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One day I saw a picture that looked so real it was amazing, then I discovered it was actually a 3D render. I began my search online for anything 3D and found Daz 3D! Ever since then I have been working in the 3D art field, just sort of as a hobby for now. I know I have so much more to learn, but I have never found anything more enjoyable to learn.

Since I am gay, I have gotten into erotic male 3D art! But not just any 3D art, simply showing the act of male sex, but art that tells a story.

I personally believe in real love, tenderness, kindness, loyalty, commitment and all the good things about being in love. But at the same time, it's okay to love the cock! Now everyone has heard of "cock worship", but I'm saying love, not worship, and I think there is a difference. Worship calls for rites to an idol or sacred object, while adoration simply calls for love and deep devotion. Personally, I'd rather softly touch, admire, kiss, caress, and make love to a beautiful cock, than take a knee and bow down to it.... but that's just me.....and I'm doing my best to make my art reflect that.











Twins: Taking Care of My Brother

(Love those socks!)


Touched by an Angel


Chad - Portrait



The Mirror



Cock Adoration



Socks and Jocks

(Created especially for Daddy)




Photoshoot: Dylan & Zephyr



Some can and some can't!


Frank and Stein's Gay Creation

...as they pondered how to shock it so they could wake it up and play with it.



A Stolen Touch



Time to Play



Time to Relax



Party Ship



Wake Up Call







Jasper belongs to his master, a very old Romanian vampire who fell in love with him and turned him at the age of twenty-three. Although not nearly as old as his master, Jasper has been around for about two hundred years. His maker turned him when he was accused of murder in his country and was sentenced to hang. Although innocent, the local authorities refused to believe any evidence of his innocence and he was destined to die for a crime he did not commit.

On the eve of his hanging, knowing he didn't want to live without him, his lover, posing as a priest, sneaked into his prison cell and turned him. Therefore he appeared to be dead and was confirmed so by a physician after his hanging. Buried in an unmarked grave in a cemetery for criminals, his master and lover retrieved him from the ground and secretly took him out of the country.



Boy Culture



White Leather



Sword Fighting Practice



Despite Your Heat

I've never done a very serious piece before, so I thought it was about time! :-)

This is a depiction of the naked burning hate we get from much of the government, religious and social sects as the gay community, while they attack our own human desires and exposures. The smoke rising from the shoulder represents the burning chip many of them carry, as they scream rhetoric from their own proverbial closets. We will not remain afraid and on our knees, but continue to hold a poise to stand up, about-face and combat the flames.



Hey Guys! Wanna Play?



Nafian - Selfie








Wrestling Practice


Dancing By Myself

"When you're alone in a dark warehouse in space, sometimes you just feel like stripping down to your spacejock and breaking out in dance!" ~ Nafian



Beach Boy Love



Good Morning, Sunshine!


He Said, "Yes"!


Story by Nafian

Caithan Visits Uncle Max


Caithan loves visiting his nudist uncle Max at his Tuscan style villa on the coast. Max met him on the driveway as usual, wearing nothing but a big smile and a welcome, "You're home! Relax, get naked and I'll make you a drink!" One of the best parts about visiting Max is he knows all the local boys, and throws the best parties!

Caithan got settled in with his suitcases in his room, got naked and met Max on the patio for a drink. Caithan's uncle Max was the first person he had ever came out to, and Max did his best to make him feel comfortable in who he was. Max had even talked to his mother about it and encouraged her to except him for who he was, not fight against it. Max and Caithan shared a special bond between them. With all that, still the sight of his hot uncle made him rather excited and he couldn't help getting a little hard, looking at Max's tight nude body. Caithan thought Max was not only the best, but the sexiest uncle anyone could ask for. Max knew it too which made him get a little hard as well. Caithan laughed and joked with his uncle and sipped his drink, knowing what was going to eventually happen, because it always did when he came to stay with Max for two weeks in the summer, it was almost a ritual ever since Caithan had turned 18. They would have a few drinks, get a little tipsy, go for a naked swim and then fuck like rabbits in heat. Sometimes the houseboy Pablo would join in, but for the most part, Max was rather protective and stingy when it came to Caithan. What Caithan didn't know however, was the question Max had planned to ask him during this visit.

...to be continued



Dark Shadows




Battle Stance


Steampunk Sex II


Wanna Touch My Hammer?


After Work Play

Jasper likes to work and play in the community as anyone else, even though he belongs to his vampire master Lucian. He met Caithan on the job and after work was invited to the roof of his apartment building for a beer and to relax. Of course Jasper had other plans as he unzipped his shorts to expose his tenting bulge. Caithan just smiled and didn't resist him as he unzipped his shorts as well and let them drop to the ground, massaging his growing hardness. Jasper pondered if he should drink him and turn him during their fun together, he wasn't sure if he could resist.....


Dark Seraph


Boy's Club


Native I & II

Three days after Wyoming was granted statehood (July 10, 1890), Willie Cockrin met with the newly appointed Chief Hunglikehorse, of the all male Sho-me-urs tribe on the border where their lands met.

