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Written by Mickey “Daddy” Ray

Renders by Varcolac


The Kid

 I live in a small town in upstate New York. It sucks! There’s fucking nothing around here to do and when you ain’t got money it’s even friggin’ worse!

 Blond hair, blue eyes, tight bod, and at 5’, 8” and 150 lbs; yeah, a little on the skinny side, but I look pretty damned good; so occasionally, I could score twenty buck letting some fag suck my big dick once in awhile, but that was a rare find around here now. The local police kept patrolling the cruising areas and scared the tricks away. Bastards!

 I wanted to score some weed but I was totally busted and had to find a way to get some bread. Word got around about this old warehouse that some local furniture companies stored their property and it was pretty much abandoned with only one guard in the whole fucking building. I decided to check it out to see if I could “find” something I could sell for some quick cash.

 I waited until just after midnight when I took a walk over to the warehouse. I figured, shit, this late at night, one guard working a boring, shit-assed job like that would probably be taking a snooze. The only thing I wasn’t sure about is how to get in the place.

 One good thing was that the warehouse was in a desolate location of town. We lost a lot of businesses in the last five years, so it sat among several abandoned buildings.  One bad thing was it was a full moon, so there was little hiding area. The guard may be asleep, but I couldn’t be sure so I crept along the outside walls of the buildings, just in case he was outside, maybe taking a cigarette break, or somethin’.

 I spotted a small stairway with a gray door that I was certain would get me into the building, if I could easily pick the lock. There were no windows low enough to climb into, so this was the only way I could try to get in.

 I walked quietly up to the door and just as a matter of reflex, I turned the door knob. Holy shit! The fucking thing was open!

 All I could see was a stairway going down. It was pretty dark inside and everything around the place was metal so I was glad I wore my sneakers as I crept down the stairs. This fucking place gave me the creeps. I felt like eyes were watching me! Paranoia, I’m sure.


The Guard

 Another fucking boring night! I sat at my desk, it was just after midnight and only a little over an hour into my shift. I was on my third cup of coffee!

There’s not a whole lot to do in this kind of work. I used to work as night security at the local hospital and on the late shift, often enough, there was always someone trying to break in to get to the drugs in the ER or in the prescription storage room. That, at least, was pretty exciting and kept you on your toes.

 Around this shit place, there was really nothing worth much value, unless it was a really large item, like a freezer, a living room or bedroom set, and it would be pretty damned hard to sneak in and grab that without a fucking semi outside in the lot to haul it away.

 Anyway, I thought I’d wiled away the hours checking out the photos of naked babes in magazines I brought to work with me. I was just getting worked up and could feel my crotch swelling when I saw a flashing alert on the security screen. I  followed the cameras and saw some young kid creeping down a flight of stairs.

 “What the fuck? Really?” I was totally pissed! Here I was, just getting ready to maybe blow a load when some punk decides to sneak in the fucking building. How the fuck did he...and then I realized I must not have locked the entryway door. Shit!

 I watched the screen and he went right passed my floor and kept heading down to the next floor. There were crates or small crap stored in there, not much of value, but right now I didn’t care if it was worth two cents! This shit kid was invading MY territory!

 I left my desk and went down the stairs to catch the little bastard. When I got there, I stood on the plat form as he’d already opened one of the boxes.

 He was digging through the stuff as I snuck up behind him. Now, we can’t carry guns on this job, but I do have a taser, Model X26, that carries 50,000 volts!


The Kid

 This was almost too easy! No lock on the door and I got all the way down to one of the store rooms without any hassle! When I opened that door, I was surprised to see that the room was lit up. There were another few steps down into the big room and, all around, there were piles of crates and boxes. I was sure I could find something I could get some quick cash for!

 I opened this one box and there was a whole lot of ripped up, paper stuffing surrounding this odd thing that looked something like a trophy of some sort. I picked it up to look at it and the next thing I felt was this incredible shock throughout my body as everything went black and I felt myself falling to the floor, landing on my stomach!

