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Loving and Pigging

By Odanny Dannyo


I guess I was about 11 when my Daddy started fucking me. It took him a long time to get me to give in. He would come into my room late at night and just lay down with me. One night he asked me to take my PJ's off, I was scared at first, somewhere inside me I thought this was all wrong, but he didn't do anything so everything was ok with me. Then one night he came in naked and lay down behind me and had me take my PJs off again.


Daddy just held me, real tight, I always liked it when he hugged me, but he had never held me this tight. I could feel his hard cock in the top of my back, and then he slid down, and I could feel his hot cock between my legs, we just lay that way and I fell asleep, in the morning he was gone. I felt just a little disappointed, last night felt so good. This went on for awhile, and I really started looking forward to each night.


I was so comfortable by now, that when he came in each night I was already out of my PJs. The first time Daddy just laughed.


One night Daddy started kissing the back of my neck, his cock between my legs.. it felt so good. then Daddy started sliding his cock between my legs, things were getting strange for me again. But Daddy's kissing and heavy breathing on my neck was kind of exciting.


“Danny? Do you know what sex is?”


“Well kind of Daddy, the older guys are always talking about it. And Tommy got Mary pregnant and got into lots of trouble.”


“Yeah, Danny. That's why you should never do it with a girl.”


“But you used to do that to Mommy, right? And she's a girl, well kind of.”


'Yeah Danny I did but now that she isn't here anymore I found lots of other ways to feel good. And believe me when I tell you sex feels good.”


“Really Daddy? What's it like?”


“Well it's kind of hard to explain, but it kinda starts when you hold someone real tight like I hold you. That's why when I hold you I get hard, you know?”


I kind of giggled.


“You really love me, huh Daddy?”


“Well for sure you and your brother are the most important things in my life and I love you both, you both make me feel good.”


“Is that why your thing is so hard?”


“Yeah that's why I have it in-between your legs, and when I rub it back and forth it feels oh so good.”


“I like it when you do that Daddy.”


“Well tonight, I am going to do that a lot and tonight I am going to do it until I cum.”


“I don't know what you mean, what's cum.”


“Well it is why Tommy got into trouble, it is what makes babies, but there is more to it than that. When a man shoots cum it feels so good. Not only that, but the more a man does it the more a man needs it. It not only feels good but it even tastes good.”


“No kidding Daddy, do you ever eat it?”


“As much as I can, not only do I eat my own, sometimes I eat your brother's.”






“And tonight you are going to cum with me?”


“Uh huh.”


“Do I get to taste it?”


“Well if you want to, but Daddy is going to eat some too.”


“Hurry then Daddy, I want to see what it tastes like.”


“Well when a man does it he doesn't want to hurry, it just feels too good to rush it.”


“OK then.”


“But it's only fair that if I feel good you should too, ok?”


“But I do feel good when you are here.”


“Tonight you are going to feel even better.”


Daddy started kissing my neck again and then he started kissing my ear and putting his tongue inside it. He was so right that did feel better, then he put his hand on my pecker. It had gotten hard before but I just left it alone and then it got soft. But tonight when he was doing it, it stayed hard and started feeling really good. I was loosing my breath and Daddy pushed his cock between my legs faster and faster.


“Oh my sweet boy, here it comes.”


My legs got all warm and wet and I got this wicked good feeling all over my body. We were both breathing very heavy.


Soon we were kinda back to normal.


Daddy said he was going to eat his cum and he scooped his hand between my legs and showed me all this white stuff in his hand and then he started licking it off.


“My turn Daddy, you promised, it's my turn, I want to taste it.”


“Ok Danny, but I’ll tell you what, turn around and move down to my cock and lick it clean of all that sweet cum.”


I wasn't so sure, but then Daddy put his hands down for more cum and then he wiped my hole with it. It was so slippery and warm, it felt really good, and then I felt Daddy's finger tip push inside my hole a little. I wasn't scared but I really wanted to taste this stuff. So I turned around and moved down to his cock,,, wow was it big. It was all shiny and white with his cum. I lapped at it, up and down the whole thing and he was right it was good.


I had licked it totally clean and I wanted more. “Can I have more Daddy?”


“Not tonight Danny, I have to give some to your brother Wayne.”


Wayne is 14 and I don't like him very much, he's always picking on me, and even his friends pick on me and he never stops them.


