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By J.D., Farmers Branch, Texas
Illustrations: Al Pierce


Publisher: Firsthand Magazine
Date: August 1998, Vol. 18, No. 11

A young man who knows he’s gay but has had no sexual experience, discovers what he can learn from older men and his, so called, ‘straight’ buddy, about how things work and what fun is available in the park tearooms!

I've known since I was very young that I was attracted to men. Of course, I didn't have a clue what to do about it then. I just knew I was different.

As I turned eighteen years old, I was a veritable pressure cooker, about to explode from the social pressure of the time.

The Fifties and Sixties were not kind to homosexuals. In fact, they were quite openly abused and called "fag" or "queer." This was socially acceptable at the time.

As a high school senior who was active in sports (and who had to spend day after day with my teammates in the gym and showers), it was anguish to get in and out of the locker room without throwing a boner and giving myself away. I was doing everything in my power to be accept­ed and not stand out as "odd" or "different."

One day after school, I was hang­ing out with a bunch of the guys, try­ing to decide what we could do to entertain ourselves. Mark said, "Why don't we go down to Riverbend Park? There are basketball hoops, baseball diamonds, even a running track."

Tommy chimed in, saying, "Riverbend Park? I guess you haven't been there lately. It's been taken over by the fags. I ain't gonna be caught dead there."

We ended up just watching the band practice their halftime routine (with many lusty comments about the majorettes) and then just splitting for our respective homes.

I remembered what Tommy had said about Riverbend Park and, since the park wasn't far out of my way walking home, decided to talk a stroll through and see what I could see. I was hoping for the best.

As I entered the park, I saw four guys playing basketball. One muscular Hispanic guy caught my eye because he was playing without a shirt and he was built like a body builder.

I walked on through the park and found it very pleasant. Trees, grass, picnic tables — the normal park atmosphere.

I walked on toward the back of the park, where the big baseball diamond was located. I walked around the field and the bleachers and discovered a building standing by itself, surrounded by tall shrubs.

I wondered what it was, and as I started to cross the parking lot to investigate, I saw a guy about my own age coming out of the shrubs and zipping up his pants. I figured this must be a restroom.

I was right. It was an old wooden building surrounded by shrubs. One side for men, the other side for women. I approached the building where the guy had come out of the shrubs, but found that not to be the entrance. The entrance was around the corner. I walked in and found it empty, but looked around anyway. All the facilities were on one wall: two toilets separated by dividers (but no doors) and then two urinals.

I began reading the hot messages on the walls and started getting a boner. I had to piss anyway, so I stood by the first urinal and strained to drain my bladder. As I continued to read the walls, I discovered that the divider between the urinal and the toilet had a big hole cut in it. I got down and looked through and found that anyone sitting on this toilet could look through and watch whoever was standing at the urinal. I casually draped my hand through the hole and found it gooey. I yanked my hand back and looked at my fingers. I had them very close to my face, and I knew that smell. That was cum on my fingers. Someone had shot their cum here, and not too long ago.

Could it have been the guy I saw coming out of the shrubs? I didn't think so.

I zipped up and went back outside. I found the place in the shrubs where the guy had come out, and I pushed my way through. I found that there was a large space between the shrubs and the building, but that you were completely obscured from view when back there.

The space seemed to be used a lot. There were soda bottles and candy wrappers scattered around. As I walked down the side of the building, I bent down to pick up a couple of bottles. (You could get five cents each for returning them to the store.)

As I reached for the bottles, I hap­pened to turn my head and found that some of the boards on the side of the building were loose, and you could see right into the men's restroom.

Just then a guy came into the restroom, panting and wearing clothes typical of a track runner. He was about twenty-four years old, dark hair, slender build. After catching his breath, he went to the toilet closest to the urinals, pulled down his shorts and jockstrap, and sat down.

His right hand immediately went to his crotch and started diddling his cock.

I suddenly realized that my cock was hard and creating almost painful pressure in my pants, so I unzipped and freed it from its confines. As I got comfortable watching this guy stroke his cock, I was stroking my own cock to match him. At the time, my cock was about six inches or so.

The guy then leaned back against the wall and spread his legs wide. I had a terrific look at his low-hanging balls. His cock was very much like him — long and thin — about seven inches long.

