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Erotic Fiction



By Jamie Kravitts


By the time they got back to Randy's room, they were already half tanked, but Randy wasn't taking any chances. So he poured a couple of rum and Cokes while his buddy Jeff checked out the drably furnished cubicle.

"On-base housing really sucks for a PFC," Randy said, handing Jeff his drink.

His friend kicked half of it back in one gulp, and Randy's excitement surged. "At least it's free," Jeff laughed. He sat down on the twin bed and pulled off his sweater. As his black T-shirt came out of the waist­band of his 501s, Randy caught a glimpse of a rippled stomach and a trail of dark hair leading down, down, down, where Randy knew it thickened and spread around Jeff's incredible juicy package.

Randy had been dreaming of that hot uncircumcised prick and the tight, sweet ass that went along with it for six months. That night at Jeff's par­ents' camp on the lake, the two hunky high school buds — Jeff had transferred to Central one semester before graduation — had gotten blitzed, then taken a shower together "to save hot water" and ended up with Jeff's muscular body riding Randy's blond cock until they both shot wad after wad onto each other's naked flesh. Afterward they never discussed what happened, and soon Randy enlisted in the Army and was gone. But now that he was stationed just 50 miles away from his hometown, he'd just had to give Jeff a call to see what was what. Jeff had said yes right away, and they'd made plans for Jeff to drive up to the base on a Friday night. Tonight. Now.

Randy hadn't changed out of his uniform, so now he unlaced his combat boots and pulled them off. Jeff did the same with his Nikes. The sight of his big bare feet was enough to make Randy's cock jump inside his khaki boxers. Damn, he was horny!

"Who'd have thought a pissant town like this would have so many bars? I'm beat," Jeff said, flopping back on the bed, his bulging basket staring Randy in the face. Randy thought about unbuckling Jeff's belt and flinging open the buttons of his fly and swallowing —

Jeff sat up. "Hey, man, you still haven't shown me your tattoo."

"Oh, yeah," Randy said. How could he have forgot­ten? He put his glass down and started unbuttoning his fatigue shirt. "It hurt like a bitch, but he did a real cool job on the colors." He tossed the shirt aside and dis­played the eagle head adorning his biceps.

"That's kick-ass, Randy." Jeff reached out and touched it. "Man, you're getting really big! Basic train­ing really made a man out of you. Pretty soon you'll be as buffed as me," he chuckled, moving his hand over Randy's shoulder and down to his chest. He squeezed his pecs through the white tank undershirt. Randy's nipples stiffened along with his dick. Jeff laughed again.

"Wanna watch TV, or are you ready to crash?" Randy asked, hoping for the latter — and that Jeff would get rid of the rest of his clothes pronto.

"I've had it, Rand." Jeff stood up and undid his belt, then his fly. The jeans slid to the floor.

Randy was careful not to stare at Jeff’s well-stuffed Jockey shorts for fear that his own turgid cock would torpedo out of his boxers as soon as he doffed his uniform pants. Jeff pulled off his T-shirt and scratched his hairy, well-defined chest. The muscles in his legs bulged as he strode toward the bathroom, only clos­ing the door halfway before taking a leak.

Randy left his tank top and boxers on and crawled into bed, sliding as close to the wall as possible. He imagined Jeff holding the foreskin back as the sound of streaming piss echoed through the small room. Jeff flushed and came out.

"I think there's room for you, unless you want to crash on the floor," Randy said, holding his erection down with one hand so it wouldn't tent up the blanket.

"That's cool," Jeff said. He turned out the light and got into bed. They lay together, barely touching, for a few minutes, not moving. "Damn, I can't sleep unless I'm naked," Jeff complained. "You don't mind, do you, Rand?"

"Uh-uh," Randy muttered, but Jeff had already shucked off his underwear. In the glow of the security light outside, Randy could see Jeff's big dick — it was hard! Jeff stood at the side of the bed, his cock contin­uing to enlarge.

"I'm gonna get comfortable too," Randy said. He tossed the covers off and removed his boxers. His fat cut meat pointed straight up. Simultaneously the two lustful studs grabbed their rods and started stroking. Randy reached under the bed and pulled out a bottle of suntan oil. He greased up his hand and seized Jeff’s nine-inch penis, which was like a live reptile squirming in his fist. Randy sheathed and unsheathed the rock-hard head again and again, then pinched the foreskin shut and pressed his palm over it, making Jeff's cock twist under the delicious pressure.