“Do you do this with him too, Daddy?”


“Well Wayne is older than you and he does more than we do.”


“Can I do what he does?”


“Sure Danny but not tonight. OK?”


“I guess Daddy.”


“But what does he do that we don't do?”


“Oh lots of stuff, one night maybe you can watch him, would you like that?”

I had moved back up to face Daddy.


“Yeah Daddy, when?”


“Soon Danny, soon; I have to check with Wayne and see if it is ok with him.”


“Daddy, he's so mean he won’t let me watch.”


“Yeah he will and after he does, I'll bet he won't be mean to you any more. Now give Daddy a kiss good-night and get some sleep.”


I kissed Daddy good night and he kissed me back, but when he did, his fingers were in the crack of my ass, which was still wet from his finger from before. When it went over my hole I gasped, and with my mouth open gasping for air, my Daddy kissed me again only this time his tongue went inside my mouth. It was kinda gross and then it wasn't.


Daddy got up and stood at the head of my bed, I looked at his cock and it wasn't nearly as big as when I licked it.


“Kiss it good night too Danny.”


I did and it started to get hard again.


“OHHH are you going to give me some more cum Daddy?”


“No Danny I told you I have to give some to Wayne.”


Just then the door opened, and Wayne said, “Come on Daddy, you need to come and tell me good night.”


“Wayne, just go to your room and get ready I'll be right there.”


Wayne started to get undressed as he left. And then Daddy was gone.  It never entered my mind to go and listen at Wayne's door. I just fell asleep, but not before I rubbed myself like Daddy had done, and when I got that tingle, well I don't remember even falling asleep.


My Daddy and I had our fun every single night after that. One night he told me that if I really liked the taste of his cum, I could put his cock in my mouth and suck on it like a pop-cycle and before I knew it he would fill my mouth with all the cum I could swallow.


“I'm not so sure Daddy, it might not even fit.”


“Oh it'll fit Danny.”


So I tried; I opened my mouth as wide as I could and tried, but I really didn't know what I was doing.

Daddy told me that he would show me how to do it, for me to stand up in front of the mirror only sideways so I could see what he was going to do.


I stood up and Daddy got on his knees, which wasn't all that good. So Daddy got my chair and moved it and had me stand on it facing him. Well, by now, every time I even thought of Daddy my pecker would get hard. And boy was it hard this time. Daddy said to look in the mirror and watch. I did and Daddy put not only my pecker in his mouth, he actually had my little balls in there too.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Daddy sucked and sucked and before long I was getting that feeling, I almost fell over and he caught me.


“Now you see how it's done, but don't try to get my balls in your mouth just my cock.”


Now I knew how, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and swallowed as much as I could into my mouth. And before I knew it he was filling my mouth.


“Daddy that was too quick you said it was supposed to take a long time, so that a man could enjoy it.”


“Danny, I am so sorry I just got to excited, I saw you put it in your mouth and I watched in the mirror and the next thing I knew I was filling your mouth. Did you like it?”


“Oh yeah Daddy, is this what Wayne does?”


“Well it's one of the things he does.”


“What else does he do, Daddy?”


“You'll see soon enough, tomorrow is Saturday and so we are going to have a whole day, for you to watch and learn. Wayne said you could watch, he wasn't all that happy about it, but now he understands that I love you both the same and so he said ok.”


Daddy left my room and went to Wayne's room and before I went to sleep I did that thing twice to myself.


Saturday couldn't come fast enough. We all had breakfast and my brother kept looking at me kind of funny.


When we got done, Daddy told us he bought us all new bathing suits. We could all go for a swim, before we came into the house to play. New bathing suits, that was exciting.


“Ok boys let's go to the pool house and get dressed in our new suits.”


Daddy carried a bag with our new suits and we went out to the pool house. “Ok, while I am getting the tags off these suits you guys get undressed,” he said.


Wayne and I looked at each other kinda strange; naked in front of each other.


Daddy took out the bathing suits, two small white ones, Speedos I think they are called and a white boxer type. Daddy turned to see that neither Wayne nor I were undressed.


“Don't tell me I have a couple of sissies here, do I?”


“Well I intend to get into my suit, the two of you can just stay out of the new suits and the pool, doesn't matter to me.”


