training. A few guys were expected in even though it had snowed the week before, and I was eager to see who might be on this year's squad. These guys are usually young, 18, 19, right out of high school or their freshman year of college, and they're mostly in shape and a joy to behold. I especially like to find out if there are any virgins among them and remedy that wrong.

I was in my office, which I share with the trainer, when I heard the outer door open. When I poked my head out of the office, Rocky Mason waved. I had flown out to Montpelier, Vermont, to help assess him, and my heart beat a bit faster. Here was a kid who didn't flinch at my extra touch on his nuts, and he had been eager to declare himself free of venereal diseases because he was "still pure."

"Ankle healed good?" I asked.

He put his duffel bag down and flexed his right ankle for me. "Great, Tad. How's tricks?"

"Be better once I learn the Hustle," I said. "Time I get the steps down, disco'll be long gone."

"I got two left feet, unless I'm going for a ball," he said.

"Yeah, I put that in your file. They sent you nothing but left spikes."

He laughed as he sat on the bench. "Mind if I get changed, maybe toss batting practice for me, Tad?"

"Cage'll be up tomorrow," I said. I unzipped my shorts. "I got a workout for you, Rock."

I ran my fingers through his hair and cupped his head. He looked at my cock in my other hand and I tapped him on the cheeks and nose with it. His eyes got wide, found mine, and despite the scared look on his face, he nodded slowly. I rubbed the tip of my cock on his lips and he slowly parted them, then shot his tongue out, tasting my pre- cum.

I poked the throbbing head of my cock in his mouth. He sucked and licked and brought his hands up to the long shaft, feeling the rippling veins. I pumped slowly but firmly, filling his mouth with stiff cockmeat and moaning over the sensations his eager tongue sent shooting through me. He looked good with his mouth full of my cock, and I pumped it deeper and deeper, testing his gag reflex.

Rock got a good hunk of cock down his gullet before I pulled out. He whimpered like a puppy until I got him flat on his back, knelt over him, and gave him his sucker back. He moaned when I pushed his sweats down, deeper when I jerked his jock off. When I closed my hand around his meaty cock, he pumped his hips and took me just about down to my nuts.

I jerked him off slowly, watching him suck my cock and feeling him fuck my palm with a cock no longer than five inches but nearly three inches wide. When I felt like I might blow my load, I backed off and bent over his cock. His breath hitched in as I licked the broad rim of his cockhead, and he muttered something unintelligible as I bathed the thick shaft in spit.

His eyes went wide when I swung my leg over him, straddling his cock. "W-w-won't it hurt you?" he asked.

"Mmm-mmm-mmm. It'll make me feel so good." I dipped my hips, held his cock steady, and worked my grommet over it. My ass hole opened under gentle pressure, and I gasped as his cockhead filled me. Rock closed his eyes and grabbed the bench, but his hips jerked up.

Rock pumped as I fucked him, tentatively at first, then faster and harder, finding a rhythm like Travolta on the dance floor. My asshole opened wide, ringing with the vibrations of his pounding cock. He looked at me funny when I eased myself down all the way to his pubes and stayed there. "Sit up," I said.

He did. I lay back. A grin creased his broad face when he saw what I had in mind, and I hung my ankles over his shoulders. He leaned forward, grabbed the bench, and began fucking my asshole with youthful exuberance.

God, but his cock made me feel good. I felt every vein, every ripple, the rim of his cockhead. His breathing sounded like a steam engine. When he started banging me erratically, I held on, waiting to feel him shoot his first load up my ass.

His cock swelled. I blinked, feeling like I might split in two. He grunted and rammed his cock home as cum shot through him like a Nolan Ryan heater. More grunting and ramming followed, feral and exciting, and his nuts pumped what felt like a gallon of spunk up my twitching ass hole. He stopped-and moaned, and I lay still, panting, waiting for his cock to shrink away.

"Damn," he said. His cock popped free. I pushed him down with my legs, standing up with my left leg between his legs. I pushed my cock in his mouth again, groaning at the heat and his eagerness, and pulled up his left leg. He lay back and turned on his right side from the angle I held his leg, and I wet his asshole with my cockhead.

I jammed my cockhead home. His sphincters spasmed and I waited. "Okay?" I asked.

"Fucking great," he said.

I held him by his leg and worked my cock in and out slowly. Damn, but he was tight, and we were both panting and sweating after a few minutes. My nuts ached; they felt like they were as big as grapefruits, and heavier, Lucky I still had my shorts on, or they would've been dragging on the floor.

His asshole loosened up and I fucked him harder. I stopped when my zipper brushed his cheeks, and he looked up at me. “It always feel this good, Tad?"

"Not much better," I said, and reared back and raced for release.

My cock jerked and began pumping load after load deep in his asshole. I gulped wind as I humped him fervently, slamming my hips forward, grunting like it was my new language. As the last dribble oozed out of my slit, I shuddered like a cat had walked over my grave.

"Let's hit the showers and I'll assign you a locker," I said, checking in the mirror. There was motion, and I cursed myself for my indiscretion.

I got him squared away after we showered and I returned to my office. An hour later, the door banged open loudly and a high voice said "Hello?" very loudly. I grinned; the visitor who had left a telltale trail of spunk on the half-wall had returned.

"In here," I said.

Dark hair cut close framed a tan face. "It's Angel Montoya," he said. I recognized him from a visit the big club had arranged for him. Good glove, not much stick on the field, anyway.

"Get lucky this winter, Angel?" I asked, shooting him a wink. He blushed.

"I no like the girls," he reiterated.

"Do you like the boys?"

He shrugged. I picked up a few tissues from my desk. "Next time you spank the bishop, try a few tissues," I said. "That never cleans up, huh?"

"I no see..." He swallowed hard. I backed my chair up.

"Wanna try it yourself, Angel?"

He licked his lips, nodded. "You gotta show me," he added. "I never before do this." I dropped my jock and tilted back a bit. Angel came around the desk, taking his shirt and slacks off. I ran my hand up his back, rested it on his neck, and guided his face toward my cock.

Angel licked my cock. Limp, it stirred under his tongue, and I switched hands on his neck and reached between his sinewy legs. He'd get to chase after a lot of balls, but there were four balls I was interested in right then. Angel tongued my nutsac, making it dance and contract, and I cupped his weighty nuts, marveling at them. As big as lemons, they easily weighed as much as a baseball. Each.

He sucked my cock in. I sucked in air, moaned, and pushed him lower. I grabbed his cock and began kneading it. It was wider at the head than the base, dark, veined, smooth as a baby's ass between the veined ridges. The stiffer it got, the more my mouth watered; it was easily 10 inches long, with a cockhead like a key lime and veins as thick as pencils.

I pumped his mouth and bent myself to his cock. Angel, flung his leg up on my chair and, balanced on one leg, sucked my cock as I slurped his. I fingered his asshole as he humped my mouth, his magnificent cock forcing my mouth then my throat open wide. When I wrapped my lips around the base of his cock, he shivered.

I grudgingly pushed him off my cock. His cock slid out of my mouth, and he tumbled into my lap. I pushed him up as I stood up, bent him over the desk, and nudged my cock against his puckered hole. He gasped and held the edge of the desk as my cockhead opened him up, and I nudged my cock deeper, watching it part his tight hole.

I pumped slowly, letting my cock fill and stretch him. He nodded to my rhythm, moaning, and I started to fuck him deeper, driving my cock in harder and harder. My hips slapped his tight brown ass, and my balls swung like a pendulum, bouncing off his like steel balls on a rack.

The pressure in my balls was incredible. I grabbed Angel by the shoulders and banged away, my breath whistling in my chest. I hit bottom, paused, then fucked him with every millimeter of my cock.

