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by Justin


Mickey (Daddy) Ray

***A reminder that "The Garage" is copyrighted and has been printed here by permission of the author, Justin. The author may be contacted by email at the address above.  "The Garage" may not be used, edited or altered, directly or indirectly, in part or in whole, for any commercial purposes without express permission from the author.

 The content is adult, sexual reading material which is primarily homoerotic in nature, contains particular sexual fetishes and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The author takes no responsibility for illegal accessing of this material to minors. All characters are fictional and any similarities of names or personalities with real persons are purely coincidental. Today, things being what they are, the author neither approves nor condones unsafe sex. ~ Daddy

The Garage ~ A Prelude

He had just gotten off the phone and confirmed that he had completed and won the bid on a very lucrative contract for his company. At 24 years old, he was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his line of business. He stayed very late, and according to his Rolex, it was close to 1 AM. Everyone else in the office had long gone home and his would be the only car left in the parking garage, with exception possibly of someone in housekeeping or maintenance. Few other people shared the building's garage and only occasionally had security had to be called to expunge a few drunken hobos or deviants finding pleasure in the dark caverns of the garage.


He locked his office door on the 21st floor and took the elevator down to the garage. Dressed in his three thousand dollar, Caraceni suit, Matt confidently walked into the dark, deserted parking garage and gasped as he suddenly spotted a man pissing in a darkened corner next to his silver BMW. He stopped short and stood there, his mouth hanging open, staring at the man's piss throbbing cock.


The man before Matt stood with his legs spread apart apart, wearing overly large work coveralls, a wide leather work belt, thick, heavy suede work boots ...and nothing else. His name was Rico. He was a ruggedly handsome and muscularly sculpted mechanic and he had just finished helping one of his regular lady customers by coming out to the garage and changing a flat tire for her. He'd also given her a requested "front end alignment", which they both agreed was necessary for a better ride. She'd left the garage a good deal happier than when she arrived and after she'd gone, Rico decided to take a quick piss. He heard the man's footsteps and gasp behind him, spun quickly around and saw the guy staring at his piss relieved cock. With one look, Rico's street smart savvy sized up Matt's self-indulgent, cocky better-than-thou attitude quickly. Look at the "Pretty-boy". A rich son-of-a-bitch standing there like he's never seen a fucking guy take a piss before. Irritated, he reached out and grabbed his startled voyeur by the front of his expensive Kiton shirt then threw him up against the wall. Matt heard buttons pop and the stitching in his expensive shirt rip as Rico pulled him forward and drew him in...eye to eye.


"You like seeing a man's cock pretty boy, fag?" The exotic, dark tanned, swarthy and clean shaven man's angry spittle sprayed Matt in the face. "Well, why don't you just get down there and taste that big cock."


"I'm not a... I mean, I didn't mean...," Stunned by the attack, Matt tried to weakly apologize for interrupting the man while he pissed, Inadvertently, he looked down and found he couldn't take his eyes off Rico's long, wide, circumcised cock, which still hung from his opened jeans.


He felt Rico's powerful grip as the handsome mechanic twisted the expensive silk fabric of his sevenfold, Italian, Carlo Franco's black, paisley tie wound around his fist. He dragged Matt to his knees, oblivious of any concern that anyone else might come into the parking garage, and shoved Matt's face into his exposed crotch. "Get a good whiff of my cock and balls, you goddamn fairy!"


Matt felt Rico's wiry black pubic hairs rubbing harshly against his face, he could smell Rico's strong, male funky odor as the man pushed his face under his ball sack and roughly shoved his head into his sweaty flesh.


Then Rico knocked Matt down to the grimy floor and kicked his ass, leaving a greasy, dirty boot print on the right cheek of Matt's suit pants. "Get down there and sniff my piss puddle, you faggot Pretty-boy, in your perfect suit."


Pretty boy was right. Matt's delicate, pale skin and soft feminine features might almost have belonged to a beautiful women. Only his aquiline nose, slightly cleft chin, and thick brows gave doubt to whether he was a woman dressed in expensive men's clothing or, as Rico aptly called him, a pretty boy.


Matt's liquid brown eyes looked with distaste at the steaming puddle of urine all foamy and yellow, still hot from Rico's cock.


"Get in there Pigboy!" Rico roughed Matt up, slapping him hard all around. Matt's expensive clothing became disheveled, filthy and torn. Rico grabbed Matt's jacket and rips the pocket off. Horrified, Matt is flailed around, grunting like a fucking hog and one of his black, laced up wing tip shoes flew off.


Rico picked it up and spit all over the stupid delicate, Italian leather then shoved it in Matt's face. "Smell it! Lick it!" he ordered the man. Rico stepped with both feet in the puddle of urine and commanded Matt to kiss his feet, shoving his pretty-boy face down on the dirty, piss smelling work boots. The stink of the man's acrid piss made Matt wince as Rico forced him to put his mouth up against it, keeping his head down with his powerful grip, Matt could not resist. He felt the piss' dampness and the grimy rough leather rub against his lips and began to taste it.