Willie owned almost a quarter of the state, a huge cattle ranch and wanted peace with the Sho-me-urs tribe to end the fight over the water shared by both their lands. They signed an unwritten peace agreement with one another by a Sho-me-urs handshake and sealed it with a manhood kiss.

Hunglikehorse's stallion Thunderfuck showed his approval. Rumor has it that Hunglikehorse and Willie quickly became fuck buddies.

Try finding that one in the history books!


I don't know...I've often wondered about Tonto and the Lone Ranger!



Lucian and Jasper were taking a walk on the beach. Jasper loved to see his master smile, it made him hard. Seeing the man he was so in love with smile, made him feel so happy, because he knew his master was happy. This is why Jasper refused to believe they were "cursed" as vampires, because how could anyone cursed be so in love and happy? Their happiness was about to be upset in a way they never dreamed...




Truth or Dare


Guy Watching


Sports We'd Like to See!

Director's Interview


Future Sell


Yes, Sir!


Cradle My Baby


Public Fallout


While You're Down There




Boomer: Selfie


You Swoon Me!


I Kiss Guys! Get Over It!


Pool Love





Cock and Socks


Parade Rest


Lazy Afternoon


Secret Inspection

Josh (squatting) walked past his dad’s bedroom door and glanced in, then stopped and called Jake to come look at how hot their dad is, as they quietly sneaked into his room to check out his hot ass and big cock.


Seeing his dad like this began to make Jake pretty hard.


Neither had ever seen him naked before. They knew their dad was gay, but they had never told him they were too, at 19 years old now, maybe it was time. He probably already knew anyway...


Dad: I can hear you two whispering over there.


Josh: Shit! Umm...errr. dad, umm.... we thought...


Dad: I know, you thought I was asleep. Look, don't sweat it kiddo, I know all about you two and that you have been messing around with one another for quite awhile. So if you want to inspect your dad, get over here and do it right. I expect lips and tongues too...heh, heh


Jake: Uhhh...ummmm....for real dad!?


Jake: Damn dad you're big!
Josh: Nice balls too!
Dad: Ahhh, yeaaah! Thanks boys, inspect me real good.
Jake: I can't believe...
Josh: I know.
Dad: This big sucker is what created you both, it's the origin of your existence, your heritage. It's all yours my boys...


Lost I & II


Fatty, Fatty 2 X 4




Anonymous Gift




Hard at Work


Lazy Day


What's In Your Basement?




Twice Shy


Tyler Angel


Do You Wanna?


The Gymnast


Lockerroom Banter


Bounty Hunter 2110


Three Centuries


Hard at the Beach


Catching the Breeze


Rock Hard Cafe


When I Think of You, I Touch Myself


Daddy Muscle Bear


Don't Look Down


Morning Ritual










Night Moves




Raw Talent


Say Again?


Tank Boy


The Hottie Next Door


Tiberius Reloaded


Boy Party


Sharing the Moonlight


A Gift for the Prince


Fantasy Contest 2015 - Under His Spell


Cock Pride in the Hood


Nathan - My Sexy New Stud


Boys of the Wood


Bear in the Woods


The Driver


Courtyard Fun


A Golden Find

And they said gramps was crazy...if this doesn't make you cum, nothing will!

Jason was feeling a little horny anyway, so he stripped off his clothes and decided to walk through gramps old mine naked. He figured he would need to pull one off sooner or later. But what did he come across, something everyone said gramps was crazy for believing in... he didn't need to pull one off, it just...came.


Hood Ornament



Ads We'd Like to See


Dante's Desire


Oops! Pardon Me!


Vampire Love


A Single Tear of Happiness


Call Me


Under the Bridge


Taste Test


Haunted Hotel


A Shot in the Arm


Pool Boys




The Waiting Room


In Space


The Gate Keeper


The Winner

Mike: Congratulations Nigel on winning this year's Pantless 500! Looks like you're pretty excited there!

Nigel: Yes Mike, you're right, I'm very excited.... in fact, maybe you should stand back a couple more feet!

Mike: Not a problem Nigel, I'll just lick it off my shirt and spoon it off my chest with my finger, I might even make your fans jealous!


Evening Shade

With Liberty and Justice for All




Wish You Were Here


So, Kiss Me!


A Lazy Day


Commission for a Friend


Camera Shy


Another Commission




Thriller Night


Martinis By The Pool


Broke Down


Boy Time


MJ's Has More




Cigarette Break I & II


The Absolutely Gay Duo








Happy B'Day to Me!


The Falls


The Blue Bolt


Just a Quick Peek


Just a Quick Taste


Just a Quick Three-way


Anniversary Surprise


Jack, the Giant Jerker


Happy Holidays


Mirror Light Play


Walk About With Your Cock Out


Buddies Are Forever


Ready for Your Gift?


Country Boy Flirt


Standing Sixty-Nine


Mr. Vic in Action


Happy New Year - Kick One Up!


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