I grunted, growled. My hips drove my cock forward like some infernal machine, and I gasped as I passed the point of no return. I kept my cock buried in Angel's ass and swung my hips, rocking my cock inside him as it twitched and pumped my hot cream where the sun doesn't shine. My balls pulled up, wringing themselves out against my body, and I finished with one last long thrust.

Angel stood still as I caught my breath. My cock shrank away slowly, popped out of his asshole, and a rivulet of cum flowed from his grommet. I dropped into my chair, weak from my effort, and Angel turned around. His cock hung level with my eyes, unable to point skyward from its weight. I grabbed it, sucked it, and let it go.

I wanted it up my ass so bad, I thought I might pass out. I got on my hands and knees on the floor, and Angel dropped down behind me, breathing hard. I rested my head on his duffel bag, reached back, pulled my cheeks apart and begged Angel to fuck me.

He rammed his cock home hard, raking my face on his bag, and started banging away like a bull. His cock widened my asshole and sent ripples of pleasure through me, and his balls beat a tattoo on my cock, balls and belly.

I held still, loving his unfettered fucking. Moaning, he drew his left leg up alongside my left hip, hitting my vibrating asshole harder and from different angles. He grunted and got his right leg up, too, standing over me and fucking my ass hole with the full width and breadth of his amazing cock.

Angel screeched, grabbed me under the arms and rode me to the floor. His cock seemed to fill me from my hips to my throat, pulsing and pumping and making my cock harder than steel again. He huffed and puffed in my ear, mewling in his throat, as he fucked the living daylights out of me.

His body tensed and his cock burgeoned. He thrust hard as his spunk exploded in my guts, a hot fireball of man cream. He pumped away, short, hard strokes, peppering my ear with machine gun Spanish, and his cock dumped an ocean of cum in my asshole. Spent, he settled over me. “I am too heavy?" he asked, and I shook my head, enjoying the sensation of his cock shrinking slowly out of me.

I didn't know how well the new crop of rookies were going to play, but it looked like it was going to be a great season for me!

 The End







By Chuck Jolie

Cherry Boys Nov 2001

The skinny twink wanted to pick apples. Chuck wanted to pick the kid’s cherry

You ever picked fruit before, kid? I was smirking when I asked the question, because I already knew the answer. The apple orchard I manage always hires a small army of temporary pickers around harvest time. The majority of them are high school and college kids looking to make a little pocket change for a few days of physical labor. Like the rest of them, this skinny 18-year-old twink had obviously never done anything more strenuous than lift "an armload of books at the school library.

"Nope," he admitted, not at all embarrassed. He flashed a smile, showing his perfect white teeth. His parents must have spent a fortune on braces, I figured, but man, it had been worth every penny, "I'm willing to learn, though."

Something about the way he said it got my attention. Don't ask me why, but already I had the feeling he was talking about more than just picking apples. My smug attitude faded a little as I ran my eyes over his compact but tasty body.

The fall air was a little too chilly for shorts and a T-shirt, but with him it didn't make much difference. He filled out a pair of faded jeans and a wash-softened flannel shirt just fine. A little fling with a cute dude like that sure would help pass the long, lonely hours out among the trees... but I wasn't about to make my move until I knew for sure where I stood.

"Okay, fair enough," I told him. My voice sounded unexpectedly husky. "It's not complicated work, but it is hard. Keep your head down and your back straight and you should be fine." I almost felt sorry for him. Like the rest of them, he had no idea what a long, tiring day he had in front of him. When I'd first started at the orchard, I'd been only a little older than he was now. I'd had a lot to learn, too.

With that, we climbed onto the tractor and set off for the trees.

"So, you in college yet?" I asked as we rumbled down a dirt path.

"Just started," he said, flushing with pride. He stuck out his hand. "I'm Matthew, by the way. Thanks for showing me the ropes today."

"I'm Chuck, and don't mention it," I said, reaching over with one hand while continuing to steer the tractor with the other. He had a firm handshake, though I noticed that the tips of his fingers were baby-smooth. That would change soon enough, I knew. Not even gloves are usually enough to prevent the newbies from building up callouses the size of pebbles by the end of their first day picking.

When we reached a secluded spot, Matthew hopped down and got right to work. I realized that I'd been wrong about him-he might have been a tenderfoot, but he sure was eager to please. It didn't take me long to suspect that he was willing to please me in other ways, too.

When we took a break, I offered him some coffee from my thermos. "So, what do you do up at the college?" I asked, eyeing him with what I knew was pretty obvious interest. "For fun, I mean, after classes are over for the day."

"Oh, I don't know."

Matthew's cheeks got pink, and his gaze slid away from mine. "Just the usual stuff, I guess. I play some tennis, listen to music, practice my guitar."

So he was one of those free-spirited artistic types, I decided. That was a good sign. "How about getting off?" I asked point-blank, grinning. "You do much of that?" His blush deepened until he was about the same color as the apples we were supposed to pull off the tree, but I didn't give up. "I never went to college, but I hear that the guys up there are great at giving head."

Matthew laughed nervously. "Well, uh... I wouldn't know about that."

"You mean you've never had your cock sucked?" By then, my throat felt raspy, and my cock stood up like a tree branch in-my pants. "Or do you just mean you haven't had it sucked by a guy?"

I leaned so close to Matthew that I could see his puny nipples sticking up under his flannel shirt. Cool as the October sky was, I felt my back prickle with hot sweat. I could smell his nervousness seeping through his clothes, too.

"Actually... both," he mumbled. "I've… I've never done anything… yet. I have thought about it a lot, I admit." His eyes came up and met mine, just for a second. "With guys, I mean. Not girls."

I nodded. "Sure, I understand. We all have to start somewhere, right?" Then I smiled. I'd lost my cherry in the barn right on this same property, with another farmhand just a few days after my eighteenth birthday. It struck me that I ought to return the favor by doing the same service for - someone else.

"Listen," I said gently, running my hand along the back of his neck until I felt the little hairs there prickle in anxiety, "maybe I could do something to help you out. Like I said, I haven't been to college... but I've definitely leaned a few things about sucking a cock."

He didn't really answer me, just stammered something I couldn't understand and started shaking a little. He didn't move away, though, so I took that for a yes. Reaching out, I took the thermos out of his hands and eased him back onto the crisp grass. He moaned a little as I unbuttoned his jeans and fished out his prong.

I've got to admit, it was bigger than I expected, since I hadn't noticed much of a bulge in his jeans up until then. Now that he was hard, his cock had grown to about seven inches long and at least three or four inches wide. While it snapped up, free and bare, in the sunlight, it seemed to swell up bigger, just like a plump ripe fruit coming into season. The under grown fringe of velvety, red- dish-brown curlies around his balls made them look pretty full and firm, too.

Hornier than I'd been in a long time, I worked his jeans down his thighs and ankles, then pushed his legs wide open. He squirmed a little, mostly out of embarrassment I guess, as I ran my hand along his cock, back down under his balls, and up between his ass cheeks. I toyed with his tight bunghole for a minute, inserting my index finger and wriggling it around until I felt his sphincter clench. Like a lot of virgin guys, Matthew had a pretty strong set of muscles back there. While I swished around inside him, his pucker chewed on my knuckles like a tiny animal's mouth.

Finally, the throbbing in my own pants had gotten so strong I could almost hear it. I yanked my finger out, making him gasp, and shoved down my own pants. The cool air stung my bare ass and free-swinging balls for a minute, but I didn't care. Forget the apples-I was about to sample a sweet slice of fresh cherry tart!

Before I tossed aside my pants, I grabbed a couple of condoms out of my wallet. I saw Matthew's eyes widen, but I laughed as I tore one of the foil packets open. "Lesson one," I said with a wink, "always be prepared. From now on, I suggest you carry a couple around with you, too."

