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By Casey

***A reminder that "Learning to Serve a Sox Master" is copyrighted and has been printed here by permission of the author, Casey. The author may be contacted by email at the address shown at the end of the story.  "Learning to Serve a Sox Master" may not be used, edited or altered, directly or indirectly, in part or in whole, for any commercial purposes without express permission from the author.

 The content is adult, sexual reading material which is primarily homoerotic in nature, contains particular sexual fetishes and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The author takes no responsibility for illegal accessing of this material to minors. All characters are fictional and any similarities of names or personalities with real persons are purely coincidental. Today, things being what they are, the author neither approves nor condones unsafe sex. ~ Daddy

I must admit the weekend turned out to be something I never expected and everything I needed. I was just getting over a relationship, well trying to get over it. My partner seemed to have everything, youth, a hot body, keen mind, funny. Our relationship was perfect on paper, but we both knew something was missing. I just didn't know what. After two months of sitting around feeling sorry for myself my friend Joe suggested I get out of town and take a break. He suggested I visit a friend of his who lives on a farm - it would be a great way to get out of the city. Now Joe has known me forever, he probably knows me better than anyone, even myself. Joe felt his friend Calvin was someone I would relate to, if I kept an open mind.


 So there I was driving out of town, looking forward to a week of relative solitude. Calvin seemed like a pretty down to earth guy, at least over the phone. He told me his son Mike would be there for the weekend also and he thought we'd get along just fine. Well the directions were perfect and good thing they were, Calvin lived in the middle of nowhere. His farmhouse was rustic to say the least, but the yard was neat and the house and barn were set deep within thick wood that seemed to cut the place off from the outside world.


As I got out of the car a rugged looking man, about fifty, came out of the barn. He was not what you called handsome but muscular, about 5'10'' with a little extra around the waist. He never took his eyes off me and I found myself looking down. "You must be Casey, I'm Calvin but folks on the farm call me Pops. Don't have me be correcting you boy, I'm Pops this weekend - got it". The response that came naturally was "Yes, Sir" - even though Calvin was only ten years my senior.


"Now you get in the house and have that boy of mine find you some clothes, them city clothes will never do here." Inside I met Mike. While I was expecting to see a young man, Mike was about thirty-five and seemed to bare no resemblance to his "Pops". Mike had dark hair, a goatee like mine, 6'3'' and thin. He brought me into the only bedroom in the house - and I use the term bedroom rather loosely. The room was plain and in the middle a large box was constructed which help support two king size mattresses. Mike open some draws and told me to strip down and suggested I put on the flannel shirt and shorts he selected. When I started to put the shorts on Mike laughed "If Pops catches you in them fancy underwear he'll never let you live it down, here on his farm we go natural like". Feeling way too self-conscious I stripped and put on the shorts selected for me, the ones with rips in the most inconvenient places.


 "Boys get your asses in here". Following Mike's lead we made for the kitchen where Pops had prepared eggs, bacon and toast. After filling up on a great meal and answering lots of Pops' questions, he said it was time for us to do some work - "but before you leave I want you two to take your vitamins, in fact you'd better take 2". Pops opened a vial and dispensed two each. It seemed a little weird but Mike gobbled his down so I followed along. It was getting on 10 AM and Mike and I spent the next 7 hours hauling dead trees out of the woods and cutting firewood. Mike stripped down to his shorts for most of the day and his hard body was making it hard to concentrate on my work. He seems to appreciate my silent admiration and took every chance to pat me on the back, or brush next to me - but with his Dad around I figured I'd better be on my best behavior.


 When we got back to the house it was obvious Pops had been working on the yard and he was glistening with perspiration as he put his tools away. "I saw what you've done, great job boys. Now bring in some firewood for this evening and I'll get you a snack". When we did as we were told, Pops fixed us some brownies and milk. I didn't eat up right away because my stomach had been feeling funny for the past hour or so. "Never you mind that Casey, you eat up". Pops seemed only half kidding when he watched both of us eat every morsel on our plate. He then insisted I have an extra portion. It tasted great after all the hard work but did nothing for the growing grumbling in my stomach. I looked over at Mike and he was looking as uncomfortable as I was.


 "Pops, I think those vitamins are a bother'n my stomach again," said Mike. Pops turned to me, "You don't look so good either, boy". I don't want you making a mess in here so run out and use the toilets in the barn. I'll be out to attend to you shortly." Mike and I did not have to be told twice, we made for the barn as fast as we could. In the back there was an old outhouse off a side room that had two stalls. Mike ripped off his shorts and I followed suit and both proceeded to relieve ourselves. I sat there for a good while, I'm not sure how long. My arms and legs felt so heavy. I could hear Pops calling from the other room then realized Mike was helping me out of the outhouse.


