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Erotic Fiction

From The Book:
Brave Men Do – When Lust is Relative
By: Alan “Woofy” Winkler

(Artwork created by CMan)

    It started out like any other evening wasted on the Internet. Me, home alone, naked, stroking my cock at the computer talking to random losers in a few different chat rooms. I popped into the ‘Bi Dads’ room and soon, started chatting to a guy named Ray. He explained that he was a widower living with his son in Dallas, Texas. After a while, and a little flirting, we did the typical photo swap. He didn’t have a naked picture to share so I settled for his ‘G-rated’ pic. The photo arrived and as it downloaded I was pleased at what I saw. Ray was indeed a very good-looking man in his mid 40s, in great shape with a large muscular build and a thick mane of wavy dark hair. I could tell that his self-description of ‘Hairy & Built’ was very accurate. His huge chest showed clearly through his tight t-shirt and a sexy lock of chest hair peeked out from the neck. As the photo finished loading I saw that Ray was standing beside a very hot looking younger guy sitting in a pool chair. The younger guy, sporting a sexy shaved head, was wearing no shirt and a pair of baggy swimming trunks, showing off his own well-developed, furry chest, tummy and legs. I commented, “Great Pic. You’re a helluva goodlookin’ guy. Who’s the stud in the chair?” The response that came back was “LOL, thanks man. That’s my son, Rob.” My already hard cock began to throb even more as I typed, “Damn, father and son STUDS. Sweet! Ya know...that opens up a whole new can of worms here!” Ray replied back, “ LOL, I know what ya mean. He is a good looking kid, I’ve even caught myself staring a few times.”


    After another couple hours of chat with Ray (and a session of telephone jerking off) I had needled enough comments to get the feeling that big Ray would be into getting it on with his hot son. My mind imediately began working on a plan of seduction. Over the next couple of weeks Ray and I connected regularly, via the computer and telephone, for sex. Finally, the time was right and I offered to fly to Dallas to meet in person. I was releived when Ray jumped at my offer and we set a date for the visit. During the weeks before our visit we talked more and more of his sexual interest in his hot son, Rob. At first Ray was reluctant to admit to his hidden desires, but soon he felt comfortable enough to open up to me and share his most secret fantasies. Often he would jerk his big cock as I whispered or typed sexual tales of the three of us getting it on.


    Finally the day arrived for me to meet these guys who had become my obsession. As promissed, Ray was there to greet me. My cock responded instantly to the site of him in his tight Levis and deep blue t-shirt. He asked if I was hungry. I was starved... but not for food. Just to humor him I said yes. Ray told me that he and Rob had been preparing a big dinner for the three of us. As soon as we arrived at the house I was introduced to Rob. I was being played off as a co-worker who had flown in for a big meeting the following Monday. It was amazing how great these guys looked together. Anxious to see more of these two studs I suggested that we all change into some cooler clothes. My cock was hard all evening as thoughts of the two of them pleasing one another filled my mind.


    Many times during dinner Rob talked about his girlfriend and other chicks he knew. Not knowing for sure if this kid was curious about mansex, not to mention wondering how he’d feel about some play with his own dad, added a tense excitement to my mission. Toward the end of the meal, our conversation turned to working out and our respective gym routines. This was my opening, “Time to go to work.” I thought to myself. I made a few comments to Rob about how well developed he was and what an amazing body he would have if he stuck with it. I also gave compliments to Ray on his gorgeous body and asked his advice on a few points. I made a special point of patting him on the thigh as I commented on his great legs and even gave a few hard squeezes and rubs to demonstrate the point. I made sure that Rob could always see my hands making contact with his dad’s body.


     Dinner was over and it was time to clear and wash dishes. Being the guest, I was allowed to remain seated as the guys did all the work. I became almost mesmerized watching their beautiful asses beneath their tight athletic shorts. Soon, it was time for me to make my next move. I moved over to the sink and smacked Roy hard on the ass, joking about how hard and round it was. Before he could really respond, I jerked his shorts down to his ankles. I looked over just in time to catch Rob taking in an eye-full of his dad’s impressive cock and big shaved balls. As Roy slowly pulled his shorts up then reached inside to adjust his package Rob laughed out loud. I noticed some blushing and fidgeting and saw him reach down to casually adjust himself. “Ha!” I thought. The site of his dad’s cock had caused a stirring in Rob’s shorts. Things were moving along well.


    Once the dishes were all done, we moved into the living room to relax. While Rob was taking a piss I instructed Roy to mention that he was having some stiffness in his shoulders, when Rob came back. Soon after Rob rejoined us Roy chimed in right on schedule, “Wow. I must’ve hit the weights harder than I thought this week. My shoulders are getting awful damn stiff.” he complained. Quickly, I stood and moved behind his chair, offering to give him a backrub. His wide, strong shoulders felt good in my hands and my cock grew wide-awake as he softly moaned and moved his head from side to side. Then, as if it had been planned, Rob, crossing his arms and being a smart-ass said, “Damn Dad, It must be nice to have your own personal masseur. Why didn’t you get me a massage?” and then laughed. Seeing a great opportunity, I moved fast and said, patting the back of Ray’s chair, “Hop up here buddy, and I’ll give you one too.” Rob resisted, but I continued, “Come on bud, I don’t mind... But I’m not offering twice.” and patted the chair again. With that, Ray got up and Rob quickly took his dad’s place in the chair. I was in heaven. As I stood there leaning over the back of the recliner massaging this young stud’s shoulders his Dad had quietly slipped behind me and slid his hand quietly inside my shorts. I could feel his thumb moving across the head of my hard, leaking cock. Not meaning to, I groaned audibly and Rob turned around to look at me. Thank God, Ray had placed a hand on my shoulder and was rubbing softly and I could pass off the sigh as a reaction to the shoulder rub I was getting... instead of the secret hand-job I was receiving just out of site. Feeling as though I was in danger of overplaying my hand, I ended the massage session and sat back down on the couch.