Daddy was naked in a flash, and looked at each of us. His dick wasn't hard but it wasn't soft either, more like the way it looked after he came. He had his small suit in his hands and threw a small one to Wayne and the boxer type to me. I was disappointed, that mine wasn't like theirs.


Daddy put his on and there wasn't much room in them. He had to put his dick to one side. Wayne was getting undressed by this time. I was watching Daddy and my little prick was getting hard again. I looked at my brother and he was naked and hard, and looking at me. He had a nice cock, and I thought that was just the right size to get into my mouth, not like Daddy's big one.


Wayne stuffed his hard cock into his Speedo I could see the outline of the whole thing. Wayne just had a little hair around his cock, not like the bunch Daddy had. But Daddy couldn't get all his hair inside his suit and there was a big clump sticking out. Wayne got all his inside, and then looked at Daddy and he lowered the front of his suit so that a little hair showed.


“Looks like Wayne and I are going to have to cut some hair if we are going to be wearing these suits.”


I was kind of embarrassed so I turned my back to them and put my suit on. When I bent over to pull my suit up, I felt fingers on my hole.




“It's not me Danny.” Daddy was standing in front of me. GOD, Wayne was touching my hole. I hit him.


“Come on boys, no time for that. Let’s get to the pool.”


We jumped into the pool and played and swam for some time. Wayne and Daddy had both gotten out of the pool at one point or the other and I could see right through the material.


My little prick never went down. We ended up in the deep end roughhousing. Daddy went down under the water and the next thing I knew he had my shorts in his hands. They came off so easily,, NOW I knew why I had the shorts I had.


“No fair Daddy, why do I have to be naked? Wayne isn't.”


Wayne picked right up on it and reached underwater and took his off. He raised them overhead and I looked down through the water and I could see his hard dick. I dove under and as I came up I brushed right up against his dick.


“Wow Danny that was cool.”


We were face to face.


“You think that's cool, Whada think of this.” I reached down and grabbed it.


“This is what I think.” and he grabbed mine.


It felt good to be naked in the water; it felt better grabbing each other.


“My feelings are hurt.” Daddy said, “No one's touching me.”


My brother and I for the first time of doing something together both swam over and grabbed Daddy's. We were laughing our asses off. My brother and I both had our hands inside Daddy's suit. It wasn't long and Daddy was not only hard but he managed to be naked.


“Looks like we're all hard now,” Wayne said.


Daddy reached down and grabbed both of us, and agreed.


“Okay, both of you boys out of the pool; sit on the edge and face me.”


Of course we both did what he said, me and my little pecker, my brother and his almost grown up cock. And we sat there. Daddy swam over and kind of lifted himself a bit out of the water.


He quickly had my cock in his mouth, my brother screaming, laughing, and punching Daddy on the shoulder.


Wayne got up and stood behind me, “Daddy suck on mine too.”


“Wayne let Danny get his tingle first.”




“I'm busy now Wayne.”


A thought flashed through my mind.


“I'm not busy, Wayne.” What the fuck had I just said?


Wayne stepped over me, facing me and over Daddy's head.


I could tell Daddy was looking up at me sucking on Wayne.


Wayne's dick was different than Daddy's, not as big, and even if he was hard, his skin seemed softer.


There we were, Daddy sucking on me, me sucking on Wayne. We both grabbed heads, I had Daddy's Wayne had mine. I started getting that tingle and gasping Wayne's dick slowing down my breathing. Wayne hollered. “Daddy I want to cum, can I cum in Danny's mouth?”


Daddy never had a chance to say anything and Wayne was cumming. There seemed to be more cum from Wayne than I had with Dad.


“Danny! Don't swallow it all, Danny, don't!'


So I did what he said. I did swallow some of it; it was thicker and sweeter than Dad's.


When Wayne was done, Daddy put his hands on the side of the pool and lifted himself higher. He pulled my head up to his and kissed me deep like before. Only this time, he was moving his tongue all around the inside of my mouth, he was slurping up the cum I hadn't swallowed.


Wayne and I were exhausted, not Daddy though, he hadn't cum. Daddy was up out of the pool standing in front of each of us.


“OK,? who's gonna take my load?”


Wayne and I both wanted it.


Wayne said that since Daddy and I had already sucked cock he was next. He started sucking Daddy. Daddy was in heaven for sure.


