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By Raw Recruit 2000


I remember each detail as if it were yesterday; sometimes the memory is more real for me than current reality as I often find myself drifting back while having sex with this or that stranger today.

I was a lean and cute fourteen years old that summer; masses of red and sun-blond hair fell in my eyes and had been sprouting wood in my pants constantly for about a year. After a year of looking at other men's groins and fantasizing about them (and even having real and fantasy crushes on the mailman, the grocery delivery guy and even the cartoon character, Reggie Mantle, from the "Archie" comic book series as well as Ward Cleaver of the "Leave It To Beaver" show) I had just discovered the joys of the "secret " glory-hole in the back of the men's room at the private pool club to which my family belonged; having encountered one of the two college-aged lifeguards there who loved to suck dick and be sucked by a horny teen and who were both happy to begin teaching me the ropes of man to man sex.

One afternoon, I was in the last john with the blond, Abercrombie-looking lifeguard, each of us taking turns sucking the other's big uncut dick (I was huge for my age; nine plus inches, very thick and still growing. I was left uncut like my Dad, a controversial move at the time, as I later discovered; the doctor insisting it was healthier for a boy to be cut. But my Dad had insisted that I not be disfigured, my mother agreeing for reasons of preventing what she perceived as an unnecessary infant trauma).

While we slobbered and gagged on each other, him letting me practice the deep-throat technique he had recently taught me, we heard someone enter the next stall, the stall which men entered to be serviced through the glory-hole. The lifeguard and I held our breath and waited.

Soon, a very big cock, well over 11 inches, snaked it's hooded way through the hole. The lifeguard swooped down on it and took it to the root. He then pulled off and pushed my face toward the big, pre-cum and saliva- shiny schlong.

I was nervous (remember, I was still a kid except for my cock size) but very excited at the same time and proceeded to try out all the new techniques the two lifeguards had been teaching me on this new prick. I drooled, I twisted my head, gagged and finally lodged it in my throat and made swallowing motions, all of which had the man on the other side of the wall banging away at the hole; muttering curses and sighs. After ten minutes of work, I heard him barely whisper that he was going to blow, at which point the lifeguard pulled the cock out of my mouth and we both took the load on our faces and traded off sucking to the root until the monster cock was totally drained.

As the lifeguard and I calmed down from our exciting glory-hole adventure, the man from the next booth exited and went to the sinks to wash up. The lifeguard and I stood up and I peeked through the door crack to see whom we had just serviced when my blood ran cold. In the mirror, I saw my Dad's reflection as he washed his cock and hands at the sink.

If there had been a way to sink into the drain in the tiled floor, I would have followed it out to sea. The lifeguard sensed something was wrong and took a look through the crack in the door and, turning to me, he raised his eyebrows in question, but I just shook all over. Once the man, my Dad, my first real, until a moment before, anonymous, glory-hole cock, had left, the guard quizzed me out loud and when I told him what was wrong, he laughed his ass off. I did not find it so funny and was still shaking, now with anger as well as fear. The lifeguard then took me in his arms and soothed me, whispering softly that it was okay.

Once I calmed down, he dropped the bomb; my father was a regular at the tearoom, and what's more, he was one of the guys in a weekly gay orgy that the lifeguards held after-hours at the pool club for local men (many married) and boys in the area, a group they felt I had been too young for and not ready to join as yet, and so had never told me about it until this moment.

As I listened, I threw another rod, though I had just shot twice in a row while sucking my anonymous/Dad's dick. I proceeded to stand over and violently fuck (to his delight) the lifeguard's face with a fury, drowning him with a load that belied my recent two explosions. I then asked him if he thought I was ready to join in the group fun. I smirked down at him, watching my scum leak from the corner of his handsome face as he gazed up at me and slowly nodded his assent.


