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From Santa with Love

By George Edington

Illustration by Roscoe

Badpuppy January 2001 (Badpuppy Number 8)


I was driving to work and it was snowing -- hitting my windshield and melting on the hood- when I saw Santa Claus at a bus stop: fat belly and red suit and white whiskers down to his chest. I knew the buses had stopped running, so I stopped the car, opened the window and yelled, "Where you headed, Santa? Maybe I can give you a lift." He jumped into the car and said "Ormont's Department Store. It's Christmas Eve and this is my last day."

I laughed and said, "I have to pass the store." We exchanged names. He was Craig, and I gave him my name, Harold Darvey. We talked about the weather. As we drove-at a leisurely 10 miles an hour-he said, "Hey, what do you want for Christmas?"

I smiled, "It doesn't come tied with a ribbon. I'd like a little love." We had reached the department store, but all he said as he got out was "Ho ho ho."

I shrugged and drove to my office. I run a construction company, but nothing was going on outdoors, so I did paper work and wrote long overdue letters.

I went home early, took a shower, ate dinner, and then about 7:30, my doorbell rang; I answered it. A blue eyed young man was standing there, wearing one of those Norwegian sweaters showing off a broad and deep chest. He pulled off his ski cap and blond hair tumbled out. He smiled a great smile. He had lean cheeks and chiseled lips and sparkling white teeth. I said "Yes, what is it?" a little sharply; I thought he must be selling something.

The smile became a broad grin. He said, "You don't remember me. I'm Santa Claus-Craig that is. You gave me a lift this morning. The store closed early and here I am."

I said, “Oh!" and I stepped aside to let him in. He turned and said, "I brought your Christmas present. Sorry I couldn't wrap it with a big red ribbon."

I said "Huh?" and he laughed and said "Namely me. You said you wanted a little love and I got bags of it."

I said, bewildered, "How did you know... uh... that I... ?

He looked around my living room and sat down. "That hungry look in your eye. Or just say that one of my elves told me. And your address is in the phone book."

I asked if I could get him some coffee. I went and made some. It only took an instant. Then I came back to the living room and he had taken off the sweater. He was wearing a tight T-shirt and my heart skipped a beat. Big muscles but looking hard as stone, these strong arms with each muscle made to be displayed. I caught my breath and as he reached for the coffee, he said, "My, what big eyes you have. You’ve never seen Santa Claus out of his Santa drag before?"

I sat down with my cuppa coffee and laughed. "I didn't think I was being that obvious."

He smiled again and said softly, "Since you seemed to be eating me with your eyes. How about eating me with your lips and tongue?" And he patted his bulging crotch. He added "Let's finish the coffee first."

So we drank the coffee and I really looked at him, that hard square jaw, the strong neck, the nipples pushing against the cloth of his T-shirt. He smiled every time he caught me looking.

I gulped the coffee, set down the empty cup, and stood up. He stood up too and almost with a single move got his T-shirt off. He looked at me and said "Strip."

I stripped without looking at what I was doing because I was drinking in that hairless chest with the square, "cut," pectorals and the hard abs. I watched as he got out of his jeans and boots and then stood for a moment just in his tight white briefs with a big, thick cock bulging the cloth. He reached down and pushed the briefs down. He couldn't make a move that wasn't graceful and athletic. And there was this nest of blond pubic hair and that heavy uncut cock, all pink and soft but starting to lengthen and get stiff.

He said, "Harold, you look like an athlete with that hard strong body. You wanna show me if your tongue and lips are just as strong? Come on, boy, chow down on Santa's big cock."

I didn't need a second invitation. I was on my knees in front of him, one arm clasped around his legs and the other hand holding his cock, which had become this long piece of throbbing flesh. I opened my mouth wide and wanted to die with just the pleasure of having part of him inside me, feeling that satiny smooth head against my tongue and palate.

He rubbed my hair with his hands and thrust his hips forward so his cock pushed down my throat. He said, "Man, you do that so good!" I sucked harder. He said in a whisper, "Is your ass as hot as your mouth?"

I let go of his cock to say, "It sure is, why don't you try it?"

He said, "Lie down on the floor." I was disappointed that I wasn't going to taste his load, but I did what he suggested. I put a cushion under me, sticking my muscular ass -- I got a cute ass and I know it -- up in the air. He grabbed his jeans, reached in a pocket and came up with a tube of KY and a condom and quick as a fox, he had his lubed and sheathed cock up my eager ass.

I gasped with that first thrust, which sent a wave of feeling up through my body and then I just lay there and let the back and forth motion of his cock send thrills and chills into my asshole and into my brain.

"Oh Santa... Santa baby, fuck my hot ass. Yeah, give me your cock! Oh come on, shoot your hot load up my chimney, you hot Reindeer-riding fucker!" I moaned and urged him on his way, I wanted it to go on forever, but it built up to a high point and I felt him tense up, flop down on top of me and shoot his load. It felt like molten lava, even through the condom.

He pulled out, whipped off the rubber and threw it on the floor. I turned over and at his direction, jerked myself off while he watched, just fingering his limp cock which, after a minute or two started to get hard again. As I shot my load, his cock was waving in the breeze, hard and hot. He lay down beside me and said "OK, Harold, give me a blow job but this time don't stop until I blow a load."

I got over him. My asshole had that nice I-been-fucked feeling and I took his cock again and smothered it with my hot mouth. This time he let me do all the work, sliding my lips down the shaft and trying to swallow that big prick. I ran my tongue around the head. I licked it, I kissed it without breaking the rhythm of my steady suck. Then he gasped "Here it is, boy," and a hot load of come shot into my mouth and down my throat.

When I could speak, I looked up and said, "Santa, that was some present!"

He lay down beside me, smiling but saying nothing. Finally I sat up. I said, "OK, now what? Back to the North Pole?" He laughed and said, "I'm a graduate student in engineering at the University. I have all of Christmas vacation and nowhere to spend it. You want me to hang around until New Year's?" I sat up and looked into those blue eyes. I said, "I want you to hang around forever."

He grinned that gorgeous grin and pulled me down to him and we kissed. He said, "Maybe that can be arranged too."

I said a heartfelt, "Thank you Santa. You made all my Christmas wishes come true."


The End 



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