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By: Alan Winkler

(Based on characters created by CMan)


          Nearing his twenty-fourth birthday, with his new degree from Texas A&M in hand, Harold Voss was prepared to embark on an exceptional career. What he was not prepared for was the shrinking job market of an economy on the downward slide. After sending his skeleton resume, listing only some part time college work-study experience and his 3.84 GPA, out to over 200 companies and receiving no serious replies, Harold realized that he’d need something extra to grab the attention of a potential employer.


In recent weeks, an ad had been appearing in the local papers over and over. The job advertised was for the temporary position of Census Taker, a position that Harold had considered as menial and maybe even a little beneath his position of College Graduate. However, upon giving the matter some thought, he decided that a sterling letter of recommendation from a government office like the Department of the Census would make an excellent addition to his flimsy portfolio.


Which brings us to today… a warm April day in Midlothian, Texas. Harold, clipboard and pen in hand, stands frozen in mid-knock. He stares forward, unblinking, shocked… stupefied even! He really shouldn’t have even been here. After all, he’d met his quota for the day hours ago. But, beating his quota wasn’t his true purpose, the true goal was to excel and draw attention to his capabilities, to insure that the department would be unable to deny his request for a letter of recommendation once he’d blown them away with his drive and professionalism. He couldn’t just do a good job… he couldn’t just to a great job… Harold had to succeed by the widest of all margins!


In his mind, Harold heard the words of his director echoing in his mind… “Your goal is to count every living soul in your territory. Every human being from mansion to cardboard box must be counted. Even the ones with neither, must be accounted for!” Thus, he found himself preparing to survey one more household for the day. Harold was proud of himself for even seeing the old shack, sitting the way it did, so far off the road and covered in vines and weeds. He examined the old place, which appeared to just barely be still standing. His eyes scoured the overgrown property, and just as he was about to walk on, he noticed some clothes hanging haphazardly across a couple of limbs of an old tree near the back of the shack.


As he fought his way through the waist-high foliage and grew near the hovel, he could see that the windows were all broken… and there wasn’t even a door, only a large opening in the wall where the front door should have been. Harold began to feel silly for being there. Clearly this old place was abandoned. “The only things in here to count will be spiders and rats… maybe a raccoon.” Harold laughed to himself. Still, he’d come this far, so he might as well knock. The rickety old steps looked none too sturdy, so Harold leaned far forward to tap on the wall by the entrance. He raised his hand to knock… and that’s where he froze.


To his utter surprise, someone was actually living in this old shack! Well, living might have been an over exaggeration of the situation, but someone was definitely occupying the dwelling. Lying near the entrance were two men! It only took a brief visual exam for young Harold to assess that these guys were homeless. Their slightly dirty appearance and unkempt hair wasn’t the unusual thing though. These men were both wearing only tattered long-johns. Harold’s analytical mind swirled and in just a few seconds he put the pieces together. “That explains the clothes out back!” he reasoned to himself. “They must have gotten caught in the heavy rain last night, they got back here, stripped down and hung up their clothes and then went to sleep.” A casual glance around the empty front room of the shack revealed the only contents, other than the ratty old mattress the bums were sleeping on, to be several empty beer cans and wine bottles strewn around the floor.



 Harold couldn’t help but be curious about the men and he found himself examining them closer as they slept. One had longish hair and a bushy beard to match, while the other had shorter hair that looked as though he may have recently given himself a haircut. As Harold’s eyes trailed across the men, he couldn’t help but appreciate the shapes of their bodies, which were clearly revealed by the tight fitting long-johns they wore. The one with the beard was slighter of build, but still appeared to be in good condition. He was thin, but not skinny. He’d passed out draped across his comrade, “Probably to stay warm.” Harold thought. As the trim man breathed in and out, his round pecs rose and fell and Harold noticed his pert nipples showing through his thermal undershirt. The larger fella could only be described as a beefy stud. He’d probably been very muscular at one time because even now, living the life of a homeless man, his body was still admirable. The tight, dingy material of his underclothes clung to his frame, leaving little to the imagination. In fact, in the dim light, if Harold squinted his eyes, the big fella looked naked. He was lying with his back toward the door and Harold felt a little odd as his cock stirred when he noticed one of the buttons missing from the back-door of his thermals, allowing the flap to fall half open, revealing one of his thick, round and hairy buttocks.