Part II

By Raw Recruit 2000

I was hard all night, even after cumming six more times in a row in my bed by flogging my meat. I was a fourteen year old horndog with a man's dick and two ready fuck partners in the form of lifeguards at my parents’ pool club, and now I had just found out, by servicing him through the t-room glory-hole, that my dad was hung like a horse and loved gay sex. The "hard" part was what to do about it? I was still kind of freaked out, even though mad horny, at the thought of my strait-laced dad being queer for dick like I was. He was always so unapproachable, and I could never remember a time when I saw him naked; hell, he worked in the city so often and such long hours, the family hardly ever saw him at all.

The next day, I went on my own to the club and sat with the brunette lifeguard, the one who had not been in the stall with me when I took my first anonymous cock through a glory-hole, which turned out to be the shaft that made me. The guard, of course, knew from the blond lifeguard what had happened. Unlike my blond co-cocksucker, the brunette had more sympathy for my plight about what exactly to do next. It was a given that I would attend the next after-hours orgy at the pool club, but how would my father, let alone all the other dads, single men and college kids who played together react to a fourteen year old showing up and possibly spilling the beans and getting them all in deep trouble? And would I be able to go through with it without chickening out at the last minute and thus showing my lifeguard buddies that I was still a little kid, for all my 9+ fat cock said otherwise.

This lifeguard had been thinking however, and had a plan that would make me comfortable, and allow for any contingency. He suggested that I come back to the club after dinner, but well before the group assembled later in the evening. I could hide out in the club's laundry room, where all the towels were handled, and watch through the door as the group got down to the business of pleasuring each other. If I liked what I saw, and wanted to join in, I could just walk out; if not, I could watch and enjoy and slip out later when they all had left, except for my lifeguard duo, with whom I could then have a private "party". If my dad didn't show up, it would be that much easier. I thought it a simple, but considerate plan and agreed to it. The next group was to meet in two days. I would try to hold onto my loads until then so I could really enjoy the scene.

Two hours without dropping a load is an eternity for a horny teenager, let alone two days. I ran, took cold showers and did so many chores for my mother, she though I was going to hit her up for a major gift or cash. My father even noticed, and he never noticed anything I did. I thought I would die if I didn't shoot off soon, but I held on for the big night.

Finally the day arrived. I was at the pool all day. The lifeguards wouldn't give me the time of day, just smirked or raised an eyebrow occasionally, driving me nuts. When I left at closing, they told me to eat fast and hurry back from home. Once at the table, I inhaled dinner. I noticed that Dad was not home and Mom said he was called to the City on business and wouldn't be back until late. Perfect!, now I could be more relaxed and join in the fun if I wanted without dad knowing yet. The Idea of seeing my Father whore out, while exciting, had also scared me and I wanted to ease into all this. I told Mom I would be out riding my bike and she nodded as the screen door banged against the wall on my way out.

It was twilight when I pulled up at the back entrance of the pool club. I thrust my bike into the bushes, just in case, and softly pushed on the door.

The lights were off in the laundry area, so I stepped carefully as I made my way forward. A door at the other end of the room opened and the brunette lifeguard stood there, totally naked and hard. He saw me, swiftly closing the door and moving forward to pull me into his arms. He whispered to be quiet; it seems the group had started early and he had been checking so I would not stumble in on them by accident and spoil the group's momentum. He slowly stripped me and whispered how hot I was and that this night would change me forever, no matter what I decided to actually do. I was to see things no one talked about but many men did on the sly. I almost shot thinking about what he said. Once stripped, he maneuvered me to the doorway and opened it a crack, standing behind me and rubbing his thick cock in my ass crack as he held me and looked in over my shoulder.