    Rob excused himself and quickly left the living room, disappearing into his room just down the hall.  Ray and I exchanged sly grins and settled back to watch a little TV. Soon, I drifted off to sleep and when I awoke, I was alone. As I walked down the hall I noticed that Rob’s light was on, so I stuck my head in and asked, “Ya know where your dad went?”, “In the shower.”, he replied. Again my mind began to work. Quickly I went into my little guestroom and stripped.  I tossed my towel over my shoulder, leaving my own heavy cock and balls swinging free as I walked down the hall and propped myself against the bathroom door. Ray opened the door with his towel tied tightly around his waist. When he saw me standing there naked with a shit-eating grin on my face, he quickly dropped his own towel and turned to face the mirror above the sink. As we stood there talking Rob came from his room and walked past us into the living room. I could feel his eyes on us as he walked past, even though he didn’t say a word. It was obvious that he was trying very hard not to react to our nudity. He quickly returned to his room, then to my surprise he emerged again on another errand out into the living room. This time as he returned I made a special point to reach down and slowly massage my balls as he walked past. Rob couldn’t take his eyes off me and almost tripped as he passed by. I had to chuckle to myself as he disappeared into his room again. Ray finished up and I took my turn in the shower. I finished up and put on my robe then went into the living room. Before I could speak, Roy put his finger to his lips, letting me know to be quiet. Then he whispered, “Look in the kitchen.” I leaned forward and looked inside, There was Rob, naked as the day he was born, except for the bath towel draped over his shoulder. He walked past me and asked if I was finished in the bathroom. As he went into the bath and closed the door Ray told me that Rob had never walked around the house naked… Never. This was really turning into a ‘monkey see – monkey do’ weekend. Rob showered and then dressed and left for the evening, leaving Ray and I alone to take care of some ‘business’.


    No sooner had I heard Rob’s car drive away and I was on my knees milking Ray’s fat cock for all I worth. It had been such a long evening of hidden sexual games. I was about to explode. As I knelt there in front of him between his thick muscled legs, feeling his hips move front and back, sawing his cock in and out of my mouth, Ray began to talk to me as if I was Rob. Softly, he asked “You’ve always wanted Dad’s cock, haven’t you son?” With spit and pre-cum dripping off my lips I grunted and tried to nod. Ray stood and placed his hands on my head and began to mouth fuck me furiously. I loved it and reached down to fist my own aching cock. It seemed like only a few seconds before I heard Ray say, “Robby, suck daddy. Make Daddy cum…. Please!” With that he began to dump his juice into my mouth “Robby, take it. Fuckin’ take Dad’s cum!” I swallowed hard, not wanting to miss one single drop of this load that I had flown across six states to taste. My own load flew out of me and splattered onto the front of the couch where Ray had been seated when I began to feed on his meat. I could feel the last of my cum running down my fingers as I milked out the last drops. When he was drained, Ray bent down and licked my cum from my fist, then kissed me deeply. Our tongues swirled together, mixing our loads as we hungrily took the juice from each other’s mouth. After the two of us had relieved the sexual tension that had built up, we turned in for the evening, but not before plotting for a while how we would continue the seduction of young Rob.


    The second night Ray and I were alone for dinner. Rob had told us that morning that he would be home late. He had a long football practice and then some plans with buds afterward. This was fine, it allowed Ray and I more time to get to know each other... and to plan. Around 10:30 Rob called to say he was on his way home and to see if we wanted him to bring anything with him. This was perfect. It allowed us time to set the night’s plan in motion. Twenty minutes later Rob arrived home to find the two of us blissfully soaking in the outdoor hot tub on the back patio, enjoying a beer. We called him outside to say howdy. After hearing how practice was, we invited him to join us and share a cold beer. He laughed and said, “Maybe later on.” then disappeared into the house. This sort of stumped us. We had expected him to jump at the chance to join us. Quickly we began to re-work our plan. But suddenly Rob appeared again, wearing his swimming trunks and holding a fresh beer. He came over to the tub and began to climb in. Ray and I smiled widely at each other. Quickly we protested and stopped him in his tracks. Slowly we stood to show that we were both naked. “Woah woah woah. Nekkid guys only, kiddo.” Ray said. “That’s right. No shy guys.” I added. Rob couldn’t hide the brief look of shock as he stared at the two of us standing there naked and laughing. It was obvious that we were feeling the evening’s beers. Rob fidgeted a little and for a few seconds I thought he might leave. To my relief he took a few steps away from the tub and sat his beer down. Looking over at us one more time, as if to make sure we were serious, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the trunks and down they came. I had to slide back below the water’s surface to hide my fast rising hard-on. Ray followed suit. We leered at Rob as he slowly seated himself in the vacant space directly across from me in the tub. The heat rising up from the water had his cock and balls hanging low and heavy as they disappeared into the rolling water. This was working just as we had planned.