Footsteps announced a new arrival. The runner sat up in a more conventional posture on his toilet, and a man in a business suit entered the room.

I would guess that he was about thirty-five years old. His close-cropped beard and dark wavy hair made him handsome as hell. The new guy went to the first urinal and hauled out his dick. He had his back to me, but when he got into place, the runner leaned back and resumed his stroking.

The suit was moving his head like he was reading the walls. Finally, he leaned back and looked through the hole and saw the runner stroking his cock.

In one motion, the suit faced the wall and shoved his semi-hard cock through the hole. It hung there only a moment before the runner took hold of it and examined it.

The suit's dick was thick and dark and longer than either of ours, and the runner ran his hands up and down it several times and then dropped his face down to meet it and sink it down his throat to finish its hardening.

My eyes were as wide as could be. I had imagined things like this, but here it was being done right in front of me. I was so excited, I had to force myself to stop jerking off or I would pop much too quickly.

The suit began to push and withdraw his big tool from the hole, basically fucking the runner's mouth. My head was swirling. I wondered what it would feel like and what happens when he comes.

Another set of footsteps rang through the room. The suit returned to the urinal and the runner sat still on his toilet.

The new arrival walked right in and stood at the urinal next to the suit and hauled out his cock.

The suit looked down and was obviously checking out the new arrival's equipment. The new arrival did the same to the suit, and they both started moving their arms in a way that told me that they were stroking their cocks.

The suit stepped back and faced the new arrival, waving the now hard cock, the one that the runner had been sucking on earlier, at him. The new arrival turned, fell to his knees, and started sucking the suit's cock like there was no tomorrow.

I gasped when I saw this. I recog­nized the new arrival. It was Tommy. Tommy, who not an hour ago told us that this place had been taken over by fags and that he wouldn't be caught dead here.

Well, he was caught and he was making that cock in his mouth feel very much alive. Tommy reached up and unbuckled the suit's belt and opened his pants. As he lowered them to the floor, a pair of muscular, hairy legs emerged. Tommy returned to sucking, but started cupping the suit's balls and running his hands up and down those beautiful legs.

The suit reached behind Tommy's head and shoved him farther down on that thick cock, saying, "That's it, kid. Play with those balls, and they'll give you your reward."

The runner stood up, hauled his shorts and jock up about knee high, and walked around the partition to join the action.

The suit reached over, grasped the runner's cock and started stroking it. Then he grabbed Tommy's hair and pulled his mouth free of his cock, and told him to suck on the runner for a while.

Tommy switched cocks without missing a beat, but the thinner cock took him by surprise. It slipped all the way down his throat. The runner grabbed Tommy's head and held it down on his fully embedded cock while making shallow fucking motions deep into Tommy's mouth.

Tommy finally gagged and the run­ner released him. The suit told Tommy to stand up. When he did so, the suit unbuckled Tommy's pants and pulled them down around his ankles. Then the suit took Tommy by the back of the head and pulled Tom­my's mouth toward his own big hard cock once more.

Tommy bent forward greedily and sank the suit's cock back into his mouth and started sucking like a hun­gry pup. The suit took hold of Tommy's head with both hands and started a slow deep fucking of his eager young face.

The runner scooted around behind Tommy and knelt down and started licking his ass. (I had never thought about anything like that before, but it looked really hot.) The runner was really getting into it, spreading Tommy's ass and licking right into his hole. I could hear Tommy moaning around the suit's cock at the feelings the runner was giving him.

Suddenly, I was in for another big surprise. The runner stood up. His long thin cock was standing out straight in front of him. He took hold of that cock, took aim at Tommy's dripping asshole, and stepped forward. His entire cock slipped into Tommy's dripping asshole until their balls met.

Tommy moaned real loud, but didn't protest enough to stop the action.

The suit and the runner started fucking in the same rhythm — stronger, faster, and deeper — building and building to a grand finale. The suit finally spoke: "You about ready to shoot? I'm about to unload my cum in this kid's mouth."

The runner answered, "Oh yeah. I'm about to pop mine in his hot ass­hole any minute."

