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It All Started with Hung Cowboys

When I was a young boy, I read about how cowboys were hung by the neck during the Wild West era of United States history. This deeply violent, forbidden subject fascinated a boy of 13 or 14 without parental supervision while on visits to the public library in the days before the Internet.

During elementary school, I had been taught that my country, the United States, was civilized and peaceful. How could I reconcile these teaching with what I knew from my reading? I discovered during my reading at the public library how hangings had been held in the 19th century in the United States.

Some of these executions were done by vigilantes--white men who used hangings to terrorize and control black men. Other hangings were official as a way to instill a public awareness of the legal authority of the state, which exercised the exclusive right to execute those who were wrongdoers.

Hollywood movies and television series screwed up my search for knowledge by portraying cowboy hangings in stories that celebrated and glorified the cowboys as an icon of masculinity. Of course, an adult might realize the what the movies depicted was only make-believe, but try explaining that to a young male who liked to read and who developed a vivid imagination.

Some of the historical accounts that I read mentioned how it was not unusual for a man being hanged to display an erection while on the gallows with a noose around his neck. Some accounts even reported that a man may even have an unwanted orgasm while his hands were tied behind his back as he waited to die. Surely, I thought, this could only have happened in ancient Persia or some far-off place. Not in the civilized United States!

Since I lived in the Western States, as I was growing up it was not unusual to see men in real life who would dress in traditional cowboy clothing—blue jeans with or without big buckles, leather chaps, well-worn cowboy boots, and, of course, the universally-appealing cowboy hat. I learned that I am not alone in my attraction to cowboys as icons of masculinity and the violence that cowboys endured.

You easily can find tourist attractions in our so-called civilized 21st century that make it possible for the general public to watch re-enactments of an outlaw cowboy being hung by the neck at the end of a rope. I attended such a staged cowboy hanging outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, for example. There were tourists from as far off as Asia and as nearby as Arizona. We all watched the simulation of a cowboy
being hanged that I captured in this photograph.

I looked around me as that doomed cowboy started swinging from a hangman’s noose in the Nevada air. I saw men, women and young children in the audience who watched this make-believe taking place. As the cowboy looked realistically dead and his cowboy boots swung freely below him, I applauded along with everyone else in the audience.


In the Mind's Eye


After decades of being a photographer, I discovered that I had skills and talents to create digital illustration using a computer. My university degree is in journalism. That academic preparation enabled me formally to study photography of people and news events.

That was how I developed an eye for composition and for telling a story within the frame, so to speak. My aptitude and attitudes as a digital illustrator apparently had to wait for technology to enable me to express in images what I, as a trained photographer who happens to be a gay man, can see in my mind’s eye.

I cannot photograph an angel in an alley who sports an impressive erection because angels do not exist in the physical world. In your mind and in my mind, however, it is possible to envision an angel with a hard-on. Using digital imaging tools, I am able to create such a scene using digital imaging tools and I can share this impossible view here with certain realism.


Who Approves or Disapproves


I accept that some people consider the illustration work that I and others do using computers to be anything but artistic. Such criticism typically is rooted in the fact that this kind of illustrating is not manually drawn.

You may concern yourself with “what is art” versus “what is not art” if you wish. But, I don’t concern myself with what others think. I just keep on creating what I create without dwelling on who approves or disapproves of me.

More to the point, I see myself for what I really am: a gay adult male illustrator and storyteller who chooses to take on controversial and dangerous subjects like sexually aroused angels and hung cowboys. I fully realize that my choice of subject matter means that you will either like what I do or not. I doubt that you will have a neutral response to my work. It will not surprise you to learn that I do not try to please the largest possible audience with my work. I just do what I do and make it available for those who want to experience what I create.


The Name Game


I use the pen name of Madeira Desouza.

When I was a boy, I had an irrational fear that I would turn out to be a merely ordinary man. I created a pseudonym for myself that would sound considerably more Old World ethnic that my own birth name while being a name that everyone should recognize no ordinary person would ever have.

During journalism school, I grew to admire writers who distinguished themselves through their professional works. But, I also must confess that I developed a very strong attraction to the well-known practice of writers who use a pseudonym. The earliest experience I had with pen names was when I was a teenager. I learned that Mark Twain was the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Filtered through the perceptions of a teenage boy, that discovery was the coolest thing I had ever come to know about the writing profession.

No surprise that Mark Twain has remained my favorite American writer of all time. Not that I think I am as good as he was or ever will be. But, I seek to be humorous like him, to tell vivid and imaginative stories like he told, and, yes, to have a memorable nom de plume like his.

Anybody who has studied literature or popular culture knows that having a pseudonym cannot be considered very original or clever, especially in the 21st century. So many have chosen this approach to created identities that it has become a definitive method of bestowing a unique brand upon oneself.

