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Julius' artwork consists of butch, hairy, strong mature men (know to some as BEARS)  Julius' characters are usually older men who are thoroughly enjoying the services of younger men in a multitude of both single images as well as story-line-series!


Many of these were sent to me by fans, their titles varied and there are so many of them, you're bound to see some duplications. Some may be larger images, so you might want to check them against their look-alikes. Most of the colorized versions were created by "Goldwater", although some may have his signature and some may not.




















Arabian Nights




Back Alley Graffiti






















Bavarian Chronicles I
























Bavarian Chronicles II





















Bavarian Chronicles III











Brotherhood II




















Camping Trip



 DEAR DIARY, When I woke up in the morning the tent was empty. I stretched my limbs when I heard strange noises from outside. I peeked out cautiously and guess what I saw? Grandpa Willy was on his knees sucking Daddy´s cock! Daddy was leaning on a boulder and his eyes were closed while Grandpa Willy sucked his big cock with gusto and glee. Daddy´s light moaning was almost covered by Grandpa´s noisy sucking. "See what I mean? Look at it now! This is how a man´s cock should look when it is sucked properly," Grandpa said and pointed at Daddy´s massive pecker. Its big plump head was dark purple and the thick veins bulged out on its sturdy shaft like carved wood. "Yes, I can see what you mean, Dad, but don´t stop now," Daddy said in a choked voice. "I had no intention to. Your cum tastes as good now as it did when you were still a boy," Grandpa Willy said and devoured Daddy´s cock deep into his mouth. My dick was already rock hard, but when I watched Daddy wriggling in Grandpa´s grip, I couldn´t keep my hands off my dick and started to whack my meat. Grandpa´s head was buried in Daddy´s furry crotch and Daddy moaned louder and louder. His every muscle was trembling and his skin was glistening with sweat. Howling like a wolf Daddy arched his back and bent over Grandpa, while at the same moment I shot my load and collapsed on the sleeping bags totally exhausted by the excitement. I hadn´t fully recovered when Grandpa Willy peeked inside the tent and saw what I had been doing.                                             


ld have let me do that, boy. A nice dick like this needs a bit more attention," he said, fondling my dick in his hand. He took it into his mouth and sucked it gently. His suction turned harder and my dick became sensitive to his tongue. He sucked and licked it more incessantly and in no time my dick was getting stiff again. He pulled me out of the tent and lifted me on the boulder. "Now, let´s see what I can do for you," Grandpa said and opened my legs wide. He devoured my entire dick in his hot mouth, balls and everything, and made me moan in ecstasy. It´s hard to say how he did it, but my dick was throbbing in unbearable excitement and I soon exploded in his mouth. With his intense suction Grandpa Willy drained me and I was gasping like a fish out of water. When I was finally able to see properly, I noticed that Grandpa Willy sported a massive hardon. "Well, I have made you and your Daddy happy this morning. Who is going to make me happy?" Grandpa said pointing at his big pecker. I was only too eager to serve him and before Daddy returned from the lake I had Grandpa bellowing like a moose in heat. He shot a huge load into my mouth and he was so shaken after his orgasm that I was proud of myself. Daddy came from the lake and we had breakfast together. Daddy and Grandpa were still naked and I couldn´t get my eyes off their cocks. They noticed my interest, but didn´t do anything to avoid my keen eyes. on the contrary, Grandpa sat with his legs wide open and his heavy balls hanging low. the plump head of his big cock was half-covered by its loose foreskin. In awe I watched as it turned bigger and revealed its bald head under my inquisitive eyes. I blushed and looked away only to see Daddy´s big fat cock in the same condition. "I think Jason needs some action," Grandpa said to Daddy. "Boys that age are horny all the time and there is never

to cock for them." " our camp th

at day and found us fucking? They had heard your moans and they were so horny that nothing could have stopped them from fucking you too. Not only did you let them fuck you, but you made them do it again! Jesus, boy, you were the hottest thing in Furry Creek those days... I know that you are still virile and because Jason gave me a presentation of his cocksucking skills just before breakfast, I think it is your turn now to delight your son with that big cock of yours. Let me see Jason suck you," Grandpa said . Daddy looked at me and I noticed that his cock was fully erect now. "How about it, son? Would you let Grandpa watch while you make your old man happy?" Daddy said with a smile on his face. I was so excited that the blood was rushing in my veins and and all I could do was nod my head. Daddy opened his furry legs and pulled me closer to his bushy crotch. "Early in the morning Grandpa boasted that he is still the best cocksucker in Furry Creek and he gave me a demonstration of his skills. I must admit that the old-timer still knows how to treat a cock, but I think that you are the champion now," Daddy said rubbing my face against his big hot cock. The musky man-smell of Daddy´s crotch and his big beefy cock made me forget anything else and I guess I gave him one of the best blowjobs ever. At least he howled and moaned desperately while I worked on his tool and I noticed that Grandpa whacked his meaty cock too. "Go for it, boy. Show your old man what you can do to Dickie and the boys," Grandpa groaned while Daddy started to tremble. I held him in a tight hug and and didn´t let his cock out of my mouth until he was breathing normally again and tussled my hair fully satisfied. "That boy is just as hot as you were at his age," Grandpa said and pulled me in his arms. His hands fondled my nude body and I could see that his cock was still erect.



"want to fuck you, son," he whispered into my ear. "I want to feel your tight sphincter squeezing my cock like when I fucked you the first time. I want you to pull the trigger and discharge my ammunition," he said fondling my body more and more intimately. He lifted me against the boulder again and opened my legs wide. I could feel the cool rock against my belly and Grandpa´s furry chest against my back as his red-hot poker was shoved inside me. Grandpa was so excited that he had to make several thrusts to get it fully in. Then he started to fuck me and his big cock rammed my butt with fierce energy. I had shot my load long before Grandpa started to tremble and finally blasted a load worthy of a young stud inside me . We went fishing that day and you can hardly imagine a trio more at peace with the world than we were then. That lasted until we had dropped Grandpa off at home. Daddy was kind of quiet, but before we reached home he drove off the road and parked the car in the bushes. "This was fun and I don´t mind you fucking with Grandpa, but charity starts at home. Don´t forget who is your first priority," Daddy said and opened his pants. His cock was already fully erect when he pulled me out from the car and made me take off my clothes. I was embarrassed, but when Daddy shoved his cock into my mouth I was eating his meat with great gusto. When we got back home, I ran to Eric´s house to tell him about all this, but he wasn´t there. He was at boy scout camp, and I know he has a crush on one of the supervisors so I´m dying to hear if he scored! I shall tell you every dirty detail when I return...







Glominus Files II


























Gods of Bramapur













Go South






Go West





Lil Red Cap



Read the STORY





My Brother, Ned






Ramon & Julian






















Uncle Jeff





The colorized images below were sent to me by Goldwater, 10-10-12


JULIUS' "Lil' Red Cap

(Story only)





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