    We sat there, talking and bullshitting around for about fifteen minutes. I noticed that every time Rob’s foot would bump into mine or my leg would brush his, he would move away. Finally I said, “Man, don’t worry about it. It’s tight quarters in here. No one cares if you touch ‘em. Relax.” To prove my point, I grabbed his leg and placed his foot across my knee and rested my hand on his ankle. He seemed uncomfortable at first, but didn’t move. After a few minutes he relaxed and it was all cool. Unknown to Rob, my other foot had found its way into his Dad’s crotch and had been massaging his big nuts and swelling cock. When he was fully erect, he stood up proudly and announced, “Damn if this hot water don’t make a fella hard as a rock.” He laughed loudly and pointed his tool at Rob and I. “You guys got wood?” he asked. Of course, my bone was standing at full attention. Without hesitating, I stood up and grabbed my stick. “Sure does.” I said. Rob laughed out loud and I could see he was blushing. Shaking his head he sheepishly muttered, “Well, I got a hard-on too, but I ain’t showin’ it off!”  Ray chuckled, “What the hell ya gonna do, stay in here all night?" I sat back down. Ray, looking at Rob, sneered “Chicken shit.” and slid back down into the water, chuckling to himself. Not liking being called out by his old man, Rob huffed and stood up quickly showing us that he too had worked up a handsome woody. “OK fine. Here’s my hard-on. Everybody look. You guys happy now?” He sat down fast, splashing water everywhere. We all erupted in laughter. I couldn’t help but lick my lips. The peek Rob had given us of his cock was enough for me to see that he was really a chip off the ol’ block. His meat was almost as fat as his dad’s and just as long. I was already imagining how it would feel to have the swollen head of it slide forward through my lips and push its way down my throat until those big smooth balls would rest against my chin.


    Having the beer around that night had proved to be a very smart move. Everyone always feels a little looser when they know they can just blame it on the alcohol. Just like the old riddle: What’s the difference between a redneck and a cocksucker? The answer: 6 Beers.


    We sat there talking about nothing for a while. Then a long pause interrupted the conversation. Rob had laid his head back on the edge of the tub, closed his eyes and was just lying there. Loudly, I barked, “Damn Robby, whatchadoin over there? Jerkin’ off?” and reached over and gave his dick a hard squeeze. It was still completely hard. He gave my hand a hard shove away and jumped up, mad as hell. “Damn, man!” he huffed. He looked ready to fight. But the hysterical laughter coming from Ray and I quickly mellowed the situation and Rob relaxed and began to laugh as well. As Rob sat back down and opened another beer, Ray said, “Shit, I thought everybody liked a good’ol handjob.”  Not talking, we all laid our heads back to enjoy the night sky and finish our beers. Listening to the hum of the whirlpool motor, we could all feel the touch of legs, feet and hands against our flesh beneath the hot water.


    After a few more minutes Ray made the next move. Very boldly he stood up, still sporting his woody, and said “Well guys, all this jerkin-off talk has got me horned up. I’m headin’ to bed. Gotta take care of this before I can sleep.” To demonstrate the point, he grabbed his shaft and stroked it a couple times. He slowly stepped out of the tub and walked away, never looking back at us. Rob and I just snickered to ourselves and remained seated. I was almost hypnotized by the head of Rob’s cock as it rhythmically bobbed up and down in the water. My gaze was broken as, all of a sudden, we heard Ray shout to us from inside, “If anyone wants to come in here and do this for me, I’d really appreciate it.” We laughed and sipped our warm beers. I looked at Rob and said, “Don’t just sit there. Go on in and jerk your old man off.” I poked him in the stomach with my toe and chuckled. He shot me a ‘go-to-hell’ look and said, “No way. You be my guest.” We laughed together as Ray shouted again, “Fine. I’ll do it my damned self!”. I yelled back “Go ahead. We’re sure you’re real good at it by now.”


    For a while we sat there, not talking. Then I said, “I tell ya though, I understand your dad being horned up. This buzz and these warm bubbles kept me hard as a rock all night.” I looked him in the eyes as I slowly rose out of the water a little to show him my cock was still hard. I watched as his eyes became fixed on my dripping rod. I stood there for a few seconds and then sat down again. But this time I sat on a slightly higher seat in the tub, keeping my cock and balls just at water level and clearly in view, I laid my head back, stretched my right leg out to rest on his knee and slowly started stroking my cock. I could feel him watching me, so I began to pump a little harder. I kept my head back but opened one eye just a crack so I could see him. I could see his face still staring at me and I could see his shoulder moving steadily. “Ha!” I thought, “He’s stroking himself, watching me get off!” My big balls tingled with excitement as I put on a show for my young host.


    Ray’s bedroom window was behind Rob and I could see that he had crept over to the window to peek out at us and see what was happening. Our plan was working like clockwork. I continued to lie there pumping my cock, a little more openly now. I even let out a couple of low groans and caressed my chest. Without looking up, I quietly said, “Feels good, huh Robby?” He didn’t answer but I could still feel him fisting his tool across from me. Shortly I could feel my balls begin to tighten up and that familiar wave of pleasure building in my groin. I knew I was getting close, so I stopped stroking. I said to Rob, “Man, I better stop this or I’m gonna friggin cum in your hot-tub.” We stopped and chuckled together as I sat there on the edge of the tub, my rock-hard meat standing at attention. It was a huge turn on to have this young stud staring at my fuck stick.