With that, I got down on the ground beside him and rolled the latex sheath over my own pulsating pole. Matthew shimmied his flannel shirt off over his head and spread it out on the ground between us. Totally naked, he stretched out on his stomach and extended his legs toward me.

While I got into position between his soft, spread thighs, I saw that he had twisted his neck around and was watching me over his shoulder. His eyes were wide and nervous, his full lips parted like he wasn't sure whether to scream or moan. His pale rear end was trembling like the leaves in the trees above us. Damn, I thought. I hadn't felt half as scared as he looked when it was my first time!

"Don't sweat it, kid," I reassured him, then used my hand to park my boner just inside the butter-smooth cleft of his ass cheeks. "It's just like picking apples. Watch what I do, and follow my lead."

Still using my fingers, I jerked my boner forward about half an inch, imbedding my cone-shaped cockhead in the snug little burrow between his ass lips. Matthew squealed and bucked his ass against me like he'd been stung by a wasp.

"H-hurts," he grunted. He tucked his head against his chest and pushed lower to the ground, trying to get my cock to fit more comfortably into his cave. I knew it wouldn't work, but I wasn't about to tell him that. Feeling his silky muscles slide and squeeze along my cockhead while he thrashed around felt almost as good as getting sucked off.

"It'll get easier," I panted, feeding his ass another couple inches of cock. "Just try to relax and let it just slip right in."

Matthew did his best to cooperate though I could see he was still aching. I heard him suck his breath in, and then his body got real still. Though his muscles were still tense, I could tell that he was trying to relax enough to get me inside.

Grabbing hold of his hip bones, I humped forward and speared his guts with one strong, steady thrust. At that very moment, Matthew's sphincter surrendered and opened wide. All I could do was moan as my hard-on sank deeply into hot, tight virgin ass.

"Oooh, yeah," I growled, pushing forward with all my strength. Before long, I felt my bush scrape the tender insides of his ass-cheeks, and my bulging nuts snagged in his crack. I was all the way in! Matthew was moaning pretty loudly by then, too, and I could tell he was still in some pain. But his body language told me that he was also feeling that special kind of pleasure you can only get from a good, rugged, drawn-out ass-fuck. He wouldn't forget his first time as long as he lived, so I planned to make it something worth remembering!

Settling my bare knees into the hard ground, I leaned back and tugged my cock just a fraction of an inch back out. I pushed it back in with one slow but powerful stroke, then did the same thing all over again. Matthew's ass was so tight, his muscles clenched so hard, that I was almost exhausted after only three lunges.

At that point, something really special happened. I felt the kid's body relax and soften in my hands, and around my trapped boner. Matthew stopped his whining, hunched his shoulders down closer to the ground, and loosened his ass-muscles around my shank. I don't know quite how to describe it. It was like he just somehow opened himself up to being fucked.

"Mmm, great," I murmured to encourage him. Then I started shoving my pole in and out of his butt faster and faster. Operating on instinct, I guess, he started pumping his ass up and down on my cock. The way that cherry ass gripped me felt so good I can hardly describe it. The closest I can come is to say it was like being fisted and sucked at the same time. My balls ached as they squeezed up tight between my groin and his ass, getting ready for the most powerful orgasm I've ever had. The heady smell of the apples, the fresh air, and our mingled, musky guy smells, combined with the feel of my boner reaming out his soft little hole, made me almost tipsy.

When I finally let loose, it was like an earthquake had ripped through the apple orchard and rattled the ground under us. A gigantic spurt of cum roared through my balls, up my shaft, and into the condom, and I almost thought it was strong enough to blow his tender ass right off my cock. Matthew stayed with me, though, thrashing and twisting, milking me dry with his butt muscles. When I finally finished coming, I was so drained that I slumped down on top of him with my limp cock still wedged between his upper thighs.

I figured he'd lie there and whimper for a while-after all, a good hard fuck like that would wipe out a lot of guys who'd been at this for years- but to my surprise, Matthew rolled over, wriggled out from under me, and pulled off my cum-soaked condom. His fingers only shook a little as he put the second one on himself.

I couldn't believe he hadn't come after all that-but sure enough, his plump, red cock was standing up between his flushed thighs-still hard, ready, and full of jizz. Opening his legs wide, he slinked his fingers through my mussed-up hair. Grinning, he drew my face toward his crotch.

"You said to follow your lead," he said. "I told you before I was ready to learn."

Of course, he'd been talking about the apples then. But what the hell? I decided as I wrapped my lips around that throbbing boy-cock. I'd already plucked the best piece of fruit in the whole damn orchard.

The End





By Logan Arden



I like the perks that go with my job. I enjoy being taken out to dinner by people who want to win my favor, being treated to nights on the town, days on the golf course, and gifts of every- thing from champagne to... well, recently, a cherry. Yes, a juicy, hunky, eager cherry boy. Of course, Jerry (the fellow who owned the yacht on which this took place) wasn't intending to offer me a cherry (or any other pleasures of the flesh)... and certainly not his own son. But that's what happened.

No, Jerry never meant to offer me his son's butt and mouth. Doug was not an intentional gift. But the 18-year-old with his surfer good looks and a brain that could have gained him admittance to Harvard, was a cherry waiting to be plucked. Begging to be plucked, in fact. And I'm the one he begged.

Jerry, a business contact who wanted a contract from my firm, had invited me on a weekend cruise aboard his luxury yacht. Also along for the cruise was Jerry's son, Doug. Now, I'm out; I'm quite open about being gay. We had even discussed my gayness, and homosexuality in general, at dinner that Friday evening. I never dreamed, though, that Doug was eating up the information with a very personal interest.

Of course I'd noticed the kid. How could I not notice him, with his long, unruly blond hair, his blue eyes, snub nose, pink cheeks, tan skin, lean yet muscular body, bulging biceps, and heavily muscled thighs? Not to mention those plush lips that looked absolutely made for cock sucking. But, since I had no reason to think he was gay, noticing was all I did. It's very poor form to repay your host's kindness by trying to seduce his son.

On the other hand, if the son in question tries to seduce you....

That Friday at dinner, Doug had taken part in the conversation about being gay in America these days, and being out, and all the rest that we'd talked about. But there was nothing in his questions that indicated a burning personal interest. He seemed to be simply participating politely and intelligently in the dinner conversation... the same way he had when we were talking about the chances of various mid-eastern nations to become major players among world powers.

Even when he knocked on my door later that evening, I didn't suspect his reasons at first. True, he seemed a bit ill at ease when he asked if he could come in, but my gaydar wasn't working, I guess. I missed the signals.

I was all ears, though, when he blurted out, "How do you... um... you know... get started? I mean, where do you... find someone... someone to... to get you started ... being gay? I don't know where the gay bars are or anything... and I don't know if I'd have the guts to walk into one even if I knew            I know I'm gay, but I've never… I've never... done anything about it."

He sat down on the bed and looked up at me with pleading eyes. "Would you... would you... show me? Be my first?"

"Me?" I was shocked, flattered, thrilled ... but me? "I'm 33, Doug. You're... what... 18?"

"I'm not a baby! And I'm legal!"

"I know. And-I'm not old at 33, but wouldn't you rather be with someone your own age for your first time?"

"I want to do it now! I've waited long enough. And you're good-looking. And understanding."

I wasn't sure how much of my good fortune derived from Doug liking me in particular and how much from my being in the right place at the right time, but I've never been one to look a gift cherry in the mouth.

"You're sure you're gay, but you've never done anything about it?" I asked, taking the one step that separated me from him. He stood up from his seat on my bed, lunged at me, and plastered his body to mine. Insinuating his hand between our bodies, he made a quick grab for my thickening dick.

At the feel of his hand closing around my assets, my hips thrust forward of their own volition, pushing my dick and balls forcefully against his palm. His hand squeezed tighter, and I felt its warmth through the material of my pants. I also felt his own hard-on, fierce and firm and eager, straining against the material of his thin shorts and tenting them obscenely.

