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Dwayne Jack


Dwayne is a 54 y/o white male, blonde/grey hair, five-eleven, 220#, blue eyes, size 12/13 feet.

"I love being forced to remove shoes and have someone place their dirty socks in my face and make me worship them. Prefer to be waiting after someone comes home from work and then worship their feet.

Also would like to have someone pick me up off the street and take me to their place and secretly force me down on the floor, or maybe be picked up by a police officer only to be his foot slave."



Part One

I was just out of high school, on my own and already falling on hard times. The guy I considered my best friend, Kenny, allowed me to stay in his apartment while he said he was going away on a two month vacation.

The apartment complex he lived in was two stories and had only 4 units, two of which, on the first and second floor, were vacant After about three weeks, the landlord discovered I was living there. He came to the door to tell me that I couldn't stay there any longer as I wasn't a paying tenant. I told him I was 'apartment sitting' for my friend, who actually lived there, while he was away on vacation. That's when he told me that my so-called friend had actually not paid his rent and he had now been legally evicted. Kenny had no legal right to let me stay in that apartment. I was to leave the premises immediately.

I pretended to surrender the key and leave but, during my stay, I'd had a duplicate key made and was able to sneak in and out, late at night and in the wee hours of the morning; crashing there for a few a couple of weeks without anyone being the wiser. During that time, when I came back to the apartment one night, I saw that the landlord got rid of what furniture and personal property that Kenny left behind. Having nothing to sleep on, I went to the local Goodwill store and bought a used, single bed  mattress, a pillow, a sheet and a blanket.  I occasionally found some yard work or house cleaning jobs, so I had enough cash to buy it.

Like I mentioned, it was a small, thin mattress and the guy at Goodwill rolled it up and tied it so that it wasn't all that hard to carry back to the building, along with the bag of other stuff. So that's what I slept on and continued sneaking in and out, avoiding the notice of the only other tenant in the building, who lived directly above Kenny's apartment..... or so I thought. 

One night, I quietly crept out the back door of the apartment and went to have a smoke. This big guy, Dennis, the other tenant who lived upstairs,  came out his place and spotted me from his landing on the second floor. He came down the outside, rear stairs and walked over to me. He was a tall, muscular dude and looked like he could have been a bouncer at some dance club. The way he looked at me, I knew I was in trouble. He told me that the landlord has asked him to keep an eye out to find out whether I was still living in the building. He said he was very aware of my sneaking in and out of the place.

I told him my financial situation and he seemed to understand and take pity. He then said that he would not tell the landlord if I came up to do some things around the apartment for him. He was still wearing his work boots from his construction job he worked at during the day.

I told him that I would think about it. He was obviously not pleased with that answer and told me that I better come upstairs right now, or he would call the landlord and tell about my staying in the building. I couldn't let that happen because I would have nowhere else to stay. I stubbed my cigarette butt out and reluctantly followed him upstairs.

As I followed him into his apartment, he proceeded to go over to this big, lounge chair in his combination living and dining room, and sat down. He told me to come over to him and get down on my knees in front of him. I gave him a sidelong look and quizzically looked at him. What the hell was going on, I thought to my self. At first, I just stood there, but he continued to remind me about telling the landlord so, reluctantly I complied to his will.

I got down on my knees and looked down at his booted feet. I couldn't bring my self to look him in the face, he looked even bigger and more intimidating from my kneeling position. He said, "Now, kid, take off my boots!"

Confused and not sure of where he was going with this, I proceeded to do as he told me. I unlaced them and took his boots off, as he commanded. They had to be, at least, a size twelve, triple E.

Hoping to appease him and get on his good side, I told him that I would do anything he told me to, polish his boots, clean his apartment, whatever he needed, but he ignored my pleading and told me his feet were sore from working all day and I was to start massaging them for him. He wore thick, white, cotton, work socks, soiled and damp with sweat. The smell, from his boots and socks, was overwhelming!