The suit continued to get more verbal: "Yeah. Fuck that boy's ass. Pump him full of that hot cum. I'm so close and so hot, I'm gonna damn near drown him in cum when I pop."

Tommy could obviously hear all this and was more than turned on both by the action and the conversa­tion. His cock was hard and bouncing against his stomach with every thrust of the runner's strong hips.

"Get ready, kid. I'm almost there. I'm gonna fill your asshole with my hot load. Oh, Oh! Here it is, man. Take it!!! Aaahhh!!"

"Yeah, man, give it to him. I'm almost there too." The suit picked up his pace and drove his cock into Tommy's mouth so hard, I'm sur­prised he didn't bruise the kid's throat.

"Oh God. Oh God. Oh God!! Drink it, kid. I'm coming. Don't lose any of it. Drink it all down. Show me you can handle a man's load."

I watched as Tommy's throat contracted and swallowed over and over, and knew he was drinking that hot cum and loving it.

I noticed that the runner had quit fucking, but Tommy's cock was still bouncing against his stomach. Then, though he hadn't touched it through this whole encounter, it started shooting. Tommy was pumping his load out onto the floor.

The runner noticed this and put his hand down to catch as much of Tommy's load as he could. By this time, the suit was through feeding Tommy what he had to offer, so Tommy stood up.

As he did, the runner raised his handful of cum to Tommy's mouth, saying, "This is yours, kid. Don't waste it."

Tommy licked his own cum off the runner's hand as I blasted my cum down the side of the building.

I was physically and emotionally exhausted and just stood there drip­ping cum and catching my breath. The three of them left, and I tucked my cock back into my pants, came out of the shrubs, and went around to enter the restroom.


Just standing there where all that sex had just happened was sending chills up my spine. I decided I needed to sit down, so I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet that the runner had used earlier. My hand automatically fell between my legs, and I was playing with my cock again when I heard footsteps.

I looked up as the Hispanic bas­ketball player I had noticed earlier walked in and went to the urinal. He still had his shirt off and was looking great.

I had to look. I leaned so I could peek through the hole in the wall, and of course, he had his cock out and was stroking it. It was dark, thick, uncut, and quickly reaching full erection.

I was just getting used to watching him stroke it when it suddenly passed through the wall and was staring me in the face.

I knew what he wanted. Hell, I knew what I wanted. I just didn't know how to do it.

I slowly reached up and wrapped my hands around it and started play­ing with it. A voice boomed over the wail, "Come on, kid. Get to suckin'."

It was the moment of truth. I part­ed my lips and started sinking that cock into my mouth. I couldn't believe the feeling. I was shocked that this seemed so natural. I loved doing it.

I pulled the foreskin back and licked all around the head. Then I sank it back down my throat as far as the wall would allow.

Suddenly, the man pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked around in front of my stall. I looked up at his face and said, "What's your name?"

He said, "Jorge." As soon as he told me, he stepped right up to me and stuck that cock back into my mouth and started fucking my face.

We were both so busy and the man was making so many moaning noises that we didn't hear when someone else came into the restroom.

"What the hell!!!"

I came off Jorge's cock and looked up to see Tommy standing there again, looking almost disgusted.

I cut him off before he could get started. "Cut the crap, Tommy, and get over here and help me suck this cock. I just watched you get fucked not half an hour ago, so don't try to throw any of that attitude my way. I know better." I stood up. "Come on, Tommy. Get over here..."

He joined Jorge and me. I reached for Tommy's belt buckle. He didn't resist. I dropped his pants and underwear to the floor.

I said, "Now, give me a break and get down there and take a turn on Jorge's cock. I know you're not new at it. Show me just how much you know about sucking cock."

Tommy dropped to his knees and started slurping that beautiful, dark, uncut slab of Latin cock. I took the opportunity to run my hands over Jorge's chest and arms. He was one powerfully built man.

Jorge pulled my head to his chest and said, "Lick those nipples, kid. I really like 'em licked 'til they're hard."

I stuck out my tongue and started licking first one and then the other. The salty taste, the manly aroma, and the hardening reactions really got me excited.

It also got Jorge going more than he wanted. He needed to slow things down, so he grabbed Tommy by the hair and said, "Stand up."

