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A Daddy/Son Story

This story is completely fiction, no characters in this story exist.

Content includes incest by a young teenager having sex with his dad.


Teaching Noah How It's Done
by Daddyshere


This story is about a dad who is unexpectedly surprised by a visit from his fifteen year old son, who was taken away by his mother when he was three. The boy finds his way to his old home, key and all and walks in seeing his dad watching a gay porn movie and sitting there completely naked. After talking a while, they discover they have a great deal in common, except the boy has no experience in sex and wants his dad to teach him everything he knows


It was late June, on an early Saturday evening, around four o’clock, and I’d been lying back on my sofa in just my boxer shorts and a pair of socks, watching some DVD porn I recently bought online.


I’d been rubbing myself and just getting a good erection when I heard the doorbell ring. Damn, I thought, what fucking timing! My dick softened up almost immediately.


I decided I’d just sit there and ignore the ringing. I wasn’t expecting anyone over, and I figured it was probably a salesperson or some charity wanting money, and they’d go away if I didn’t answer the door.


The bell did stop ringing, much to my relief, and I returned to watching the video and working my cock into another hard-on. I was just about to take my hardening cock from out of my shorts when I heard my front door open and a young boy’s voice holler out, “Dad?”


I actually felt my eyes stretch wide open, along with my mouth, in shock. “What the hell?” I thought, when I watched this tall, lanky young teen came striding into the living room, obviously looking for me. I’d grabbed my remote and stopped the video and at the same time, grabbed a couch pillow and put it over my swollen crotch.


There he stood, an almost identical image of myself at that young age, staring at me with a nervous grin. He’d had a backpack in his right hand that he must have taken off his back when he fist walked in. He was wearing sneakers, a pair of tight and worn jeans, a black t-shirt with some Japanese cartoon drawing on it and a black, baseball cap.


“Dad?” he’d said again.


“Wha…what’s going on? Who are you?” I kind of figured who he was, but I hadn’t seen my son since he was three years old when my wife left me and our home and took off for parts unknown; almost never to be heard from again. A year after she’d left, the only contact I had with her were divorce papers from her lawyer that excluded me from ever seeing her, or my boy, as well as rescinding any child support payments. I was more than happy to sign them, even though it hurt that I would not see my son, I figured it was probably all for the best. That was eleven years ago.


“It’s me, Noah,” he said, “Your son!”


I couldn’t quite remember when his birthday was, but I figured he had to be at least fifteen years old by now, and by the sound of his crackling voice, he’d just begun his puberty period.


“Dad, can I use your bathroom? I really got to go pee!”


“Uh…sure, go right ahead. It’s down the hall, second door on the left,” I told him as I pointed my finger in that direction.


He dropped his backpack to the floor and went down the hall. This gave me a little time to shake the shock out of me and toss on the pair of kaki shorts that I’d taken off earlier and tossed on the end of the sofa along with the short sleeve shirt I had there as well.


My head was spinning with questions and I could hardly wait until he was back from the bathroom to find out what in hell was going on.


I was just buttoning my shirt when he came back into the living room.


“Thanks!” he said. “Have you got something here to eat? I’m starving!”


“Whoa, whoa…wait a minute! What’s going on? How did you get here? How did you find me and even more so, how did you get into my house?”


“It’s a long story, dad, and I’ll tell you all about it, but could I please have a sandwich or something and we can talk about it?”


Still somewhat confused and in a daze, I brought him into the kitchen and he sat down at the table, taking his cap off and hooking it on the back of his chair.


I took out some wheat bread, mayo, lettuce, a tomato and some left over roast beef I’d made the other night and made him a sandwich as well as poured him a glass of milk.


I sat across from him watching him scoff down that sandwich like he hadn’t eaten in years! Every once in awhile he’d look up at me and I could see his large, deep blue eyes, surrounded by the dark black eyelashes that made his eyes stand out even more.


