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Dwayne Jack


Dwayne is a 54 y/o white male, blonde/grey hair, five-eleven, 220#, blue eyes, size 12/13 feet.

"I love being forced to remove shoes and have someone place their dirty socks in my face and make me worship them. Prefer to be waiting after someone comes home from work and then worship their feet.

Also would like to have someone pick me up off the street and take me to their place and secretly force me down on the floor, or maybe be picked up by a police officer only to be his foot slave."



Part One

The evening commute takes about 40 minutes and is packed like sardines with people every night.

 By the time that I get on the trolley, its standing room only, and I don’t feel like standing on my feet for forty minutes. What I usually do is sit in the stairwell on the side of the trolley that people doesn’t board. Since no one would be exiting through these doors, it provides me with a place to sit down. I sit on the floor with my back up against the back part of one of the seats. I place my feet on the lower stair while I read the paper and I can now have a floor view of everyone’s feet. After about two more stops, the trolley is packed so tightly, there is literally no place to stand.

One night this businessman stood right up against me and I noticed he had brown penny loafers on that were well worn. They appeared to have been a few years old, because I could see the wear and tear of the heel. One side was worn down farther that the other one, which indicates that he either did a lot of standing or walking. I was also able to see his brown cotton socks and couldn’t remove my eyes from the site. He appeared to be in his early thirties, medium built, tall, and very handsome, but I wasn’t more interested in his shoes. I took a closer look and noticed that he had a 1943 silver Lincoln head penny in each shoe. It was easy to get a close look, because with the trolley packed like sardines, no one would even notice what I was doing.

Just as I was really getting excited about his feet, the trolley suddenly came to a sudden stop and everyone was thrown a little forward. Of course I had to fall forward and down enough to get my face right at the bottom of his leg. I also made sure that I grabbed his leg as if to keep my balance. He turned around and asked me if I was alright. I said, “Yes, I’m fine and I’m sorry for grabbing your leg.”

 “Don’t worry about it,” he said with a slight grin, “I hope I didn’t step on your hands or fingers.”

 “You didn’t, I’m fine,” I told him politely. “You must either be on your feet all day or do a lot of walking in your line of work.” I said in the hopes of making small talk.

 “Yes, I walk about 7 hours out of a 9 hour day, and my feet get so tired. How could you tell that I did a lot of walking?” He said in a puzzled tone.

 “I can tell by the wear and tear on your heels, it’s worn more on one side than the other. The more you walk, the more tired your feet gets, and you end up leaning heavily on the outside. That’s what caused the uneven wear and tear.” I told him with a voice of experience. “I know some of the pressure points on the soles that give relief on tired feet.” I continued. I then got the nerve to say, “You want me to show you?”

 He replied, “Not here, people would see.”

 “No they won’t, there is too many people to see me down here on the stairwell. That’s why I sit here, so no one could see me.”

 With that he slowly lifted his right foot out of his shoe and bent his knee back to where his beautiful socked foot was right even with my chest. I could smell the sweet scent of his sweating feet and saw that the sock was pressed up against the sole of his foot. I grabbed his foot and placed it right in the palm of my hand. My hand was moist from the dampness of his sock and I just held it in my hand for about 10 seconds. I then started using my index fingers to massage his lovely socked foot.

 I started on the heel first, beginning from the edge on one side all the way around to the other side. Then I applied extra pressure on the bottom of his heel to sooth the aches and pains. I then proceeded to the arch and finally to the ball of his foot. It was kind of callused from all the walking so I really gave it extra attention. I then started using my fingers between his toes which released more of a musky smell that I enjoyed. I then placed his foot back into his shoe and placed my sweaty hand on my nose to get a nice whiff of his scent. As I was sniffing my hand, he happened to look back and saw me.

I was getting ready to do the second foot when he said, “This is my stop, but I’ll be here tomorrow, same time, same place, and you could do the other foot.”

I said with a pleasant smile, “No problem, I’ll be glad to relieve your tension.” He got off at his stop, and I proceeded on my way home.

 Part II

I got home so excited I went to my bedroom and whacked off and exploded like a volcano.  Anyway I got on the trolley at the same place and time and luckily I was able to get the same stair well.  Usually everyone rides the same trolley home from work everyday and this was no exception.  Then I saw him get on and he looked down at me and said that he was glad to see me.  

