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Erotic Fiction



This section of Daddys and Sons web pages, contains stories and the erotic relationships among younger and older men, siblings, or other family relatives as well as school and college students,



I , personally, came out openly gay when I was sixteen years of age, although I'd been aware of and willingly involved in homosexual acts since I was seven years old.


On this Daddys and Sons Erotic Fiction page, the stories are totally fiction although many are based on true incidences of the author's past when the author or other persons involved were younger than the legal age of consent. If you have any concerns on this issue, I can only advise that you do not to read any of the stories.



The age of consent in NY is 17. I, personally, find rape and non-consensual sex with minors intolerable. Non-consensual sex is defined in NY Penal Law 130.05 Paragraph 3 part a, as copied and pasted below. 

3. A person is deemed incapable of consent when he or she is:
(a) less than seventeen years old; or
(b) mentally disabled; or
(c) mentally incapacitated; or
(d) physically helpless; or
(e) committed to the care and custody of the state department of correctional services.

You can go to this website: http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/menuge
And type in "130.05" in the search and you will get the full text of the statute.



(By the way, please don't write telling me that I've misspelled the plural for "Daddies". I spelled it the way I did purposely. ~ Thanks!)



The stories on this page were submitted to me by the writers. I will also supply links to similarly based stories that I've written on this subject. Many of the images you see at this page were sent by Friends and Fans of Daddy's website.


If you wish to send Daddy/Son stories, they must be original and written by you, the donor. You must also submit a permission to publish notice of each story in order to have on this site, send them directly to me, daddyzhere@gmail.com.


Example: I hereby submit my gay, erotic fiction to the Daddyshere.com website to be published online at his website as he sees fit to do so. I agree to allow spell checking and editing accordingly. I may ask to have them removed at any time and Daddyshere.com has agreed to do so upon a written request.




Dad & Son Stories

By Mickey (Daddy) Ray


Teaching Noah How It's Done


This story is about a dad who is unexpectedly surprised by a visit from his fifteen year old son who was taken away by his mother when he was three. The boy finds his way to his old home, key and all and walks in seeing his dad watching a gay porn movie and sitting there completely naked. After talking a while, they discover they have a great deal in common, except the boy has no experience in sex and wants his dad to teach him everything he knows. There is a video included at the end of the story!


Giving Dad the Shaft


My wife takes off after five years of marriage. Messed up and depressed, I move in with my Dad only to find out he's one hell of a cocksucker!


Salt and Pepper, My Two Sons

It's all in the 'step' family!





Alan "Woofy" Winkler.


As you scroll down this page, you'll eventually come to the links to his stories, "Head Count",  "Texas Hot Tub" and others.  However, if you haven't read the other contributed stories here, be sure and do so! I know you'll enjoy them as well!


CMAN's bio can be found here: http://www.woofytales.com/Author___Illustrator.html


It is with deep regret I received the news today, December 9, 2012, from writer Alan "Woofy" Winkler, that Calvin "CMan" Washington passed away at 12:24 AM on Saturday, December 8, 2012. He was struck by a drunk driver while traveling home from the library on November 27th, and was air lifted to a hospital in Fort Worth, TX in critical condition. He died, early Saturday morning, during an emergency operating procedure.





By Kyle Arandor

Cherry Boys Nov 2001

The young, impatient guy with the broken-down Audi didn’t have the money to pay for the repairs…But there are other ways to pay, aren’t there?



By Tad Grand

Cherry Boys Nov 2001

Play Ball(s)!








By Logan Arden




By Alan Proctor




By Anonymous


This story was sent to me by a young man who seems to have shared much of the same kind of exotic childhood as I had. He wishes to remain anonymous and so the names are fictitious.






By Daddyshere


I was seventeen, my cousin Vinnie was fourteen and together we taught this kid, "How To"!





By: Alan "Woofy" Winkler

(Based on characters created by CMan)

This exciting story is longer than most on this page and so I gave it a page of its own. Just click on the title or image above or the image below, to go directly to the story!



This caricature of Alan "Woofy" Winkler was created by CMAN

By clicking on his name, you can go directly to the artist's Blog!


Alan "Woofy" Winkler and CMAN's bio can be found here: http://www.woofytales.com/Author___Illustrator.html






By: Alan Winkler

(The included artwork was created by CMan)

        This is another exciting story too long to post on this page, so I gave it a page of its own. Just click on the title or image above or the image below, to go directly to the story!



This caricature of Alan "Woofy" Winkler was created by CMAN

By clicking on his name, you can go directly to the artist's Blog!


Alan "Woofy" Winkler and CMAN's bio can be found here: http://www.woofytales.com/Author___Illustrator.html







An erotic, Daddy/Son story written for Daddy

By: Alan Winkler

Illustrations by Mickey "Daddy" Ray


    This is another exciting story too long to post on this page, so I gave it a page of its own. Just click on the title or the image below, to go directly to the story!