I can't tell you why, but suddenly I felt light headed, as if I was in Euphoria. All I could think about was how much I wanted to plant both his socked feet on my face. Kneeling before him, he lifted one foot and planted it on my shoulder as I began to massage his other foot that rested on my thigh.

He slowly moved the foot on my shoulder toward the side of my face until it brushed my cheek. I turned my head and buried my face right into the ball of his socked foot. It was moist from his boots and I just inhaled the smell. He raised his other socked foot that I'd been massaging, and rubbed both of his feet on every inch of face. I was so overwhelmed with the heat of the moment that I immediately accepted that I was totally in his control. So this is what he wanted!

No problem! I massaged and worshipped his socked feet for nearly a half an hour when he said that was enough for tonight and I would have to be back upstairs to his place tomorrow night when he came home from work.

I was stunned and not sure what to do as I got up and left his apartment. The residual smell of his socked feet was still on me and, while lying in my bedding, I became more and more excited thinking about what he would have me do the next night. I had trouble sleeping, not understanding why I was getting so worked up about all this.

That next evening seemed to have taken forever to finally arrive, and I was anxiously waiting for him to come home. I saw his pickup truck and watched as he parked it on the side of the street. He got out of his truck and walked to the front entrance to the building. He suddenly turned looked right at me, as if he had expected me to be at my window watching for him. and signaled for me to come outside.

I slowly opened up the front door of the apartment building and met him outside. It was 6:15 PM, early summer and still daylight out. He was wearing a yellow hard hat, skin tight, white t-shirt that displayed his powerful arms and chest muscles. I knew he was very strong and I wouldn't have a chance to fight against him, even if I wanted to. He nodded his head and I slowly looked down to the ground, afraid to look him in the face. It was hot that day and he was wearing cut-offs. I found myself staring down at his thick, white, cotton socks that rose just over his work boots and just below his tanned, muscular calves. They looked damp and hung very limply over the edge of his boots and it was obvious that he'd owned those work boots for years. The edges of their soles were chipped and worn, and the tops of them were splotched and stained from various spills during his construction work.

Without a word, he moved past me and stepped into the doorway and I followed him up the stairs and into the door of his apartment. I stood with him in his living room when he suddenly left and went into, what I assumed, was his bedroom for a few seconds. He hollered from the other room, telling me to take off all my clothes and put them in a pile by the sofa.

Sure, I thought. this was getting really strange, but I couldn't think of what other option that I had but to obey him. I took off my brown loafers, stripped out of my yellow t-shirt, my worn, BVD's, and finally my well-worn and knee torn denims. I put them by the sofa and stood there waiting for him to return, cupping my crotch with both hands, embarrassed as all hell.

On his way back into the living room, he told me to turn my back to him, get down on my knees and close my eyes. "I have a surprise for you that you will like," he said with a firm, but not unpleasant voice.

I turned away from him, went to my knees and closed my eyes as instructed. The next thing I knew, he put a metallic collar around my neck and locked it. His right hand was still wrapped around the back of the collar.

Stunned and very scared, I tried to pull away, but he was too strong for me. He removed his fist from the collar and went over to his lounge chair and said, " Guess what?" he asked as he put a small key onto his key ring, attached to a chain on his belt. "You are now under my control, boy, and any time you don't do exactly what I tell you to do, you are going to get one hell of a shock!"

I watched him as he stretched out his arm and held small device in his hand and pushed the single, red button on it. Suddenly, I felt a stinging, painful shock pierce my neck and it ran right through my body! I uncontrollably fell back on my ass and felt as if I just got hit with a lightning bolt! He laughed at my reaction and said, "Don't worry, it won't kill you, but it will hurt the shit out of you if I do it again!" He then commanded me to crawl over to him and take off his boots.

Somewhat blown away and trying to get my sense of balance back and, certainly, not wanting to feel that taser-like shock again, I immediately obeyed him. His socked feet were so damp, I struggled to get his boots off. The smell that permeated the room was very strong, as if he'd worn the same socks for days.

