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By Mickey "Daddy" Ray


"Original illustrations by Madeira Desouza"

In a small Texas community, whose name shall remain anonymous, a young freshman, named Theo, decided to sneak into the college gym locker-room while the football team was out during practice.

He searched around and found a stained jock strap and a pair of damp, dirty, thigh high, white socks lying on a bench.

He looked around and just couldn't resist wanting to enjoy his fetish. He held that pair of strong scented white socks to his nose and began to breath in deeply; nearly fainting in delight at the heady aroma and the vision his mind had of himself sucking on the cock of the socks' owner sent him reeling in ecstasy.

He was totally aroused; his cock fully erect and becoming increasingly painful in the confines of his briefs and tight jeans.

He took off his tee-shirt, peeled his pants and briefs down and his cock sprung out in delighted relief! Taking another deep sniff, he and began to jack himself off.

Too excited to even thing about any consequences if he got caught, he lay back down on the bench and pumped his cock even faster and harder than before.

Oh how he wanted to feel even one of those hot jocks, who were practicing football just outside, shoot their load into his hungry throat.

With that thought and another deep sniff of the sweaty socks in his hand to his nose, his cock erupted in a flood of cum that had been building up for this moment. Again and again he came all over himself,

When it was over, he lay panting heavily and then sat himself up on the bench.

Taking the worn, stained jock strap, he wiped off the cum from his chest and the rest that dribbled down his shaft to his pubic hairs and abdomen.

He tossed the jock down and decided to remove his pants and cowboy boots and put the football player’s socks on his own feet to take with him when he left the building.

He'd no sooner got them on when he heard the echo of someone coming into the locker-room. The guy was naked and had obviously just come out of the shower. He was shocked that he never even heard him earlier. He'd thought the room was empty.

Theo saw a short, but muscular Asian staring at him. His wet, tanned skin, dark hair, smooth, almost hairless body shone in sensuousness from the locker room's overhead lights.

"Who are you? What are you doing in here?" The muscle jock asked him, noticing the young man's shirt and pants on the bench as well as his boots close by with a pair of socks lying over them.

"What the fuck...?" The jock said, looking down at Theo's feet. There he saw that the boy was wearing another pair of socks. His eyes opened wide as he recognized them as his own socks he'd taken off only minutes ago when he went in to take a shower.

He rushed up to Theo and in one, swift move he had the boy on his back as he sat on top of him. "You're wearing my fuckin' socks! What the fuck is wrong you, you goddamned thief?"

"You're wearing my fuckin' socks!"

Theo was scared shitless and flung his arms out akimbo and helplessly stammered, "I...I...Im sorry, I...I..."

"What the shit?" The jock looked down and saw Theo's cock standing straight up and fully hard.

He jumped up off the boy! "You're a fucking pervert! And a thieving one to boot! You sonofabitchin' queer!"

Fight or flight was the only choices one has in these situations, and unfortunately, Theo was not much of a match for this muscular jock. Still, he jumped up, finding himself backed up against the wall, and tried to bluff his way out of a very bad situation.


Holding his fists up, he boldly swore at the jock. "Fuck you! You want 'em, you come get 'em!

"Fuck you! You want 'em, you come get 'em!"

The jock stood there, and Theo could see his threat made no effect on his attacker. Instead, the guy grinned in delight at the prospect of beating the shit out of this fucking queer.

Another fast rush at Theo, and the jock had the boy by his head in an arm lock, bringing him to his knees. There was no actual intention by the guy that Theo's face wound up smashed against the jock's exposed cock.

Although the man's grip was painful, the feel of the large and, now, ever growing cock by his mouth, had Theo in a heady spin of sensual excitement.

Without thinking, he opened his mouth to yell in pain and the jock's big dick popped itself right into the boy's gaping maw, shutting off any shout the boy might have made.

Without thinking, he opened his mouth to yell in pain...


"Oh, you want to suck that, huh, you fucking fag?" The jock pushed Theo's head even closer to his body, forcing his stiffening cock to go further into the boy's mouth. He quickly began to work his hard cock deeper and deeper into young Theo's throat.