 Previously, "Ridin' the Zipper" has only been available as an e-Book download, but now, it's being made available in print in an effort to build a little revenue to cover printing costs for my upcoming books. (which you're gonna love!)

You may wonder why I'm printing a book of stories which have all ran in a magazine already. I can answer that... Stories that are written for magazine publication are often edited down to fit into a restricted space. This was the case with all of the "Zipper" stories. This book contains all 12 original episodes of the "Ridin' the Zipper" series (Illustrations by Roscoe) - PLUS a bonus 13th episode that has never ran in print. The stories printed in this book are the full, unedited versions, presented in their entirety, just as they were meant to be enjoyed.

Don't worry, these stories have everything that you've come to love about my stories and characters... from Fathers and Sons to Kissin' Cousins & Buddies. Heck, there's even a tiny hint of Masculine Romance... All wrapped up in a... Trucker Cruisin', Cock suckin', Ass Poundin', Cum Slurpin' blend of WoofyTales fun! So settle back, greaze your gearstick and get ready for one hell of a ride!

This book (160 pages) is being offered, for a limited time, at a special price of only $18.50 ! I've priced it so that everyone can afford to add it to their WoofyTales Collection. Be sure to get yours quick, because I was only able to print a small quantity.

Attached to this email, you'll find a flyer introducing you to "Ridin' the Zipper". I've mailed out print copies of the flyer, order form and this letter in case you'd like to order by mail (forgive the typos in the printed letter... I had a helper who didn't value proofreading, LOL - sorry)

If you'd like to order your copy online right away, just click the image below!



Other Books by Woofy



Click on the Cover Art to Order!







A New Alan Winkler Novel!



Studly Buck Lawson was happily (and effortlessly) fucking his way through life in the windy city. His handsome face and enviable body made it easy for him to bed any horny fella he wanted. Suddenly, he begins to feel unfulfilled in his life there.


With a little soul searching, Buck realizes that he's missing the thrill of the hunt and that special sense of excitement that comes from finding, and seducing, men who should be off limits... Guys who aren't just his for the taking.


He begins remembering the ultra-masculine men of his home (and family) in the rugged mountains of West Virginia.


With the heated memories of these 'real men' playing in his mind, Buck makes the decision to leave Chicago and return to his rustic childhood home of Smittford.


As they tend to do, things have changed back home, and life is not exactly as Buck remembers.

Once he returns, the handsome hunk finds himself smack-dab in the middle of more family secrets, and excitement, than he ever bargained for.


Join Buck on his journey home, where he learns that all families have their secrets... especially his.



Click on the Title, Cover Art and the other images below to Order!




Although he couldn't put his finger on it, something was missing from Buck's perfect, new life in Chicago. Then one night, a chance meeting at a boys-town bar made it all too clear. In that brief moment, he knew what had to be done.


Yes, studly Buck Lawson was headed home... back to his roots in the rural West Virginia mountains. Back to a place where men were really men. A place where words like ‘rugged’ and ‘masculine’ were more than hollow adjectives in an online profile, or a look that could be bought and worn home from a trendy boutique.


Buck knows what he wants... and he knows how to get it. He knows that the chase is more than half the fun. He knows how to turn heads and he knows when he's being watched. He knows how to bend the will of a hunk from the sticks, and leave him wondering what happened. He knows how to read a man's thoughts by just looking into his eyes. There's no game he won't play, and no game he can't win.


Most important of all, Buck knows that no man is ever truly off limits... not friend... not foe... and no, not even family.


Yeah, Buck Lawson knows more than most... but, What Buck Don't Know...is a lot.





If you're ready for something a little different...


WoofyTales is pleased to announce our first multi-volume book set!



Better Deal

By Kyle Arondor


Double Header

By Tad Grand



By Jamie Kravitts


 Forbidden Fruit

By Chuck Jolie



Greek to Me

By Terry Stout



High Seas Cherry

By Logan Arden



Light My Fire -

By Alan Proctor



Like Father, Like Son

By Skip Murray



Post Graduate Course

By Mark Thornton



Strokin' Boners

By Walt Kellett





By Gay Bottom Bear


This story is based on true life association between a Daddy and his Son.



Dad Fixes an Itch

By Odanny Dannyo




A lad wakes to find himself with an itch he can't stop. His Dad comes in to help him take care of his problem. Parts 1 & 11



By Odanny Dannyo




FUCK! You'd think I'd have learned by now.. all my life my cousin has been talking me into things, and sure enough I'd get into trouble. But this time he got me stoned, that was like the first time I had ever smoked that shit.. It was a real high though it was like I was floating on air. Then he put a DVD in the player and it was like fuckin’ porn; that was two firsts the weed and the porn. Little did I know there would be another first.




By Odanny Dannyo



Jimmy and I stayed fast friends. I think getting blown by him that night just made the bond between us tighter. No, we never did anything after that night, but any time we were together, we knew there was something special between us.