Jeff moaned and reached for Randy's stiff meat. He jacked it up and down, faster and faster, pausing only to squirt oil into his hand. But before he could lubri­cate Randy's thick shaft, the GI said, "No. Suck me in­stead. I want your hot lips all over my cock."

Randy stood up as Jeff dropped to all fours and began to caress his low-hanging balls with his tongue. "Yeah, suck those nuts, man," Randy groaned. Jeff's greasy hand squeezed and kneaded Randy's smooth, trim buns while he took both balls into his wet mouth and whipped his tongue over every inch of the scrotum.

"Oh, shit, that's good," Randy groaned. He stopped jacking his throbbing cock and pointed it down to­ward Jeff's voracious mouth. Jeff released Randy's scrotum and stretched his lips over his engorged penis as Randy clutched a handful of Jeff's wavy hair and pumped his face full of man meat. "Keep it up, man! Your throat's so goddamn hot!"

Randy found the suntan oil and wiped some onto his index finger, then bent at the waist and traced a path down Jeff's firm back to the crack of his fine ass and down into his puckered butt hole. "You want me to finger-fuck you?" he breathed.

Jeff moaned yes and continued to slide Randy's straining prick in and out of his mouth. "Aw, fuck!"

Randy groaned, burying his finger in Jeff's ass up to the third joint. When he finally withdrew it from the tight, steaming orifice, Jeff crawled up onto the bed. He was on his back, legs spread wide.

"Get that fuckin' cock up here, man!" he urged Randy. "I want you to cream all over my face."

Randy straddled Jeff's torso and reached behind him to play with the uncut meat he'd been beating off to for months.

Suddenly, a series of bangs on the door shat­tered the hushed intensity of the room. "Open up in there, Francis! On the double, Private!"

"Holy fuck!" Randy ex­claimed. He leaped off the bed and pulled on his boxer shorts. Jeff yanked the blankets up to his neck, terrified.

"It's Sergeant Reynolds! Open this door!"

Randy did, and in stomped a 6-foot 3-inch 30-year ­old cross between Tom Cruise and Jean-Claude Van Damme. He slammed the door behind him. The medals pinned to his uniform shook as he strode to­ward the half-nude saluting private first class and his would-be fuck buddy.

"I got a report that you had an unauthorized overnight guest, Private Francis," Sergeant Reynolds sneered in a sinister baritone. "You've heard of Regu­lation F-69?"

"No, sir!" Randy stuttered.

"No visitors after 2300 hours in this housing facili­ty!" Reynolds barked, jabbing his finger into Randy's bare chest with each word. "Now who the hell is this?"

"Jeff Ross...sir," Jeff stammered nervously, sitting up in the bed.

"I'm talking to Francis, dirtbag," he said coldly.

"Jeff's my friend from high school, sir," Randy told the hulking sergeant.

"Real friendly, it looks like. Were you two pansies sleeping in the same bed? An­swer me, Private!"

"No, sir!" Randy insisted. "I was on the floor."

Reynolds looked to where Randy had pointed and saw the Bacardi bottle. He marched over and picked it up. "I don't suppose either of you two jar-heads is over 21?" Randy and Jeff shook their heads help­lessly. "You're in a world of shit, boys. Both of you get dressed. Pronto!"

Jeff climbed out of bed and hurriedly picked up his under­wear. "Never mind that! Just put your goddamn pants on! Get the fucking lead out, Fran­cis! You two are going down."

He led them out of the room and down a back staircase to the parking lot. They got into a jeep, and Reynolds drove off into the night. Randy stared down at the floorboard. His military career would be over. But where was Reynolds taking them? They were heading down a little-used road toward the base's back gate.

"Excuse me, sir, but where are we going?"

"Keep that mouth shut till I tell you to open it, Private!"

They exited the base but followed the chain-link and barbed-wire perimeter until Reynolds turned right and drove up past a deserted field. Reynolds parked the jeep next to a small shack. He got out and unlocked the only door. "All right. Get your asses in here."

Jeff finally spoke up. "What is this place?"

"We better just do what he says," Randy told him.

"Good thinking, Private," Reynolds said sarcastical­ly. He followed them into the shack, slammed the door, and flicked on a light. Randy and Jeff gasped. The walls were covered with full-color pictures of naked young men having sex with each other in every conceivable position. The only furniture was a black leather sofa and a low coffee table with a variety of sex toys laid out on it. "This is where we bring boys who break the rules," Reynolds said menacingly. "Now drop your pants."