Forcefully and mercilessly, he began to pump his cock in and out of the helpless boy's mouth. "There you go, fucker! Suck it! Suck my fucking dick!" I'm gonna shoot my fuckin' cum down your mother-fuckin', queer assed throat and make you swallow every fuckin' drop!"

The jock pushed his cock in and out and, at the same time, shoved the boy's head up and down on his saliva soaked cock. "Yeah, that's it. You love it, don't you, fucker? You want that fuckin' load! Well here it cums, you sonofabitch! Here....it....oh, fuck....cuuuummmms!!"

Theo felt his head suddenly being pushed all the way down; his lips now smashed against the sweating jock's pubic hairs and his mouth totally filled with the man's squirting cock.

He only felt the first strong pelt of cum against the back of his throat, and two more that followed, then the big jock pulled on his hair and brought his head up off his still spurting cock.

"Keep your mouth open, faggot!" Keeping a tight grip of the boy by his hair with his left hand, the jock pumped his cock with his right hand and shot the rest of his load right into the boy's open mouth. Three, four, and then five more big wads of cum fell onto Theo's tongue, sliming their way down his throat.

He could now taste the man's sweet, thick load on his tongue and it excited him so much that, barely placing his free hand on his own cock, he shot out his own load of cum in his excitement and came all over the jock's legs and feet.

"What the fuck? You sonofabitch!" The jock yanked Theo's head towards his feet. "Lick that shit off, you bastard! Clean that goddamn faggot cum off my legs and feet!"

Theo, now caught up in the excitement, eagerly complied and not for the first time, he eagerly tasted his own cum as he licked and lapped at legs and feet of his torturer.

Suddenly there was a rush of noise coming into the locker-room. The practice was over and the team was heading in to take their shower.

The jock, still gripping Theo by the hair, yelled out, “Hey, guys! Look what we got here!"

There were anywhere from ten to twelve guys now heading over to the jock's voice. When they reach that part of the locker-room, they stopped and stared at the sight before them.

"Look here," said the jock, "I found me a fucking, sock stealing fairy, whose face I just fucked and made him swallow my whole fucking load! So, now we got us a fag and a thief, what do you think we should do with a fucker like this?"

Various shouts of suggestions came out of the guys standing there; from beatin' the shit out of him, fuckin' his faggot asshole and finally to killin' the prick!

"Well,” said Theo's captor, "How about we be real democratic about this and do all the above so everyone gets what they want!"

"What about coach?" one of the players toward the back asked.

Another player shouted out. "He had to go to the office to talk to the dean, so we got time to take care of this piece of shit!"

It took very little time, with no showering, for the team to get their uniforms off and get prepare to work this faggot over.

It took very little time...


Oh, sure, there were closeted gays among them, but none brave enough to defend or help the boy.

After several of big guys on the team got some punches and kicks in, they did, however, enjoy using Theo's mouth and ass to their advantage. The boy was cute and tight-assed, after all, so it was no problem for the gay guys to quickly get off, squirting their loads into both ends of the boy as well as on his face and the rest of his body.

Once the first few of the players began using the boy as a sex machine, the heat of the excitement and action just naturally triggered a chain reaction and gay or straight, the team played together as one, taking the boy and using him to get themselves off, sometimes twice over!


The team played together as one...



By the time the action began to slow down, Theo was now lying flat on the floor on his stomach and unconscious when all the guys heard the noise of the gym door being slammed open and shut.

"Shit! It's the coach!" one of them yelled.

The jock pointed to one of the guys, he was already dressed in his pants. "Get out there and stall the coach from coming in. Tell him we caught a thief in the locker-room. We'll take care of this!" he said, pointing to the young, unconscious boy on the floor.

Obediently, the player left the locker-room and went out to the gym.

"Okay you guys, get your clothes back on; grab some towels and let's get this cum shit wiped up."

Working as a team, it took less than two minutes to clean everything up. They left Theo lying there naked, except for the jock’s white socks he was still wearing, but totally wiped clean of any cum on his body by the time the coach came in.

"Where is he?" the coach yelled into the locker-room.

"Over here, sir!" Another player answered.

The jock, who first dealt with Theo, looked at the coach. "Sorry sir, but we got pissed at this sonofabitch when we found him going through our lockers and stealing shit from our pants and jackets.

They had planted several watches, wallets and bracelets along the floor by Theo's body and his clothes that were still on the bench.