While Harold was enjoying the view of the nearly naked men, the slimmer one grunted and rolled over slightly, giving Harold his first clear look at the man’s face. Right away, Harold had the notion that the face was familiar… but how could it be? He didn’t know any homeless people.  Harold went back to his uninvited admiring of the unusually attractive, scantily clad men… but his eyes kept falling back on the trim man’s face. The longer he stared, the more sure he was that he’d met this man before. Harold was on the cusp of deciding that it was only his physical attraction to the man that was making him seem familiar, knowing in his heart that had the situation been different this man… both of them in fact… would have been someone that he would have liked to know.


He was just about to turn and leave when something struck Harold. He leaned in through the rotted door frame and stared closely at the shaggy man. In his mind, he was instantly whisked back to his childhood in Pennsylvania. He used to climb on an old wooden stool and stare at the pictures his grandmother kept arranged neatly on the mantelpiece above the fireplace in her living room. He loved listening to her tell the tales of who the interesting faces were and where they lived.



There had always been one story that Harold found especially fascinating… the story of his Gramma’s baby brother, Gus. Gus had grown to be the bad apple his family and it had often been said that he’d sprang from his Mama, drinkin’, cussin’, fightin’ and whorin’. Gus’ Pa had gotten him a good job at one of the steel mills, but it didn’t last long. Headstrong Gus had gotten into some kind of argument with his foreman and gotten fired. His response to the situation was to go out and get rip-roarin’ drunk. That night, in his alcohol stupor, Gus had crashed his pick-up into the rear of the foreman’s brand new Buick… seven times!


No one was surprised when Gus was sentenced a stiff jail sentence. While he was in jail, he’d done no better a job at staying out of trouble. He’d fight, brawl and cause all kinds of trouble with the guards. During one of these fights, Gus had been pulled off of a man in the mess hall and dragged, kicking and screaming, back to his cell. The guards had tossed him inside and, just like a rabid dog, Gus had lunged back towards the door! The heavy barred door slammed shut on his hand, catching one of his fingers in the latch and pinching it clean off! Then, once he’d finally served all of his time, Gus skipped town and no one had ever heard from him again.



 Harold had, long ago committed the handsome face and sexy body of his Great Uncle to memory from the photo of him on his Gramma’s mantle. He’d spent many night time moments, just before falling to sleep, with his hand stroking his eager, young prick as he imagined the adventures that Gus must’ve had in jail. Everyone knew the tales of horny men locked up behind bars and how they used their sexuality to get what they wanted. Young Harold guessed, from the over-stuffed cock-box he showed in his old photograph, that his uncle had enough in his pants to get just about anything he’d want. Harold fantasized about his hung Uncle Gus casually hanging out in his cell with his cock hanging out,  just waiting for a taker. 


Harold smiled to himself, finally realizing that this bum, though older, fuzzier and more haggard, bared a resemblance to his Great Uncle Gus. His big beard hid a lot of his face, but the similarity in the eyes was unmistakable. Glad to have made the connection and figured out why this stranger seemed familiar,             


Harold once again prepared to turn and leave. Just then he heard a heavy cough! Harold stared forward and watched as the smaller guy propped himself up in front of his buddy and gave a long stretch. When the bum’s hands stretched above  his head, he wiggled his fingers as he yawned.  


Instantly, Harold was dumbstruck and his eyes grew wide! There it was… on the guy’s left hand… or more correctly said, There it wasn’t! More than half of this guy’s index finger was missing!  Quickly,  Harold jumped to the side of the door and hid as his heart raced wildly.


The young census taker’s mind whirled with the possibility and impossibility of the situation. Could this homeless guy be his Great Uncle?! “No way.” Harold mumbled to himself as he crept around to the side of the old house slid closer to one of the broken windows to listen. Inside the shack, he heard the waking bum coughing and spitting as he wrestled himself from a deep, drunken sleep. Carefully, Harold peeked over the rotten window sill and watched unseen.