I felt left out and I guess Daddy saw that look on my face.


“Danny if you want you can suck on my balls while your brother takes my load.”


It was awkward, but I went behind Daddy and crawled under him and took one of them in my mouth and started sucking.


Wayne was sucking so hard he was drooling, some of it hit my forehead, and I looked up and saw that dick sliding in and out of my brother's mouth. Wow, I though this is what it must have looked like to Dad when I was sucking Wayne, my mouth opened wider and I had both balls in my mouth.


“I'm gonna cum, Wayne! You be sure and share it.” Daddy went stiff and his cum began shooting out.


“SHARE, WAYNE, SHARE!” Daddy shouted.


Wayne wouldn't take his mouth off the throbbing cock, he just kind of loosened his grip as cum was filling his mouth and it was dripping out of the corners. He finally let go and I quickly took Daddy’s cock into my mouth. I caught all the cum I could. The taste was different this time, Daddy's cum mixed with my brother's spit.


We all just fell to the pool and gasped and finally caught our breaths. Oh, my God, if I had known I would end up here that first night Daddy came into my room; things would have moved at a quicker clip.


“Time for lunch boys, I'm going inside to make sandwiches. Take our wet suits into the pool house and hang them up to dry.”


Daddy went in side, Wayne and I headed for the pool-house.


Wayne goosed me, and I hit him again.


“Oh you are going to get over that soon enough.”


“Daddy will be shoving his cock up there like he does with me, and soon enough.”


“No he won’t, that's not right.”


“Right has nothing to do with pleasure.”


The though did bone me up though.


We got into the pool house. I had to stand on tip toes to reach the hook for the bathing suits. Wayne was still behind me. As I stretched, I felt Wayne's hands on my hips, thinking he was going help me up, I offered no resistance. Wayne fell to his knees and buried his face in the crack of my ass, before I knew it his tongue was pushing against my hole. How could I stop him who would want to?


I came down to the floor and my reflexes kicked in, I grabbed my ankles. Wayne spread my cheeks and ate me till that tingle came over me again.


Wayne pulled away and said, “That's how Daddy will start. When he does, you'd better believe you will have his big cock up your hole. It's what he does to me.”


“If it feels that good he can do it all the time.”


“No, it won’t feel that good before he cums. After he sucks on your hole for awhile and he thinks it's opened enough, he'll cover his cock with this slick stuff and then you get your cherry taken.


It'll hurt like hell in the beginning. Just push your asshole open, like you were going to shit, and it will be a little easier. By the time he is done and has cum up in your hole you'll want more of it.”


“When is he going to do that to me?”


“Oh, soon, I would think.”


“What then?”


“Well you will feel his cum leaking out of your hole. The first time Daddy fucked me, when it started leaking he sucked on my hole until I was empty. Now, that made the hurt go way for sure.”


We were called into the house for lunch and we sat around the table eating and laughing. We never dressed and every so often one of us would spring a ‘woody’, as they called it.

We finished up cleaned the kitchen and went to the family room.


I waited so that I could be the last one and I watched their asses bounce as they walked.

We all just lay on the floor kind of wrapped around each other. Wayne got a woody and got up to leave the room.


“Don't you do anything to that while you’re gone, boy!”


“NO WAY DADDY, I've got plans.”


Daddy and I lay there on the floor his hand or should I say his fingers in the crack of my ass. So I did the same, Daddy laughed.


“Don't get any ideas son. Wayne's wanted to plug that, and so far I won't let him.”




“Oh, plugged, that means fuck.”


“Daddy, Wayne says you are going to fuck me, are you?”


“Is that what you want?”


“No, Wayne says it will hurt.”


“Well don't you worry about that kind of thing.”


I took it to mean it wouldn't happen.


Wayne was back in the room by now, with this shit-eating grin on his face.


“Daddy would you do me a favor?”


“What is it that you want? Haven't  you had more favors today than you can handle?”


“Well it isn't just a favor for me; it's for all of us.”


“OK, I guess so, what is it?”


“Would you roll over on your back?”


Daddy did.


“Danny, suck on Daddy's cock for awhile just to make it hard.”


Oh was I ever game for that. I was up and sucking in a heart beat. It grew in my mouth fast. Next thing I knew Daddy had picked me up swung me around and we were 69ing.