 "Pops, I'm feelin' real good, can't imagine how he's doin' after that extra brownie," said Mike as he began to take my shirt off. The world was in slow motion but I caught every detail of the room we were in. It was more of an old horse stall with a concrete floor and a drain in the center.


"Time you boys got cleaned up." I heard the water running and turned to see Pops with a hose in his hand. He began to spray us with water and Mike and I both started giggling. The water was surprisingly warm and Pops laughed as he teased us with the sprayer. Mike then produced two bars of soap but instead of lathering himself, he began to wash me. He was so playful I could not help but return the favor. I was so stoned that it was not until he got to my cock that I realized how hard I was. I also noticed Mike was in a similar state.


 "Mike, bring the boy over to the table so I can finish cleaning him." I was led over to a waist high padded table that I was bent over on. Before I realize it, leather restraints were around my wrists pinning my arms to the table, then my legs were secured to the table legs. Despite my stupor, I was scared about where things were going. Sensing my nervousness, Mike climbed up on the table and began stroking my hair.


"It's OK. Pops is just making sure his boys are good and clean. My turn is next and look I'm not scared." If Mike was scared he sure wasn't showing it. In fact his 7' hard dick was right in front of my face. He could tell I was looking at it. "Yeah Casey, my dick is a nice one ain't it. You concentrate on it and everything will be fine."


 As Mike was calming me I could feel Pops trickle water over my ass checks. He massaged my cheeks with soap and began to lather my ass crack. Not being a bottom, I jumped when he rubbed my anus and gently opened my hole with his soapy fingers. Lulled by the gentleness of his approach, I was caught off guard when the hose nozzle was pressed firmly on my sphincter. I tried to wriggle free but Mike held me firm as Pops allowed more and more water to enter my hole. Finally, he relented and I was released to empty my bowels. When I returned from the outhouse, Mike was voluntarily taking his turn at the hose. When we both were done, we washed up yet again. Only then did Pops give us permission to return to the house - naked - but clean inside and out!


 Pops built a fire in the den while Mike and I heated some soup and cut some fresh bread for dinner. I was still stoned but was more with it. We sat in front of the fire, Pops in his big easy chair and his boys at his feet. Pops and Mike talked about me as if I wasn't there.


 "Looks like he's as mellow as all get out. Your friend was right, he seems very receptive and I think he would make a great brother, Pops."


 "Let's see how he does tonight boy, but so far he's doing fine - aren't you Casey?" I looked up at Pops' gray-blue eyes as he stared back down at me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mike taking off Pops' boots and saw him bury his face in Pops' thick work socks. "Take them off Mike, it is time your brother got to enjoy the smell of Daddy's sweaty socks." With his eyes still locked on mine, Pops brought his pungent socks to my face and covered my mouth and nose with the damp material. "Breath boy, take in the aroma."


 I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. The smell was so manly; I was dizzy with the sensation. I must admit I have always had a secret fetish for a hot man's socks, always checking out guys in white socks, especially. I was always too embarrassed to act on it, in fact I  had only told one person - Joe - the guy who sent me here. Before I had time to process this, I realized I was being placed on the ground and Pops was running his other socked foot over my naked body. As Pops stroked my nipples with his socked foot, Mike raised my legs and I moaned loudly when he began to tongue my anus. Pops kept my noise to a minimum by sticking the big toe from this naked foot into my mouth.


 After an incredible rimming by Mike, it was my turn to tease his asshole with my tongue. Pops then produced two, small, butt plugs that he inserted into our holes. Mike and I were then allowed to smell and lick Pops' socks, Mike on the right foot and I got the left. Since Pops had not showered with us, he had us lick the sweat and musk off starting with his feet and working up. By now Pops had his hard dick out and was stroking it as his boys continued to play with his socks and feet. Then my new brother Mike showed me how to suck Pops' cock and we made him so hard he took us into his bedroom and showed us how much better his dick feels compared to those butt plugs. To my delight, Pops put a whole bunch of his dirty smelly socks in the bed, so that when our asses where in the air being fucked, our faces were buried in the rich aroma of his socked feet.


 Needless to say, the weekend took my mind off the city. I gave my all to Pops, trying hard to please him. He gave me his socked feet - a treasure I had finally realized. We've had many more sessions where I have learned to serve Pops and he continues to increase my limits, as well as my pleasure. Now every weekend I'm back with my family, Pops and Mike. In fact, I'm ready to take Pops up on his offer to have me come live with him permanently!


The End


Casey is 43, 5', 11", Size 11 foot. "I'm into white or thick work socks. I live in the Midwest and I'm looking for a sock master to serve.  Send email to ftguyindy@sbcglobal.net

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