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Erotic Fiction


Strokin' Boners

By Walt Kellett


We had just lost the NCAA Division Three national championship. Our freshman phenom running back, Doug, had had a horrible day. He went 23 rushes for 18 yards.

Not too many people knew why he'd had such a bad day, but Doug's girlfriend had broken up with him the day before the game. They went to separate colleges, and evidently she had found a senior. Out of sight, out of mind.

He needed consoling, and I was just the guy to help him. I refuse to get with anyone underage, but Doug was 18, ready to turn 19 in a couple of months.

I decided a party would be best. We hit the dorms, where there's always a party going on. But Doug felt like shit. His girl had just dumped him and he'd pissed away the big game. He wanted nothing to do with girls at that moment.

He doesn't drink and he doesn't do drugs, certainly good considering he's an athlete, but his being sober would make it a little more difficult for me to seduce him. Or so I thought.

I'm a fifth year senior. And everyone knows I love to suck dick. "Everyone" includes Doug, so I was a little surprised when he agreed to my suggestion that we go back to my dorm room.

Being a fifth year senior has its perks. One of them is that I get my own dorm room.

Once there, I took his jacket and hung it up. He sat on the bed. And I sat next to him.

Taking a chance, I gently touched his knee. "It's okay," I told him. "This will pass. It's part of life, and we all have to deal with these things."

He stood up without a word. To my surprise he began unbuckling his belt. The button followed, and then the zipper came down. With his sleepy eyes, he looked at me as he brought his pants to his ankles.

Doug is a strapping young man. I've seen him in the shower of the locker room numerous times. He has a big black dick, darker than the color of the rest of his body. Many were the times I had jerked off fantasizing about having that sweet hunk of dark meat. And now it was sticking straight out at me. Soft, the thing dangles down between his thighs six inches. Now, in a state of arousal, it stuck out 10 inches.

He peeled off his shirt. Doug stands six feet tall and weighs a good 215 pounds. He is rippling muscle from head to toe. He is an Adonis, to be sure. "Well?" he asked. He knew what I was after.

I stood and stripped as well. Being a wide receiver, I am not as big as he is. I stand six-feet- one, but I have a much more slender physique. I am built for speed. He is built for power.

His newly awakened gay desire had me horny. When I removed my clothes, my seven inch dick was pointing the ceiling. Doug lay on the bed. Scooting down, he brought his butt cheeks to the edge of the foot of the bed and spread them wide.

I opened my dresser and removed a jar of lube. Scooping a thick gob onto my finger, I grabbed that full, lengthy dick. Slowly I smeared the lube all over Doug's tool, and it responded. He grew rigid in my hand.

Twisting my loose fist, I stroked his hot, throbbing black dick up and down. I made sure to firmly massage the super sensitive spot just below his head with my fingertips as I stroked him.

I felt his pulsing dick twitch in my hand a couple of times and knew he was getting into it. His nutsac tightened up. He was feeling his pleasure increasing. But I wasn't going to make him come this way. Huh-uuuu- uh! I had something better in mind.

When I knew he wouldn't go limp I knelt on the bed. Straddling his hips, I lowered my butt and brought my nuts to the base of his dick.

Grabbing my stiff tool, I pushed it down so it pressed against his, and I wrapped my right hand around both. I have fairly long fingers. I couldn't get them all the way around both of our dicks, but I was able to get a good hold on them.

My thumb was hooked over the top of my dick. Loosening the grip of my thumb, I slowly arched my hips and slid the length of my dick up the length of his. With my head pressed to his, I applied pressure with my thumb when I started to slide it back down his firmness. I made sure both of our hot sensitive spots were firmly massaging each other on the way down.

Slowly I started to get into a rhythm as I dick-fucked him. Dick-to-dick, the stroking was intense. Hot, fiery delights raced through our loins. The color contrast was erotic in and of itself. My smaller white dick, pressed against his big, fat black one, created an added visual elation to the scene.