"What? Did you kill him?" the wide-eyed coach asked.

"No, sir. He's just unconscious." the jock replied.

"Why didn’t you? He's a fucking thief ain't he?

"That's not all, sir, when we caught him; he was naked, sniffing our socks and jock straps. He's a fucking pervert, too!"

"Who else knows he's here?" the coach asked, looking at the team’s faces, waiting for an answer.

"No one that we know of, coach. I mean, I can't imagine he would have told anyone what he was up to."

The coach gave that some thought. "Okay, you know we don't tolerate thieves and we sure as hell don't take kindly to godless perverts. Several of the players looked at each other.

One of you go to the equipment room and grab a tarp. I know just what to do with this...this fucking piece of shit."

The coach looked right at the jock. "You! When the other guy gets back here with the tarp, you stay with me. All you others, get out and get home. Say nothing to anyone about this. Nothing! You got me?"

In one voice the team said, "Sir, yes sir!" Some picked up their personal belongings they had scattered by Theo's body then gathered the rest of their things and left the gym as the player with the tarp came back in.

"Okay, just leave the tarp here and go home with the others," the coach ordered the player.

"Yes, sir," the player quickly responded and left the locker-room.

When the coach was certain all the others were gone, he grinned and gave a piercing look at the jock. "Had your fun with this punk, didn't you?"


"Don't give me that dumb shit attitude! The kid's got cum dripping out of his asshole. Did you think I was too stupid to notice?

The jock opened his mouth to protest.

"Don't say another word," the coach ordered as he quickly slipped off his gym shorts and tossed them aside. He was wearing only his sneakers and a grin.

"I like keeping my sneakers on at times like these. Don't you fucking touch 'em," he ordered the jock.

Obeying the coach, the jock nodded and took one step backwards.

"Yes sir." The jock did as he was told while all sorts of thought spun through his head. What the hell was going on, he wondered.

The coach stood up and, pulled down his briefs, stepping out of them when they hit the floor. He immediately fondled his balls and his cock, shocking the jock when he saw the enormity of his coach's genitals.

The coach’s dick had to be at least three inches wide and eleven inches long; his balls hung low, hairy and they were heavily swaying below his now growing erection.

The coach's dick...

"Get down on the floor and suck this fucker! I'm gonna need lube to fuck that little prick on the floor."

"But coach...I don't...I'm not..." the jock went pale and looked up at the much taller coach.

"Shut the fuck up and do as I tell you. You already had your fun with this kid, now it's my turn. I don't care if you're straighter than God! Get the fuck down on my dick!” The jock paused, confused, anxious and scared.

“NOW!" The coach commanded.

Nervously, the jock obediently went to his knees. The coach's humongous cock stiffened right in front of his face. He reached up and held onto it . Pulling back the thick foreskin, he started to aim the cockhead towards his hesitant mouth. At least it didn't smell, he'd thought to himself.

"C'mon, c'mon...let's do this!” The coach insisted impatiently. “Suck that fucker and get it good and wet!"

The jock opened his lips and then his mouth and began to lower his face onto the coach's hardening cock. He'd never had a cock in his mouth before and his first reaction was to gag just at the thought.

"You asshole! You fuckin’ better not choke …or bite me… or I'll beat the crap out you! You get me?"

Without saying another word, the jock began going up and down on the head of the coach's cock. Saliva poured from his mouth and, wasting no time, the coach grabbed the sucking jock’s head and began to push his cock deeper into the young man's mouth, spreading his spit along the rock-hard shaft of his cock, which was thoroughly enjoying the suck job the jock was giving it.

The coach pulled his wet dick from the jock's mouth and began to jack-off his cock over the jock's face, spreading the slick, shiny spit up and down the entire length of his huge cock. "Get down there and lick my balls! That should get me just hot and hard enough to get me ready to fuck that passed-out piece of ass on the floor.

Coach pulled the jock's hair and pushed the young man's face against the base of his balls.

"Get that tongue out and start licking me. Lick my balls, then that space between the base of my balls and my asshole!"

The jock tried, but to no avail, to pull back and could offer nothing but a muffled protest. Knowing he had no other option, and realizing how the kid on the floor must have felt, he began to obediently lick and lap everywhere the coach instructed him to.