It does not really matter whether someone with a pseudonym is prominent and globally identifiable like Samuel L. Clemens or Stephen King or Joanne Rowling. The simple reality is that having a pseudonym is a timeworn way of differentiating yourself from everyone else.

So, I chose my pseudonym as a professional tool that belongs to me. I have created and maintain a unique brand name under which I have produced short works of fiction, online blog posts, and of course, digital illustrations. I view my use of my chosen pseudonym as being exactly like actors or musicians who use professional names or stage names.

Having a pseudonym seems to be required for any person who considers himself or herself a serious creator of original works. The reason for the imperative is the powerful need to brand oneself and one’s works clearly and distinctly.


Influences and Traditions


The work that I do has been influenced and informed by the established traditions of depicting masculine males in surrealistic ways using exaggerated male body traits and extreme, improbable situations and misadventures, often involving danger, peril and intense crisis. A modest example is my illustration of a muscular naked cowboy who is falling from a cross during a failed execution.



Seven Men


As Shakespeare wisely has taught, we humans process feelings with our minds, not with our eyes.

There are seven men whom I believe grasp this important reality, and they have seen things in their mind’s eye that few others ever see. I only present my illustrations here due to copyright restrictions, but let me provide their names along with my brief commentary about each man’s works so you can look them up online if you wish:

Touko Laaksonen–better known as Tom of Finland–was a European artist who created vivid drawings of highly masculine men that were first were published in the United States in the late 1950s. He is often remembered for his vivid depictions of the homoerotic aspects of Nazi Germany during the 1940s, especially uniformed men with intense masculinity. He is also one of the most prominent artists to explore the gay male’s lust for masculine cowboys in sexual situations involving danger, fear, and violence.

Dom “Etienne” Orejudos was an American artist who drew masculine men in controversial images during the 1970s and 1980s. Etienne demonstrated great skill in depicting highly masculine men’s bodies. He showed what he considered to be an ideal cock and balls, torso and feet, especially. He also knew how to create youthfully handsome and expressive faces.

Sadao Hasegawa and Gengoroh Tagame broke free from the repression of their deeply conservative Japanese culture to produce stunning art work that cry out to be observed by gay males. In the works of both Japanese artists, males consistently are depicted as icons of youth, high masculinity, and attractive good looks. Hasegawa’s works feature disturbing violence in their surrealistic depictions of male sexual arousal preceding or during torture as a prelude to the victim’s certain death. Similarly, Tagame’s surreal art depicts harsh sexualized torture and brutality such as gang rape of men by men in military and/or prison settings, and frequently include hangings, castrations and impaling.

in the realm of digital illustrations. He consistently depicted repugnant punk male behaviors, including hate crimes committed using automatic weapons. The sexualized torture and castration or genital impaling depicted by Greasetank are but a prelude to an inevitable and horrific homicide.

Two other artists similarly explore the use of computerized illustrations. Ulf aims for highly detailed photorealism, yet emphasizes hyper masculine males with very exaggerated anatomy that happens only in fantasy and surrealism. Significantly, many of Ulf’s males are depicted as sexual objects and victims of authority at the hands of other men in power such as within Wild West, military or paramilitary situations. Ulf does not shy away from depicting violence against iconic masculine males by other males.

A German artist who uses the pseudonym Bondageskin creates digital works depicting surrealistic and improbably violent military-type executions involving sexualize torture in which a doomed man sports an impressive erection and experienced an unwanted orgasm before death.

These seven men have depicted connections between danger and intense male emotional and psychosexual responses. You may find it shockingly disturbing that any artist would choose to depict CBT (cock and ball torture), BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism), and the more extreme outcome of mutilating or removing of men’s genitals.

Are these depictions merely reflections of that which already exists in the physical world? Or, are the artists responsible for creating new ways of thinking and perceiving that did not exist before? These are questions that you will need to answer for yourself because I do not have definitive answers to give you. But, my personal belief is that artists reflect and symbolically represent what already exists in the physical world.



Telling A Story


It is very important for any illustrator to display technical and aesthetic skills and
talents. But, today’s audiences also expect every image to tell a story.

If nothing else is true, the chief purpose of my illustrations is storytelling.

I appreciate and understand that what your mind wants to see, your eyes will see. So, I create images in which the meaning of the action or the situation is not completely obvious or apparent.

This method of creating images implicitly invites you into the viewing experience so that you “fill in the blanks,” so to speak, and I give you plenty of room to arrive at a meaning that works for your mind.



Masculinity on the Mind

When you look at my images, you will see celebrations of masculinity. I create characters with strongly positive masculine traits. They are imaginary creations that I put on display for you. But, my characters are not necessarily intended to exist in our physical world.












Good Clean Fun


I sometimes choose to depict characters in nonviolent situations. There is nothing wrong with showing a highly masculine man who is having some good clean fun.
























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