I took my time. I wanted to savor this. It's rare when I get a piece of young stuff from my own team. I guess it has to do with upbringing and the need to be macho. But Doug is a stud! Further, he is a big name on campus. After that year he was transferring to a Division One school. Now here I was on top of this hot young champion stud, rubbing my dick against his.

Gradually my pleasures increased. As they did, I started to stroke a little faster. It took several minutes, but I was thrusting my hips hard and fast, dick-stroking him good, when he groaned. I felt him spasm deeply, and I stopped. "Nnnnnnnn jeez, Walt!" he groaned. "Come onnnnnnnnnn man! Make me come."

I wanted to prolong this as long as I could. Experience has taught me that when a guy is ready to blow his nuts, you stop and let him settle down. When he is at that peak again, you stop again. Stop and start, stop and start. Doing so increases the need to erupt each time you stop and let him settle down. When you do let him come, it is a huge nut, one that takes every bit of energy from him.

I did this several times to him, building up that pressure in him. Finally I wanted to see him spew his spunk. I started again. And again it was a gradual build-up of the tempo to a frenzied pace. This time, though, when his dick spasmed against mine, I kept a steady pace going. His dick bucked against mine, and I gripped it a little tighter. I kept the shaft of mine against the sweet spot on his and stroked it firmly and rapidly.

"Oh my god!" he cried. His hips rose as he lifted me up. I felt his dick against mine bucking and spasming wildly as his nuts released their essence.

Looking down as I continued to stroke his dick with mine, I watched the hot jizz spurt from his purplish-colored head. Wad after wad after wad of his hot cum shot out of the little hole and went skidding and sliding up his belly and chest.

Normally I don't count wads shot out of a guy's dick. But this time I did. Nine wads of cum spurted from him. Nine is quite a lot. The first two were huge wads of cum, too.

When he finally settled down, he went limp beneath me. His breathing was a deep, gasping panting as he gulped for air. His chest glistened with sweat and his cum.

I slid off of his midsection and lay next to-him. As he gasped for breath, he said, "I didn't know a dude could feel so good."

I smiled. "There's a whole lot more than that, Doug."

"Yeah. I know," he said. "I've heard. But what I want to know is, what can I do for you?"

My heart skipped a beat. He felt so good about having sex with me, he wanted to do me too.

I took his hand and placed it on nay aching boner. "Jack me off," I said. "That's all I need now. A good handjob is always great fun."

Still struggling for breath, he wrapped his fingers around my throbbing dick. With the grease from his, I was already slick and ready to go. With a slow deliberation, he started to stroke my aching meat. He knew what he was doing. But then again, there isn't a teenage kid alive who doesn't. If we can't get sex from someone else, we will jack off. So he knew his way around a dick. Even if it was just his, he knew what a dick likes.

Following my lead, he twisted my dick as he stroked up and down the length. The twist gripped and tugged on the hot spot just below the head. Each tug brought hot, orgasmic spasms to my dick. I wasn't coming. It's just that he was hitting that spot just right.

Each of those spasms sent a jolt of electric pleasure shooting straight down the center of my man meat. I knew it wouldn't take long for him to make me spew my stuff.

My nuts seemed to vibrate hotly. The sac was tight, and they felt like they were quivering. My dick was throbbing deeply in his greasy, stroking hand as he twisted it around the length of my rod.

Without warning, a warm sensation flooded through my legs. My abdomen fluttered, and my chest jerked as my balls seemed to squeeze. My dick bucked and kicked like a mule in his hand as intense ecstasy gripped my entire body. I felt that hot, spasming, unspeakable delight fill portions of me as I shot my load.

When he felt me coming, he pistoned my dick like it was a teat, milking me for all I would give. It seemed to last an hour. I know it was only a minute or less, but it felt like an hour.

Doug had always been good with a football. Now he was learning his way around another kind of balls-and dicks. Before he transferred schools, I completed his "education," teaching him to suck, fuck, and get fucked. I bet he made some teammates at his new school very happy!

The End


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