His hips ground demandingly against mine. Doug is slightly shorter than I am, but he stood on tiptoes and pulled his hand away, and our dicks met and pressed together. Reaching inside the elastic waistband of his shorts, I grasped his dick, never before touched by another man, and began to slowly jack it.

"Noooooo... don't," he groaned. I realized he feared coming off too quickly.

"Let me take the edge off for you. Then you'll last longer when we get down to serious business," I advised. I yanked his shorts down, and his underpants beneath them, exposing his rigid flagpole. It took all my will power to keep from engulfing it in my mouth right then. But I hadn't rubbered him up yet... and anyhow, I wanted to jack him off first to get the immediacy of his need tamed down.

Wrapping my hand around his dickshaft, I began jacking his formidable heft and felt the blood surge anew into his meat. He immediately started punching his ass and hips forward, thrusting his meat through my grasping fist, fucking it as I speedily whacked him off.

Doug groaned at the feel of my warm palm encompassing his needful meat, and I felt his ballsac snug up into his groin, tightening as it prepared to deliver the first load of his life as a gay man. Yes, he'd fire off quickly, but I knew those boy balls contained lots more juice, and I'd suck him off to a slower orgasm next.

I slid my hand insistently up and down his engorged, throbbing shaft as he punched back and forth demandingly, and soon Doug was moaning loudly enough that I worried about his father hearing us. I said as much, and Doug blushed, giggled endearingly, and put a hand over his mouth. But through that muffling hand I could hear moans and groans continue as my jack hand moved rapidly up and down his sweat-slick boy meat.

His climax was swift and sudden, though hardly unexpected. His body stiffened and trembled, and then he was spurting his cream all over my abdomen and spray-painting my belly hairs with his thick, white stuff. There certainly was enough of it! I was well bathed in sperm.

Panting, gasping, he fell back on the bed. His eyes, which had closed in climax, flew wide open again in amazement. "That was... awesome!" he exclaimed. "I mean... unreal!"

"You ain't felt nothing yet!"

I teased. "Wait'll wrap my lips around that thing and suck a load out of you!"

"Can I do that to you? That's one of the things I've... um... imagined. I've been wanting to... you know... suck a dick... ever since... well, I don't know how long. Always. Always, I guess."

"Always? You're only 18," I laughed. "Well... sure, but do you know how?"

"I've had a few girls go down on me. I guess I have some idea how to do it."

"Be my guest." I pulled a rubber from the supply I always keep with me and put it on my own stiff shaft. Then the novice cocksucker attacked me. He lacked in finesse but had no shortage of eagerness. Awkwardly closing his mouth around my dickshaft, he compressed my spongy stalk with his lips... and, unfortunately, with his teeth as well. "Hey watch the teeth!" I yelped.

"Sorry," he mumbled around my meat and adjusted the position of his lips so his teeth were no longer in contact with my dick.

"Better," I sighed as his lips began moving up and down my stalk, using more suction than I would have preferred but no teeth. "Now suck more lightly... that's how I like it, anyhow. Tighten your lips. And use your tongue."

Doug was a good student. He learned fast. Soon he was zipping up and down my stalk like a seasoned suck-veteran. But he was going too fast. I like a slower pace at first, and I told him so. "Speed up later... when I'm close to coming," I suggested. Compliantly he slowed his pace, sucking me up and down, in and out, at a determined but not hurried pace. And, as I had asked, he used his tongue, trilling it up and down the base of my dick, fluttering it all along the length of my shaft.

I lay on my back, my hands behind my head, fucking up into the air and jabbing deep into Doug's mouth. He gagged once or twice but manfully took all the meat he could and did a fine job for his first time sucking. And soon I felt my load boiling in my balls. "Now stick a finger up my ass," I said. "Spit on it first."

He removed his mouth from my dick long enough to suck his fuckfinger and get it wet, then probed awkwardly for my anus. It took him a few jabs to find it, and at first,  as my tight sphincter remained- closed and he was afraid of hurting me, he couldn't get his finger in; but finally he succeeded. Then he resumed sucking while jabbing deeply into my rectum with his finger. The two-pronged assault of his finger and his mouth quickly got me near the boiling point. I was humping upward; thrusting my coarse-haired pelvis against his face time and again as I fucked hard and tried to come.

When I did come, my load boiled up from deep inside me and spurted out into the rubber's receptacle. I exhaled a great sigh as the tension flowed out of me along with my cum. Doug looked very pleased with himself. I suspected he was also pleased at the prospect of getting his own next load sucked out imminently.

With difficulty, I rose up from the bed, still feeling drained. "Your turn," I said, trading places with the young guy and suiting him up in a rubber. Then I nibbled my way up the inside of one thigh till I had slowly reached his small, hairless, smooth ballsac.

I licked across his tight scrotal surface while he wriggled with suffusing heat at delights he'd never imagined. Once again, his groans were louder than were prudent in the confines of the boat, and once again I had to suggest he muffle his moaning. My tongue swabbed all across the surface of his bulging ballsac, while young Doug stuffed his arm across his mouth to silence the groans he couldn't hold back.

Doug rose partway up from the bed and groaned, "Eat me. Suck me!" a plea that issued from the depths of his soul, and I chuckled as I said, "You'll appreciate it that much more when I finally get there."

He fell back on the bed again, groaning this time in frustration. My fingertips trailed lightly up the insides of his thighs; then one worked its way up his body to his chest, where it found and tweaked a toughened nubbin. His nipples responded to being tweaked by growing harder, stiffer, jutting out like rubbery mini-fingers from the smooth planes of his boyish chest, innocent of any hair but well sculpted muscularly for a kid his age.

His thigh muscles strained and bulged as he tightened in need throughout his body. My tongue left his ballsac at last and began the slow climb up his wildly waving stalk, trailing up the sensitive underside and licking in increments toward the tip of his dick. I could see, through the ultra-thin latex, the way that bubble after bubble of clear pre-goo was slowly working to fill the receptacle end of the rubber. The latex was milky with the flow of his seeping fluids.

Swirling my tongue over his glans, I felt the warmth of his fluids through the rubber while Doug groaned-way too loudly for prudence's sake- "Eat me. Suck me. Do me now!"

My lips slowly encircled his bulbous dickhead, and I clamped in a tight grip around his corona. He arched sharply upward, driving his dick deep into my throat, and I let it slide past my tonsils, into my gullet, deep-throating him. He groaned again as he felt the tight and tender tissues of my throat surrounding his dickshaft and milking his meat. I swallowed around the invader in my throat, massaging him with my swallowing muscles.

Doug began -ratcheting his hips, jacking his body up and down, ramming deep into my throat, cramming me impossibly full of his meat. He was driving so hard and so deep that he seemed to be trying to get all of his body, not just his dick, deep down my throat. His sparse, kinky, sweat-fragrant pubes brushed up against my nose. His pelvic bone crushed up against my nose. His fists beat a tattoo on the bed while his legs tightened around me in a scissors grip.

I began sucking harder, faster. Backing all the way off him till only his dicktip remained in my mouth, I hovered in that position for a minute before devouring his entire dickshaft once again, only to zip back up and hold just the apple-knob in my mouth again. Doug was in an agony of need, but I wouldn't give in to his pleas and protests. He was going to be sucked right, the teasing, slow, tormenting way, the way that would make him really appreciate his climax when he got it.

...Which he was about to, if I could read the signs right. His body seemed on edge. He was so tensed up that he was quivering. His corded thigh muscles stood out in bold relief, they were so tight. I molested his tit-nubbins some more, pinching and tweaking both at once, as my mouth began purposefully devouring Doug's dick, moving quickly now.