 I almost immediately opened my eyes, but I couldn’t move a muscle. I felt as limp as a rag doll and damn, I was sore all over! I felt my body being turned over and the only thing I could see was this guy’s face, really close to mine, staring down at me. He looked angrier than shit and the next thing I knew, I was being lifted off the floor, tossed over his shoulder and carried up the stairs. Again, everything went black.


The Guard

The kid was really preoccupied trying to figure out what he had in his hand; he never heard me coming at him. Zzzzaaaapppp! I got him right in his ass with my taser! He dropped the trophy right back into the box as he fell to the floor jumping around like a bug on a hot plate; writhing and wriggling about and making these weird sounds. It was hysterical!

 I squatted down and removed the dart-like electrodes that shot right into him through his jeans. Just as his body stopped thrashing around, I caught his eyes looking up at me. Scared shitless, that’s what he was. So scared, he fainted as I picked him up and tossed him over my shoulder to take him up to my office.

 This kid had to learn a lesson and, damn it, the legal system let’s them get away with too fucking much these days. I figured I’d put the fear of God in him one way or another. I just wasn’t sure just how yet.

 I got back upstairs and sat his limp body in a straight backed, wooden chair. I found a short length of rope and bound his hands behind him and the back of the chair and tied an old piece of ragged cloth around his head, covering his mouth. I sat back at my desk and waited until he came to, which didn’t take very long.

 Once again, he opened his eyes only to see my face staring right back at him. “Hey there, buddy, have a nice nap?” He sat there stunned, not knowing what to do. Not that he could do much in the position he was in.

 I stood up and pointed at him. “So, you think you can just walk in here and take anything you like, huh? Real smartass, ain’tcha?” He’d taken my wallet from my back pocket and waved it in my face.

 “I’ve seen your ID, and now that I know who you are, you won’t be so eager to try it again, I can tell you that! Only thing I got to do now is figure out what to do with you to make sure you get the message!” I walked around to his left. “Got any suggestions?” I asked, not seriously, of course. All he could do was mumble something inside the cloth rag that covered his mouth.

 I pulled his head back by his hair, “What’s that? I couldn’t hear you?” I said laughing. “You want to what? Suck my dick? Is that what you said?”

 I threw his head forward, untied his hands and removed the gag, pushing him to the floor. As he landed and tried to rise up, he pleaded with me.

 “No, please, sir, I’m not like that. I don’t want to suck your dick.”

 “That’s funny,” I said, “you sure look like a cocksucker from my point of view; laying down there, staring up at my crotch!” I pushed work boot under his face and with my other, I shoved the back of his head, landing his face against my boot. “Kiss it!” I ordered him. He really had no option as I pressed his face and lips right up against the toe of my boot. “So, you’re not a queer cocksucker, hey? Well, maybe that’s what I should make you do so you won’t ever come back here again!”

 He mumbled something at me, but all I could feel was the vibration of his mouth against my boot. I lifted my boot from the back of his head and he raised his head again.

 “Please, sir, don’t do that. I…I won’t come back…I promise!”

 I pulled him up from the floor and grabbed him by his shoulders. “Now why should I believe a thief? No, you’ve got to pay for your crime and, what the hell, why shouldn’t I get some fun out of it! My girl hates sucking cock, and I’ve never had a queer do it, so this will be a new experience for the both of us!”


The Kid

 When I came to, I was tied up and all I could see was his face grinning at me with his yellow, nicotine stained teeth, asking me something, but I didn’t know what he was saying, I was still somewhat out of it.

 The next thing I knew, he was calling me a cocksucker, untied me and pushed me to the floor. I felt the hard sole of his one boot on the back of my head and my lips pressed against the hard toe of his other boot, and him telling me to kiss it! Not like I had a choice in that position!

 He, again, said something about my sucking his cock; something I’ve never done, and I told him so. I told him I wouldn’t come back to steal from his place, but it didn’t seem to matter to him. He lifted me up and was determined I was going to have to put his fucking dick in my mouth.

“Start undoing my pants!” He ordered while gripping the back of my head by my hair. Do everything I tell you or you’ll get the feel of another 50, 000 volts right up your ass! I ain’t fuckin’ around! You got it?”

 I felt a wave of tears coming on, but I held them back as I instinctively knew that if I cried, he’d like that even more.