    I broke the stare and said, “Hey, watch this.” I slipped out of the tub and crept over to Ray’s window to spy inside. I stood there naked and hard, staring in for several seconds then whispered to Rob, “Hey Rob, come over here.” I motioned hard for him to join me at his father’s window. Quietly he came over beside me and peered inside. He tried unsuccessfully to hide his still hard cock as he came over. I pretended not to notice it. As we had planned, Ray had left his bedside lamp on, bathing the room in warm dim light which allowed us to see him perfectly. He was lying back on his big bed pumping his cock like mad. His right hand gripped and stroked his cock while his left hand palmed his balls and slipped between his legs back to his ass once or twice. We could hear him groaning and grunting as he pleasured himself. His hips were humping up and down as his fist continued to bring his cock closer and closer to spilling its load. His knees would rise as he dug his heels into the bed forcing his cock into the air while he stroked himself harder and faster. His fist was almost a blur as he hammered himself. His chest heaved as he bucked and grunted like a wild animal. I looked at Rob and chuckled, “Damn, he was really horned up, huh?”



    We stood there enjoying the show for just a bit longer. Then I couldn’t stand it any longer. I grabbed my swollen cock and began stroking. Not softly like before, but really pumping hard and fast. Rob looked oddly at me. I looked back and said, “If he can do it, so should we, buddy. Come on.” and nudged him softly on the arm. I looked away, not wanting him to feel like a peep-show performer. A few seconds later I could hear him panting hard. I looked over slowly to see him going at it fast and furious, meeting my every stroke, staring at his Dad’s show all the while. In just a couple minutes Ray rose to his knees on the bed inside. His left hand was squeezing and pulling his big nuts while his right continued its assault on his swollen cock. Suddenly his head was back and we could hear him pant, “Yeah... Yeah... Fucking cummin, Fucking CUMMMINNNGGG!!” This ropes of cum blew from the end of his shaft and landed on the floor at the foot of the bed. The big, hairy stud continued to groan and shiver as more and more cum poured from his balls. That was all I could stand. It was over. I whispered to Rob, “Bud, I’m cumin’ too.”  No sooner had those words left my mouth than I heard a deep groan from Rob and felt the hot splash of his load on my leg. I continued to drain my cock as I felt glob after glob of Rob’s cock cream hit and run down my leg.


    Before I knew it, Rob had disappeared inside the house. I shut down and covered the hot tub, turned out the lights and went inside. Quietly I slipped inside Ray’s room. He was anxious to hear if our plan had worked. I filled him in on all the details of how his son’s eyes had feasted on him as he pleasured himself for our entertainment. As I explained that Rob had actually blown his load onto my leg, Ray knelt down at my side and softly licked what was left of his son’s cum off me. When my leg was clean he stood and we kissed deeply. As he held me in his arms and explored my mouth with his hungry tongue, I could taste Rob’s semen in his mouth. The knowledge that I was taking a son’s cum from the mouth of his own father was almost too much. I felt my cock begin to swell again in need of more attention. I resisted the urge. It was important that we stick to our plan. We climbed silently into bed and spooned back to front. I wrapped my arms around him and assured him, “Tomorrow you’ll have him.” and kissed him softly on the neck. We drifted off to sleep with my hand wrapped around his once again hard meat. I wanted badly to suck him off again, or possibly even fuck a load out of this big stud. But it was more important to save his juice for the next night. That load was meant for his son.


    My last day in Dallas was spent riding around with Ray seeing the sites and stopping off occasionally to suck my host’s thick cock or to let him work on mine. I loved looking down at this big fucker, watching him nurse on my dripping cock. Nothing looks better than a masculine, denim-clad stud, sucking a hard cock... and loving it. We were very careful that day not to cum. We wanted all the energy and juice to be saved for the night’s adventure. Our plan had to be executed perfectly. Ray had confessed that if I weren’t there, he wouldn’t have to nerve to complete the seduction of his hunky, stud-son. I had flown all the way to Texas to fulfill this fantasy and I was damn sure gonna give it the college try. I felt sure we could pull it off. I had seen the deep hunger in Rob’s eyes last night as he pumped his load onto my leg. Watching mesmerized as his father worked his cock for our benefit. Yeah, Rob wanted his Dad just as much as his father wanted him... and I wanted to help make it happen. As it started to get dusky dark we turned the truck around and headed home. Our plan was perfect and now it was time to make it happen.


    Rob hadn’t arrived yet when we got in. We just sat down in the living room, turned on the TV and waited. After what seemed like an eternity we heard him pull up outside. One quick grin between Ray and I and it was time to go to work. Rob entered through the kitchen and came over by me and sat on the arm of the chair I was in. He smacked me on the shoulder and asked, “What’s up man?” I squeezed his knee as I stood and said, “Not much. I was just getting ready to visit the hot tub again.” I walked out of the living room and down the hall to my room. I stripped down quickly and headed back to the living room. As I passed Rob’s room I saw that he was inside. I walked in and asked if he would mind getting me a towel. He didn’t really react to my nudity, just stood and said “Sure man.” I went on out to the tub and sank in. The water felt great. I was only there for a few minutes when Ray came to the patio doors and said, “I think I’ll join ya in there.” He disappeared back into the house. In a bit I heard him talking to Rob inside, “Yeah, we’re gonna sit in the tub for a while again tonight. You should grab a beer and join us.” I looked over and saw that Ray was standing there holding his towel. Other than that he was naked as a jay-bird. Just seeing him standing naked in front of his son got me going. Ray didn’t push the issue. He just casually tossed out the invitation, then turned and joined me in the tub.