Wayne came around and kneeled and kissed me like Daddy had done he held his finger up to his lips to let me know to be quiet.


Wayne got on his knees turned around and I was looking at something up his hole. There was about an inch of rubbery stuff sticking out, Wayne whispered pull it out. I pulled for what seemed forever, the thing was almost 3 times the size of Daddy's big dick, fucking freaky. It kind of popped when it was all out. Wayne told me to slide back off Daddy's cock and I did, Daddy moaned in displeasure.


Wayne reached back and took Daddy's cock pointed it at his hole that was still kind of open from the big rubber cock that had been in it. Wayne sat down on Daddy's cock. Daddy moaned a different kind of moan this time. Wayne's hole sort of sucked up Daddy's cock right up into his hole.


Wayne spun around and was facing me. Daddy was so hungrily eating my cock. I didn't hesitate, I knew what to do, I sucked my brother into my mouth. We all seemed to cum at the same time… well, they came… I just tingled.


Breathlessly Wayne said, “Remember what I told you in the pool house?”


I didn't really understand, we all stayed there like that, soon Daddy's cock got soft and oozed out of Wayne's hole, then Daddy's cum started to drip out.


I have to say it was a bit gross but exciting at the same time, and I remembered the pool house.


Wayne was on his hands and knees straddling Daddy's legs and he slid back at me. I spread his cheeks and sucked on my Daddy's cum as it left my brother's hole.


Daddy seemed to know what was happening, he raised his head and began to suck on my hole, that was the second time today and it felt even better.


“Danny don't swallow it all, we are all going to share it.”


When I didn't think there was any more, I turned Wayne moved up and we all had a really sloppy kiss of ass holed cum.


We spent the day just laying around playing with each others dicks, no cum just play.


“Daddy?” Wayne said, “can I fuck Danny?”


“NO WAY, you'd ruin him, you have fucked anything yet.”


“That's your fault Daddy.”


We laughed.


Well some time later in the month Daddy started sucking on my hole... it was time, I knew it.


“Daddy, I love you but I know that's going to hurt too much.”


“What is?”


“You fucking me.”


“So your brother told you?”


“Yeah, I love you but I don't want to hurt even for a little bit.”


“See this?”


Daddy held up a tube of something called Nupercainal I think.


“I am going to put just a little right at the opening of your hole and it will get numb like at the dentist. But not so much that you won't enjoy getting fucked.”


I guessed I didn't have a choice, next thing I knew my Dad's greased finger was going into my hole, it hurt for an instant then just kind of pressure. Daddy took his finger out, rolled over on his back and told me to sit on his cock like Wayne had done before.


I could feel the pressure of the head of Daddy's cock and then all of a sudden it popped inside. Damn it felt good, it made me feel all kinds of wonderful and full.


I felt his pubic hair on the bottom of my balls and I began to bounce up and down faster and faster, something inside was making me feel all sparkly. I tingled and kept bouncing, I tingled again and bounced some more. I focused my mind on the inside of my asshole, I wanted to feel Daddy cum but I didn't feel it. I knew he came I could feel him tense up. I felt his dick twitch and I knew. I bounced till he got soft. I knew what was coming and I pulled away from his softening cock, turned and offered my ass to his mouth. When he began sucking it felt like I had opened a door to my hole, and he sucked me dry.


When there seemed to be no more to drink he twisted me and I got this sloppy wet cummy kiss. It was gross, but I did it.


After that, Daddy let me watch him fuck Wayne and vice versa.


All Daddy would let Wayne and I do was kiss each other and we did.


After weeks of Daddy making him wait, my older brother finally got to do more then watch my Daddy fuck me. One afternoon my Daddy came to my room, my brother waiting in the doorway, and ask me if I was ready to let my brother have a little fun with my Daddy and me. I looked over to my brother and by the look in his eyes; I could tell he couldn’t wait to get his hands on me. So being the nice guy that I am (ha ha ha, that’s good one) I said…


“Sure… But not today I have to study for a test tomorrow.” My Daddy just giggled and said okay. Daddy turned; undid Wayne's pants and sucked him off right in front of me. I wanted to get off, well as much as I was capable of.


I asked Daddy and he giggled like he had done with Wayne.


“Wayne waits, you wait.”