At first, it was hard to make out exactly what I was seeing; so many arms and hairy legs and heads and torsos. Crew cuts, flat tops, carefully groomed business cuts and shaggy college mops all twisting and turning with lust and need and abandon. The lifeguards had arranged mats to cover the entire floor, as well as pulling locker benches and massage tables into the big general purpose room so the men were able to get into all kinds of positions and couplings/groupings.
The light was low, but I began to clearly see the action. Men who were the dads of kids I knew, and even went to school with, were sucking each others cocks, or had a younger college guy ramming their asses or riding their cocks while others shot loads onto the college kids faces. The room was a mass of sweaty, gleaming flesh. One young guy was crouched on a massage table while men took turns licking his butt, urging each other to scoop out the cum already inside the guy so they could then share it in a three-way kiss. I was so excited, I shot against the inside of the door, well over my head, and stayed rock hard, as my lifeguard laughed softly and played with my hole with greasy fingers.

I continued to look on and soon focused on a group down on the mats on the floor. A man was avidly sucking a very large cock on an older teenager, though he was probably no more than sixteen or seventeen. I knew that the kid had already cum once in the man's mouth since the man fucking the cocksucker was verbalizing all the action and giving raunchy instructions. He was black - the pool club's janitor- and it was a novelty to see a black man in my lily-white suburb, and certainly not one who was undressed and hard. He was plunging his black cock all the way in and then pulling all the way out of the cocksucker's ass; I could see the rectum convulse closed each time the janitor pulled out. After one particularly brutal thrust, the black cock snapped out and the fuckee/sucker looked over his shoulder and shouted, "Keep that big, black dick in me!"

It was my Dad! He wasn't in the city, he was in the middle of the scene, in fact, the star attraction, judging from the lewd encouragement he was getting from the roomful of horny men. Dad was thrusting back to prevent the janitor's cock from pulling out, even as he sucked another load out of the muscular teenager, the kid almost pivoting on his cock in Dad's mouth while his whole body writhed in delight. Soon, the boy pulled his slimy dick out of Dad's mouth, to leave room for my blond lifeguard to slip his cock in and ride my Daddy's cum-filled mouth.

I was breathing rapidly through all this and my brunette lifeguard was slowly easing me into the room as I stayed focused on the male whore that was my own Father. Men and boys looked appraisingly at me, but with no real surprise as I was slowly moved to where my Dad was performing. The lifeguard whispered in the janitor's ear, even as the male was shooting his sperm into my Dad's hole. The janitor quickly pulled himself together and pulled slowly out, as I was placed on my knees and pushed forward to quickly fill the void of my father's fuck-hole. Dad had no clue what was happening as I rammed into him, my fuck instinct overpowering all other urges and inhibitions. The other guys in the room slowly got up and circled around us, sensing the importance of this situation. I came hard into Dad and still stayed erect, pumping madly into him pushing at all the loads already in his hole. I was winded however, and lay on Dad's back as I humped him, slightly less urgently than a moment ago.

The blond still lodged in Dad's throat slowly pulled out and slapped his cock onto Dad’s shoulder in silent invitation. I had to have it and leaned in to suck. Dad turned slightly to see, who he thought was the janitor, swallow the blond lifeguard, only to realize it was his son sucking the prick covered in his own saliva and throat mucus.

The men crowded tightly in now, hanging over us as Dad bellowed in ...surprise, joy, fear, anguish, lust... all the emotions as he simultaneously unloaded into a younger boy's mouth, the boy having remained hidden from my view under all those bodies as he had gently suckled Dad all along while Dad had been, and was still, getting it at both ends.

We each slowly disengaged from the other so Dad could look directly at me. He looked searchingly at me as I shyly smiled, flushing scarlet, suddenly embarrassed despite the wantonness of the situation, still just a little boy, his little boy, and he held me without speaking and then, softly kissed me. At that moment, the men crouched over us all started to shoot onto the two of us. Dad pulled back to allow cum splats to hit our faces, and then we kissed again, sharing the loads as we continued to be drenched and the group massaged the ejaculate into our skin and hair. My two lifeguards kissed us both and licked our faces clean of any remaining scum as the rest of the group slowly drifted away, leaving Dad and me to cuddle with our two "lifeguards"...




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