He then put his feet up in the air and told me to grab them and rub them all over my face. I did precisely what he ordered, making sure my nose was directly in the crease of his damp, smelly socks, between his toes and ball of his foot. I took a big sniff. Breathing in his unique, harsh foot smell and feeling the warmth of his damp, dirty socks against my nose,  suddenly aroused me and, in my mind, I knew that this was exactly where I wanted to be for as long as he wanted me there.

He continued to rub his feet all over my face and pushed very hard on inch of it. I could hear him saying things like, "Yeah, that's it, smell those stinky feet! Yeah, do it! Oh yeah, that feels good! You like that, don't you, faggot?

I wasn't a faggot, even if I did have a thing for socks, I never thought of myself as a gay guy. It was humiliating and the hard pressure of his feet against my face was  little painful at first, but I quickly adapted to it and found myself wanting more of it, when he suddenly got up from his chair and took off his dirt ridden cut-offs, and ordered me to lie on my back with my head at the foot of his chair. Sitting back down in his chair, wearing nothing but his t-shirt, skivvies and socks, he stretched  his legs out and planted his socked feet on my face once again.

He grabbed the remote from a small, wooden end-table by his chair and turned on the TV to watch the news and just left his feet planted on my face as though I was his personal, living footstool. I couldn't see his face, but I heard him when he said, "This is what you are going to do any night I decide I want you to or you will feel the pain of that collar again. You will call me "Master" and "Sir" from now on, and your only purpose will be to make me feel good and obey my every command. Do you understand?"

I suddenly felt another, but lesser shock to my neck and quickly replied, "Yee-ow! Y-y-yes Sir." it hurt, but damned if I wasn't lying there with a full hard-on! Evidently he was able adjust the amount of jolt he could give me at any given moment.

I've got a good sized cock and I was embarrassed about having my boner so openly exposed in front of another guy. However, he behaved like he never noticed it and continued to watch the news, keeping his socked feet in my face, and only left the room once for a brief time.

I assumed he went to the bathroom, but what I hadn't known was he'd made a few phone calls to some of his buddies.

After about an hour of my face being his personal foot-mat, I thought he would be finished with me, but I was wrong. All of a sudden his apartment door opened up, and two more, husky construction workers came walking in. I jerked my head from under his feet and to the side and saw them. They were both blonds, thick, curly hair, well built and in their mid-twenties. Like Dennis, the one was wearing a tight t-shirt, cut-off jeans and work boots. The other, slightly shorter and more compact dude, had on a tank-top, full length jeans and cowboy boots. I started to rise up when my neck was suddenly shocked again as Dennis commanded me to stay down on the floor at his feet.

"Come on in, guys, and have a seat," he told them in an excited voice. They came in, grabbed two chairs from the dining room table and sat down in a way that all three surrounded me. Their feet were only a few inches from my body.

"I want you to meet, Sean and Matt," said Dennis. "They're here to teach you how to be a good, personal slave. You will obey them as just you obey me. He raised his hand with the taser device and said, "You know what will happen if you do not please them?"

I hastily replied, "Yes, Sir!"

"Good boy!" He put the taser-like device down, "Now, ask them how you may serve them," he said.

I went to the one named Sean and asked, "Please, Sir, how may I serve you?"

"Take off my boots, you goddamned faggot," he said. His voice was hard and demanding.

That's twice now, I was being thought of as a faggot! Without protest, however, I obediently unlaced his left work boot and proceeded to take it off. He was wearing thick, black cotton socks that were very moist from sweating all day. I could smell the musky odor immediately. As soon as I removed the one boot, I immediately reached over and took his other boot off.

"I want you to put your face at my feet and worship them, and make sure your nose can get a good whiff."

I got down on my back and took both his feet and planted those thick black, damp, smelly socks directly onto my face. I then used my hands to rub the top parts of his feet, rubbing the soles of them all over my face. I pursed my lips, kissing the soles of his feet like a pair of lovers.

"That's it. Very nice. You take good care of those puppies until I say otherwise." Sean commanded.

Afterwards, about a half hour later, I was instructed to take care of Matt in the same way. He had on a black pair of well worn, oxblood cowboy boots.