The young football player felt the coarse dark hairs of the coach's balls against his tongue and could taste both the coach's sweat and his own spit that spread around the ball sack.

His nose brushed against the coach's moist asshole as he began licking at the perineum, that most sensitive area below the balls, between the ball sack and the asshole. He could feel the heat from the blood rushing to the coach's cock, and for some odd reason, he found himself licking all about that area with inexplicable enthusiasm. He couldn't believe what he was doing...even more incredibly, he couldn't believe that he found his own cock beginning to swell up and get hard again!

The coach, once again, yanked the boy back up to the head of his cock and made his suck it some more.

When he was thoroughly wet and lubed, he tossed the jock aside and dove down onto Theo's back, pressing his soaked cock against the boy’s puckered asshole.

Between the jock's spit and the obvious loads of cum still inside Theo's ass, the coach had little difficulty getting his cock into the young kid's yet tight asshole.

Theo, having been passed out, gave no tense protest at first, but as the coach's huge cock began working its way in, the boy woke from his unconscious state with a shock and a scream in pain!

"Shut him the fuck up!" The coach ordered the jock.

Hard again, the jock wasted no time in sitting his ass down in front of Theo's face, his legs spread apart on both sides of him.  Raising the Theo's face  up to his cock, he stuffed the boy’s mouth with his stiffening cock as he watched the coach rapidly fucking at the kid's ass.

The coach raised the boy’s rear end up off the floor , putting Theo on his knees, and began slamming the boy, harder and harder, every time he pulled his cock out and pushed it back in again. While the big man pushed his cock into the Theo's ass, he also pushed the boy's head harder down on the jock's ever hardening cock within the boy's mouth.

"Oh, this is one sweet ass!" The coach yelled out. "Yeah...oh, yeah...fuck!" Bam, bam, bam…he pushed and shoved his big dick deep into Theo's ever widening ass.

"Huh!...Huh!...Fuck yeah, I gonna shoot my fucking load! Oh fuck....oh yeah! Woof! Wooof! …..Aaaaah.........!!!!

The jock got caught up in his coach's excitement and felt another load of cum rising from his cock and getting ready to fill the kid's mouth and throat once again.

"Oh, fuck, coach! I'm gonna shoot too! Oh shit...!

They both fucked the boy mercilessly in his mouth and ass, simultaneously shooting their separate loads of cum up Theo's ass and down the boy’s throat!

They both fucked the boy...

Finished, the coach collapsed on top the Theo's back just as the jock pulled out his spent, but still hard cock.

The jock collapsed on his back on the locker-room floor when he suddenly felt a warm mouth on his cock again. He raised his head only to see it wasn't the faggot who was sucking him again, but the coach!

He stared in shock as the coach was sucking and licking the final spurts of cum the jock still had oozing from the head of his dick.


The man raised his head. "Don't act so fucking surprised! I've had half the fucking team before I had you sucking at my big dick." With that, he dove down on the jock's cock and began to earnestly sucking at it again.

"Coach, I...don't think I can...I...I," surprisingly, he found himself going crazy under the expertise of the coach's sucking mouth and felt himself nearly ready to shoot yet, another load...this time in his coach's mouth!

In one swift move, the coach pulled his cock from Theo's ass did a ninety degree turn and repositioned himself and his cock over the jock's face, never taking his mouth off the jock’s cock.

"Suck it!" he ordered the jock.

Although there was a slight smell of shit on the coach's dick, there were no obvious splotches of shit on the head of his big cock or the shaft.

The jock opened his mouth and the two men began sucking in a sixty-nine position; the coach's chest was lying over Theo's head below.

Theo's face was in direct line with the jock's testicles as the coach sucked furiously at the young football player’s cock.

Theo stuck his tongue out and began to lick at the jock’s balls and close to his asshole and that warm, sexual sensation was just enough to make the jock shoot his load again. All that could be heard were his muffled cries of excitement while the coach's cock was still fucking away at his face.

The first squirt hit the back of the coach's throat and, in reaction; he lowered his body and shoved his whole, enormous cock down into the throat of the yet cum-squirting jock.

Incredibly, the jock's throat expanded and he felt the coach shooting his load at the same time that he felt his cum going into the coach's mouth!

