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                                                                                                                      Artwork by Cerrin AKA ULF


The B'anati

by Mickey "Daddy" Ray

Kern's Fantasy

Chapter 5


MM, Mt, Oral, Anal, NC, Rape, BD, WS, Sock Fetish etc.

Copyright 1998, and 2008

All rights reserved 

This is a portion of the science fiction novella, "The B'anati". Content: M/M, M/t, /N/C, Oral, Anal, Rape, Violence, BD, WS .


Warning: While not all the events mentioned in this disclaimer occur in this chapter, the novella itself does contain non-consensual sex being forced upon several males including a thirteen year old teenager and there is some violence. Please do not read any further if these issues are bothersome to your sensibilities even in fiction.

 There is also a chapter (#6) in which heterosexual sex occurs. If any or all of these things disturb you, do not read this story.

 The following story is adult, sexual reading material which is primarily homoerotic in nature and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The author makes no apology for its content, and takes no responsibility for illegal accessing of this material by minors. Any similarity to people or places is coincidental. The characters are fictional and any similarities of names or personalities with real persons, are purely coincidental. ~ Your comments are welcomed!

This work is submitted by the author, and may not be copied, reproduced or altered either for sale, placement on newsgroups, web-pages, or reprint - without first acquiring permission from the author, Mickey (Daddy) Ray, or his agent, Artistic Affairs - Binghamton, NY 13905. 

You may email comments to "Daddy": sirdad@stny.rr.com


Kern's Fantasy

Chapter 5


            Kern found himself on his knees, tears of joy streaming down his face kneeling before this perfect man.

            How? Where?

            It didn't matter if was real or another one of his flights of fantasy. He was there, and Kern would do anything for his leather god. No command was too embarrassing, or incredible.

            At the beginning his tongue laved the tall, thick, black, riding boots, top to bottom, paying extra attention to the soles and heels whose surfaces touched the sacred ground his Master tread.

            He lay on the floor begging for those boots to be placed on his face as he licked and cleaned and sniffed in the erotic aroma of leather.

            He continued licking upward, not missing an inch of the tight fitting chaps, caressing hard strong legs. Up one side and down the other, his tongue slaved its way across the front and back until his nose came in contact with the light soft blond hairs of his Master's beautiful ass cheeks.

            He swirled the tip of his tongue around the surface of each cheek, occasionally kissing and taking small nibbles of the pink flesh. He coated his Master's ass hairs with a thin film of his saliva, making it glisten in the bathroom light. He pulled his head back and admired the beauty of his work and saw the next area of his attention.

            From the base of his Master's spine, he began a downward motion, lapping and probing the crack of his Master's ass. All the while he heard the firm commands of his Master coaxing him on, demanding more and more effort, which encouraged Kern to continue even more fervently; to lick deeper and deeper. The aroma was heady and he took deep breaths with his nose as he groveled and tongued deep into the crevice, licking the pink hole in tiny swirls and penetrating his spit filled tongue within. His tongue searched and worked its way in and out, in and out, lapping the surface and penetrating again and again. As he worked he made grunting and gurgling sounds of pleasure.

            "Oh, God, you're delicious, Sir!" he moaned. "Sit on my face, please, Sir? Smother me with your sweet ass!"

            The ass in front of him rotated away and became a huge bulging leather jock strap.

            "Oh, thank you, Sir!" he cried, and eagerly washed the leather bulge with the full width of his tongue. Licking expertly, applying pressure as the leather mass grew in size and width. He forced this tongue under a lower edge of the jock strap and was rewarded with a taste of cockhead. Spurred on by that delicious sample, harder and harder, he tried to push his tongue up as the cock within pushed its way out, until the strap suddenly snapped open and he was struck hard across the face by the biggest cock he had ever seen in his life.

            He stared open mouthed at its enormity and looked up to his Master's face. "Start sucking that cock, and I mean every last inch!" The leatherman's voice was firm and confident. Kern quickly looked back down at the behemoth in front of his face.

            My God, it couldn't be, but there it was. At least thirteen inches of stud meat swayed right before his eyes. It was wide and pulsating in rhythm with the heart that was furiously trying to fill the demand of pumping the immense amount of blood needed to engorge those huge veins. A snake dance in front of Kern's eyes. Hypnotizing. Beckoning. A siren's song without sound that he could not resist.