No more teasing. Teasing time was done. The young guy was on the edge, and it was time to pull him over. I took in all of his dick, worked my way up the shaft, and gobbled it all down again. In, out, in, out, in, out, in-out-in-out-in-out. Very fast now. And then he took in one ragged breath, punched his hips upward sharply, and emitted a howl of release that could probably have been heard clear back to shore.

I felt the rubber filling with his spunky outpouring. The warmth pooled against my tongue and reminded me of how much sperm a young boy can expel in one orgasm. I sucked hard on his spurting dick, till he grew so sensitive he begged me to stop.

There was no way Jerry hadn't heard what was going on. Yet, remarkably, he said not a thing to us the next day, acting as if he didn't know his son had had a wonderful gay time below deck the night before. That night I introduced Doug to anal sex-as both top and bottom. He was a quick learner at both, though he still hadn't learned how to enjoy himself quietly. On Sunday we returned to shore before I had a chance at any more fun with Doug, but I climbed ashore with his phone number tucked firmly into my pocket.

Yes, there certainly are perks to being in my business position. But I'll trade all the bottles of champagne, gold neck chains, expensive leather wallets, tickets to the ballgame or theatre, and other business gifts, for the chance at a cherry boy like Doug. Any day.

The End



By Alan Proctor


I stood in the kitchen by the open oven door, trying to make sure the blanket wrapped around me didn't catch on fire. When I realized the furnace had conked out, I'd called the oil company, who promised to send someone out right away. But that had been three hours before... and with the mercury hovering around 10 degrees, the house was getting damned chilly. It didn't help that it was nighttime, that a fierce wind was howling, or that the snow, which had been falling steadily all day, was now blowing about in-blinding fury.

I wore several layers of clothing, but still my teeth chattered, so I sipped the coffee I'd just brewed. I had thought about going up to bed and piling on the blankets, but I suspected that just about the time I snuggled down under all that delicious warmth, the furnace guy would arrive. I alternated standing by the oven and by the living room fireplace, where I had a roaring fire going.

The doorbell chimed, and I peered out. A young guy, snow coating his long eyelashes, stared in at me.

"Come in, come in."

"Thank you, sir."

Ummm, polite. Good! My eyes swept up and down with equal approval of his looks- slim, muscular, from what I could see under those green coveralls, with long, golden hair that he'd pulled back into a ponytail. Usually they sent out cranky old Tom to fix my furnace; his replacement was a definite improvement. The name patch on his coveralls proclaimed him to be Steve.

"Where's your predecessor?" I asked.

"In Bermuda on vacation."

"Good timing." I closed the door behind the young fellow- he must have been all of 20- and showed him to the basement door, in the kitchen. With his toolbox grasped in one hand, he clattered down the stairs.

I left the blanket on the kitchen table and followed Steve downstairs, watching as he set down his toolbox. When he'd entered the house, I'd caught a whiff of lemony aftershave. I was horny as hell – it had been weeks since I'd tossed my lover out for one too many indiscretions-and I was ready for some lovin' on a cold winter's night.

Steve pressed various buttons and flipped some levers- the same actions I had taken hours ago, and to no better results.

"Would you like some coffee?" I asked. "I just brewed another pot a few minutes ago."

"Sure, if it's no trouble." Tools in hand, he circled the furnace as if deciding what to tackle next.

"Not at all." Back up in the kitchen, pouring two mugs of steaming coffee, I heard some clanking, then a muffled curse. I returned downstairs with our java.

"Thanks." As Steve took the mug, his oil-stained fingers touched mine briefly. His cheeks coloring, he looked away. He took a sip, then returned his attention to the furnace.

As he bent over, his coveralls snugged against his ass, and I imagined what I might find under there. Taut muscle, yet soft, with a cute crease, the kind fingers could tickle for a very long time. What about his pucker bud? I wondered, licking my lips. I would just love to explore his butt with my-lips, fingers, and cock. And speaking of cocks... mine, which had, been so limp because of the cold, was now unfurling and giving my savior a 21-gun salute.

The furnace belched loudly, then rumbled to life.

"I think that's it," Steve said, straightening up.

"Maybe you should stay a while, you know, until we make sure it's really working. I'd hate for you to leave, then have it stop five minutes later." I shivered for emphasis.

He grinned. "No problem. You're my last service call for the night."

"Come upstairs for more coffee." And me, I thought.


We returned to the kitchen, and I peered out through the heavy snow at his truck.

"You ought to stay longer- it looks dangerous."

He stared down at his boots, then a blush rose in his face. "Sure. I better call and let the office know."

"All right."

He started dialing, and I decided to take things in hand-literally. I cupped his crotch. Steve's eyes widened, and he stuttered as he greeted whoever was in the office. "The snow's too heavy-the v-van would just slide off the road." He squealed as I squeezed his cock and started unzipping his coveralls. "No, no, that was the phone-gotta go." Mesmerized, he stared at my hand. "W-what are you doing?"

"Seducing you, Steve. What does it look like?" I smiled as the zipper opened all the way. I reached into his coveralls and snaked my hand inside his shorts. "Ummm, someone's got a warm bundle there."

"Oh, my god."

"What's the matter, Steve?"

I wiggled my thumb against the tip of his cock and was rewarded by its stirring.

"Uh, uh, you better stop."

"Okay. You want me to stop?"

"Uh, uh, yes, no-I mean, yes. No, I mean no!"

I squeezed his cock, and his legs just gave out. He dropped to his knees and looked like he was about to faint. I kissed his lips, then helped him take his boots and coveralls off. We drifted into the living room, where I shed a few layers, and his eyes widened when he saw my huge cock drooping. My body is quite the opposite of his-shorter, stocky, hirsute, very muscular and powerful. He stared, too, at my tattoos-souvenirs of my Navy stint. I'm a good 12 years older than he seemed, but then I like 'em '- young.

"Yes, Steve, that's going to be all yours."

He swallowed. "I'm not, I mean, y'know, I've never..."

I smiled. "Of course not, sweetie." I've heard that often enough-a guy starts to get it on with another guy, then claims he's not gay or says he's never had sex with another dude. Yeah, right, and I'm Bette Midler.

I instructed him to lie down by the fireplace; then I returned to his toolbox, made a few selections, grabbed some stuff out of a drawer in the kitchen, and returned to the living room. I straddled his smooth chest and kissed his lips, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He groaned and clumsily put his hands on my back; they moved in random patterns across my shoulders, then down to my butt.

"Yes, baby, squeeze me there."

He did as he was instructed, and I wiggled. My cock already dripping pre-cum, I left a narrow trail on his solid abdomen as I slithered back. The firelight played across his chest as I tugged his shorts down and his cock sprang out. He was pretty darn cute with that swelling pink rod sticking its head out of a tangle of curls.

"Um, looks good enough to suck," I said, licking my lips. Deftly I unwrapped a condom, slipped it on his cock, and took him into my mouth.

"Oh god!" he said. "Oh yes, suck me, Alan."

"Believe me, I will!"

His fingers curled and uncurled as my mouth slid up and down his erect pole. He moaned, his legs widening, as I took his latex-clad tip into my mouth and played my tongue against the piss-slit. I drew back slightly, satisfied that his cock had puffed up more. Then I - rolled Steve onto his stomach, his cock mashed beneath him.

"What are you doing?"

"Just lie there and relax, cookie. You'll see-or rather, you'll feel." Oh yes, his ass was every bit as wonderful as I'd imagined: solid, sexy, a butt a guy could just fuck forever. Which, of course, intended to do.

I took a firm ass-cheek in each hand and pulled them apart to reveal his little brown treasure. I was nearly drooling. Beautiful! And it looked small and tight, Maybe he was cherry, after all. My cock stirred at that prospect. I love bustin' cherries-my favorite fruit, as it were.