His hair was thick in black curls and his skin was almost alabaster, along with a bit of that annoying, teenage acne on his forehead. Yes, he was indeed a carbon copy of me when I was a teenager. I was a very pretty boy, and could easily pass a girl.


He’d finished his sandwich and drank down the milk, wipe his mouth with a napkin I’d laid by his plate and gave out a long loud burp! Again I was taken aback a bit because I use to love to do that too. I couldn’t help but laugh and he laughed as well. His laugh and smile were infectious.


“Okay,” I said, “Now how about filling me in on what’s going on.”


His smile went quickly away as he sat back in his chair and began telling me his story.


“When I was twelve, mom got married to this guy who was a real jerkhead! We moved from her mother’s house to his place in Newark, New Jersey. The guy drank a lot and started bossing and smacking me around and mom didn’t do anything to stop him. One day I got real mad and told him ‘to go to hell’, and ‘you’re not my father!’


Mom got mad at me and said, “No, he’s not your father. Your father was a cheating, lying son of bitch, and the way you look and behave; you’re not going to be much different!”


I got up and left the room totally pissed off, like, and I went into my room, pacing and throwing things around trying to calm down. I suddenly heard the front door slam shut and went out to see what was going on.


Mom and my stepfather, Carl was his name, got in the car and took off…I don’t know where to and I couldn’t care less. All I could think was, “So I’m like my dad, huh? Well maybe that’s where I should really be!”


I went into their bedroom because I remembered a box that lay on the shelf of her closet that she’d kept old photos and other stuff in and took it down hoping I could find out more about you.


There were some photos of you and mom before I was born. Some of them were of you in a bathing suit with a body that looked like some kind of superhero with all kinds of muscles. There were also some of all three of us. Different ones of me being held as a baby by mom and you, and others of you carrying me over your shoulders, my little legs wrapped around your neck. I guess I was too little to really remember all that, and until I saw those pictures, I had no idea what you looked like.


Further down in the box, there was a big yellow envelope in which I found some legal papers. They were copies of your divorce from mom and your address was among the papers. There was also copies of the key to our house…well, your house in California.


That’s when the idea hit me. I know it was wrong, but I had to get out of that house, so I went to the drawer where I knew mom always kept some cash and a copy of her Visa card, she also kept a copy of her pin number on a piece of paper there, in case she forgot it.


I grabbed what I could and went to her bank’s ATM and withdrew about $500 dollars. I know, I know…it was so wrong, and somehow, I’ll pay her back, I promise! Anyway, it was close to 5 PM and from the bank I went to the bus station and bought a one way ticket to here in San Diego, it cost a little over $280. I had to wait around until almost six in the morning for the bus to leave Newark. It took almost nine hours on the stupid bus to get here.


Once I got off the bus at the San Diego station, I took a cab to your house. And…I guess that’s about it. So, can I stay with you?”


What can I say? I was stunned at his story and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “The first thing we’re going to do is call your mother and let her know where you are! She’s probably frantic wondering where the hell you went to!”


“No she’s not,” Noah said. "While I was waiting for the cab, I used my cell phone to call her and I told her where I was. All she said was, ‘Good, stay there and you tell your asshole father to give me back the money you stole. I’ve already put a stop to that Visa card!”


While I believe what he said, I still insisted we call. And just as he said, she repeated to me the same thing only in far more colorful words.


We were now back in the living room when I said to my boy, “Well, I guess that settles that. I suppose you’ll be living here now. There’s a lot of paperwork we’ll have to do, like getting your school information and getting you enrolled in a high school here.


I will pay your mother the money you stole from her, but you’re going to have to work that off, either by getting a part time job during this summer or working around the house. You understand?”


He jumped up and hugged me, wrapping his arms tightly around me! “Yes, daddy, I understand! Thank you! Thank you, daddy! I’ll do anything you want me to do; whatever that is!”


He then stepped back and looked at me very seriously. “You’ll have to teach me though. I’ve never had sex yet!”