I was having a little trouble taking off the first boot, so he planted his other booted foot at my upper chest, near my shoulder to give me the leverage to pull it off. Finally yanking it off, I sat that boot aside and proceeded to take his other boot off. While I did this, he planted his socked foot on my other shoulder.

His foot was the sweatiest of all of them and it left a wet print on my on my bare skin. I worshipped his socked feet for about forty-five minutes, when all three of them started planting their feet on whatever open space was available on my face and, occasionally, I'd feel a miscreant toe tossing my cock and balls about, involuntarily causing me to get a constant hard-on.

My Master, Dennis, got up and got three beers from his frig and they proceeded to drink as I lay there, compliant, with their socked feet resting on me. Sean spoke up and asked, "How is the collar working?"

"Pretty good so far, but I haven't given it a very good test yet. He's behaving so well, I haven't had reason to really 'sock' it to him!" Dennis said with a grin. The other two laughed out loud.

"Well I think it's time for stage two, don't you?" Matt spoke with excitement in his voice.

"I think you're right," Dennis said. He got up and said, "Follow me."

Not wanting to get shocked, I started to get up from the floor to follow him. He turned and said, "What do you think you're doing? Stay on your knees and follow me."

"Yes, Sir," I said and swiftly got back down on all fours,  following behind him like a frightened puppy dog.

He opened the door to the bathroom and said, "Get in here, " as he went inside.

Not knowing what was going to happen, I carefully followed him in the bathroom.

"I think you need some more discipline and servicing experience. You will be the bathroom attendant for the next couple of hours. When one of us comes in to take a piss, your job will be to open the fly of whatever pants he's wearing, and hold his cock when he's pissing.

"You are to make sure he pisses in the bowl, then carefully put his cock back in his pants. If you do not do your job correctly you will be punished, do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Now, you can start with me to see if you know what to do."

My Master was still in his skivvies, so I merely had to reach into the slit of his shorts to get to and pull out his cock from within. Still, I was nervous and fumbled my fingers inside his shorts, but I managed to get it out. His cock was very big and all that fingering in his shorts had given him a semi-hard-on.

I aimed the head of his cock to the toilet bowl and he proceeded to take a piss. His cock felt very warm as it streamed into the bowl. When he was done, I started to put it back into his shorts.

"You’re not finished yet," he shouted with a stern voice.

My gut tightened in fearful anticipation of what he might be demanding of me next.

 "You have to shake the droplets that remain."

Relieved that he hadn't demanded anything more, I slowly shook the droplets until none showed at the tip of his cock. "Now you can finish up."

I gently put his cock back into his shorts. "Okay, you know what to do and, remember, if you refuse to service any one of us, at any time, I will taser you into a coma! You understand?"

"Yes, Sir," I said quietly. I got the feeling he really meant to follow through on his threat.

After he left the bathroom, I sat there on my knees waiting for the next person to come in.

I heard the sound of the front door opening and the voices of other men out in the living room.

After a few minutes, this tall, husky, redheaded, Irish looking guy comes walking in. He had the biggest grin I have ever seen. He wore a blue construction shirt, tight blue jeans, but had already removed whatever shoes, or boots, he was wearing and stood there in very clean, white socks. He looked a bit worn out as though he, too, just got off work, but he also looked more like the guy who gave the orders and not actually did the labor. "Barry's the name," he said as he approached the toilet bowl. I went to him and reached to unzip his jeans.

Before I could get the zipper open, he pushed my head down to his socked feet. "Smell these!" he ordered. It was so sudden that the moment my nose touched the tip of his socked toes, I instantly got hard. I moved my face about, from toe to toe, sniffing and breathing in the warm, very faint odor of his socked feet.

"Kiss them!" he said. I complied eagerly, lovingly planting my lips from spot to spot on both his feet and on any area I could reach. I had to admit to myself that I was really confused about how much more I was becoming sexually aroused while smelling his feet and the sound of his demands, telling me to do whatever he wanted. I knew I had a thing for men's socks, but I never understood why, and before now, did nothing about it.