I chuckled as I picked up one of the tools I'd grabbed from his toolbox. I don't know what it was - what, do I look like a mechanic?-but it had a rubbery handle about eight, nine inches long, and all rounded. I uncapped the lube I'd retrieved from the kitchen, slathered it on good, then pressed the tool handle at the opening to his shit chute.

"Alan?" he asked, a quiver of fear in his voice.

"Relax, Steve. Breathe deeply, okay?" He nodded. "You might find this a tad uncomfortable at first." I pushed the handle past his sphincter.

"Oh my god!"

"Relax, cookie, relax." I pushed another inch of the tool handle in his ass. He was indeed tight, and indeed, I knew now, cherry. My cock was practically bouncing in eagerness as I thought of my burying it to the hilt in that young tight ass. I maneuvered the handle deeper, all the while he groaned. I wanted to loosen him up for my cock, which was at least twice the thickness of the handle.

"This f-feels so different... so good... I mean... oh, yes!!!!" he cried, thrusting his butt upward.

Kneeling behind him, I started to slide the handle in and out of his butt, fucking him with the tool. I grabbed my naked cock with my other hand and fisted it, caressing from my balls all the way to the engorged tip.

My arm blurred as I jabbed the handle in and out of his butt. His soft moans turned me on even more. "So, you like this, huh?" I panted, stroking my cock faster. It was such an incredible turn-on knowing that this was his first fuck.

"Oh yeah, Alan, yeah, it's so good!!" He writhed as the handle poked him more. “Ooooo, yeah. Yes, yes, yes!!"

"Baby, I feel honored that you're letting me take your sweet ass-cherry. I'm gonna fuck you with this handle; then I'm gonna drive my big tool right up there, too, and baby, you haven't felt anything yet!" I wanted this to be one memorable night for him, too.

Steve writhed and twisted, pushing his butt up higher so I could cram that handle deeper into his guts, all the while I jacked off.

He was so damned tight! "Baby, relax, okay? I gotta loosen you up for my rod!"

He grunted something, and his tight channel did seem to relax a bit. His hand was under him, and I knew he was fingering his cock. Good.

I thought of his mouth on my huge cock, thought of his pretty lips lingering at the tip, swirling around and sucking out my hot man juice, and that's when I lost it.

I felt the steam building up inside, and I let out this deep, guttural sound, and suddenly my cum fire hosed all over the kid's back. Stringy white spunk splattered onto those hard muscles, onto his beautiful buttocks, and the sight of my cum coating him made me incredibly hot. I kept squirting and spurting, all the while I fucked his ass with the rubber tool. Steve moaned and cried out, while I kept jamming the handle in deeper, corkscrewing it until I thought it would tickle his tonsils. Finally my cock spent, I collapsed alongside him. I left the tool buried in his butt.

"Oh wow," Steve finally croaked, his forehead dappled with sweat. "That was fantastic. I'm like all sticky with, you know, your stuff."

"I know." I kissed his lips, reveling in his warmth.

I had him turn over-tool still in place-and made sure it wasn't too uncomfortable, just exerting a bit of pressure. I could tell he'd never imagined anything like this.

"This feels so good-I mean, I'm, like, so full back there, you know?" He smiled sleepily.

"I know, babycheeks, I know. Just wait until I start to suck your cock and you move your hips. You're gonna feel some incredible sensations!"

I stroked his cock, still clad in the rubber, then bent my head and wrapped my tongue around the shaft.

He murmured, pulling my head down to his groin. He shifted, then whimpered as the handle moved, too, inching deeper into his ass. "Oh my god, I don't know how I can stand this!"

I pulled my lips back to the tip of his cock and squeezed it. Then I started licking up and down his latexed cock, nibbling and slurping. I tickled his balls while I gave him the ultimate blowjob. Just when I thought he might come, I slowed my tempo. He was nearly sobbing with frustration as I continued lathering my saliva up and down that condom-clad cock, all the while the hard rubber handle wormed its way deeper into his back channel.

I held his cock at the base with one hand and slurped it like it was a lollipop; then I touched the handle and pushed it in deeper. I massaged his cock with my free hand as my mouth enveloped his cock, and I forced it down my throat.

He screamed then as he came, squirting his cum into the condom. He pumped his hips furiously as I fucked him deeper with the handle. Finally spent, he lay there, panting.

I kissed him, my tongue tracing the line of his lips. "Like that, sugar?"

"Oh yes, that was... fantastic. I've never had a blowjob like that. I mean, some girls I know sucked me, but they weren't very good."

"Um, well, I've had a lot of experience, plus I know with my own cock what feels good." I tapped the tool's handle with one finger.

“Oooooo, yesss," he breathed.

Slowly I eased the handle out of his rectum; then I fetched two afghans from the couch, spread them across him, and tossed a few more logs onto the fireplace. When I settled next to my new lover, he nestled against me, his face practically in my armpit, and promptly fell asleep, snoring softly. I watched the red and yellow light shimmer across his precious face; then I too drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke later, the fire needed tending. As I stoked the fire I looked down at my thick cock, once more standing straight up, like a missile about to be launched. It pulsed, filled with salty cum for Steve's cute ass. Oh yeah, I thought, time to stir up another fire as well.

I reached down and yanked his cock.

That woke him. "Oh, hi." Smiling, he rubbed his eyes.· With his tousled hair, he looked . about 18. I played a little tongue tag with him, our breaths mingling. I captured his tongue with my teeth, sucked it, then I fucked his mouth with my tongue, holding his head still as I shoved my tongue deep into his mouth.

"Now, sweetcakes, get on your hands and knees like a good boy:"

Kneeling behind him, I grabbed another condom packet and quickly sheathed my cock, then applied lubrication to it and to his crease. I grabbed my meat, pressed it up against his asshole, and pushed in. Oh, man, was he ever tight, even after I'd fucked his cherry ass with that rubber tool handle. His back channel felt like a glove on my cock-a dark, musty glove that just squeezed and squeezed.

He threw his head back as my fat cock violated his asshole. "Oh Jesus, you're big! I didn't realize it!"

"Yeah," I said, grunting as I delved deeper, "that's why I wanted to loosen you up. This would have torn you up."

He nodded. He could barely talk. He was really getting into this, twisting his hips, pushing back up against me.

Well, I really butt-fucked that boy, my cock pistoning in and out of his poop chute. I reamed his ass good, and he liked it a lot and kept begging for me to go deeper.

I grabbed his hips as I slammed in and out of him, my balls slapping his pretty asscheeks. He fisted his cock as I fucked him royally.

Well, I teased and taunted him with my cock, until he was screaming for me to fuck him harder. I had to, of course, and finally I came, letting loose with a good spray of cum, just as Steve climaxed, too, his spunk squirting all over his hand and the carpet.

We fell into a sticky heap, pulled the afghans up over us, and promptly fell asleep, Steve's hand holding my cock. It's a great way to fall asleep, and a better way to wake up.

And in the morning, I took one look at the impassable road outside, informed him he wasn't going anywhere, then slid my condom-dad cock into the kid's mouth and fucked his fresh young face.

The End

Other Daddy and Son Stories






By Mickey "Daddy" Ray


I was seventeen, my cousin Vinnie was fourteen and together we taught this kid, "How To"!








By: Alan Winkler


(Based on characters created by CMan)

        This exciting story is longer than most on this page and so I gave it a page of its own. Just click on the title or image above or the image below, to go directly to the story!



This caricature of Alan "Woofy" Winkler was created by CMAN

By clicking on his name, you can go directly to the artist's Blog!


Alan "Woofy" Winkler and CMAN's bio can be found here: http://www.woofytales.com/Author___Illustrator.html






By: Alan Winkler

(The included artwork was created by CMan)

        This is another exciting story too long to post on this page, so I gave it a page of its own. Just click on the title or image above or the image below, to go directly to the story!