Again, I was shocked! “What? What are you talking about?”


“I know you shut off the movie you were watching, but I saw what it was before you turned it off, and I couldn’t help but see under that couch pillow that you had a hard-on.”


“Wait a minute…”


“It’s okay, dad. It doesn’t bother me. I heard mom tell my stepfather about you cheating on her by sleeping with other men. Of course I didn’t know what that meant at first, I didn’t see how sleeping with someone was cheating, but because of how skinny I am and how much I look like a girl, I got the idea from school kids calling me a fag and other names like that, so I guess we are a lot alike, only I’ve never done it with a girl or a guy.”


“Well, if you’ve never done it with a girl or boy, you really can’t know what you are for sure. Like me, you could be bisexual. But either way, you should know about how things work, and, I guess, as a dad, that is a part of my responsibility. Have you ever…um, jerked off?


He turned a bit red and looked down at the floor. “I heard about doing that, and I tried. I got real hard, but nothing happened, so I got tired of trying and figured I just couldn’t do it.”


Just talking about all this, I could feel myself getting aroused, and looking at my son in his tight jeans, I could see the same thing was happening to him.


“Come on. Let’s go into my bedroom and see what we can do.”


He looked up and grinned, his eyes twinkling with excitement, his cock ever hardening in his pants.


We got in the room and just before sitting on the bed I opened my kaki shorts and let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them, keeping my socks on. My hard-on popped right through the fly of my under shorts and Noah stood there gazing at it while I took my shirt off as well.


He raised his head and gave me a look over. I was still well trimmed and muscular; after all, I was only thirty-five years old and still working construction. Although there were some flicks of gray in my hair and in the thick hairs on my chest, arms and legs, most of my hair was still a deep black, like my boy’s.


I sat on the bed, now completed naked, except for my white socks, and fully erect. “Okay. Your turn to take it all off,” I said smiling up at my boy still standing in front of me and staring with lustful hunger. Okay…maybe he was gay, but that didn’t matter right now.


He squatted down in front of me and unlaced his sneakers, taking them off, one after the other.


He was about to take off his black, cotton socks when I told him to just leave them on. He looked a bit confused but without hesitating he stood to remove his t-shirt and pants. His arms were thin and showed only a whisper of dark hair on his forearms. His chest was thin, and porcelain smooth, not a hair could be seen. His abs were beginning to show some signs of strength and when he lowered his jeans, I could see his rather big erection showing through his tight, blue, bikini underwear, displaying his pubic hair just above the waistline which was fairly thick and very black.


His jeans were very tight, so he sat back down on the bedroom carpet to peel them from his legs, showing an early sign of very dark hair on his calves and thighs as well. He was careful to leave his socks on as I instructed. (It was a fetish I enjoyed, which I would share with him later.)


He stood up again and hesitated.


“What’s the matter?” I asked.


“It’s just that…you’re so big and I’m…well…”


“You’re fifteen, son, and from what I see bulging inside your underwear, you have nothing to be ashamed of!”


He smiled at me and yanked down his shorts. He was as fully erect as I thought, and I was very surprised at the good sized sausage that semi-erect and hung down over his balls. He stepped out of his underwear and stood naked before me. Looking at this young buck, my cock began to twitch with excitement. Yes, blood-wise, he was my son, but not having anything to do with him in twelve years sine he was practically a baby, we were strangers to one another and he turned me on something awful!


Gazing at my cock, flipping up and down, he too began to get aroused again and I watched as his cock started to grow.


“Step closer to me,” I said as I was still sitting on the edge of the king sized bed. He obeyed and I took my right hand and gently cupped his balls. They were youthful and his sac was tight.


With my left hand, I took his hardening cock and began to pump it up and down. “How does that feel?”


“Oh, daddy… that is so nice!”


“This is only the beginning. We need to lube you; first with my saliva. I’ll teach you this and then you can try it on me.”