The slender trespasser leaned back against his buddy and then looked down at him with a crooked smile. Casually he laid his hand on the big man’s stomach and made a few little circles. “Come on, time to wake up.” he muttered. His buddy remained silent and still. The crooked smile left the guy’s face and he slapped his companion on the stomach and then pinched his thick thigh. “Wake up! Ya big bastard.” he croaked. This time, the bigger guy grunted a little and shifted his weight but didn’t open his eyes. Frustration showed on the slim guy’s face as he looked groggily around the empty room.


Harold ducked down quickly and then began to wonder how safe it was for him to be spying on a couple of hung-over homeless guys. He decided that he’d have one more peek and then he’d slip away and leave the men in peace. Silently, Harold stuck his head back over the window sill and watched. The guy who was awake dropped his chin and sat still for several seconds. At first Harold thought he’d passed back out, but then the fella took his hand off his buddy’s belly and moved it to his own crotch. Harold’s jaw dropped a little as he watched the bum begin squeezing and tugging at what was obviously a waking hard-on. The guy’s dirty hand gripped his thermal covered cock and rubbed it up and down. He looked over at his buddy and then back down to his own crotch. Roughly, the groggy bum wiggled his fingers into the fly of his long-johns and spread it open. One hand, the one with the missing finger, held the fly open while he awkwardly fished his long, stiff cock free of the restrictive material.


Harold’s own cock grew steadily stiff as he watched the bum begin to loosely finger his long prick. Slowly, he slid the thick foreskin back and forth allowing the smooth head to repeatedly peek out from its fleshy hood. Harold’s heard pounded with excitement as he watched. There are precious few opportunities to watch a strange guy jerk his cock off in Midlothian… and Harold was loving being able to watch… even if the guy was a dirty homeless man. The trim fella gripped his thick cock at its hairy base and gave it several long strokes. Harold noticed the guys eyes become bright and clear as horniness forced sleep to retreat. Knowing that the turned-on bum was now wide awake, made Harold even more nervous about hanging around, so slowly he lowered himself from the window and began to walk away. However, the conversation coming from inside the house glued him to the spot and forbid him to move another inch.


Now wide awake, and very horny, the bushy faced bum began pawing at his sleeping buddy. His big, dirty hands made their way inside the rear flap of the bigger guy’s long-johns and he rubs and patted the furry mounds of flesh he found there.



Still the large man just lied still, snoring softly. Growing more frustrated the more eager fella frowned and crinkled his forehead. “I know you ain’t sleepin’ no more, fucker! We had a deal. I got the booze this time, so you owe me some ass, damn-it! Now Sal, you roll that big ass over and pay up!” barked the horny wino. Before Harold had even really processed the comment, the other guy spoke and it was his comment that nearly knocked the breath from Harold’s lungs. In a deep voice, the big guy grumbled, “Damn you, Gus. Can’t a man sleep off a quart of rot-gut without you aggravatin’ the shit out of him?!” Instantly, Harold doubted his own ears! Had the bigger guy called his buddy… “Gus”? He ran the comment over and over in his mind, trying to figure out where he might have misunderstood, but quickly he knew that he hadn’t misunderstood at all… he also knew that the coincidences were too many. The homeless guy inside had to be his Great Uncle Gus!


Harold had no choice but to slip back to the window and look inside… no one could have resisted such a situation. He peered inside and saw Gus, still sitting on the floor beside Sal with his boner jutting from his fly. The look on his face was a mixture of anger and disappointment as he sat there stroking his cock roughly. Quietly he mumbled, “It ain’t fair, damn-it. Oversized, hairy sum-bitch stuck his dick up my ass four times last week. It’s my fuckin’ turn… I got the booze!”