"Enough!" he said. "I have to piss, now, get back up here!"

Obediently, I rose up and opened his fly. I tried to reach in and pull his thing out, but his pants were too tight to even get into his underwear. The more I tried to get at it, the more I only succeeded in making him more aroused. I realized it was futile to try and get it out that way, so I carefully opened up his belt and unbuttoned his pants, I had to pull his jeans down inches at a time as they were really tight against his firm hips and tight ass cheeks.

When I got them down to mid-thighs, I saw the outline of his fat cock. It was fully hard and it stood out within his tight, white, cotton briefs. When I pulled those down his big prick leaped out, waving proudly in my face. It was stiff from his getting excited but, hard or no, as I aimed it at the toilet, he started to pee; slowly at first, but as he softened from his pissing, the force of it grew stronger. When he was done, he said, “Shake it..., you know, ...to get the piss drops off!"

Of course, doing so only seemed to excite him and in seconds he had a full fledged hard-on once again. He said, in a deep, commanding voice, “I want you to blow dry the tip of my dick!”

Nervously suspicious, I held his cock in both my hands and moved my mouth closer while gently blowing at the tip of his swollen, throbbing, cock. Without warning, he commanded me to drop hands from his cock keep them at my side. Then he grabbed the back of my head, while pushing his cock forward, and forced it between my lips and into my mouth. This was exactly what I was afraid was going to happen.

I heard him say, “I think you deserve a tip for taking good care of me, and this will be your reward.”

He started thrusting his fat cock in and out of my mouth, pumping its huge head further and further in and down my gullet to the point that, at times, it would choke me and make me gag.

I knew that I had to comply to his demands because I didn’t want to get taser shocked any more, so I tried, desperately, to relax my throat, and knowing what felt good when some gal sucked at my dick, I started using my tongue under the shaft of his mouth-fucking cock, both lubing and tightening the grip of his cock in my mouth.

Just as when some woman did that and got my cock all excited, in no time at all, his body started to stiffen and the grip of his strong hands on my head became even more intense. I knew he was getting ready to shoot his load and, while I've always had this strange attraction for men's socked feet, I'd never sucked a cock before or even considered taking a load of cum in my mouth!

I tried to pull myself away before he could shoot, but his strong hands just held my head to his cock, pushing the entire thing down my throat as my nose and lips were crushed against his bright red, sweaty pubic hairs. 

When I thought I'd pass out from choking to death, he pulled all but the big head of his cock from my mouth and I felt several large blasts of warm goop shooting inside my mouth!

My mind was panicking and I tried not to swallow, but after shooting his entire load he, once again, pushed the back of my head towards his crotch and his sex drained cock forced the cum that gathered in my mouth, and on my tongue, down my throat. It felt like I was swallowing gobs and gobs of that thick stuff over and over, and I thought it would never end!

After a few minutes he pulled it out and laughed as he saw my face wincing at the aftertaste. "Don't worry, we'll make sure you get used to eating it in no time!"

I didn't even want to think about that and so, as instructed by my Master, Dennis, my duty was to put everything back as it was when the guys were finished pissing. Quietly, I raised his underwear and slipped them back on him. He, himself, bent down and hiked his own jeans to his waist. I help to buckle his belt and button his jeans and zip them up. He picked up his work boots and started to walk out of the bathroom.

He then turned and said, with that big, devilish grin of his, "That was your first time sucking cock, wasn't it?

"Yes, Sir," I said, still trying to, somehow, use what saliva I could gather to wash down that odd taste in my mouth and down my throat.

But, you really liked smelling my dirty socks, didn't you?"

I looked up at him and back down at his soiled white socks. I felt my cock stir once again. "Yes, Sir. I did, Sir."

 He smiled at me and patted me on the head and said, “I'll put in a good word for you.”

I said, "Thank you, Sir. Thank you very much.”

He left the room, but still I knew that this was only the beginning of what was going to be a long night. I sat back on my knees waiting for the next man I'd have to service.

