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By Ranger


Wayne combined stroking his circumcised cock with socks. He felt great when he covered his cock with a sock, stroked and pumped the spurt into the sock. After that he crushed to the sock so that the spurt covered the sock. Bliss was when his cock was primed for a second round.


Garrick socks filled the bill for an extended stroke session. His cock responded to the sports range which included both wool and cotton. His ongoing stroke sessions were so convincing he invested in the Garrick sock company. As the major shareholder he took an active interest in the sales and marketing. Sock sales had to be increased. An untapped market was men like him who stroked into their socks. His job was to persuade these men to try and buy Garrick socks.


The magazines STROKE and DRUMMER were no longer published. A fellow stroker created a webpage showing a cock lusting after a woolen Garrick sock. It was a nice try which attracted few hits. Another stroker who had marketing pretensions suggested a competition coupon to be placed beside Garrick socks on retail sale.


Attention: Customers who buy male Garrick socks.

Express Interest in a Stroke Night.

Reply post paid. Sock prizes.

Tell us in twenty five words why you like stroking with Garrick socks.

Contact details please.


Harley responded in the first week. “I may be dumb but my cock shoots into your woolen socks. Please invite me to your Stroke Night.” That was the sole response in the first week. Week Two: Five responses including “Wait until you see my big cock spurting into your socks.” Week Three: Twenty responses including “At last! A Stroke Night. I want to see naked men whose cocks spurt into socks.”


Wayne booked a sports changing room with lockers. It was a suitable venue promising privacy plus a shower room. Twenty six men prepared to stroke into Garrick socks was an excellent starting point for the Stroke Sock Night. Wayne replied to each completed coupon by snail mail. Attention: Garrick Socks Stroke Night. 8pm, Saturday June, 23rd, 2018. Venue. Corey’s Sports Complex, 20 Harris Road, Montville. Wear your favorite pair of Garrick socks. Strictly Private Event. Shared lockers and shower towels provided. Strip naked at door. Leave inhibitions at home.


Wayne had no way of knowing who these twenty six men might be. The important thing is that he bought twenty six pairs of Garrick socks to wear. Twenty six pairs of socks was peanuts in the big sales picture but Public Relations and word of mouth were vital for future sales. There turned out to be a reasonable range of age groups. The essential item was that every man had a nice cock and was willing to stroke in front of everybody present.


Wayne employed two professional judges. Their impressive sets of cocks and balls set a high standard. To Wayne’s surprise the judges were veterans of other Stroke Nights held elsewhere. The judges wanted the strokers on a raised platform. The strokers selected a sock pair to stimulate their cocks. The changing room was deliberately jam packed.


Wayne’s cock set the standard for the twenty six Stroke Night strokers.  Wayne: “Tonight’s sponsor is the Garrick sock company. Give them a round of applause.” (Applause.) “Some, maybe all, of you step up onto the platform. Choose a sock. Two distinguished judges will evaluate you stroking into your favorite Garrick sock. The company has generously donated a pair of socks for every attendee; however, prizewinners will receive a triple pack of socks in their nominated size and choice of colors. Before we all start stroking it’s important to get to know one another. Hug as many men as you like. Run your hands up and down chests. The two judges and I will mingle in the crowd.”


Harley confronted a judge. “My wonderful cock loves Garrick socks. Please consider me.” The judges had heard such please on previous Stroke Nights.


The hugging was useful in breaking down twenty six inhibitions. What an array of cocks about to spurt into Garrick socks. The two judges brought along detailed stroker forms. Name, size of cock, quality of stroking, density of spurt, Garrick sock chosen, circumcised, uncircumcised. There sometimes was an “x” factor where the strokers personality, attitude etc, shone.


The actual stroking required strokers to line up in two lines. The first strokers were noticeably shy. A few strokers heckled them. Wayne called for order. The judges explained that they needed to see a fully erect cock before it spurted into a sock. For the exhibitionists they could give a short speech outlining why they were present and what they hoped to achieve at the Stroke Night. Predictably some strokers raved on and on. The concentration of strokers in the dressing room was stimulating. Many strokers were naked in a large group for the first time.


Wayne surprised everybody with an announcement. “Whilst the judges are tallying up the results so that prize winners can be advised I invite you to remember and relive your college hazing days. There are stacks of towels in the shower area. Play with a towel before you shower. I’m sure you remember the joy of striking naked flesh, backs, asses, chests, cocks and balls. Keep your socks on for the prize giving. Oh, there are cakes of soap if you want to explore asses.”


Wayne’s college, hazing, days seemed long ago. He loved shower scenes, splashing in hot and cold water, thrashing with towels, the aroused cocks. He joined in for old time’s sake. His cock responded. Harley dared to walk up to him, and grabbed the erect cock.


Everybody in the shower room cheered and dared Harley to continue. Harley conspicuously held the cock up above the balls. Harley demonstrated that he was a Master Stroker. The cock spurted. Then, two showers were turned on hard. Cold water. Ouch! Laughter. Time dry up. Wayne: “Everybody collect a pair of fresh socks to replace your wet ones. Return to the changing room to hear the judges.”


One judge addressed the strokers. “Congratulations. The Garrick sock company is impressed with your courage in publicly stroking into their socks. The following strokers please return to the platform.


Alex. Don’t be shy. Let everybody see your cock and balls.” Alex was a fit sportsman, a graduate of a nearby college. His cock was uncircumcised, the balls big enough to warrant attention.


“Alex wins the Special Category Award. He is left handed. He proved that the left hand can stroke as well as the right hand.” Applause.


“Next, Martin.” Martin smiles with his friends. “Martin wins the Fastest Stroke Award. He lined up his balls, the cock and a sock. He stroked the cock efficiently. Martin, show everybody your balls. Aren’t they great?”


Martin enjoys the limelight. Applause.


“Next, Harley. The Cheeky Award. Step forward.” Harley was thrilled. “Harley stroked our host Wayne. Very cheeky.” Applause.


The second judge stood to attention as if he was on a military parade ground. “Step forward, is it Rambo? No, a pity. His name is Ramboy. You have to share the Wettest Sock Award with Derek. Derek, step forward. Congratulate both of them. Their cocks fully drenched the socks.” Applause. The winners collected their prize sock packs.


Wayne: “When you leave collect a cum drenched sock as a souvenir. Remember to buy Garrick socks. Next time, if sales permit, we can focus on joint stroking. Hands up who enjoys joint stroking. Ten strokers put their hands up. Wayne selected two. “You, you, up the front.”


They looked rough and tough exactly what Wayne had in mind to stroke the two judges. He knew they secretly liked rough trade. The two strokers pulled the socks wider for the big cocks. Then, they inserted the cocks into the socks. The stroking was brutal exactly what the judges liked. Their spurt was a last minute entry into the Wettest Sock award.


Twenty nine men returned home with drained cocks. There will be a next time.


The End