I bent my body down putting my lips over the head of his cock. Like myself, he was circumcised, and the head of his cock was a good deal wider than the shaft. While wrapping my lips over his cock I let my tongue massage the underneath of this cockhead and began to slowly work my way down this shaft. I sucked him in all the way to his pubic hairs and began to bring my mouth back up. I could hear him moan above me and felt his legs wriggling as though he could no longer hold himself up.


I came off of his cock, pulled down the covers and top sheet, and told him to lie down on the bed.  He did so without hesitation. I joined him on the bed and pulled him up so his head lie on one of the pillows and then I slid down on my knees and began to suck on his cock again. Up and down, up and down, I slid my mouth over his quivering cock and I could almost feel his climax rising, so I took my mouth off and began to gently lick his balls.


Putting my arms under his knees, I raised his legs so I could get closer tot his balls and his pink, virgin butt hole and began licking him all around his balls and ass, occasionally sticking the tip of my tongue, just slightly, up his hole.


When I slipped my tongue up there again he began to moan even louder.


“Daddy, daddy! Oh, that feels so good. I’m feeling something! It’s so hot, I think you’d better stop, I think I’m going to pee…”


I brought my head up. “No you’re not going to pee, but you’re going to enjoy what you’re about to feel. You’re about to cum!” I quickly took his cock into my mouth and in only a few moments of sucking on his cock, he began to have his first orgasm! I was just at the top of his cock when he came. His first spasm was forceful and hit the back of my throat nearly making me cough. Instead, I went all the way down on his cock and let him continue to shoot his load. Over and over, I felt the vibration of his cock with each orgasm as it slid down my throat.


Over and over, he kept calling out my name and saying how great it felt!


When his spasms receded, I came back up to his cock head and let the final spurts shoot in my mouth. After the last drop, I moved up to his face and planted my lips on his, pushing my tongue in this mouth, kissing him and letting him taste his own cum.


His arms flung around my neck and he pushed hard against my mouth; kissing me all the more and trying to suck in as much of his juices as he could.


His body was still between my legs as I sat up, just over his cock. His hands went immediately to my still hard cock and, as I did to him, he began to pump my hard-on.


“Oh, wow, daddy! I had no idea anything could feel so good. So that’s what cum is? Let me do you like you did me. I want to taste yours now!!


I scooted up and brought the head of my cock to his lips. Of course, the head of my cock was larger than his, and having no experience in giving head, in his enthusiasm, his teeth nipped me.


“Ouch! Easy, boy…you have to wrap your lips over your teeth so you don’t scrape daddy’s cock. Start off easy. Open your mouth. Yes, that it, now lick at the head of my cock. When it’s good and wet, it will be easier to take in.


Talk about a fast learner, in no time, he’d taken the entire head of my cock into his mouth and began raising his head up and down to suck on it, taking in more and more each time.


I was feeling so good; I’d close my eyes, rose up, held onto the headboard of the bed and began pumping my cock in my boy’s mouth, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. He was doing it so well, I completely lost thought of whom I was face fucking and began to plunge away, trying to go in as far as my cock would allow.


Push, push, fuck, fuck and I suddenly realized his lips were jammed up against my crotch hairs when I felt my load starting to rise up and ready to shoot. I backed up, leaving only the head of my cock in his mouth, seeing my poor boy’s face flushed from having his breath held hostage. Feeling horribly guilty, I started to leave his mouth when he wrapped his arm around me, keeping me from withdrawing from his lips. That gesture alone set me off!


My load shot up and into my boy’s hungry mouth and he kept sucking it all and swallowing as much as he could. Naturally, a good deal of it spewed from the corners of his lips and occasionally he’d cough and more would spurt out, but he never stopped sucking through it all and when I was done shooting, he licked and lapped at my cock, cleaning every drop of jism he could find, and swallowing all of it.


When there was nothing left to lick at, I backed up and felt his cock getting hard again against my ass.


Oh, yes, I thought; another lesson to be learned!


The End




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