He turned around and slowly took his other foot out of his shoe and bent it back even with my chest.  I noticed that he had on the same socks from yesterday so I know he didn’t change his socks.  He also asked me for my phone number for he can text me while I was down there. I took out my cell phone and did so, and within a few minutes he called and text me saying, “I kept my shoes on until I went to bed and then I kept my socks on all night. These are still the ones from last night. I thought you would like that.” I looked up and grinned.

 Immediately, I started to slowly run my fingers from the middle of his foot to the heel, then around the edge towards the front.  I made sure that I gave the ball of his heel extra attention.  I then started poking and turning my fingers in between his toes and could feel the dampness of his sweat.  It also gave a stronger aroma from yesterday which I just took all in. 

He text me again and said, “Tomorrow night I want you to come over to my place after work and do a more thorough job. I can make it worth your while.”  I slowly text him using the same hand that I was holding the phone, while still rubbing my other hand on his foot.  Before I knew it, it was time for him to exit the trolley and he said, “See you tomorrow.”

While I was sitting there with a big smile on my face another guy got up from the seat next to where I was sitting.  My back was against the back of his seat.  I thought he was getting ready to exit when he stood facing me, looking right down at me.  I began to stand up and said, I’ll get out of your way to let you exit.  He responded and said, “That’s ok, I’m not getting off right now.”  So I continued to sit in the stairwell.  He was a nice looking guy in his mid thirties, husky but not fat, blond hair, blue eyes.  He had on blue jeans, black sneakers, and white socks, which I immediately noticed were a size 13 or bigger.  I was already intimidated by him and was afraid to look up at him, so I just looked down and said, “Ok, just let me know when you are ready, but I’m getting off at the third stop.” 

He then pulled out his cell phone and was watching something and began laughing.  I said what’s so funny, and he replied, “Take a look at this video I shot, I think it’s hilarious and I’m thinking of putting it on YouTube™ or Facebook™.” 

I look up just to see the video and was shocked at what I saw.  He had taped me playing with the other guy’s foot and sniffing the scent.  At first I didn’t know what to say and then got up the nerve to say, “I hope it didn’t upset you, or make you think that I was some kind of pervert.” 

“No, but I may have found what I was looking for. So what do you like about feet and how long you have been into them?”

 I said, “I have always had a fascination about socked feet since I was a little kid.  I guess it was from having to sit on the floor while my older brothers (9 of them) sat on the couch, chairs, and behind me.  Since I was the smallest I sat in front of them all so I could see TV better.  It was something about them all sitting around me every night with their shoes off and their socks on that I just felt that’s where I’m supposed to be.  After a while I started getting use to the smell, and it stayed with me through adulthood.”

He said, “I like that answer and I have some plans for you, and if you don’t do as I say, this video goes on the Internet for all to see. It also shows your face and the trolley you’re on, so everyone that sees it will recognize the trolley, the time, and begin hounding you. Do you understand?”

I said, “Yes, I do, just let me know what you want me to do.”

He said, “I want you to get off at your regular station, and I will follow you home. I don’t want you going to my place yet until I get things ready.”

So I got off at my stop and he followed me off the trolley.  Before we knew it we were at my place.  Thank God my roommate was gone for the next two weeks visiting family because he doesn’t know about my fetish. Even though I wanted to be his socked foot slave, I just couldn’t bring myself to risk our living situations. Besides, that’s another story.

We walked in and he looked around.  I asked him if he wanted a soda or beer.  He said a beer.  When I came back from the kitchen with his beer, he had already sat down on the recliner facing the television. I gave him the beer and he asked me where the remote was.  I said, “It’s right here,” and I put it in his hand. 

He then said, “I want you to sit on the floor facing the TV, just like you did when you where a kid.  I am going to be your big brother and teach you how little brothers should act towards there bigger brothers.”

He turned on the television and I sat down in front of him facing the screen.  The next thing I felt were both of his legs being placed on my shoulders with his feet sticking out in front of me.

“Take my shoes off, now!” he said with such a deep demanding voice that I dared not say no.  I untied his left shoe and slowly pulled his shoe off and immediately got a musky pungent odor that still had a scent of new shoes.  I told him that those shoes must not be very old, because they still have the new shoe smell.