Young Harold couldn’t help but grin. “Who knew a bum could pout?” he thought to himself as he looked on. Gus scooted to his knees, clearly repositioning himself to get a better grip on his long cock. He fished his balls free of their confines and then began truly working his cock. Clearly he was a horny man who wasn’t happy about having to jerk himself off, but as he stroked his swollen rod, the anger melted from his face and a look of pleasure replaced it. As any man does, he clearly knew how to make himself feel good, and within a minute or two he was cooing and grunting with pleasure as his hands manipulated his handsome cock and big balls.


Harold looked around the overgrown property and as soon as he felt sure that he was out of sight of the road, he unhitched his belt and then opened his khakis. He felt relief as his own rigid cock sprang from his boxers and he groaned to himself as his fingers wrapped themselves around his smooth, young prick. He began mimicking Gus’ motions… stroking his cock and then stopping to massage his balls. Harold took random glances at Sal, lying on the floor behind Gus. Again, Harold found himself admiring the large handsome winos. “He must have really been a good looking man in his day… hell, he still is!” Harold mused. Sal’s poorly cut hair was thick and he’d obviously shaved when he cut his hair. The dense beard stubble on his face gave him a rugged, manly look. From his new vantage point, Harold could also finally see Sal’s crotch. His cock and balls were a large package and his old thermals clearly had a difficult time holding them in. Harold sympathized with his Uncle Gus, it was easy to see why he wanted to fuck this big man… but at the same time, Harold certainly wouldn’t have complained about having to take Sal’s manhood up his ass four times in the last week. In fact, in the right situation, either of these crass men would have made excellent playmates for a horny college man.


Harold’s eyes raced back and forth between his masturbating uncle and the big stud on the floor beside him. He began to notice what looked to be an increase in the bulge of Sal’s crotch. He stared closely and watched carefully. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he was right. Slowly but steadily, Sal’s thick cock was growing stiff. The length of it slid across from his groin and made its way into the leg of his long-johns. Harold looked into Sal’s face and began to smile. Sal wasn’t sleeping at all! He was wide awake and taking in Gus’ performance. He clearly liked watching his buddy getting himself off. Oh, so slowly, the big man slipped his hand forward and began to clumsily fumble with his fly with one hand while he toyed playfully with Gus’ balls. After several minutes, he carefully worked his own stiffening beef free and pulled it out into the open air. He smiled to himself as he stroked his cock and watched his buddy. The two men stroked their cocks in perfect time, both enjoying themselves and both growing ever closer to blowing their load as Harold watched, blissfully stroking his own horny prick.



Harold’s loose cotton pants and underwear soon made their way down to his ankles, but he didn’t care. He felt dirty, standing in the open, stroking his cock while watching two strangers get off. The warm air blew past his ass and his sensitive balls, making the sensation of his hand on his cock seem all the more erotic. He gripped the aged window sill with one hand as he violently pumped his cock with the other!



            His eyes grew wide as he watched Gus begin to thrust his hips to and fro, fucking his rigid cock in and out of his clenched fist. A long, low moan crept through the air and floated onto Harold’s ears as Gus began to unload. A thick, flowing river of warm semen began to flow from his long thick manhood as his hand expertly manipulated the shaft and sensitive head. Like a horny teenager amazed at the new knowledge of what pleasure his cock can bring, Gus fingered the cum-covered head of his twitching cock. His fingers drew out long strings of the shiny fluid as he toyed with himself.


Harold’s young cock grew even harder as he watched Sal lick his lips and lean forward. Slowly, almost tenderly, he began to lick and nibble on his buddy’s cummy fingers. The rugged stud opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the stub of Gus’ missing index finger and he began to grunt softly as he sucked the short digit clean.



 At that moment Harold crested the limit of his reserve and that familiar tension began to grow in his balls and he felt them grow tight. His legs trembled and he rocked his ass to and fro in a mock fucking action. He glued his eyes on the two mature men inside the old house, taking his pleasure from theirs. The clouds in the sky parted, and as the sunlight crept through the vacant windows, glistening brightly in the heavy drops of oozing pre-cum escaping from Sal’s freshly aroused cock. As he focused on the drops of man-juice oozing from both huge pricks, Harold began to cum! He ground his teeth together, fighting back the urge to cry out, as his hot spunk launched from his cock and splattered heavily on the rotting siding on the house! His fingers sank into the rotten wood of the window sill and without knowing it, he ripped a large chunk of the wood free!