"Let me see that tongue come out! Start licking up that pissed on leather, Pretty-boy!" Rico, thoroughly chastised, obeyed immediately but still heaved involuntarily with each swipe of his sensitive tongue against the filthy boots.


Rico smiled, satisfied with his control of the rich upstart in his power. He flipped Matt over and onto his back and wiped his filthy, pissed stained boots on him.


"I will use you like a floor mat, wiping the wet dirty soles of my boots on the front of your fancy silk tie and expensive shirt," Rico sneered at Matt, "all over your jacket and trousers."


Rico still had his dick and balls out and Matt could see how meaty and hard the man's Manhood was, hanging down heavily, swinging back and forth, powerful and menacing. With quick easy motions, Rico reached down, tore open the belt of Matt's trousers then roughly ripped them open, pulling them down to Matt's ankles, exposing the man's gartered black, sheer, nylon over the calf socks.


Rico take a look at Matt's tight, black, silk bikini brief and decided the man needed to get his ass pissed as well as whipped. He hauled Matt up by the shoulders and shoved his perfect face against the wall. Matt started to cry.


Ignoring the man's sobbing, Rico got a grip on Matt's shirt tails and the hem of his jacket and pulled them up to the back of his neck. Ripping both shirt and suit jacket almost in half. His eyes glared with envious rage at the sight of even more expensive clothing. Matt wore a matching black, silk undershirt that hugged his slender delicate frame like a lover. Rico reached up at the collar of the undershirt and grabbing tightly with two hands, he tore it in half, exposing the young the soft, delicate skin of the young man's back. Unhesitating, Rico began slapping Matt's naked back. Rico's sobs grew in volume and emotion with every contact of Rico's rough, working man's calloused hands.


In moments, Rico was ready to take another piss. He leaned on Matt, holding him against the wall, as he gripped his tattered clothing with one hand, and with his other, started spanking and pissing on Matt's ass, the wetness soaking through Matt's flimsy silk briefs.


It hurt like hell, but through the pain and tears, Matt incredibly felt himself getting a major hard cock as Rico's rough, masculine hands slapped at his helpless ass with full manly force. Matt yelped and tried to hop around. His garters snap loose from all the struggling and Matt's sheer nylon socks fell down to his ankles.


"Yeah! Dance for me Pretty-boy, fag! Dance while I've got you standing in the puddle of my stinking piss."


Matt's one sock was soaked through and his other shoe was getting thoroughly doused with Rico's piss.


The young man could feel the man's piss soaking down within his shoe. He not only felt, but heard the hard, sharp cracking sound of Rico's hand beating his ass. His  clothing was filthy and stinking from Rico's piss. Matt hopped around in the piss, splashing it all over his trousers that hugged at his ankles and feet. Matt's faggot ass cheeks were throbbing when Rico finally stops spanking him. He pulled down Matt's, silk briefs and saw a cum stain. "You fucking faggot, you like this don't you?"


Matt meekly nodded in humble submission.


Rico picked him up and threw him on the hood of the BMW. He felt Rico's hard body, both muscular and tight, pressing against him. Rico's manly groin mashed against Matt's ass cheeks. The young man felt Rico's hard dickhead rutting against his asshole, seeking its mark. Rico's soft, wide lips were close to his ears and Matt heard, and felt the warmth, of his captor's deep, manly breathing. Suddenly, Matt felt the stabbing heat and tremendous violation of his body.


Lubricated only with the pre-cum of his excited erection, Rico unceremoniously shoved his hard cock inside, penetrating Matt's tight ass.


Matt suffered that hard, muscular force penetrate all the way into the deepest part of his gut. He was being totally violated and his guts felt completely filled. Caught in the grip between fear and licentiousness, his body betrayed his mortal fear and began moaning and humping back like a rutting animal into the furious piston of Rico's fuck pole.


Rico fucked Matt big time. His Cock slammed in and out of Matt's beautiful and tight ass-cunt over and over. The moans and guttural sobs coming out of Matt's hot mouth only served to increase his attacker's sexual fury. He fucked the young man's ass incessantly, deeply and thoroughly until, at last, with a final shove, he shot his first wad of sticky, slimy, hot, white cum way up inside the Matt's hot, caressing ass tube.


Rico's huge, cum shooting cock made Matt's ass feel full and stretched and he unwillingly sighed with regret as Rico began to pull his dick out very slowly. He was at the brink of cumming himself when suddenly Rico gave one last shove of his huge weapon deep inside of Matt's shit tube. The feeling of that dickhead rushing back in and slamming against his prostate was enough to trigger Matt's climax. Matt shot his load with such force he thought he would faint. His legs did shake and his knees gave way causing him to fall to the floor.