He said, “Your very good, now take off the other shoe.”

I untied and slipped off the other shoe and noticed the dirty sweat stains that lined the pressure points of his foot.  He then bent his legs to where the soles of his socked feet pressed against each side of my head.  I was such a great pleasure that I started getting excited hoping it wouldn’t show through my pants.  I became instantly hard, because this is how I have always wanted it to be; under the feet and command of another man.  He told me to turn my head towards his left foot and start sniffing. 

I turned and placed my nose right between the big and second toe and took in a huge big sniff.  I knew, at that moment, that I was his to command.  I then turned to the other foot and started rubbing my nose and face on the bottom of his foot.  I wanted the sweat and scent all over my face. 

He said, “Commercial, and it’s time to turn around and face your big brother.” As I turned around both of his feet stayed on my face as he wiggled his toes on my forehead. He then said, “You have been a bad boy, and you have to do what your big brother says, or I’ll have to get the belt out and show you whose boss.  You also have to show respect for older people by calling me Sir.”  I said, “Yes Sir! I’m sorry for being such a bad boy and I will do whatever you say.” 

He said, “Now worship my feet some more while I finish watching the show, but be prepared for anything, because bad boys needs to be punished.”

“Yes Sir.” I said with a voice of complete submission.  I kept on rubbing my face all over the bottom of his feet knowing that this is where I belonged, taking care of my big brother.

After the show was done, he put his feet on the floor and told me to get on my knees.  He said, “You want to make your brother happy so he doesn’t kick your ass. I bet you would do anything for your brother and I will give you the chance.  I want you to beg for forgiveness and tell me how much you want to do whatever I want.”

I said, “I’m sorry for being such a bad boy and not obeying you, I beg of you to let me be the little brother that you deserve.  I beg you to let me do whatever you command, whenever you want, and however you want.  Please Sir, I beg of you.”

He laughed at such the thought and just sat there saying, “What a pathetic little brother! You’re so pathetic that you would never grow up to be a real man. I bet you don’t even know what a real man is, and probably wouldn’t know if it was sticking right in front of you.”

I said, “Your correct Sir, you are the only man that I know and trust and I beg of you to show me what a real man is like.”

He then said, “You’re on your knees, now beg like a dog. I want you to wag your tongue out and slowing crawl over here to me.  Don’t stop crawling until I tell you to stop.”

“Yes Sir, “I said and then got on my knees, started wagging my tongue, and slowly crawled towards him until I was between his legs only a few inches from his crotch.  I could see in his pants that he was getting excited and I knew what was going to come next. You see I only sucked a dick once before when I was about 16 out of curiosity.  I stayed over a friend’s house and we got totally drunk.  Since we didn’t handle our liquor very well, we both fell asleep on the couch.  I woke up still in the sitting position while he was lying down with his legs on my lap fast asleep.  I slowly took his shoes off and brought my head down to smell his feet, pretending to be asleep.

He kind of pushed his feet down on my face as if to either make me smell them more or trying to kick my face out of the way, but I didn’t care.  After a while I decided to sit up and lie down the other way.  He was facing toward the couch with his butt facing out, so I managed to lay down with my head right in front of his crotch area.

I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep all the while waiting for my chance. I slowly unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants.  Then I stopped for a while to make sure he didn’t wake up.  I noticed he started getting excited and, unintentionally, he rubbed his crotch.

I then slowly pulled down his pants and shorts and saw his cock pop out right in front of my face.  I then snuggled myself into position to where my mouth was just a few inched from the tip of his cock.  I was excited and scared at the same time.  What would he do if he woke up and saw me, or why did I want, of all people, to suck his dick.

I stirred a little bit and then, by surprise, I felt him take his hand and place on the back of my head.  He then pulled my head towards his dick and started rubbing himself on my face. 

Now I didn’t know if he was aware of what was happening or if he was dreaming, but I put my mouth around his cock and just stayed still with his dick in my mouth.  Not really knowing what to do next, I just laid there waiting for him to make the next move.  He then started moving his dick back and forth in my mouth which I then started to suck on, harder and harder.  It was one of the best things that I ever could imagine and I wanted more and more of it. 