The splintering old sill crackled and popped as it came loose in Harold’s hand. With his handhold gone, the exposed census taker lost his balance and his shaky legs failed him. He fell back with a loud rustle into the deep weeds & vines growing around the house. Almost instantly, Gus and Sal appeared in the broken window and stared down at Harold. He lay there on his back, tangled in the high weeds, his pants around his ankles and his still erupting cock coating his stomach in thick, white semen.


Harold knew that he’d be unable to stand, so the instant that the two men vanished from the window, he rolled onto his stomach and began to crawl! Gus and Sal tore out the front door, their own rigid cocks still jutting from their open flies, and ran around the side of the house! Harold had only managed to crawl a few yards before then men pounced on him. With little effort, the two road-savvy men hauled the boy up and began dragging him around the house with his feet still bound by his tangled khaki pants and underwear.



The men hauled Harold through the door and then shoved him onto the floor. He fell forward, landing with a loud thud on his stomach, his knees awkwardly spread and his ankles bound together. Harold didn’t bother to deny his guilt. He had, after all, been caught with his pants down… literally! What other excuse could there possibly be? So, rather than argue with the men, he laid there, silent on the floor, waiting to see what would come next.


Gus and Sal stood over Harold, looking down at him, splayed awkwardly on the floor. It was a pitiable looking sight… but with his perfect, young ass exposed and the drops of cum he’d dribbled onto the floorboards around where he lay, Harold was also an enjoyable and lusty sight. “Well lookie here, Gus. Looks to me like you might just get ya some ass today after all.” Sal said, in his low, masculine tone. Harold, not knowing where he’d go, began scrambling away. But one heavy foot on his tangled pants halted his hopeless escape attempt.



Almost instantly, the boy felt a heavy foot pressing down between his shoulder-blades. Without looking behind him, he knew somehow that it was Sal’s foot. He began to feel Gus tugging at his shoes and trousers. Finally, he managed to untie the shoes and rip the tangled pants from Harold’s feet, leaving the young man fully exposed from the waist down. Harold couldn’t imagine what he must look like… sprawled naked on the floor except for a torn polo shirt and his glasses, which had miraculously stayed in place.


“Hey guys, please… come on now. I was…” Harold began, but Sal simply increased the pressure of his foot onto the boy’s back, forcing the air from his lungs and silencing him. The next thing he knew, he felt Gus squirming between his spread legs and before he could even wonder why, his young asshole was filled with his uncle’s slimy tongue! Gus grunted and groaned as he licked every inch of Harold’s bubble butt and the tender hole inside. He rooted his way down between the boy’s legs, licking and chewing on his tender taint and sensitive balls. At first, Harold bucked against the intrusion and struggled to pull away, but as the moments passed and Gus’ talented tongue began to creep deeper and deeper inside his puckered asshole, Harold began to feel his cock growing hard beneath him once again. He lay there silent on the floor, allowing Gus to eat him out… knowing it was preparation for something more to come.


Sal removed his foot from Harold’s back and then stood astraddle of him, facing his pal, Gus. The big man lowered his knees to the floor on each side of Harold and then rested his big ass on the boy’s back. Harold felt Sal’s big hands gripping his soft ass-cheeks and pulling them apart gently, allowing Gus full access to the paradise within. Soon, Harold was drawn into the pleasure being forced on him and he relaxed. Slowly he turned his open ass upward, encouraging Gus to do as he wanted. Sal stood and stepped out of the way and instantly his weight was replaced by Gus’. Harold’s homeless great uncle had lain atop of him and was expertly positioning his long, uncut cock for an unobstructed entry into his hairless, spit-primed asshole.