Randy and Jeff looked at each other, then at Sergeant Reynolds, who was squeezing his own crotch with his left hand and unbuttoning his camou­flage fatigue shirt with his right. They slowly undid their pants and lowered them obediently to the floor. Sergeant Reynolds threw aside his shirt, revealing a sculpted pair of pecs, each crowned with a large semi-erect nipple, surmounting a flat stomach. He pinched his left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and continued to massage himself, his hand inside his camouflage bikini briefs. His trousers hung around his knees.

Randy and Jeff stood by, unsure of what to do next. "Take off the rest of those clothes and get over here. Now!" Sergeant Reynolds sat on the couch and wrested his pants over his heavy black boots.

His enormous penile weapon spilled out over the microbriefs, which had been pulled down below his heavy scrotum. He stroked it lightly. Jeff and Randy approached, incredulous at its still-increasing size as a trickle of precome oozed from the slit.

"Get over my knee, Ross! On the double!" Sergeant Reynolds commanded. Jeff obeyed, his cock already at half-mast. The muscle-bound NCO leered down at Jeff’s angelic hairless ass. "I'm going to spank your lit­tle white butt, mister. And you're going to like it, do you hear me?"

"Yes, sir!" Jeff shouted, his prick burgeoning against Reynolds's steely bare thigh.

Whap! Reynolds's calloused hand came down three times, leaving Jeff's buns red and stinging. He grabbed the dark-haired trespasser by the neck and hoisted him up.

"Your fuck buddy's hung like a bear, Francis," Reynolds said to Randy. Randy nodded, still bewil­dered by the insane chain of events he'd been swept up in. His penis, substantial but flaccid, rested be­tween his legs as if confused. "What was that?" Reynolds barked.

"Yes, sir," Randy answered.

"Unless you want your ass whipped too, I suggest you get on your knees and swallow this boy's horse dick, Private." Reynolds rhythmically pounded his huge slab of meat while roughly grinding the edge of his other hand between his bull-like nut sac and chis­eled ass.

Randy's inhibitions were beginning to melt away. Obviously, Sergeant Reynolds would be taking no offi­cial action against him. The disci­pline he had in mind would have to be kept very quiet. Randy had fan­tasized about the studly, merciless sergeant since his first day in the battalion. But never in his wildest wet dreams would he have believed Sergeant Reynolds would be order­ing him to suck off the one dude he'd ever messed around with! And Jeff was totally into it, if that rock-solid wang was any indication. Randy dropped to his knees and gave it a tentative stroke.

"Yeah, yeah, put it in your mouth," Jeff was whis­pering.

"I'm giving the orders here, dirtbag!" Reynolds snapped. "Stop screwing around, Francis, and suck that dick!"

Randy shut his eyes and opened his mouth, grip­ping Jeff’s massive boner around the base before clos­ing his lips around the head. He slid as much of it in as he could and let his tongue squirm hungrily against the bottom of the hard shaft. Jeff thrust into his throat, and he gagged.

"Easy," Sergeant Reynolds growled. "Don't try to take the whole thing. Use your hands!"

Jeff looked over at Reynolds, who was still mastur­bating as he slid the camouflage briefs down his legs and kicked them off. His inflamed prick seemed ready to explode at any moment. "Show him how it's done," he told Jeff. "Suck that private's dick!"

Randy hastily stood up and traded places with his well-built friend, who immediately went to work on the private's fully erect organ. Less than a minute of fiery mouth fucking later, Randy felt himself teetering over the brink — he was going to come buckets if he didn't get Jeff's hot mouth off his cock! He extracted himself, trying not to look down at Jeff’s dick head, lost in a blur as Jeff's fist and foreskin flew back and forth in a frantic blur.

Sergeant Reynolds stepped over and grabbed Randy's plump tool. "You're not gonna pop that load until I say so, and that's an order! That clear?"

"Yes, Sergeant," Randy groaned.

"Now I'm going to get some of that action," Reynolds said, guiding Jeff's mouth to his turgid penis. With his free hand the NCO played with Randy's chest, rubbing the blond GI's cold metallic dog tags all over his aroused nipples.

Jeff stopped slurping Sergeant Reynolds's cannon long enough to say, "Permission to speak, sir?"

"Granted, dirtbag!"