    We had expected Rob to join us right away. But, the time passed with no sign of him. About twenty minutes later, just as Ray and I were about to switch to plan-B, Rob joined us on the patio. He emerged through the doors, beer in hand and a towel tied tightly around his waist. He saw Ray and I looking at him. He smiled and said, “Yeah, yeah, I know. Nekkid guys only.” To my surprised when he walked over to get in the tub he dropped the towel and was completely naked underneath. He took a deep swig of beer and piled into the tub with his dad and I. This time he didn’t bother trying not to touch anyone as he settled in. Instead he immediately laid his leg across my thigh. He did ask “That OK?” I said “Sure bud, make yourself comfortable.” and laid my hand on his ankle again. Ray and I had decided that it would be good for him to lie his leg against Rob tonight. The night before, there had been no physical contact between them at all... but tonight would be different. As Ray stretched his leg across the tub toward Rob he said,  “Here boy, let your old man stretch out.” I saw Rob become a little uneasy, but only for a few seconds. He settled back, relaxing with his dad and I resting on him. Ray asked Rob, “Damn son, what took ya so long? Did ya stop off to beat your meat before ya came out?” He laughed and poked Rob in the stomach with his toe. Rob brushed his Dad’s foot aside and said, “No man, I ain’t like you.” Then looked at me and grinned. I felt a little guilty, knowing that the young buck had no idea his Dad and I had planned the whole thing. I was giving myself a mental pat on the back, when Ray piped up and said, “What’s that suppose to mean, kid?” Rob looked at me and smiled widely. I squeezed Rob’s ankle and said, “Go on and tell him.” Rob laughed then looked at his dad and spouted, “Damn Dad, we watched you last night! We saw the whole thing.” “Watched me do what?” Ray asked, faking perfect ignorance. “We were standing outside your window last night. We watched you jerk yourself off!” Rob giggled. Ray put his hands behind his head and laid his head back, closed his eyes and said softly, “Well damn, one of you fuckers could have come in and given me a hand.”




    By this time my cock was hard as blue steel and my balls were starting to ache already. I stood up, exposing my hard cock and as I stepped out over the edge of the tub Ray grabbed my meat, squeezed hard and said laughing “Well well well, look who’s hard again tonight.” I climbed on out of the tub and turned to say, “Man, if you grab it again, you can get it off for me. And since I’m such a nice guy, I won’t even make ya buy me dinner first.” I smiled slyly and went into the house for another round of beers for us all. I returned from inside and patted em both on the shoulder as I gave them their beers and then slid back into the water. We sat there quietly, not talking much. Feet or hands accidentally brushing a thigh or foot, knowing full well there were no accidents. Again, we were there in the warm night air, watching the sky, feeling the sexual tension growing every second. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. I reached beneath the water and took my tool in hand and began stroking, slowly and casually, but deliberately and obviously. Ray piped up and said smiling, “Hey man, if you’re gonna stroke that thing you need to take it inside in private.” I laughed and said, “Like you did last night? Your little show was anything BUT private, man.” He retorted with a playful “Fuck you.” and a chuckle. I laid my head back and continued to stroke myself slowly.


    In a few minutes Rob stood and announced that he was going to take a piss. He carefully climbed out of the tub and disappeared into the house. Ray and I decided that if we were going to move it had to be now. We both moved to the higher seats in the tub to give full view of our hard cocks. We both lied back and began to jerk off, not pumping hard, but stroking at a good speed nonetheless. In only a couple minutes Rob returned with fresh beers. We looked over and smiled at him. It was clear that he was a little taken back by the sight of us there, horny, hard and stroking but he got over it quickly and came to the edge of the tub. He smiled and asked, “ Is this a damned circle jerk or what?” Ray laughed and said, “Nah, just the horny men’s club.” Rob shook his head and grinned, but he didn’t leave. Instead he went ahead and climbed back into the tub. He didn’t join in, but sat there watching. Ray and I continued stroking ourselves and pretended not to notice that we had a constant audience.


    It was time to make a bold move and it was my turn, so I went for it. I sat straight up, sighed and said. “Damn guys, I really don’t want to just jerk off again.” I paused, then continued, “I’ll tell ya what. I’ll make a deal with you Texas studs. If one of you guys will stroke my cock for me, I’ll let you stick your dick in my mouth for a bit. It ain’t no big deal, just three horny dudes foolin’ around a little.” They both stared at me blankly. Then Rob hooted loudly and said, “No way man! You’ve got to be fuckin kiddin.” I just grinned at him, holding my hard tool in my fist. Ray leaned over toward me just a bit and said, “Man, are you being serious?” I kept on grinning as I shifted my eyes toward him and said, “Well, there’s only one way to find out, ain’t there?” I winked at Rob as I slowly stood up, my hard-on close enough for either of them to touch. Ray looked at Rob, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Fuck it.” Then casually reached out and took hold of my rod. He moved a little closer and stroked me up and down for a few slow strokes as I sighed and closed my eyes. “ I heard Rob whisper, “Holy shit, Dad.” When Ray finished giving me a few long strokes he stood and moved in front of me. I grabbed his cock hard and gave him a couple fast strokes and said, “There.” and let him go. Ray quickly objected, barking, “ No fuckin way! You promised some lip service.” and grabbed my arm and shoulder. I looked over at Rob. He simply laid back and said, “Man, you made the deal. Don’t look at me.” and shot me an evil grin.  I looked at them both, took a deep breath and said, “OK, OK man, Back up a little.’ pushing Ray back a step. “I’m a man of my word.” I said as I leaned forward and grabbed Ray’s boner at the base. I looked over at Rob and said, “You watchin’, junior?” Slowly I slid my tongue up the bottom of Ray’s cock shaft and across the head. As I tasted the salty-sweet drop of pre-cum that had formed on the tip of his cock it was hard to hold back, but I knew I couldn’t seem too eager. From the corner of my eye I could see that Rob’s eyes were bulging and his right hand had slipped below the water to caress his swollen cock.  I leaned back and said “There. Happy?” Ray put his hand on top of my head and barked, “Man, you said you’d SUCK!” I looked straight at his glistening cock and said, “Fuck it” I leaned forward and swallowed his meaty tool all the way to his balls.  I heard Rob stammer, “Damn Dad, he’s really suckin’ you. I can’t believe this shit!” I sucked for all I was worth. Feeling Ray’s hands forcing my head back and forth as his stiff cock drilled my face. My left hand cupped his huge ball-sack while my right was wrapped around the shaft stroking in front of my mouth. I didn’t want to stop. The taste of Ray’s juicy cock and the feel of it slamming against the back of my throat as he softly moaned was driving me crazy. I sucked his cock for a solid minute then slowly slid his slimy meat from my lips. I looked up at him and said, “Now asshole, you happy?” and laughed a little. Ray laughed and said, “Why hell no. Now I’m just hornier.” He reached down and started slowly stroking his spit-covered cock.