For a fleeting instant, Harold wondered, “Where did I leave my clipboard?” and then it happened… he was being fucked! His tender hole was being pried open as Gus pressed his eager cock into the soft, pink warmth of his trembling ass! Harold cried out, but was quickly silenced by Sal’s large hand covering his open mouth. After a few minutes, Sal removed his hand slowly and the empty, dilapidated room was filled with Harold’s soft moaning. The men knew instantly that their young spy was enjoying his newfound position on the dirty floor of their temporary home. Sal began tugging at the boy, coaxing him up onto his knees. The panting kid rose up and was amazed that Gus was able to keep his entire cock buried during the repositioning. Then, as Gus returned to sliding his needy meat in and out of Harold’s ass, Sal dropped to his knees in front of his new toy.


The big, hairy stud’s musky man-scent filled Harold nostrils and he was amazed the smell wasn’t bad… in fact, he loved it. The heavy smell of Sal’s cock and balls turned him on and he found himself eager to taste the large, dripping cock. As soon as the slimy cock-head pressed against the boy’s lips, he opened his mouth wide and gladly accepted Sal inside. It wasn’t necessary for Harold to move at all… the men took care of all the work. Harold was being fucked at both ends and he was in heaven! He savored every inch of both cocks as each slid inside one of his hungry holes.


Within seconds, Harold felt Sal’s hands on the back of his head and instantly, savory, hot cum began flowing from the hairy buck’s shaft. Harold groaned in appreciation as he allowed his mouth to fill with Sal’s load. The boy’s tongue rolled around and around the sensitive head of the big cock filling his mouth, urging it to continue spilling its seed. Gently he swallowed, loving the feeling of the thick load rolling to the back of his mouth and then coating his throat on it was to his gut. After a while Sal began pulling his semi-soft cock from Harold’s objecting mouth. The young cock-hound sucked hard on the pleasure flesh, not wanting to release it. Sal whispered, “Come on now, don’t be greedy. Greedy boys sometimes miss out on even better things.”


Harold was immediately curious as to the meaning of Sal’s comment, but he did as he was urged and slowly allowed the big cock to slide from his mouth. “Is that some good ass, buddy?” Sal asked Gus. Through pants and rough grunts, Gus made it clear that he was loving Harold’s underused fuck-hole. At that particular moment, as Harold rolled his hips to meet each stroke of Gus’ shaft in his ass, he wasn’t even aware of the completely rigid condition of his own cock. But then Sal wrapped his large hand around it. The sensation made Harold jump and he instantly began trying to fuck his dick into Sal’s fist. Again Sal laughed and said, “What did I just tell you about greedy boys?” Reluctantly, Harold grew still and just whimpered as Sal fondled his steeled cock and tight balls.



The boy felt disappointed when Sal released him. He’d hoped the big man would jerk him off. He’d fantasized about blasting his load onto the filthy floor at the exact moment that his uncle began unloading deep in his hungry hole. That disappointment was whisked away instantly as Sal stepped in front of him. The grunting kid looked up longingly at the handsome brute. He watched as Sal gripped the sides of his open fly and spread it wide. His arms flexed and he continued to pull at the opening. With little resistance, the old fabric instantly began to tear. Harold and Gus watched as the tear grew larger and larger, eventually splitting the old long-johns wide open. Without wasting a single second, Harold lunged forward and clumsily sucked Sal’s beautiful, thick cock into his mouth. Harold tried valiantly to swallow the full length of the swollen meat filling his mouth. He gagged several times and his eyes watered, but still he sucked the bull beef hungrily as his mouth was filled with the ripe taste of Sal’s viscous pre-cum.


Eventually, a steady rhythm emerged and Harold felt pleased with himself as nearly all of Sal’s slimy cock disappeared and reappeared from between his drooling lips. He was sure that the hulking bum would soon be feeding him a load of hot cum, but yet again, Sal had other plans. Teasingly, Sal gently continued tugging at the large rip in the front of his long underwear until his entire upper body was exposed. He freed his muscled arms, allowing the bulk of his tattered under-suit to fall away and hang by his sides. Only the tight material from his thighs to his ankles remained intact. As though it were a striptease, the mountain of manhood seductively slid the remnants of his shredded thermals from his legs and stood there for a few moments, enjoying the lust in Harold’s eyes as the hungry young buck drank in the sight of the naked stud. With a smile, Sal turned and lowered himself to his hands and knees, giving Harold the full view of his beefy, hairy backside, causing the sex-crazed boy to lick his lips in anticipation of the discovery of what this amazing man’s ass tasted like.