            He brought his young, eager lips forward to the tip of the huge head, pursed them and gently kiss it. The cock leaped forward at his touch demanding more, and Kern kissed it again. This time, at the very tip, letting his lips taste the sweet, salty mixture of piss and pre-cum oozing out. He smeared it around the bulbous head, then lapped it up like a dog, bringing his tongue back to his mouth and swirling it around to better taste the viscous fluid.

            Kern reached up tentatively to grasp his prize, and when he heard no protest from his Master, he clasped both hands, one on top the other, around the shaft.  It was so wide his thumbs were unable to reach his fingertips and long enough to take a third hand before it would be entirely engulfed from the base to the bottom of the heart shaped corona.

            The young slave's hands worked in harmony with his tongue, shifting the cock back and forth, up and down, cleaning and tasting every inch.

            His fascination never lent to the impossibility of his ever swallowing such a monstrosity, and so it never occurred to him that he couldn't. He began stuffing the giant prick into his mouth, stretching his lips incredibly to accommodate its width; pulling it out and taking more in with each effort.

            His leather Master abruptly withdrew the ever-hardening cock from Kern's throat and lips. The glistening monster well lubricated by the boy's saliva, waved in the air as the man lifted Kern from the floor and turned the boy's body away from him. When had he removed his pants? He couldn't remember. Forcefully bending Kern over so his head leaned on the opposite wall, he edged the sodden cockhead towards Kern's asshole.

            Kern held no fear or trepidation of the assault that was about to happen to his rarely used sphincter. He waited with glorious anticipation and was rewarded with his Master's incredible invasion. Slowly the huge cock worked its way in, barely retreating, only to shove its way further with each onslaught. Pumping in a hard and firm rhythm, holding Kern by the waist, the leather Master grunted his pleasure with each attack.

            "Oh, God, thank you, Sir!" Kern cried. "Fuck me, Sir! Please! Fuck me! Oh, oh, oh! I want your cum, Sir. In me! Give it to me, please, Sir!"

            When it seemed the huge prick would explode inside the tightly constricting channel of Kern's asshole, the man pulled out swiftly and spun Kern around and on the floor facing him again.

            "Clean it! Eat it!" the Master ordered. Kern never hesitated. He engulfed the treasure between his lips and began to slide down the impossibly swollen cock. Expecting the bitter taste of his own shit, he was surprised to find none of it. He continued to suck and swirl his tongue, knowing soon, very soon...

            Kern's gluttonous throat opened itself eagerly for the invading cock, taking in inch after inch. He would force it into his stomach if he had to, he thought, but he would have it all. He had to. He was beyond all reason now. He would choke, willingly die, if need be. He was of a single will to please his Master completely.

            He no longer used his hands on the cock, but grasping his Master's hips, he guided the leatherman back and forth, faster and faster, slurping, and swallowing large amounts of spit and pre-cum. During his feeding frenzy, he felt the cockhead lodged deep within his throat begin to expand even more and knew his Master had rewarded his excellent sucking with a huge load of cum and that more would follow.

            The erupting phallus was so far down his throat, he could not taste the cum he worked so hard to get. His Master must have sensed his need and still shooting spurt after spurt, began pulling the cock out so that just the head lay caressed between Kern's hungry milking lips.

            Volley upon volley of jism filled Kern's mouth, thick and as sweet as he knew it would be. His cheeks swelled with the fluid and he took big gulps, swallowing and swallowing, again and again. Refusing to release the captive donor until it was completely drained.

            Before the last drop fell into his throat, his leather Master shoved the entire cock in once more. The man was snaking the softening giant all the way down, pushing against the boy's head to kiss the hairs of his crotch with his lips. There, he began the joy of drinking the flow of warm, piss. Drinking and swallowing in complete satisfaction. Tasting the salty liquid gold and tearing with joy.

            He couldn't breathe. He didn't care. He would die just as he imagined. Fine.

            Taking in the sweaty aroma of his Master's crotch, his nose brushed up against the soft blonde pubic hairs, his eyes watered with gratitude. He felt his throat automatically contracting against the cock's invasion, his face reddened and he passed out.

            It would be sometime before he would realize what, in reality, had happened to him on a boring rainy evening in the bathroom of Copps' Clothing Retail Outlet.





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