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No Other Way

By Alex

I skipped a bunch of classes to spend lot of the time with a great family friend, Mark.

Mark was cool, a bachelor, who loved to play sports and taught me to use heavy machinery when my parents had stuff to do. He was a solid, older brother, kind of figure.

“Hey bud, I forgot you were coming over today, hang out in the kitchen and I’ll be a minute, then we can get going,” Mark said, as he held up his unbuttoned wrangler jeans and slithered his arm through his t-shirt sleeve while welcoming me at the door.

I dropped my book bag on the kitchen tile, pulled out the barstool and took a seat while I heard Mark upstairs mumbling to someone, this time the voice was a little… different?

It was often I’d show up on a weekend or weekday morning with last night’s tryst still finding her way out of the house. I had seen countless breasts, asses that I shouldn’t have seen, but a teenage boy? Who wouldn’t have loved it! They would find their way out and he’d laugh it off and tell me how I’d understand one day, and we’d go about our day.

This time... the voice was different. I didn’t hear the light, feminine breaths of a sexually exhausted woman. I heard Mark, his deep voice trying to conceal itself and a low grumble replying, too low to understand sitting in the kitchen below. So confused I waited.

Then, two feet hit the floor next to Mark’s, and they firmly tread across the room above, with a bathroom door then gently clicking shut. A few seconds go by, and a light rustle, an easy, relieving sign, and two gentle feet hit the floor.

“Two people in the bed?” I’m thinking.

“Mark, where did....” a young male’s voice begins, only to be shuttered by a sharp shush, “A friend is waiting downstairs. Please try and be quiet, I need to clean up. Do not go downstairs.”

As I hear Mark turn towards the bathroom, the door again opens and the man returns to the area above me.

“Why does mark have two other men upstairs with him this morning? This is a little weird,” I think as I start to stand up and pick up my bag. The stairs begin to creek, clearly someone is coming down. Expecting Mark to turn the corner of the stairway, I step out from the kitchen, only to meet a man I had never seen before. He was only slightly taller than me, older, but easily twice as wide in pure muscle. A short, buzzed haircut and a short beard, a thin gold chain hung over his bare, bulging chest. His eyes met mine, as I raised my hand to shake his. He placed both on mine, smiled, and asked my name.

“My name is Alex, are you Mark’s friend?”

As the man laughed and began to reply, Mark ran down the stairs with an uncomfortable look on his face, “Oh yeah, Alex this is my friend, Jon, he works in the city and stays here when he has work out this way. His uh, assistant, Beni, you’ll meet too. They were just getting ready to head out, actually.”

“Well Mark, it seems Alex just got here and we were not quite finished with our work— Beni! Come on down here will you Jon? as Mark said”

I put my bag back down, looking at Jon’s light blue eyes. I’d felt a lump in my chest, flutters in my stomach, and a warm, hot rush of nerves fly through my balls... Mark turns to greet Beni, who steps from the last step of the stairs completely nude; his slim, hairless body quietly moved through the air, right to me. Not a word, he looked me up and down, smiled at Jon, at Mark, asked for my name but before I could reply, grabbed onto my penis. I didn’t realize I had started to become hard with his firm grip and soft hands lightly rubbed me. He let go, only to reveal my erection through my gym shorts.

Mark began to apologize over and over, but I couldn’t make out much of what he was saying, “I never intended...” and, “It’s not really like this. I’m not gay I...”

As Beni took my right hand, Jon took my left. I took a deep breath and felt the most relaxed, the most comfortable I had ever felt before, and said, “It’s okay Mark. Please don’t apologize, I’m very happy with this.” As I followed the two up the stairs, Mark trailed with his hand on my lower back.

We reach the sprawling upstairs, his bachelor pad with the oversized floor mattress, low lying couch and speakers. Beni retreats to the bed, shuffling the sheets to lay back, inviting me to join him. Jon and Mark begin to undress me as I lower myself to the bed, looking into Jon’s and Mark’s eyes, I felt free. My pants drop to the floor, my hard penis springing up to the pleased looks of all three men.

Beni pulls me back with him, lightly touching me and Jon and Mark kiss each other; pants drop to the floor.

The two men, larger, stronger, more masculine of the four of us, joined us in the bed. Mark pulling Beni toward him by the legs, Jon, directing me to my stomach, reaches his hands below me, and gently pulls my penis from beneath me, so that I lay flat, and he can touch while on his knees next to me.

I see Beni with Mark’s hard, vein ridden penis deep in his mouth, without hesitation I latch onto Jon, whose rock hard penis is mere centimeters from my face as I lay next to where he kneels. Knowing I never sucked on a man before, I slowly lick him. Telling myself to be gentle and suck him like I would like to be sucked. I bob my head up and down, staring at his hands pinching his nipples as my tongue swishes over his large head. I continue, and feel his strong hands slide toward my bottom. He gently massages me as I gasp for air with his cock filling my mouth. Trying to control my breath through my nose, I hear Mark commend me, “Beautiful Alex. Jon really likes that, that is beautiful, boy.”

I continue, grabbing onto Jon’s big, sagging balls, gently rubbing them together as I feel my ass spread open and a wet, warm finger slowly sliding into my tight asshole.

With Jon’s cock in my mouth, I let out a long, high pitched whimper that caught the attention of all three men. The look of happiness as Beni turned himself to his back, reached down and spread his asshole for Mark, pushed me to arch my ass up into Jon’s finger, forcing it deeper as I positioned my body. As I felt him slowly remove his finger, he turned my head to transfer his bright red, rock hard massive penis to my small, wet asshole. In the moments between, I felt a wave of love, happiness, fantasy, and then a joyfully painful pressure as I felt his big, daddy cock start to penetrate me.

I moaned as he slowly pushed deeper, Beni holding my arm, Mark with a hand on my right ass cheek as I flinched from the initial pain, and then, as if it never hurt and as if I was meant to house daddy’s large, hard cock, the pain dissipated. My eyes shot wide open, my hands gripped the bed, I turned my head toward Mark and Beni, and they smiled as my body bounced forward and backward. Jon’s smooth pelvis crashing against my plump ass cheeks, his balls swinging forward and slapping my thighs.

I watched Mark and Beni change positions, and when I turned back to see if Jon was interested, I was met with the most beautiful look. His chiseled face with his short grey beard, beads of sweat trickling off of his forehead. His strong chest, pumping and sweating. Big hands gripping my thin waist, his mouth began to open, a strong, loud groan! “I’m gonna fucking cum! Daddy is gonna cum for you baby boy!! Ahhhhh!!!!”

As he forced himself into me, I felt the hot, stream after stream after stream of his beautiful cum splashing throughout my hole, verbal applaud and praise and sensual sighs from Beni and Mark. Jon bent close to me, still pumping cum from his huge cock, thanking me, reaching around to touch my penis.

As he slowly pulled out of me, I felt the flood of cum start to flow from me, the most magical tingle I had felt, his strong hand quickly stroking my hard penis, my hands gripping the sheets, knees pushing down and toes curling. The hot cum began rolling from my pulsing asshole, down my balls, as I had cum the hardest I had ever done, crying with pleasure as my ropes of cum hit the bed, Mark and Beni kissing as Beni finishes all over Mark’s stomach.

I fell flat on my face, laying in my own cum. Beni kissing me, Jon over me, admiring me, and Mark on the edge of the bed beginning to clean me off. I thought to myself, I wouldn’t have wanted it 'no other way'.





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