    Ray looked over at Rob and said, “Sonny boy, you should get in on this deal.” and laughed loudly. Rob grinned and shook his head, “Nah, I don’t think so,” he said, unconvincingly.  Ray stepped toward me and said, “Damn, that was good. How ‘bout a little more?” “Hell no. Only once!” I objected and pushed him back. Rob couldn’t hide his huge boner. His cock was as hard as it had it had ever been I bet. I could see it standing out of the water against his fuzzy, flat belly. I stood up and moved over to Rob and said, “Fair is fair, man. I helped your old man out a little. I’ll swap with you too if ya want.” I shifted my weight so that my cock was right at Rob’s hand. Ray jumped in and said “Go for it son. Ain’t nobody around but us guys. No one will ever know.” His slow stroke had turned into a steady pumping now. Rob’s eyes were fixed on his dad’s cock. He never broke his stare as he slowly wrapped his fingers around my stiff prick.


    Nervously he stroked the skin back and forth. I could tell he had never stroked another guy before. He was clumsy and unsure but it still felt amazing. My cock juice was oozing from the tip and slipped under his hand making it slick. Rob still stared at his dad as he fisted me faster and more purposely. My balls drew up close to me and I began panting as I closed my eyes and prepared to shoot my load. Ray broke the moment by laughing and slapping Rob on the arm, saying, “Damn boy, don’t get him off!” His huge chest and muscled body shook with laughter. As soon as I caught my breath I knelt in front of Rob. Ray grabbed his son by the shoulders and gently lifted him up in front of me. “Now son, get your suckin’.” he coaxed. As Rob stood there, his cock right in my face I placed my hands on his thighs and leaned in. Ray slid his hand down his son’s back. It came to rest on his young bubble ass. Ray gently pushed him forward as I opened my mouth. Rob’s blood engorged cock slid across my lips and inside my mouth. I tightly closed my lips around his tool and gently began to suck. I slid my hand between his legs and moved it up and back to cup his beautiful ass. I began to pull him into me. Soon Rob’s nervous shaking subsided and was replaced by an instinctual fucking motion. I felt his hand come to rest on the back of my head, holding me steady as he began to fuck my mouth more forcefully. I was in heaven. I heard Ray ask, “Does it feel good, son?” His only reply was a slow nod and a firmer grasp on my head. When I became aware that his rhythmic breathing had turned into heavy groaning, I knew he was close. Ray and I didn’t want this to end too fast so I regretfully withdrew his meat from my mouth. I sat there for a second watching his dick jerk and spasm on its own. Finally his eager meat calmed down and a single, huge drop of pre-cum oozed from the fat head. Quickly I leaned back in and licked the sweet slime from his cock. Ray patted and squeezed Rob firmly on his ass as I got up. “How’d that feel, son? Good?” he asked. Rob didn’t speak, he only nodded as he slowly sat back down and tried to calm his heavy breathing.


    We sat quietly there on the edge of the tub for a few minutes. All with hard cocks standing at attention. I broke the silence, stood and said “OK guys, this isn’t fair. I need some attention too, ya know.” pointing at my boner. Ray chuckled and said, “Well, what the fuck ya want me to do about it?” I pleaded, “Come on guys, someone has to swap with me.” Ray got out of the tub and began drying off his thick, wet body. As he finished, he looked over at me and said, “OK, what the hell. We’re all men here.” and walked inside the house. Rob and I just sat there. A few minutes passed and Ray yelled to us, “I sure as hell ain’t gonna suck dick out on the patio. Ya’ll come in here.” As Rob and I toweled off and headed inside, I asked him, “You cool with all this, buddy?” He calmly replied, “Dude, I’m so fuckin horny I don’t care who sucks my dick.” I grinned to myself, Success! We had him… now for some real fun.