To be continued.


Part Two

After servicing red haired Barry, just as he commanded, I knew he would let everyone know about what other service I wound up having to provide and I sure I'd be ordered to do more of the same from any other guy who walked in. "...we'll make sure you get used to eating it in no time!"

By this time, there had been about seven other guys show up and the music was getting louder as every one drank more. After about ten minutes after the Barry left, another man entered the bathroom. He was looked to be about thirty years old, of medium height, good build and wearing a dark grey, pinstriped suit, light blue dress shirt, deep red tie, black loafers and a pair of nearly transparent black socks. I was still on my knees and he stood right in front of me.

"How shall I serve you, Sir?" I asked.

"First of all, the name is Erwin. Get these pants down and I'll tell you from there.

I unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants, and unzipped his zipper. They slid down to his highly polished loafers. He lifted his leg and in removing a shoe, the pants leg followed and his socked foot  was freed, repeating this, his other socked foot, now free from his pants, rose up and just lightly brushed up against my nose.

Oh, my God, it was a wonderful smell, and quickly tried to bend to get another whiff, when he pulled my head back up. "You got more to take off!" he said.

He wore expensive, black silk shorts. I pulled down his underwear to reveal what had to be, at the least, a twelve inch, uncut cock hanging heavily down and draping over his massive, hairy balls. I had never seen any guy with a cock that big, and it wasn't even hard!

“My balls ache,” he said quietly, “and I want you to make them feel better. Lick them! Soft and easy!”

I took his huge cock in my hand and slowly positioned my head under his his hairy balls. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and I suddenly remembered when I was seven and watched as my sixteen year old brother put peanut butter on and underneath his balls and had our pet Lab, Digger, lick at the peanut butter while he jacked off.

I began to lick at Erwin's balls just as Digger did at my brother's balls. I took long wide licks starting at the base of his balls and worked my way up, from one side of his testicles to the other.

"Oh, fuck yes! That's perfect! Oh, shit, I could have you do this for hours!" and he followed that with sensual moans. "Okay, lay on your back on the floor!"

I did so immediately.

He sat back down over my head, slid up so that both his knees were at each side of my head, his balls hanging directly over my mouth and his huge cock lying on my forehead.

"Open your mouth!" he ordered.

I did as he asked, and he began to put his hairy balls into my mouth. I felt my cheeks swelling as more and more of his balls filled them with their very musky and salty taste. As his balls enjoyed the heat and wetness of my mouth, he began to jerk off. My face was practically buried beneath him and all I could see was this enormous pole of a cock growing wider and harder, rising higher and higher before me.

He carefully slipped his balls from my mouth and slid further down my face so now his ass was directly over my mouth. "Keep licking!" he ordered.

He was equally as hairy underneath his balls and in the crack of his ass as he was around this crotch  and belly.

He brought his hands to each side of his ass cheeks and spread them apart, offering his asshole to my mouth. "Lick it! Get that tongue right up there!" he demanded.

Naturally I was hesitant, but I also knew I had little choice in the matter. I sniffed and didn't smell anything harsh or, what I was most afraid of, shitty. So, I began, at first, to lick around the edge of his asshole with the tip of my tongue. I could hear him moan with pleasure and, no longer thinking about it, I started pushing my tongue right in there and licking as hard as I could.

I couldn't see him, but I could tell he was beating his cock and his moans were really getting louder and loader. He was going to cum, I knew it!

That's when he suddenly slid back down past my chin and put his spewing cock into my mouth.

"I'm cumming! Fuck, yeah! Drink it! Suck it! Oh! Oh! Fuck, yes!"

I felt him explode in my mouth, one big load of cum after another! I swallowed as fast as I could, but a good deal of it filled my mouth and spilled out the corners!

He hiked himself up with his legs now beneath him and began to do pushups over my face, shoving his cock in and out of my mouth, still cumming, but this time pushing it down my throat as well! I can only be glad he was self aware of how big he was and didn't try to push all twelve inches of that humongous cock down my throat, but was content to shoot it in my mouth and have me swallow it.