The next day, when I got home from school my Daddy was waiting for me in the living room already naked, so naturally I started to undress, dropped my backpack, and jumped on top of Daddy.


While we were kissing, Daddy called to my brother to come down from his room. When he finally got downstairs he was already naked and rock hard, however Daddy said the only thing my brother was allowed to do to me today was get my hole ready for my Daddy’s cock. My brother and I were both a little disappointed, but Daddy makes the rules so we couldn’t do anything about it.


So as Daddy and I got back to kissing, my brother got on his knees and slowing started playing with my hole. First he teased my hole with his fingers, just slowly circling it making my hole twitch with excitement. I relaxed my muscles and I knew my hole was opening up wide. Then he lightly flicked his tongue at my hole; getting it just wet enough for one of his fingers to slide inside me.


I could tell he was good at this because he knew exactly what to do. He knew where to push and where to rub.  He said he had plenty of practice on his own hole.  As he was fingering my ass I would moan into my Daddy’s mouth and he would ask me, “Does it feel good buddy? Do you want him to rim you some more and use more fingers?”


All I could say was, “a..aaa..huhh..” and my brother did just that.


He slowly removed his finger from my hole and starting eating my ass like he was starving. His tongue felt so good on my hole. He switched from deep wet licks and fingering my ass like to pro. At one point I was just laying on top of Daddy moaning from how good my brother was using my hole. Then my Daddy couldn’t take it anymore.


He put me on my back and slid his cock inside my wet hole. As he was fucking me my Daddy said, “Good job at getting your little brother’s hole good and ready for my cock, bud! Now sit down on Daddy’s chair and watch how a man fuck the cum out of a twink like your brother here.”


Daddy wasn't shitting, he did fuck the cum out of me, my first load. There wasn't any stopping Wayne, he was on my belly like white on rice, my Daddy pulled out of me and pulled Wayne's head towards him, jamming his cock into Wayne's eager mouth. Wayne got a lot of cum that after noon.


Daddy told Wayne that now he could fuck me.


“No thank you Daddy, I'm tired, maybe tomorrow.”


Was Wayne playing my game?


We had pizza that night; we played a game of another topping on the pizza, cum.


When we went to bed, Daddy came to each of us in turn. I don't know if he fucked my brother but I bounced all over Daddy's dick, till he almost cried.


“I can't take it any more Danny, it's time for Wayne.”


Some time later I heard Daddy go to his own room.


Wayne crept into my room almost startling me to a scream.


“Let's go out to the pool house.”


I didn't question him; we padded out to the pool house.


Wayne had laid out some lawn cushions on the floor. There was just a bit of light coming in from the windows.


Wayne turned and took my head in his hands and kissed me deeply. This was a strange kiss for me. Oh, yeah we had all kissed each other; but this was different. His hands drifted over my body, lightly, even that was different. Before I knew it we were on the floor… well, the cushions.


I started to reach for his cock and he stopped me. “WHAT?” I thought.


Wayne was kissing me lightly everywhere on my body, he never missed a spot. As he came up from my feet he lay on top of me. I could feel his dick head under my balls.


Here it comes I thought; I lifted my legs. Wayne kissed me so softly… it was like a butterfly had touched my lips.


“You don't understand Danny, I don't want to fuck you… well, yeah I do, but not like Daddy fucks us. I want to actually make love to you, can I?”


“I don't know if I can, I mean I have no idea. I mean I don't understand, why would you make love to me, you can fuck or suck me whenever you want, why love?”


“I'm not sure myself. It's like Daddy goes to your room fucks you then comes and fucks me. It's fun and all; I even want to do it to our friends… let them fuck me I mean.


I don't know if he does it to you or not, but after he fucks me, he waits until his cum starts coming out of my hole; he catches it and then has me eat it.  It's different than when I just suck you guys off. It's piggy and all, and it is fun, but before he finishes closing my door, I'm hard again. I put my feet over my head and jerk off into my mouth.


Here's the part I don't understand. I fantasize that it’s you cumming in my mouth. Then I get my dildo and fuck my own, cum filled asshole, and I'll bet I last almost an hour but it's you fucking me.  Ah, I know this is going to sound strange but I think I actually love you! Will you fuck me?”


“I don't know how.”


“It won't matter I don't know how to fuck either. But, we could learn with each other.”


“I guess we could.”


“But we have to do it with love, ok?”