Tommy stood up, and all three of our hard cocks were pointing into a
circle. Jorge looked Tommy in the eyes and said, "I want to see you suck on your buddy's cock."

Tommy looked at me with resigned acceptance and started to get back down on his knees. Jorge stopped him and said, "No, bend over and suck him. I might want to fuck your ass later."

Tommy bent over and sucked my cock into his mouth. I couldn't believe how great it felt. I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair as Jorge watched and smiled at us.

Jorge looked me in the face and said, "You said that you watched your buddy get fucked earlier. Did he enjoy it?"

I said, "Oh yeah. From what I saw, he really liked taking it up the ass. In fact, it was less than an hour ago. He should still have that load of cum in his ass."

Jorge smiled. "Good. Then my cock should slide in real smooth."

With that, Jorge stepped around behind Tommy and laid that big brown cock at Tommy's puckered, moist asshole and rammed it in all the way to his big hairy balls and started fucking with all the power those muscles could muster.

Tommy never stopped sucking my cock, though his body was jerking wildly with each thrust of that power­ful body driving that hard brown mon­ster deep into his guts, it seemed from his groaning that that was exactly what Tommy wanted.

After a couple of minutes of that vicious assault to his asshole, Tommy came off my cock, yelling, "Oh God!! That's wonderful. Fuck me, man. Show me how a real man fucks my ass for your pleasure. I want to make you happy, sir. Please come in me. I really want your cum, sir. Please!"

With that, Jorge shoved the back of Tommy's head and forced his mouth back onto my cock.

As Tommy got back to sucking me, Jorge replied to his pleas: "So, you want my cum, huh?"

Tommy moaned, "Mm-mm." An affirmative response, to be sure (as best as he could muster with my cock down his throat).

"Well, you're gonna get my cum load pretty soon, boy, but I'm holding back. Do you know why I'm holding back?"

Tommy said, "Uh-uh," a distinctly negative response, also muffled by the presence of my cock in his throat.

"You don't get my cum up your ass until you swallow your buddy's load. Is that clear?"

Tommy moaned another affirma­tive and started really sucking on my cock with a vengeance. I wasn't going to last long, and I knew it. I said, "Yeah, Tommy, suck my cock. I'm close to feeding you my cum. You want that? You want to eat my cum?"

Another affirmative moan, and the look on my face told Jorge that I was about to pop, so he picked up his speed to ready his ramming cock for its reward.

I was about to lose it, and I knew it. I yelled, "Jorge, give it to him. Pump your hot load of cum up his ass. I'm about to feed him my load. I can't hold back. Take it, Tommy. Take it!!! Eat my cum. Aaahhh!"

Jorge's forceful thrusts were rock­ing Tommy's body violently as he gobbled down my thick cream spurt after spurt.

"Okay, boy," said Jorge. "You've earned this now. You’re gonna get what you've been beggin' for."

My spent cock slipped from Tommy's mouth as he chided, "Thank you, sir. Thank you for making me eat my buddy's hot cum. Can I have yours now, sir? I want all your cock and all your cum. My ass needs it, sir. Please fill me up, sir!!! Please!!!"

Tommy was begging for it. I stepped around so I could get a good look at that beautiful cock pounding into Tommy's ass. It was a truly remarkable sight.

Then Jorge went over the brink. His body was almost in spasms as he said, "Coming...coming...coming. Aaahhh!! You're getting it now, kid. Your getting my cum up your ass. Take it. Take it all. You've earned it."

I got down on my knees to watch more closely, and noticed Tommy's hard cock bouncing against his abdomen just like before. Again, without touching it, Tommy's cock started shooting another load. I reached my hand down and caught most of it.

As Jorge withdrew and Tommy stood up, I stood and said, "This is yours, Tommy. Don't waste it." Tommy began to lick his cum from my hand as he had done from the runner's hand earlier, but Jorge broke in, saying, "Why don't you two buddies share that load?"

Tommy and I looked into each oth­er's eyes and took turns licking his cum off my hand.

Tommy and I never really got to be friends, but we were great fuck buddies.

From then to now, sex in public restrooms is my favorite, even though it has cost me thousands in fines and even a little jail time. Society just doesn't understand, does it?

The End





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