When the last of his load sort of dribbled out the head of his cock as he pulled it out of my mouth, he brought his legs back up and slid his head down toward my ankles, lying on his back on top of me, with his socked feet right over my face. His heavy balls lay warm and wet on top of my own, and I found myself so fucking hard I could hardly stand it!

"Do it," he said. "Beat it off! Now!"

I didn't hesitate a second. I grabbed my stiff cock and jerked it off while raising my head in order to put my face directly in his wonderfully smelling socked feet. His rayon socked feet smelled like no other socked feet I'd ever smelled before, but it was so awesome my mind was swirling with erotic thoughts. I quickly lay back down flat on the floor and in moments I found myself cumming. Explosive spurts showered over my my stomach and on my chest. Some even landed on my own mouth, and for the first time, I tasted my own cum.

When I was finished, he rolled off of me and stood up. “Now I’m ready to piss.”

I got up on my knees and reached for his cock to aim it at the bowl.

"No. Open your mouth again!"

Confused, I assumed he wanted me to suck him some more.

Instead of getting harder, he held my head to his cock and said, "Get ready, boy, I'm going to piss in your mouth and you don't dare spill any!

I couldn't believe this! But then it happened. Suddenly I felt the warm flood of liquid flowing from his cock and into my mouth.

"Swallow it, boy!"

I found myself swallowing gulp after gulp of his piss and at the same time trying so hard to keep from gagging and throwing up while his cock was in my mouth.

He pissed like a Russian Race Horse, and it seemed like I held him in my mouth for a good three or four minutes, non-stop. As his piss waned, it became a little easier to swallow and when he was done, and I felt nothing more going into my mouth, I found myself automatically begin to suck at his cock again.

He looked down at me,  “Why are you doing this?” he said with a puzzle look, “You must really like to be humiliated.” I took my mouth off his cock and I told him about the situation I was in and he seemed to feel a bit sorry for me.

I then said, “I don't know why, but all I wanted was just to worship socked feet.”

“Well, I was told that you had to do whatever I wanted and right now you got me  horny again, so start sucking,” he commanded with a sincere look. So, once again, I grabbed his huge dick and starting sucking on the full twelve inches. He moaned with excitement and started pumping faster and faster. There was something about this guy that made me feel safe and comfortable while servicing him. As he started reaching his climax, he began moaning is a soft masculine voice that gave me a sense of excitement, waiting for him to shoot his load in my mouth again. It was only the third time I sucked cock, but this time, I was eagerly looking forward to swallowing this guy's load again. As I sucked him, I could feel my own cock getting harder and harder as well.

I finally felt his load shooting at the back of my throat and on my tongue and I began swallowing every last drop. I thought it was never going to stop, and in some ways, I'd hoped it wouldn't. However, by this time there must have been about four people waiting in line as I heard knocks on the door telling him to hurry up. 

“ Guess these other guys need you right now," he said, nearly breathless.

I helped him get redressed, then he turned and walked out of the bathroom.

Well the next half hour was about the same with each one of them forcing me to suck their cocks and swallow their cum. I was becoming quite the experienced party hostess, but thing I wanted most, to begin with, I was getting the least of...sniffing socks! By now, I was constantly getting a hard-on, and now I was no longer embarrassed by it. I having gotten off once, I just wanted to get off again, the same way these other clowns got to!

After about five hours of bathroom duty, Master Dennis came in and said, “Your bathroom duty is over and now it’s time for the final festivities.” I followed him out the door remembering to remain on my knees.

It had to be nearly midnight by now, when I saw ten men sitting around in the living room. Five of them were sitting on a three-piece sectional, two in recliners, and the remaining three sat on bar stools on the dining room side of the open kitchen area. They were all types; from the first two consruction guys I met earlier, to a couple of young guys wearing rapper logo t-shirts, cut-offs, white socks, and worn tennis shoes the others I recognized as Barry and Erwin, the twelve inch, suited guy I sucked off, twice, just moments ago and, of course, my neighbor and Master, who had now changed into a tight tank top, blue jeans, and black leather boots.