At a maddeningly slow pace, Sal scooted back and soon his furry bottom was right in Harold’s face. Carefully, he lowered his thick chest to the floor, opening himself up as an ass-buffet for young Harold, who wasted no time in diving in. Once again he was surprised by the scent of Sal’s most private parts. There was no odor, just the strong scent of manhood. He began by gently licking and nibbling at the firm, beefy cheeks and then worked his way to the sultry, dark space between. Sal was unable to hold back a loud chirp when the tip of Harold’s tongue hit his hairy asshole. With no encouragement, Harold’s tongue began tickling at Sal’s twitching pucker, and it didn’t take long for the talented young fellow to unlock the tightly sealed lips of his manly backdoor. With a loud moan, Sal relaxed and rewarded Harold’s efforts. With Gus’ encouragement, Harold’s stiff tongue dove through Sal’s musky outer ring, causing the horny homeless stud’s heavily hanging cock to bounce and twitch beneath him. “That’s it, you horny little fucker… eat my buddy’s asshole. Get in there nice and deep… open him up… he loves it.” Gus growled, motivating Harold to do his level best to pleasure Sal’s sexy, open ass. The entire event was nearly overwhelming to young Harold and he couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps the whole day was just a dream.



For a long while, Harold tongue-fucked Sal’s open ass until finally it was time. Sal began scooting backward, carefully nudging his way under Harold’s chest and then his stomach. Gus smiled, knowing full well what a treat Harold was about to be given. Once Sal had backed himself completely under Harold, he reached around and gripped the boy’s solid fuck-pole and maneuvered the head firmly against his slimy asshole. Harold was unable to wait for an invitation and he instinctively pumped his hips forward, forcing the head of his cock inside Sal. The big man was surprised, but refused to let the boy know that, so he backed himself further into Harold’s groin, forcing every inch of his young cock inside the sweltering manhole. Both Harold and Sal let out loud, moans as Gus smiled and continued to fuck his grandnephew. Within a surprisingly brief period of time, the horny threesome fell into a seamless rhythm of fucking and being fucked. The wild sensations tearing through Harold threatened to render him unconscious! The wet warmth surrounding his stiff cock combined with the intense feeling of Gus’ firm meat punch-fucking his ass as it slammed repeatedly against his reactive prostate, kept him teetering on the edge of what would surely be the most amazing orgasm he’d ever enjoyed.


The sun warmed the old abandoned house and soon all three men were shimmering with sweat. Gus urged Harold to stop moving and the boy did as he was told. With great precision, Gus sawed his cock in and out of Howard’s ass, while Sal rolled and bucked his ass, working Harold’s cock in and out of sloppy fuck-hole. The tempo escalated until the smooth rhythm fell apart and it was every man for himself! Hips lurched and cocks swelled, as the pile of undulating flesh cruised towards an amazing climax. The fucking became animalistic and almost violent… and they all loved it!



      Gus was the first to pop his cannon and he loudly made it known that he was, “Filling that boy-cunt!” Harold clawed at the floor as he felt his inner gut become bathed in Gus’ heavy cum-load. Gus continued fucking the boy, pulling thick globs of his spent lust out of the over-fucked hole. The white globs splattered onto the floor and rolled down the inside of Harold’s firm, young thighs. Gus’s fucking slowed and quickly Harold barked, “Don’t you dare stop fucking me you filthy bastard! Leave it in me! Use your big cock to fuck the cum out of meeeee!” and with that Harold lost his second load. The warm fluid poured from him and was collected deep in the bowels of the stud beneath him. Sal’s eyes closed and he groaned loudly as he felt his long, thick cock begin bouncing, slapping against his furry stomach. His cock clenched tight and his balls climbed high in their hairy sack as hot cum began to dribble from Sal’s fat cock-head. Sal slid his hand beneath him and reached back for his twitching meat. The first few globs of cum puddled in his palm and were then quickly smeared all over his boned manhood. Sal’s big hand slid back and forth on his cock, using the warm cum as lube to help him angrily coax the remainder of his load from his over-full balls.