After a while I felt him stiffen up and, at first, I thought he was waking up. At this point I didn’t care if he woke up or not. I just wanted to suck his cock harder and harder.  It was wonderful, feeling his swollen cock going in and out of my mouth and didn’t want it to ever stop when, suddenly, I felt the flood of him cumming in my mouth.  He just came and came and I didn’t want to choke or spit it out, so I swallowed like I never swallowed before. 

After what seemed to be a lifetime, he stopped and I just laid there.  I then took my mouth away and just laid there and fell asleep.  The next morning when he woke up, he looked down and saw his dick out, and said. “Oh, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t do anything nasty.” I pretended to wake up and looked at him and said, “I don’t remember anything, I was sleeping so hard, some one could have set off a bomb and I wouldn’t have heard it.”

He said that we really got drunk and he couldn’t remember anything, I said the same.  That was the end of that and nothing was ever mentioned about it again.

So, here I am a few inches from my new big brother’s crotch knowing what is going to happen next.  I was totally in his command, besides I didn’t want him to send the video to YouTube™.  I have always wanted to be blackmailed into sexual submission by a man.  Merely the thought of someone having total control over me, guiding and making me think of nothing but him, was an exciting fantasy.  I am not the aggressive type, so this will have to do.

He unbuckled and unzipped his pants while slowly pulling his shorts down to his knees.  His dick sprang into action, flopping out of his pants and rising directly towards my face.  I was so surprised at the size, at least 9 inches, and the thickness was so overwhelming that I just stared at it, not knowing what else to do.

He stroked it with his hand and said, “This is you big brother’s toy and he wants to share his toy with his little brother, but first you have to clean it with your mouth.  You want to have clean toys to play with, don’t you?” 

I said, “Yes Sir, I want to clean your toy for you, how do you want me to clean it Sir.”

“Suck it clean,” he said as he shook it back and forth.  With that command I opened my mouth and placed it on his pulsating cock.  I shoved it in so hard that the tip touched the back of my throat.  I tried to keep from gagging, so I opened my mouth wider to let more air in.  I started sucking it and never felt anything so big and long before, but I had to make him happy.  I was so excited I felt my own cock beginning to pre-cum in my pants.  This is something that I have been waiting for since I was sixteen and now I was his. 

He kept on pushing and pushing his cock in and out without a break for what seemed to be fifteen minutes.  I think he was on some crystal or drugs to be able to keep a hard on so long without cumming, but he kept on pumping, and I kept on sucking.

Finally, I felt the flow of his juices touching the back of my throat as he held my head in place to make me swallow every single drop.  He fell back and just laid there while keeping my head on his cock.  I could slowly feel his dick softening until it was back to its original size.  He slowly lifted my head and told me to get back down and finish his feet.

After about half an hour, he said goodbye and left.  But that would not be the last time I would see him. Now I just went upstairs in anticipation of meeting my businessman tomorrow night.

It was the next day, a Friday to be exact, the last business day of the week, and I was on the same trolley, same place, and same time.  My businessman got on at the usual stop and stood in the same spot.  It was easy for him to stand there, because no one wanted to stand next to someone that was sitting in the stairwell, because it would be too much trouble to move every time someone wanted to exit.  He held out his cell phone as a signal for me to do likewise. He immediately text me, “I don’t want you to do anything until you come home with me tonight.  Then you can have both feet as long as you want.”  I text him back, “Ok, I’m looking forward to it.”

We got off at his stop and exited the trolley.  He lived maybe about ten minutes walking distance from the station.  He unlocked and opened the door, then proceeded to guide me inside. It was dark at first, and he came inside right behind me and flipped the switch. 

I adjusted my eyes and the first thing I saw was the guy from last night.  I turned around and said, “What’s going on here?”  He said, “Did you think that was just a coincidence that he shot that video on the trolley.  He is a coworker that didn’t believe me when I told him about you.  So he rode the trolley with me and decided to take the video.”  Then the guy from last night said, “At first I just wanted to video, but then we text each other back and forth to plan for this night.  When I saw you sitting down there looking so worried about the video, I decided to get you ready for your big night tonight.  Now you have your big brother as well as your new Master to please.”

 “I don’t know what to say,” I told them, my joy impossible to hide, “but I guess I have no other choice then to submit to your commands.”  With that, I fell to my knees and said, “How can I serve my big brother and Master tonight.”



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