This caricature of Alan "Woofy" Winkler was created by CMAN

By clicking on his name, you can go directly to the artist's Blog!


Alan "Woofy" Winkler and CMAN's bio can be found here: http://www.woofytales.com/Author___Illustrator.html






An erotic, Daddy/Son story written for Daddy

By: Alan Winkler

Illustrations by Mickey "Daddy" Ray


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 Previously, "Ridin' the Zipper" has only been available as an e-Book download, but now, it's being made available in print in an effort to build a little revenue to cover printing costs for my upcoming books. (which you're gonna love!)

You may wonder why I'm printing a book of stories which have all ran in a magazine already. I can answer that... Stories that are written for magazine publication are often edited down to fit into a restricted space. This was the case with all of the "Zipper" stories. This book contains all 12 original episodes of the "Ridin' the Zipper" series (Illustrations by Roscoe) - PLUS a bonus 13th episode that has never ran in print. The stories printed in this book are the full, unedited versions, presented in their entirety, just as they were meant to be enjoyed.

Don't worry, these stories have everything that you've come to love about my stories and characters... from Fathers and Sons to Kissin' Cousins & Buddies. Heck, there's even a tiny hint of Masculine Romance... All wrapped up in a... Trucker Cruisin', Cock suckin', Ass Poundin', Cum Slurpin' blend of WoofyTales fun! So settle back, greaze your gearstick and get ready for one hell of a ride!

This book (160 pages) is being offered, for a limited time, at a special price of only $18.50 ! I've priced it so that everyone can afford to add it to their WoofyTales Collection. Be sure to get yours quick, because I was only able to print a small quantity.

Attached to this email, you'll find a flyer introducing you to "Ridin' the Zipper". I've mailed out print copies of the flyer, order form and this letter in case you'd like to order by mail (forgive the typos in the printed letter... I had a helper who didn't value proofreading, LOL - sorry)

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Other Books by Woofy



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A New Alan Winkler Novel!



Studly Buck Lawson was happily (and effortlessly) fucking his way through life in the windy city. His handsome face and enviable body made it easy for him to bed any horny fella he wanted. Suddenly, he begins to feel unfulfilled in his life there.


With a little soul searching, Buck realizes that he's missing the thrill of the hunt and that special sense of excitement that comes from finding, and seducing, men who should be off limits... Guys who aren't just his for the taking.


He begins remembering the ultra-masculine men of his home (and family) in the rugged mountains of West Virginia.


With the heated memories of these 'real men' playing in his mind, Buck makes the decision to leave Chicago and return to his rustic childhood home of Smittford.


As they tend to do, things have changed back home, and life is not exactly as Buck remembers.

Once he returns, the handsome hunk finds himself smack-dab in the middle of more family secrets, and excitement, than he ever bargained for.


Join Buck on his journey home, where he learns that all families have their secrets... especially his.



Click on the Title, Cover Art and the other images below to Order!




Although he couldn't put his finger on it, something was missing from Buck's perfect, new life in Chicago. Then one night, a chance meeting at a boys-town bar made it all too clear. In that brief moment, he knew what had to be done.


Yes, studly Buck Lawson was headed home... back to his roots in the rural West Virginia mountains. Back to a place where men were really men. A place where words like ‘rugged’ and ‘masculine’ were more than hollow adjectives in an online profile, or a look that could be bought and worn home from a trendy boutique.


Buck knows what he wants... and he knows how to get it. He knows that the chase is more than half the fun. He knows how to turn heads and he knows when he's being watched. He knows how to bend the will of a hunk from the sticks, and leave him wondering what happened. He knows how to read a man's thoughts by just looking into his eyes. There's no game he won't play, and no game he can't win.


Most important of all, Buck knows that no man is ever truly off limits... not friend... not foe... and no, not even family.


Yeah, Buck Lawson knows more than most... but, What Buck Don't Know...is a lot.






Better Deal  - Double Header -  Forbidden Fruit


High Seas Cherry - Light My Fire - Strokin' Boners



Like Father, Like Son - Greek to Me - Post Graduate Course








By Gay Bottom Bear


This story is based on true life association between a Daddy and his Son.




By Odanny Dannyo




FUCK! You'd think I'd have learned by now.. all my life my cousin has been talking me into things, and sure enough I'd get into trouble. But this time he got me stoned, that was like the first time I had ever smoked that shit.. It was a real high though it was like I was floating on air. Then he put a DVD in the player and it was like fuckin’ porn; that was two firsts the weed and the porn. Little did I know there would be another first.


The porn is playing and as high as I was I boned up right away, I tried to hide it, but then my cousin is stroking his dick through his jeans. So it was like everything was cool, I started stroking mine.


"Come on chicken-shit whip it out." he said.


"Nah that's cool"


"What's the matter, ya got a small dick or somethin’? I mean I don’t care. I'm taking mine out and givin’ it a good whippin’. You can be a pussy if you want, but I'm getting’ off"


He pulled his pants and his shorts down and his dick was out in the open. He was stroking it and my eyes were glued to it. I liked looking at it and his balls bouncing up and down with each stroke. He got up from his chair and moved over to the couch. It was funny watching his dick swinging from side to side as he walked. I started laughing. He just smiled and sat down right next to me. His hand was all over my crotch, rubbing my dick through my shorts. I was all freaked out; he was all faggin’ out on me, but IT DID FEEL GOOD.


"Come on, drop your drawers your fuckin’ dick feels huge. I want to see it and even stroke you some."


Shit this was all kinds of fag, but if he wanted to jerk me off, I was all for it. My pants were off in a minute.


"Stand here in front of me, I want to get a close look at it."


Now this was some shit, man. I stood right in front of him he reached out and wrapped his hand around my cock. Oh it felt so good. One of his hands cupped my balls while the other stroked me. I could feel his hot breath on my cock, and his hand was so soft.


Two strokes and I shot all over him.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"


"Don’t worry about it."


He scooped up all the cum from his face and chest and put it all over my still hard cock, this felt even wilder.


"Hey cuz, how would you like to fuck me with that?"


"You mean stick it in your asshole?"


"Yeah man but you cant tell anyone about this shit."


"Oh no, I would never say anything."


"Good, your brother does it to me a lot."


Really I thought if my big brother does it to him, so will I.


"But first I have to relax, your brother always sucks on my dick and plays with my balls then he jerks me off and puts my cum on his dick. And then it's like my asshole just opens up."


"Ah, I don’t think I want to do that."


"Waddaya mean, it's not going to make you queer or anything. I mean, I jerked you off and I am going to let you shove that cock right up my hole. I mean, now you’re not going to tell anyone right?"


"Hell NO!!"


"I mean, I really like cock stuck up my asshole. One night your brother fucked me for over an hour. After that he smoked another joint and fucked me again. That didn’t make him queer did it, I mean do you think he's a queer?"


"Shit no, I mean he is fucking his girl, Betty, so he can’t be queer."


"Well, he says he would rather fuck my hole than hers; he says it’s tighter, so I guess if anyone is queer it's me. His dick is smaller than yours, but I want to have you fuck me.


So if you suck me a little; for that you get to fuck me with that big dick of yours"

I mean I have never seen my brother with a boner, but my cousin says I'm better and bigger.


The dude just jerked me off and now he wants me to fuck him, I'll bet I could do it to him anytime I wanted to. If all it takes is for me to suck on his dick a little and play with his balls, dang I'd even lick his balls for a steady fuck. Before tonight sex was only a dream when I jerked off in the shower.


"OK, but you have to swear not to cum in my mouth!"


"I won’t Besides, I want my cum all over your dick so you can slide into my hole."


I started to suck him, it wasn’t all that bad and I was going to get to fuck him, hell this was a deal.


"Let me sit up on the back of the couch, it'll be easier for you to play with my balls, you are going to do that too right?"