He proceeded to put a blindfold on me and laid me down on the floor. “Ok, slave,” he said with a boisterous voice, “You'll be the judge of a foot odor contest. You're going to get to smell every guy here's socked feet and decide which are the stinkiest!” he explained. “You will smell one socked foot, from each guy, for no less than three minutes and will recognize it as foot "A", foot "B", and so on,” he continued.

Within seconds, the first foot landed right on my face. The part between the toes and ball was right against my nose. It was a sweet moist smell and felt like cotton. Also there was a leather smell, so I thought it was from a boot. He moved his foot around and I took in the aroma with every ounce of my breath.

The second foot was placed upon my nose, only this time it was the arch part of his foot. I could tell it was a big wide foot because it coved most of my face and his toes were touching the side of my face. It was a foul smell, like he has had the socks on for a few days. At first it took me by surprise, but after I  adjusted my mind and nose to it, it was really very nice.

This continued until five of the ten pairs of feet was placed on my face. After it was over, my master told me to choose the smelliest one. Well, there was no doubt in my mind that it was the second socked foot that was planted on my face. When I told my master that it was foot "B", he removed my blindfold and i saw the person with the rankest socked foot was the guy called, Matt.

“Well congratulations, Matt,” said my master, “You get to have him as your personal foot slave for the next hour. He commanded me to come over and sit down by his feet. He then commanded me to service them non-stop until time was up. I sat there and worshipped his feet for the next hour.

By the time I was done, the rest of the men had their boots and shoes back on and I was instructed to go around and take the boots and shoes off of every guest.

I started with the three men sitting on the bar stools. The first guy had cowboy boots on, so I took his left boot in my hand and began to pull it off. As his boot slowly came off, I saw his white OTC socked foot sliding out. The damp confinement of his boot pressed his sock up against the sole of his foot. I held his boot and took a big sniff inside it; enjoying the smell of cowhide. I then removed his other boot and he placed that foot on my shoulder. I then began to rub my hands all over the other foot, massaging every square inch. I put my fingers in between his toes making sure I rubbed the inside of every toe. Then he placed the foot that was on my shoulder right into my face.

I took about three or four big sniffs and held each breath in as long as I could. I then grabbed his foot and started rubbing my face all around his sole. The stubble from my non-shaven face seemed to excite him as he started pressing down on my face. He then swung around and placed both feet on my face. I continued to enjoy this 'cowboy's' damp, socked feet for a while, and then decided it was time to attend to the next person.

The next guy had black dress shoes and black socks. His shoes were more vinyl than leather. I untied his left shoe and I was able to smell the odor of a hot, smoky scent. I have always liked the kind of smell that came from a non leather dress shoe worn all day. The foot gets hot and sweaty and has a distinct aroma. After taking his other shoe off, I placed both of his black socked feet on my face. I began to rub them, making sure I got my fingers in between the toes, and then pressed down on each toe, feeling them rubbing against my face.

Soon after, I went to the third person. Then, after that third person on the stool, I went to the first person on the recliner.

This rock solid, muscular kid was reclining in the chair with his feet on the stool part. He had on black tennis shoes with white socks. When I removed both tennis shoes, he stretched his legs as if to be happy to have those sneakers off. I began rubbing his feet from heel to the toe.

I then placed my head on the stool and put my face up against the soul of one foot while he placed the other foot on the top of my head. I rubbed it all over my face making sure to get every inch. It was a mild odor and was not damp at all, so I breathed in extra hard to gain a good enough whiff to distinguish it from the others. He then placed his other foot in front of me and I did the same thing.

I continued doing the same thing to each and every guy in the room, including the sweet smelling socks that belonged Erwin.

I was then told that I could go home and get ready for another day. I said, “Thank you sir,” and as I was walking out the door they all cheered and said, “Come back for more!" and "Sucks to be you!"

I left to go downstairs to that nearly empty apartment and lay on my mattress in the middle of the room, reminiscing about the amazing night I just had.


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