“Yeah, THAT's something I know I can do.”


We kissed for a long time after that. And yeah he fucked me.


But it was so much different than when Dad did.


He cried tears when he came; I felt them fall on my face. He licked them from my cheek. He went soft. As he started to fall out of me, I asked him to catch it and feed it to me.




“I want to taste love.”


I knew part of that taste was Dad's cum but all I tasted was love.


I learned how to fuck. Wow, that was cool.


“Did you do that and feel love?”


“Yeah” I said.


“Then catch it and feed it to me.”


I did.


“See this is different, I mean it's nice to be a pig, and we should do that when we are with Dad, or anyone else, but let's always make love with each other after. Would that be ok?”




The End





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Stories I Could Tell You

(Gay erotic fiction: Short stories available now!)




You can read the whole novella by clicking on the title,

or the two sample chapters below, by going to



My Erotic Sci-Fi Novella

You can read the whole novella by clicking on the title,

or the sample chapter below, by going to




(I have no interest in what websites you visit or what you do in your spare time, unless it's in my bed!)

AND BEST OF ALL, Daddyshere is




And on a page all his own!

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Want to see the list of all the Poser Artists at Daddyshere?

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All renderings are placed here with permission from the artist.

Do not use on any website or internet group without permission.





The Amazing Poser Art by ULF



Dangerous Marine!



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Buddy System


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Story by Mickey “Daddy” Ray

Poser Renders by ULF

Full sized poster - collage by Tony C.



This is a collection of poser work consisting of a variety of artists. With most of them, I only have a few samples of their work and have not found a way to contact them. Others, I have seven or eight of their renders, but likewise, don't know how to contact them. The names, with the files, and many are without signatures, are how they were presented to me by donors. If they are in error, or if your name appears on a render you did not create, please contact me and let me know. If you do not wish to have your renders appear at Daddyshere, please let me know.

If you, viewing this page, are one of the artists, or know how to contact the artists, please write to me. I would very much like to create a solo page of that work. All should contact me via daddyzhere@gmail.com


Contact with these render artists!

At this page, are several unsigned works.

Feel free to send me the artist's name and contact address, if you know it!

The lists of the artists who create the amazing gay art and 3D renders and links to their pages!



(I have no interest in what websites you visit or what you do in your spare time, unless it's in my bed!)

AND BEST OF ALL, Daddyshere is




And on a page all his own!

Catch the amazing work of





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This page contains photo and artwork images of  young and older men and erotic relationships between the two. If you find this subject objectionable, I suggest you move on to another page or another site!

The new pages for Daddys & Sons ~ Older/Younger Men's photos and toons.

The pages at Daddy's Men & Boyz, also contains photos and artwork images of  young and older men and erotic relationships between the two. If you find this subject objectionable, I suggest you move on to another page or another site!

Collection of


These are erotic, animated gifs that I've received via the Internet and/or email!

Got similar, short videos you'd like to share? Send them to me and I'll place them here! They MUST be animated gifs or bitmaps, NOT full length videos.



(What I will NOT post)

female genitalia or heterosexual interaction




(All the artwork, logos, and icons (indicated with ©) on my pages are copyright protected and were created by me and may not be used by anyone else without express permission from me or from Artistic Affairs© )

Computer Graphics ~ Portrait Artwork




Click on the Gossips for

Stories I Could Tell You

(Gay erotic fiction: Short stories available now!)




You can read the whole novella by clicking on the title,

or the two sample chapters below, by going to




This novella contains violence and forced sexual acts upon minors.

The perpetrators are punished for their behavior, still, if you find this offensive, do NOT read it!

My Erotic Sci-Fi Novella


This novella contains violence and forced sexual acts upon minors. The perpetrators are punished for their behavior, still, if you find this offensive, do NOT read it!


or just check out the sample chapter below, by going to




THE B'ANATI ~ Alternate Version

You can read the ALTERNATE version of the novella by clicking on the title above.

This version includes sex acts, both consensual and forced, however, all parties in this version are of legal age.


Multiple pages of erotic photos dedicated to guys who enjoy their socks fetish, in whichever way they choose ~ Top, Bottom or going Versatile.



This page is dedicated to my socks fetish!

Artwork by artists like Etienne, Stephen and more!!

All especially dedicated to the Sox Fetish!





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