As Matt fell down, Rico's dick pulled out with an audible pop. It was still hard and Matt could see the big, knobby dickhead and shaft are slimy with cum and ass juice from fucking his male ass-cunt. Rico places it on Matt's lips. This would be a moment to remember. He leaned his manly crotch into Matt's face. "You can't stop looking at my ass fucking dick, can you?" he barked. "Okay, open up, Pretty-boy! You worthless piece of fag shit, cocksucking fruit!


Matt instinctively opened his mouth. The roughness, the humiliation, all of it, had inexplicably excited him to a fevered pitch and to such an extent that, even as he obeyed Rico's command, he still couldn't believe he was going to unquestionably do this ultimately degrading act.


Matt let his jaw fall open as Rico shoved his ass juice covered cock inside. "Suck it, fag! I've got you totally degraded now, Pretty-boy! You pussy! Take take my ass-fucked, man-cock in your perfect, Pretty-boy mouth. Clean that cock off good because I'm going to wipe all my juices in there and then I'm going to piss all over the inside of your mouth."


Rico stopped to see the reaction of the man on his knees now willingly taking his slimy cock into his mouth. "I am going to take a piss right now; take a piss fully in you mouth, and you're going to swallow every drop of it!" Rico smiled wickedly at Matt as the young man stared up.


Matt gazed helplessly up at him with HIS HAUNTINGLY BROWN EYES as he felt the warm, bitter liquid begin to flow into his mouth. His mouth constricted Rico's cock with each swallow of piss, allowing him a moment to gulp it down as his mouth filled up with more.


But before he was finished, Rico yanked his cock out of Matt's mouth and finished pissing all over Matt's ripped and soiled clothing, including the young man's expensive shoes and sheer nylon socks and garters. Rico ordered him to take off the one remaining shoe and both socks. The were all soaked with Rico's piss. He then stuffed the ruined, sheer black socks into Matt's open mouth and wrapped the garter around his head. He tied the garter tightly and gagged Matt with the piss soaked sheer socks.


Matt, who only earlier walked into the mechanic's shop an assured, self-confident young business executive, tailored, pristine and handsome, now knelt on the cement floor in a puddle of piss. He was disheveled, his clothing torn and soaked in urine a picture of helpless disgrace and pity. His air of importance and self-esteem ruined, and yet he was delirious with sexual delight.


Stepping back, Rico admired his brutal handiwork and felt a new growing sexual arousal on its way. The pretty man was his to toy with any way he wished. He confidently walked over to his nearby pick-up truck and Matt watched him as he grabbed a beer out of the cooler. He opened the door to the driver's side of his truck and sat on the seat, his legs and feet facing out of the car.


"Get over here you! I'm not done with you yet," he said as he pop the beer open. "There's going to be a lot more piss and cum, and I am going to fuck you harder and longer, fuck the shit out of your perfect fagot tight ass-cunt and defile your suit, fancy tie and and expensive clothing with it." Rico tore off the tied garter belt and yanked the pissy, black dress socks from Matt's mouth and tossed them to the ground. "Now, untie these work boots!"


Matt hesitantly reached for one of Rico's boots resting on the footboard of the truck. "Not with your hands, you fucked-face faggot, with your teeth!"


Matt knelt down and began to untie the piss soaked laces with his teeth. "Come on, come on, Prettyboy! I ain't got all fucking day! It's almost 2 AM already!" He swatted Matt across the head to emphasize his need for speed.


The young man doubled his efforts and soon had the first boot unlaced. "Take it off!"


Matt bent his face to the task not conceiving how he could manage it. "Not with your teeth...damn! You are one sorry, stupid rich dude. How the fuck do you think you can get this fucking boot off with your mouth? Use your hands, you sorry son-of-a-bitch!


Without a word, Matt quickly took the heavy work boot in his hands and pulled. It slid off with little difficulty to expose Rico's foot dressed in a grimy gray work sock, well worn and odorous. The sharp sudden smell made Matt shrink back, his eyes widened and his mouth puckered and his nose wrinkled with distaste.


"You got a problem there, fag?" Rico snarled, and followed up with a great gulp from his beer can. "Get that other boot off. Then you're going to massage my feet then sniff and suck on those nasty gray socks until I tell you to stop! Got it?"


Matt eagerly agreed with a smile.


Rico shook his head in disbelief. "Damn faggot!" Rico said, as he put his socked foot up to Matt's face.


Matt took the sweaty, smelly socked foot in his hands and held it lovingly to his face, rubbing his nose against it and breathing in deeply.


He was a happy man. He finally met A REAL MAN! A man he could relate to. As he sucked in Rico's socked toes into his hungry mouth, he thought to himself how he did have a position in his company available. He needed a personal driver for his limousine, which he used mostly for catering to his important clients. Maybe this fantastically hot and sexy man would consider applying for it? He'd make sure to ask him.


After he'd finished up here, of course. A prelude to a job interview?


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