    We walked into the house and into the living room where Ray was waiting on us. He clapped his hands and rubbed them together and said, “OK. Who’s first? If we’re gonna do this let’s do it.” I was all set to ‘volunteer’ but before I could speak Rob blurted out, “I’ll go first.” and stepped closer to his father. I was surprised, but pleased that Rob would step up like that. It was obvious that Ray wanted this badly. When Rob and I had walked in, his thick heavy sausage was only about half hard. But in the couple seconds that it took for Rob to cross the floor, it was standing straight up and ready for action. Rob stepped in front of his dad. No words were spoken just a long gaze into each other’s eyes. His hand shaking, Rob reached for the cock that made him. His young hand laid itself against his father’s meat and slowly slid it down to caress his dad’s heavy balls. Ray couldn’t help but let out a deep moan. “Yeah Robby, stroke daddy’s dick.” he sighed. Rob did as he was told. He started at the base and nervously began to move up his dad’s shaft and then back down again. Slowly but deliberately he stroked his dad’s cock. I couldn’t help but jerk myself as I watched Ray begin to take his son’s virginity.


    Then as fast as it began, the moment ended and Rob stepped away from his dad. Ray opened his eyes and took a deep breath. I snickered and said, “Ray old boy, get ready to taste some dick.” He just grinned a little and knelt in front of his son. Rob looked down at his dad and asked, “Dad, you really gonna suck me?” Ray answered, “Well, a deal is a deal. Besides,” pointing to me, “our buddy over there kept his word, so why the hell not. If it feels good, do it.”  Ray looked up at Rob and said, “Son, we’ll only do this if you want it. If you’re not cool with it, just say so and we’ll stop.” Rob answered by stepping closer to Ray and whispering, unable to hide the passion in his voice, “Do it Dad, eat me.” Ray leaned in and opened his mouth. The fat head of Rob’s cock disappeared inside and Ray closed his lips around it. His tongue swirled around his son’s cockhead. Very slowly Ray began to work the cock further into his mouth. After every inch he would pull back to the tip and swirl his tongue around it, then push Rob a little deeper into his hungry mouth. Finally Ray had the entire length of his son’s big cock in his mouth. Rob nervously placed his hands on his dad’s shoulders and began to fuck his hips back and forth, sawing his meat in and out of his dad’s sucking mouth. There could be no doubt in Rob’s mind now that his dad liked sucking his cock. Ray had moved his right hand down to his own swollen cock and was fisting it furiously. His breath was labored as he worked hard not to gag on his son’s tool. His free hand had moved to Rob’s cock and was sliding it up and down and around just in front of his mouth. Spit and pre cum slipped out from around his lips and rolled down his chin His mouth made loud slurping sounds as the cock inside fucked deep into his throat. Rob bent his knees a little and closed his eyes as he laid his head back and furiously began force feeding his dad his fat headed cock. As I moved beside Rob and place my arm around his shoulder I felt his arm pass behind me and his hand came to rest on my ass. Ray took his hand off Rob’s cock and wrapped it around my stiff prick and began sliding it back and forth, expertly jerking me off. I gently licked Rob’s ear and whispered to him, “Go ahead Robby, feed your Dad. He wants it. Make him eat your cock.” Rob turned his head to face me. He licked his lips and said, “Would you kiss me?” Instantly I slid my tongue into his waiting mouth and kissed him hard and deep, our tongues wrestled inside his mouth and we sucked hard on each other.




    He broke our kiss to shakily say to Ray, “Dad... Dad, I’m gonna bust if you don’t stop.” Ray eased up and let his son’s meat slide out of his mouth. I could see Rob’s heart pounding in his chest as he caught his breath. Ray placed both his hands on the sides of Rob’s face and kissed him gently on the mouth. Instinctively, Rob’s tongue slid from his mouth and into his father’s. They embraced and kissed hard and deep, their heads moving back and forth as they hungrily tasted each other. They parted and Rob and I knelt together in front of Ray. I looked over at him and said, “Bud, your old man has enough for both of us. Wanna share?” As I took one of Ray’s monster balls in my mouth and began tonguing his sack. Rob opened his mouth and tasted cock for the first time... his father’s cock. I leaned back just to watch. It was amazing to watch the sexy, young stud sucking on his father. Ray looked down at me and winked as he softly fed his huge meat to Rob. Rob couldn’t take to whole thing but he gave it a hell of a try, gagging often but never stopping.


    I stood up beside Ray as he pulled his wet cock from his son’s mouth. Rob moved right over to my tool and began sucking me just as he had his dad. My fingers moved through his hair as I grabbed his head and let him feed on me, moving off my dick often to lick and suck my heavy, cum filled balls. Ray and I were taking turns fucking his son’s mouth now, each one enjoying the site of the other’s cock disappearing into the young, inexperienced mouth. Ray sank to his knees beside Rob and asked, “Ya like that, son?” All Rob could do was grin and nod as he hungrily slurped my meat. As I looked down at Rob being broken in on my cock, I saw his dad crawling between my legs. Once between my feet, he lied on his elbows and began sucking Rob’s cock again. The site of Ray on the floor swallowing his sons cock again pushed me over the edge. My legs began to quiver and I warned Rob,“Robby I’m gonna cum. You’re making me cum!” I expected the first-timer to stop but he continued sucking my hard cock. In disbelief, I asked, “Damn, young-stuff... you want my load?” His answer was to suck and stroke harder on my throbbing cock. I tossed my head back and groaned loudly, “Ray, buddy he’s making me cum. Your son is sucking me off! Aarrgghh” Ray stopped his sucking and looked up as the huge load flowed out of my cock and shot into his son’s eager mouth. Rob gagged as he tried to swallow all of it. Large globs of my creme oozed out of his mouth and dropped down onto his cock and Ray’s face. Ray wiped my jizm into his mouth and returned to sucking Rob. The young cock-hound used my cum that had dribbled down onto his cock as extra mouth lube as he began to mouth-fuck his dad like a pro.