"I guess so, you said my brother does it to you, so I guess I can, I mean what can it hurt, I've had my cock in your mouth. Playing with your balls will be easy."


When he got up on the back of the couch he kind of lifted his butt and his dick was sticking up real high.


I thought to myself that really looks sexy, maybe even if he came in my mouth it might not be all that bad. I started to feel like I really wanted to suck on his dick; it wasn’t bad, I mean, as hard as it was, it was still kind of soft too, and all I could really taste was Ivory soap.


"Do it the way your brother does it, he licks the head and then tries to get as much as he can into his mouth, and then slides back up all the time he is stroking my balls. Ya know, not only is your dick bigger, but you suck better."


I was so pumped, I was better than my brother for the first time in my life. So I licked and swallowed as much of his dick as I could.


I was really getting into this sucking thing, I even forgot about fucking him. My dick had never been this hard before and it was bobbing up and down on its own, I didn’t even have to touch it.


All of a sudden I heard a noise a the door and several flashes, there must have been about four flashes, I turned my head a little bit and there were more flashes. My brother was standing there his dick out and laughing.


"You were right cuz, he would suck your dick, and from now on he'll be sucking a lot of dicks."


"BUT BUT BUT" I stammered.


"He said you do this to him whenever you fuck him."


"YOU FUCKIN PUSSSY FAG, no one touches my ass!"


My dick shrank up right away.


"Baby brother, you are going to be sucking both of us off every day, from now on or the pics get all around the school, and I might even let Mom and Dad see them.


I was in a state of shock, I could only think about those pics getting around. My life would be ruined. I started to cry.


My brother was out of his pants and walking towards my cousin and me.


"SUCK!" he said and pushed his dick into my gaping mouth.


With tears running down my cheeks I felt the dick in my mouth and I realized my cousin lied. My brother was bigger than me. I had been "had" again by my cousin.


I tried to push my brother away but my cousin had my arm twisted and up my back. It hurt like hell! I pulled away from my cousin.


I started sucking in earnest, I wanted cock; I wanted my brother to cum in my mouth.


My cousin started playing with my balls and even started stroking my cock. I must admit it felt good, but I realized it was what was in my mouth that felt best. And he came in my mouth and he came some more.


"SWALLOW ME FAG! You are going to be swallowing so much cum you'll even shit it out."


"My turn" I heard.


I came all over my brother’s shins and feet. My heart was light, my lips coated with my spit, the taste, the sweet taste of my own brother on my tongue.


"In a minute, in a minute," my brother said.


I bent even farther over and I sucked up my cum off my brother's legs and feet. It tasted sweeter than my brother's. I knew there was another hard cock behind me; I wonder what that will taste like?


I spun around and took a good look at the first dick I had ever seen other than mine. I had a craving!!


"I'll suck you off, but I want you to cum all over my face, and then push it all into my mouth with your dick. You can help him push it into my mouth too." I turned my head and saw my brother smile. And he caressed my head, at least that is that I thought it was.

I sucked on each one of them one at a time, till they couldn’t get hard anymore.


I suck my brother off each morning and before he goes to bed at night.


My cousin comes over every other day. He spends a lot of weekends at our house, and sometimes my brother and I go to his house for the weekend.


I asked them if I could suck off some of their friends.


They both yelled, "NO, NO WAY! We are not going to share you."


"I'll let you guys fuck me if I can suck at least some of them"


"We'll think about it, I mean fucking you seems cool, but only when we get real tired of your mouth."


I thought about what I had just offered them. Damn that is going to hurt to do that, BUT if it gets me more dick to suck?


I wondered how much it'll hurt????


Now whenever I suck them, well not just them, I play with my hole. They've  noticed me doing it. Now I make them lay on their backs when I suck their dicks, and sometimes their ball. Yeah, I do that too.


I kneel between their legs and suck for all I am worth, looking forward to my reward. I push my ass up in the air, so that the one who is waiting for my mouth can watch me finger myself. Ya know what? That makes them even hornier. I have learned to balance myself so that I can stand on my feet, ass pushed out, neither one of them knows that the other one plays with my hole while I am sucking the other. I always have my hole greased up. My brother has put two fingers in me so far.


Like I said, I want their friends and I think I can deal with the pain.


The End





By Anonymous


This story was sent to me by a young man who seems to have shared much of the same kind of exotic childhood as I had. He wishes to remain anonymous and so the names are fictitious.


Hi Daddy,

My name is Nick and I just came across your website. I have to say I am extremely turned on by it. I am twenty-five years old and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I knew I was gay from a young age. I would say at least 10 years old. I kept my secret well hidden all my life until I was about 20. I am extremely turned on by Older/younger. I think it all started with my Uncle when I was 12.


My Uncle was a Gay man and my family was okay with it. Ever since I could remember, he was gay. A little girly at times but not really. My first sexual experience was with him. I was twelve years old, and he came to watch us for a week while my mom and dad went on a vacation with some friends. I remember one night he fell asleep on the couch after he put us to bed. I woke up having to pee. I walked past the living room and saw him passed out on the couch in his boxers and shirt. I remember standing there which what felt like forever looking at him. My Brothers were all asleep in the rooms, and I became wide awake. I remember just standing there, with an erection.


Finally, I crept into the room and laid down on the floor next to the couch he was on. I remember just doing that had turned me on. I would peek up every five minutes or so and look at his package. I noticed his dick started to get bigger. I would glance at his eyes to see if he was asleep, but his eyes stayed closed, so I took longer peeks. He suddenly rolled a little and his beautiful dick was totally exposed. I remember wanting to touch it so bad. Nervously, I got up and started to creep out the room, before I got myself into trouble and I heard him mumble, touch it, very quietly. He still had his eyes closed.


I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him. I stood there for about a minute or two and walked back over to him, knelt down beside him, and started to rub it. I was extremely turned on. I remember my dick was throbbing like I'd never felt before. After a few minutes of me doing that, he opened his eyes.


"Nicky, do you like that?" I remember the moment he asked that I said yes right away. My Uncle Chris then let me play with him for a bit. I just jerked him off and he came in my hand. He told me never to tell anyone, and I promised I wouldn't. For the few days after that I always went into the living room at night. Just to touch it again, which he always let me do, until my parents came back.

A few days later I was falling asleep in my bed. My Brothers were over at my grandparents house for the weekend in Chicago. My Mom drove them up, and I stayed back because I was sick. My Father never went when we would go, he didn't like Chicago.


That night he came into my room and sat next to me. This is something my Father NEVER did. We started talking about Uncle Chris. He asked me if I liked having him watch us when they were gone. I told him yes right away. We started to talked about how Uncle Chris was a gay man and if I knew what that was. Which I did. My Father never really talked to us about his brother being gay. My father told me stories about them growing up and how close they were. I started to fall asleep because he kept going on and on.


Then he said, "You know, Uncle Chris tells me everything." I must have turned beet red, because my father right away comforted me and said "Its okay. We tell each other everything but we don't tell anyone anything."


I remember at that moment he scratched his mustache and smiled. He asked me if I wanted to also keep secrets with them. I just nodded my head yes. He then leaned over me and kissed me on the lips. But not like he usually did. It lasted a lot longer. I was again extremely turned on. He got into the bed with me and had me take off my underwear as he did his. His dick looked just as nice as Uncle Chris's. That night I gave, or what I thought I gave, my first blow job. It was amazing.

My Father, Uncle Chris and I started camping trips. Just us. Not my Older brothers, since they really didn't like camping. I didn't either, but I did enjoy being with my Father and Uncle Chris. We had lots of fun thru the years together.

To this day, I have the best sexual experiences with them then I do with other guys. I am out and have dated guys. But now and then I go over to my Uncle Chris's house when his Lover is out of town to hang out. My father comes once in a while, but very rarely.


















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