The sweaty, spent men parted and Howard accompanied the two older men out back to retrieve their dry clothes. As Gus and Sal dressed, Howard darted around the house and retrieved his clipboard. He returned and casually explained what had brought him to the old house in the first place. The guys laughed and agreed to give as much pertinent information to their new friend as they could. Harold worked on Sal’s info and then began Gus’. As soon as Gus offered his last name, Estenson, Harold said, “My grandmother’s last name was Estenson… but she was from Pennsylvania.” Gus chuckled and said, “That’s wild. My mama was an Estenson in Pennsylvania.” They casually laughed about the similarity and then Harold said, in a drop-dead-serious tone, “You’re Gustov Estenson. Your mother was Eugenia Estenson, born Eugenia Karsten in Sweden.” Then he reached out and took Gus by the hand and caressed his stumped digit, saying. “You lost this is a jail-cell door.”



A puzzled look came to Gus’ face, but before he could speak, Harold pulled out a photo from his wallet and handed it to Gus. In the old photo was a picture of an older lady and gentleman with two men and a young woman holding a baby. Harold spoke as he pointed to the people in the picture, starting with the baby. “This is me, being held by my mom. These are her older brothers, Burt and Henry. This is my grandfather, Louis and this is my grandmother… Eugenia Estenson.”


As Gus studied the picture, his eyes grew soft and he looked up at Harold. Harold gave a sly grin and then stepped to his great uncle. He gently took his heavy cock in hand and squeezed it while saying, “Damn good to meet ya… Uncle Gus.”    


The End



Alan "Woofy" Winkler was born in rural North Carolina. He is proud to have lived through and enjoyed the music and mayhem of the 1980s. (Eurythmics and Animotion anyone?) Woofy has experienced both country living and city life. His vocations have ranged from janitor... to corporate professional... to male model. He's even spent a couple of years in the driver's seat of an eighteen-wheeler.

Woofy's writing of adult erotic fiction began when he was invited to pen a story for submission to Handjobs Magazine. The story (Texas Hot Tub) was well received and appeared in two parts in the April and May 2002 issues. Since then, he's written many stories for Handjobs. His current Handjobs projects are two consecutive trucker themed series. "Ride'n The Zipper" - which tells of the experiences of a seasoned trucker (J.T.) and his new trainee (Luke) as they travel the lower 48, and "Roscoe Trucking Company" - a collection of tales sharing a behind the scenes look at the adventures of 12 different truckers. These stories can be read monthly from January 2011 through December 2012. Each episode is illustrated with original artwork by the artist Roscoe (
www.roscoestuff.com )

"Brave Men Do - When Lust is Relative" was Alan's first collection of Incest and daddy/boy stories. Published right on its heels was "Brave Men Do 2 - Fun in a Plain brown Wrapper" a second collection of incestuous toned stories. The third book, an illustrated erotic novel based on a studly mountain man named Buck and his mischievous family, is currently waiting in the wings and should be available in the Spring of 2013!

He has interest in writing for the adult film industry and is currently available for Private Commissions. Please contact him for information.


If you'd like to know more about him and his writing, click the image below and visit his website! You MUST be 18 or over!


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CMAN's bio can be found here: http://www.woofytales.com/Author___Illustrator.html


It is with deep regret I received the news today, December 9, 2012, from writer Alan "Woofy" Winkler, that Calvin "CMan" Washington passed away at 12:24 AM on Saturday, December 8, 2012. He was struck by a drunk driver while traveling home from the library on November 27th, and was air lifted to a hospital in Fort Worth, TX in critical condition. He died, early Saturday morning, during an emergency operating procedure.




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By Gay Bottom Bear


This story is based on true life association between a Daddy and his Son.





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