    I stepped back to enjoy the view. Rob bent his legs, arched his back and pistoned his rigid rod furiously into his father’s hungry mouth. I knew he was about to explode. I moved beside Rob and whispered to him, “Don’t pull out man. He wants your cum. Feed it to him Robby.” With that said Rob announced, “Fuck, Daddy I’m cummin! Suck me, suck me! Damn I’m cummin’ in your mouth, Dad!” He bucked hard and began filling Ray’s mouth with his young stud juice. Ray didn’t spill a drop. He hungrily swallowed it all and continued to suck. He massaged his son’s balls and milked him completely dry. When Rob’s cock finally began to soften, Ray reluctantly released it from his mouth. Rob’s slimy meat glistened in the light as is slid from Ray’s mouth and swung there in front of him.


    Ray rolled onto his back and began to furiously pump his meat. Rob leaned forward and placed his mouth on the end of his dad’s cock. I crawled between Ray’s legs and slurped his huge hairy balls into my mouth and began to gently suck. He removed his hand from his cock and told Rob to suck it hard. Rob happily obliged and began to bob up and down hard and fast on his old man’s meat. Ray’s legs stiffened and his massive thighs swelled as his balls drew themselves up tight in their sack. I knew it was time. I pulled back and watched as Rob took his dad’s juice. He wrapped his hand around the base of Ray’s cock and pumped. “Take it son. Good boy... That’s it... Eat your Dad’s cum!” Ray cried. Rob gulped and swallowed hard, trying not to spill any of his dad’s offering. Only one thick drop of cum escaped. It slid down his cock and onto his balls. I leaned in a greedily licked it away. Rob kissed me and together we tasted the sweet juice that had just erupted from his father’s thick manhood.


    Sweaty and spent, the three of us filed out to the hot tub and climbed in. This time, Rob settled into place between his dad’s legs and leaned back against him. Ray wrapped his muscled arms around his son and kissed him gently on the cheek. As they lay there together in the hot, swirling water I didn’t think I had ever seen such contentment.


*               *               *               *               *


    I climbed aboard the plane that next afternoon knowing that I would be returning as soon... and as often as I could. My long flight home was filled with dreams and memories of my new Texan buddies. My cock was constantly swollen as I imagined the fun they would be having both day and night. I felt  a warm, wet sensation in my pants as I had a realization that I had not thought of before... Soon, very soon most likely, Young Rob would be offering his ass cherry to his big stud father! And even more hot to me was the knowledge that my big buddy in Texas would soon want to open his muscle ass for his son’s big cock. I had no choice but to quietly slip into the bathroom and bust a big nut at thirty-thousand feet.


    I’ll be returning again in two weeks to check on my two new friends... and their hot tub, of course.


The End


Alan "Woofy" Winkler was born in rural North Carolina. He is proud to have lived through and enjoyed the music and mayhem of the 1980s. (Eurythmics and Animotion anyone?) Woofy has experienced both country living and city life. His vocations have ranged from janitor... to corporate professional... to male model. He's even spent a couple of years in the driver's seat of an eighteen-wheeler.

Woofy's writing of adult erotic fiction began when he was invited to pen a story for submission to Handjobs Magazine. The story (Texas Hot Tub) was well received and appeared in two parts in the April and May 2002 issues. Since then, he's written many stories for Handjobs. His current Handjobs projects are two consecutive trucker themed series. "Ride'n The Zipper" - which tells of the experiences of a seasoned trucker (J.T.) and his new trainee (Luke) as they travel the lower 48, and "Roscoe Trucking Company" - a collection of tales sharing a behind the scenes look at the adventures of 12 different truckers. These stories can be read monthly from January 2011 through December 2012. Each episode is illustrated with original artwork by the artist Roscoe (
www.roscoestuff.com )

"Brave Men Do - When Lust is Relative" was Alan's first collection of Incest and daddy/boy stories. Published right on its heels was "Brave Men Do 2 - Fun in a Plain brown Wrapper" a second collection of incestuous toned stories. The third book, an illustrated erotic novel based on a studly mountain man named Buck and his mischievous family, is currently waiting in the wings and should be available in the Spring of 2013!

He has interest in writing for the adult film industry and is currently available for Private Commissions. Please contact him for information.


If you'd like to know more about him and his writing, click the image below and visit his website! You MUST be 18 or over!


This caricature Alan "Woofy" Winkler was created by CMAN

By clicking on his name, you can go directly to the artist's Blog!


CMAN's bio can be found here: http://www.woofytales.com/Author___Illustrator.html


It is with deep regret I received the news today, December 9, 2012, from writer Alan "Woofy" Winkler, that Calvin "CMan" Washington passed away at 12:24 AM on Saturday, December 8, 2012. He was struck by a drunk driver while traveling home from the library on November 27th, and was air lifted to a hospital in Fort Worth, TX in critical condition. He died, early Saturday morning, during an emergency operating procedure.





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This caricature of Alan "Woofy" Winkler was created by CMAN Click on his name and you can go directly to the artist's Blog!


Alan "Woofy" Winkler and CMAN's bio can be found here: http://www.woofytales.com/Author___Illustrator.html






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