We even became roommates; me, him and his son. Jimmy's son was the spitting image of him and he named his son, Tony; after me. I was like an uncle to the kid. I continued to bang bitches, never in our house, but I was a fucking machine!


Jimmy's son took to me like his father did. There was always this adoring look on the kid's face.


Well, Jimmy had to be out of town for a couple of weeks and so, my little namesake was my charge for those two weeks. If nothing else, I was the doting uncle to my namesake.



By Odanny Dannyo


This is a story that I have taken great liberties with. Sometimes I read stories and my mind just seems to want to enhance it. I am not so sure I do, but I try. I mean I could read a simple paragraph and my mind and my fingers run rampant. Before I know it I have gone on for what seems like forever. ~ Odanny Dannyo


One day when mommy and daddy were in the kitchen and daddy had been playing with mom, I noticed this bulge in daddy's pants, I knew what it was, he had what I heard the older guys at school call a hard on, and mommy was squeezing it. They didn't see me watching them, daddy started to moan kinda loud and mommy just giggled, daddy got all stiff and stuff and mommy just went faster, then daddy almost yelled and I saw mommy rub his pants and then lick her hand.


When daddy got up from the chair, I could see the front of his pants was still bulged out and they were all wet. I didn't really understand, and yet my little pecker was bone hard and I felt wicked...like, all over.




Loving and Pigging

By Odanny Dannyo


(This is a story of a young man's past. It involves his father, himself and his older brother of the ages 11 & 14, if this is something you prefer not to read, do NOT go to the link!)


I guess I was about 11 when my Daddy started fucking me. It took him a long time to get me to give in. He would come into my room late at night and just lay down with me. One night he asked me to take my PJ's off, I was scared at first, somewhere inside me I thought this was all wrong, but he didn't do anything so everything was ok with me. Then one night he came in naked and lay down behind me and had me take my PJs off again.

















 By Wesley Crusher



 This story depicts sexual acts between a 16yo teenager and several men. This story is entirely fictional. The characters do not exist and the events described never happened. If such material offends you, cease reading this document.

 Chapter 1



The big man towered over the cowering boy.


"This is the third week running you've had a crap mark for your school work", bellowed the man, his face thunderous to look upon. At nearly 7 feet tall and 18 stone in weight, the towering hunk of male anger dwarfed the 16 year old lad who blinked up at his father with tearful frightened brown eyes.

 "I'm sorry Dad, I'll do better next time, I promise," whimpered  the cowering boy.

"You better do," his father roared or you're in big trouble!".


"Yes Sir," whispered the frightened boy.


"You better get on with you homework then, and you're grounded till next week and if your next weekly report is not good, then you'll wish you hadn't been born!"


The lad fled to his bedroom.


As Jack Sawyer watched his son disappear, he silently fumed. He couldn't understand his increasing irritation with Matt since his mother died four years ago. The last two years had been the worst. Maybe it was the fact that Matt looked too much like his mother. His mother was a stunningly attractive dark haired woman with a grace that made the average woman look clumsy.


Matt shared his mother's good looks and smooth complexion. His full mouth broadened into a smile that would melt any girl’s heart and yet it was healthily male in form and his inherited beauty was superbly crafted within a well sculpted male frame. His innate love of sports and swimming had encouraged the definition of his chest, arms, abdomen and legs and regularly attracted envious glances from both boys and girls.


Jack was a dedicated weight trainer and had brought Matt up to do likewise. He often watched as his son went through his routine just before bedtime, providing words of stricture if he felt his son wasn't putting 100% into the effort. 


Whilst he knew he had every reason to be pleased with his son's progress, he still felt irritated with him.  He was irritated that his son's nipples stood out so firm and full from his perspiring teen chest when he worked out.  He was irritated that he had to wait until Matt wasn't looking at him before he could exercise his father’s right to run his eyes over his son's near naked body to check that his work with the weights was having the right effect. He was irritated that that Matt wore just a jockstrap instead of boxer shorts when working out and finally, he was irritated that he had to time his glances at the bulging pouch at the front of his son’s jockstrap.


Yes, he had every reason to be generally irritated with his handsome teenage son and his continued failure to get good marks on his course work gave him the excuse to flip.  Deep down, he loved his son very much and just could not understand his feeling of irritation with Matt.


Want more? Read the full story by clicking the title:  "MAKING THE GRADE"



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This novella contains violence and forced sexual acts upon minors.

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My Erotic Sci-Fi Novella


This novella contains violence and forced sexual acts upon minors.

The perpetrators are punished for their behavior, still, if you find this offensive, do NOT read it!


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THE B'ANATI ~ Alternate Version

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Multiple pages of erotic photos dedicated to guys who enjoy their socks fetish, in whichever way they choose ~ Top, Bottom or going Versatile.



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