They fed each other thoroughly, collapsing once again after they were done.

Still panting, the coach got up and told the jock to get up as well.

They both stood, towering over Theo's prone body. The abused boy turned over on his back and looked up at the men staring down at him. He could hardly believe what the hell just happened. He found himself staring at their flaccid cocks; the coach's dick seemingly twice the size of the jock's dick, See the flaccid but still throbbing cocks, Theo’s own cock began to harden again.

The coach looked at the jock. "He ain't gonna be around much longer. Give him his last good time."

"W-what do you mean, coach?"

"Get down there, and suck him off! It's the least we can do before we kill him."


"Don't but me, boy! Get down there and do it!"

The jock realized now that there was no arguing with the coach. The jock knelt down, spread the boy’s legs and got in between them and started to suck on Theo's cock. It didn't take much in learning how to do it, having had  the coach making him do it twice before so he, almost expertly, began sucking the kid's hard cock and bringing him to another climax. He knew it was cumming up, and he was sure that if he took his mouth off the boy's cock the coach would give him hell, so he prepared himself into getting ready to take whatever load the boy had to shoot.

Theo, who had raised himself up on his arms to watch the jock in action, suddenly felt he was close to cumming and laid back down preparing to enjoy the pleasure of, yet another hot climax!

One, two, three, big hard shots poured into the jock's mouth, followed by a few more, softening jets of cum that covered the jock's tongue and pallet.

When the jock felt nothing more coming out of the boy's cock, he was surprised that, instead of letting it flow out of his mouth and spitting the rest out, he actually swallowed the kid's cum. He couldn't believe how sweet it really tasted. Most of the coach's cum went right down this throat, and only when he took his cock out, did he taste his cum. It was far bitter tasting than the kid’s load he just swallowed.

"Okay. Get up. He's done," the coach said.

The jock stood up over Theo, who still lay there panting in pleasurable exhaustion.

"Now you, boy!" the coach said to Theo. "Get up!"

Theo was sore everywhere, from the beatings to the sexual abuses and he was totally fatigued. Still, with painful effort, he began to stand up.

All at once, before he stood up completely, he felt a blow to his chin and everything went dark.

When he woke up, he couldn't see anything. He was obviously blindfolded. He felt something around his neck and heard the coach's voice.

This used to be the old hangman's gallows, years ago, before hanging became illegal here. No one bothered to tear it down, so now we're going to give it a purpose once more.

Recognizing what it was that was around his neck as a heavy rope, Theo began to panic and tried to grab at it with his hands.

"Take his arms, boy!" He heard the coach yell out, and felt someone, probably the jock, he assumed, hold his arms tightly against the wooden flooring beneath him.

"Sorry boy, but we don't tolerate thieves or perverts in this town, so now you got to go meet your maker and get whatever punishment He's ready to dole out to you."

"I'm not a thief!" pleaded the boy. And you guys did the same thing to me as I did to you!"

"Ah, but you are a thief, boy," said the coach. “No, you didn't steal anything from those lockers...the jock, here, told me all about it. But you did steal his socks, and ...well.., no one's going to know about what happened in that locker-room. Sooner or later, they're just gonna come across some poor ass, naked schmuck wearing nothing but a pair of white socks hanging from this here trap." The coach tapped at the wooden, cutout square on the flooring of the gallows.

"No, please..."

"It’s too late for pleading, boy. Hey, look here, we gave you some pleasure before you had to die, so be glad and face your fate like a man. Take off that blindfold from him," he heard the coach yell out.

At first all was blurry as he felt himself being raised from the floor by the rope on his neck. As his vision grew clearer, he could see the coach now standing down on the ground below him, his hand on some kind of wooden lever. The jock stood by the coach staring up at him with a look that seemed almost piteous.

Hung With His Boots Off

Though his arms were no longer being held, the noose around his neck grew tighter, even though he tried to grab at it with his hands. Suddenly the floor beneath him gave way and he felt himself falling in space. His fingers, still gripping the rope as he kicked and flailed, he looked down and saw the jock's white, soiled socks still on his feet; the ground below him seemed only inches away. His hands slid from the rope and fell quickly to his side̶̶....then everything went black.



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