 I reached for his pants and open the belt and top button. I grabbed the zipper tab and pulled it down, exposing his gray briefs beneath. When I pulled down his pants, he pushed down on me so they slid down along his legs as I went down to the floor. The bulge in his underwear grew and smacked me in the face!

 The smell of his man sweat and the dampened briefs filled my nostrils as he pressed my face against his crotch, smashing my lips against his hardening cock, which seemed to grow even more!

 “Ah, yeah! That feels pretty good!” he said, and began pushing my face all around, rubbing his entire crotch against it. His cock got so hard, that his maneuvering of my head caused it to rise up and stretch outside the top of the elastic binding of his underwear. I could see clear viscous drops coming out from his cockhead and dripping down. “Damn!” he groaned. “That feels really great! You’re getting me horny as hell!”


The Guard

 “…You’re getting me horny as hell!” I groaned as I felt the warmth of the kids face and mouth rubbing against my cock, still inside my briefs. It felt so good, I never gave it a second thought about this being a guy whose face I had been shoving into my crotch. My cockhead found its way up and out of my underwear and I lifted the kid’s face right to it; his moist lips pressed against my head of my dick and I ordered him to lick that pre-cum that was beginning to ooze out from the slit.

 Shy at first, his tongue only barely touched my cock. I yelled at him, do it…lick it, or get zapped!” He immediately began to use his tongue more vigorously and licked at my cock, taking in all the clear ooze that began coating it as well as his tongue! “Oh yeah! Pull those shorts down and get that cock in your mouth, boy!”

 I felt the yank at my briefs and they soon fell to meet my pants on the floor. Holding his head with one hand I quickly shoved my ever hardening cock into the kid’s mouth! Immediately I felt the scrape of his teeth. I yanked his head off my cock.

 Looking down at him with a very pissed expression, I told him, “You fuckin’ bite me, or cut me, and you’re dead! I fuckin’ mean it! Now, open up!”


The Kid

 This was so Goddamned humiliating! He was making me lick the fuckin’ stuff off his cock and to top it off; he had me pull his briefs down and then shoved his hard-on into my mouth. I was totally unprepared, never having had a cock in my mouth before, and I could feel my teeth run across the shaft of his dick.

 He pulled his cock out and threatened to kill me if I bit or scraped him again and then told me to open my mouth and take his cock again. It had shrunk some by the time he forced me to take it again.

 What else could I do? I had no choice. Humiliating, degrading yes, but I could only think it was better than dying and I had no doubt in my mind he’d find a way to kill me and hide my body somewhere. Fuck, there was no one who’d miss me or even look for me. I opened my mouth again.

 He used his right hand to put his softened cock in my mouth. Ordering me to keep my mouth wide open, he swirled his cock around and around the inside of my mouth and over my tongue and I could feel it getting harder and harder once again.

Now I know I have a fairly good size dick, about 7” long, and I’ve had some old queers give me money to suck on it, but I’ve never had a cock in my mouth and this guy’s dick was huge; probably nine or ten inches long! It just never seemed to stop growing longer and harder!

 “Close your mouth, but don’t you dare bite me, bitch! Use those lips! Yeah, get a good, solid grip on my cock between your tongue and your lips! Uh…uh…yeah, that’s it!”

 Holding my head steady, he began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth and I could now feel it hitting the back of my throat. He must have been half way in when I found myself looking up at him; his head leaning back with a pleased smile.

 “Yeah! Yeah! Suck it! Suck me good, boy! Oh fuck yes! I’m gonna feed you a mouthful, motherfucker. You bet your ass I am!” The more he talked the faster he began to fuck my mouth!

 Now I know how those old queers thought when I would do this to them. I knew now what was coming next and no sooner did I think it, it happened.


The Guard

 Man, this was great! Not that I actually would have killed the kid, but I threatened him that I would and he took me at my word and began giving me the best fuckin’ head I’d ever got! No woman ever too this much of my big dick and for an amateur, this kid was fuckin’ amazing! I made him close his mouth and suck my dick, putting a good strong grip between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. It was frickin’ heaven!