"Permission to get my asshole reamed by a stiff cock, sir?" With that, Jeff lay back on the couch, knees to shoulders, his glistening anus splayed before Randy and the sergeant "Fuck me, sir, please!" Jeff begged.

"You'll suck this sergeant's dick until instructed otherwise, pretty boy!" Reynolds commanded, strad­dling Jeff's head at the end of the couch and watching his monster dong disappear down the young buck's fuckable throat. "Pretty boy wants his ass plugged, Francis. Do you think you're man enough, Private?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Randy yelled, his hand massaging his own cock, his eyes riveted on the pink orifice that seemed to pulsate between Jeff's tight cheeks. Randy put Jeff's ankles over his shoulders and prepared to feel once more the delicious sensation of a meat-starved butt hole squeezing his fat dick into ecstasy.

Sergeant Reynolds had other ideas. "Halt, Private! I didn't tell you to fuck that ass. You'll come in half a second if you stick your cock in that hole. Use this!" He tossed Randy a large dildo. "Lube it up!"

Randy uncapped a jar of Elbow Grease and started to lather up the latex fuck toy.

"Move it, Private!" Reynolds hissed through clenched teeth as he flexed and released his bronzed buttocks, ramming nearly a foot of hard meat into Jeff's insatiable mouth, his balls splayed on Jeff's fore­head like a compress.

Randy took the lubricated dildo and began to in­sert it into Jeff's butt hole deeper and deeper until his handsome pal was swivelling his hips, grinding into the enormous latex invader. Jeff’s uncut rock-hard dick pulsated against his stomach.

"Roll over!" Sergeant Reynolds barked, and Jeff got up on all fours, sucking the sergeant's throbbing shaft as Randy continued to probe his ass with the dildo. "Leave that in his tight butt, Francis. I want you to blow that uncircumcised prick from behind!"

Randy did as he was told, seizing Jeff’s penis and pointing it backward past his plugged asshole, easing it into Randy's mouth. The blond GI lashed the coro­na with his tongue, savoring the manly scent of Jeff’s sweaty crotch.

Jeff's pelvis bucked, and he moaned loudly through a mouthful of NCO dick. Randy came up off his buddy's nine-inch cock just in time to see it ejacu­late a supercharged load of come all over his chest. Randy continued to jack Jeff's dick, squeezing every drop of white spunk from it. He looked up to see Sergeant Reynolds's gargantuan schlong waving in his face. Randy watched him yank the dildo from Jeff’s rectum and throw it across the room. "Now that butt hole's ready for a real plowing. And so are you, Fran­cis! Get up. Both of you!"

Reynolds directed the two buddies to the corner of the shack, where Jeff bent over and Randy climbed on top of him leapfrog-style, his bare ass spread open on top of Jeff’s. Grasping Randy around the waist, the sergeant shoved his massive cock deep into Jeff's greased passage.

"Who needs a good butt fucking?" Reynolds asked gruffly.

"Me, sir!" Randy and Jeff both answered.

The sergeant ruthlessly fingered Randy's never-in­vaded anus in rhythm to his plunges into Jeff's warm stud hole. "I'm getting ready to shoot a gallon of hot come. Who wants it up their ass?"

"I do, sir!" Jeff and Randy shouted in unison.

"I can't hear you, men!"

"Fuck me, sir! Ram that huge cock in my butt hole!" Randy exclaimed.

Reynolds withdrew from Jeff's aching rectum and prepared to penetrate his quivering blond friend. "Yes, sir, Private, sir!" Reynolds barked, giving Randy every inch of his well-lubed weapon.

Randy's entire body con­vulsed with sweet, painful ecstasy as his virgin ass stretched to accommodate the sergeant's power drill. "Yes, sir, please, sir, fuck me! Fuck me!" Randy cried, delirious with the wild sensation of his own untouched bone spurting gob after gob of burning hot jism onto Jeff’s back.

"Jesus Christ, you're a tight little fuck! I’m going to come!" Reynolds wrenched his mighty prick from the depths of Randy's boyish orifice. "Ready! Aim! Fire!" he bellowed as the cannon went off, spraying Jeff and Randy's asses with wads of thick man cream.

The three collapsed onto the sofa, naked and spent, their genitals too excited to get more than half soft. "It's not just a job, men," Sergeant Reynolds said, squeezing a pair of young balls in each semen-slicked hand. "It's a fucking adventure."

The End



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