 I could feel the heat build up as I kept shoving my cock in and out, in and out, the head slamming against the back of his throat. He choked a few times, but he still kept on sucking me off!

 I was so damned close! When I knew it was that time, I shove my cock all the fucking way in and rammed it right down his throat!

 “Here it comes, boy! Suck my cum out of my dick!”


The Kid

 I didn’t think his cock could get any bigger, but when I felt the heat rising up I also felt his cock widening to make room for the load he was about to deliver into my mouth!

 “Here it comes, boy! Suck my cum out of my dick!” I heard him shout and his cock suddenly rammed deep down into my throat as I felt my face being pushed right into his shaved crotch.

 “Suck it…suck my dick…oh, oh, yeah…take it! Swallow my cum, boy! Swallow it! Eat it all!!” And he kept it down my throat for what seemed to be forever! I though sure he was going to choke me to death then and there!

 Instead, while I could still feel his cock throbbing, he began to draw himself out from my throat and slowly pumped his ebbing cock in and out of my mouth, making me taste his cum and forcing it down my throat until I’d swallowed every last drop of it.

 When he was done, he yanked his cock from my mouth and ordered me to lick it clean, along with his saved balls. I have to admit, I was curious, but I didn’t think it would be a good idea to even ask him why he shaved his crotch and balls. Instead, I did as he told me to and licked his cock of any trace of cum and then began licking his balls.

 Holding my head against them, he began to make pleasurable groans as my tongue licked along the back side of his balls, almost touching his asshole. I got worried as I could feel his cock growing again above my face as he shove his ass closer to my tongue and ordered me to lick him there as well.


The Guard

 My cock rammed down the kid’s throat as I spilled my load into his gut! It was so fuckin’ great! Over and over, I felt my cock powerfully pumping out my jizz when it suddenly dawned on me; he couldn’t taste it down his throat, so I pulled it up and finished cumming into his mouth and all over his tongue. I made him taste every drop and when I was done, I made the kid lick my cock clean!

 As I fed him my cock to lick clean, I decided to have him taste my balls while he was down there. I’ve always liked the feel of being shaved down there; made things more sensitive, so I started pushing his face to my balls, ordering him to lick them good, and the more he licked at them, the more horny I began to get all over again! I don’t know what gave me the idea, but I wound up squatting over the kid’s face and I shoved my asshole over his mouth and ordered him to lick that as well.

 Holy shit! I never felt anything like that before and it was really fucking amazing! Before I knew it, I was getting another furious hard-on! This time I beat myself off as I kept the boy’s mouth busy at my asshole. It felt too good to stop. “Lick that, fucker! Get that tongue up there!”


The Kid

 Holding my head to him, he kept rubbing his butt hole over my face and ordered me to lick it. Fuck, I thought! I don’t want to taste his shit! But he shoved my face all the harder and I was somewhat relieved that he, at least, kept himself clean down there as I began to ream his asshole as I had my paying tricks do for me.

 He began to get another fucking hard-on! I figured the faster I get this over with the faster I’ll get the hell out of here. I began licking and lapping at his hole and sticking my tongue up there.

 I could feel him jacking off his cock over me when suddenly he took his ass off my face, brought his cock to my mouth and shot another load inside of me! No down the throat this time, just right into my mouth, shot after shot fired into my mouth as he yelled at me. “Suck it! Take it! Suck my cum! Eat it!! Fuck yes!” I had to swallow every bit of it.

 His cumming ebbed down and he finally took his cock out of my mouth and sat back. I was exhausted, humiliated, and my mouth was aching from that big cock forcing its way in and out.

 I sat in silence as I watched him pull his underwear and pants back up and tuck in his pressed, uniform shirt.

 I couldn’t look at him as he grabbed my arm and led me to the door.

He pushed me down the steps and tossed my wallet at me. “Good work, kid! See you same time next week! I know how to find you!”

 I got up and walked away pissed off and frustrated. Somehow, someway, I was going to get even with that prick, it’s just a matter of time.





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If you have an interest in having this artist do something special for you, you may contact him through me by emailing me at: daddyzhere@gmail.com . I will forward your message to him.



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