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By Mickey "Daddy" Ray

Renders by Mack22

 When I'd received the news that Glenn had been following my teenaged, nineteen-year-old son, I reported it to the local police.


 The officer at the desk said, unless he's done something to your son, and you have proof of it, there's nothing we can do until he shows himself as a threat or a danger to your son. We do have a record of him having been charged with rape in the past, but we could never get actual proof to send him away.


 It was only two weeks later that my son came to me and told me about having been kidnapped by a guy and used as a sexual toy for two days, until he was finally released and put back out on the streets.


 My boy, Jeffrey, a sophomore at the local community college, had been going to a nearby beer pub when he first noticed the man. Yes, my son, like myself, is gay. I won’t go into all the details of my ex-wife’s separation and divorce, but she was far more acceptable about it all, especially when my son came out at sixteen and told her he was also gay.


 Looking over at the man sitting at a booth, Jeffery thought he was quite handsome and rather sexy looking.


 He went over and asked if he could sit with him. The man nodded and Jeff chatted with him but Glenn's attitude was not of a friendly kind but more of commanding soldier type who only wished to talk of sex. Jeff was turned off by this conversation and so he got up and went back to the bar, sat with friends and ignored him the rest of the night.


 Since that first evening, he couldn't help noticing that Glenn seemed to be everywhere he went when left school, got off work and went to his favorite bar or some other restaurant or movie, by himself or with friends.


 He became very nervous about it all and told me about his being followed.


 I told him the guy was probably a nut case and he should to try and avoid him. If he doesn't do anything to you, like the police told me, I told him there was not much you could do about it.


 When he came to me, a week later, he was crying, bruised, terribly upset and frightened. He said that he had been to the pub and when he left, he'd taken a short cut through an alleyway and the next thing he knew, he was woken up with water being splashed on his face. He was pulled up from a lying position, finding himself blindfolded, bound with his hands behind his back and his feet tied together, sitting on the edge of a small bed.


When Glenn removed Jeff’s blindfold, he realized he was in some basement utility room, but had no idea where that was. Looking at the man before him, he saw that he was completely naked with a huge erection aiming right at his face.


He tried to cry for help, but he found, the moment his mouth opened, a huge cock entered it and began to fuck his face, fiercely pumping in and out and in short time, it was dumping a heavy load of cum down his throat.


Pulling his cock out, Jeffrey coughed and felt some of the man’s cum still on his tongue. The man pushed the head of his cock back in, ordering him to lick it clean and to swallow every drop.


Obeying him, he immediately recognized that the voice was that of the man he met in the bar, who said his name was Glenn, and that he was the same guy who he kept seeing everywhere he'd went. The man then gave Jeff orders to lie on his stomach.


Knowing what was coming, Jeff clenched his teeth as he felt the man’s fingers shoving greasy lubricant up his ass, followed by the pushing of Glenn’s cockhead which worked its way in until he could feel the man’s lower abdomen and pubic hairs pushing up against his youthful butt.


In and out, Glenn forcefully fucked my boy over and over again. When he was finished, he’d pull his cock out and make Jeff lie still while he lay next him and sometimes on top of him, until he was ready to go again.


Jeff had been used and sexually abused for two days and, after he'd fallen asleep the last time, he found himself clothed and sitting in that same alleyway from which he'd been kidnapped.


I hugged my son and did my best to reassure him this would not happen again. I told him to pack his things and stay at my place until we could get this guy.


Glenn was not the cleverest man in the book, but was convinced he could not be caught and it was soon after the incident with my son that he'd begun to go back to that pub where he met Jeffery to hunt for another victim.


I'd been going there in the hope of seeing him and when I did, my first instinct was to go over to him and beat the shit out of him.


Instead, I had my longtime friend and bed fellow, named Tony, who was also a private detective, come with me and I asked that he follow this guy and find out where he lived or where the hell this utility room was located.


Within two days, he came back with all the info I needed. His name was, indeed, Glenn - I won't mention his last name - and he worked as a maintenance man, living in the same large apartment complex where he worked. It was a student housing building and happened also to be where my son had been living as well as many of his fellow college mates.


Tony crept into the utility room and had managed to catch Glenn by surprise as he woke up naked on the bed. Tony had put him in handcuffs and a gag, left him there and brought me to him.


By the time we got back there, he managed to get the gag out of his mouth and somehow contorted his body so the handcuffs were now in front of him, rather than behind his back.


“I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch!” Tony yelled. He immediately went grab Glenn again and while he gave us quite the fight, we managed to get him down and cuffed him again as well as gagged and blindfolded him, as he did to my son.


"So, you like raping young men, do you?" I angrily questioned him. He merely grunted a laughing sound.


"Well, let's see if you like it the other way around!" I said, as I began to strip and work myself into an erection using the jar of lube he had by the bed.


Tony stood nearby with a .38 caliber gun that Glen could feel pressing against his head.


While Glenn was a big man and had quite a sizable cock, I out did him, cock-wise, by at least three inches with my 12" long, 3" wide monster. He couldn't see it, but he soon felt its embodiment when his gag was removed and he was ordered to sit on the bed and open his mouth.


I pushed my big cock into his mouth, shoving it as hard as I could and could hear him choking on it width and length working its way down his throat! I grabbed his head and pushed into my crotch forcing him to swallow my entire dick.


Yes, he choked and coughed up sputum and some vomit, but I didn't give up. I began to pump my cock in and out of his mouth, as he did with my son, and, at least three times over, I gave him plenty of cum to swallow.


I took the gun from Tony and he stripped as well and although his member wasn't as large as mine, it was about the same length and width as Glenn's. He pushed Glenn down to lie on his stomach and royally fucked him several times over.


Now that our prisoner’s mouth was no longer gagged he began yelling cursing at us to the point where I couldn’t stand hearing him any longer. I hit him on the back of the head with the pistol and knocked him out.


When we were done using him, we dressed and began to search around the utility room. Sure enough, there was a standing camera, which could take videos, and there were photos and video disks of his victims, including my son, in a small cache box behind the water furnace. This was the evidence we needed!


I used my cell phone and called the police just before I had woken him up from his unconsciousness and stood him up in the utility room, handcuffed and blindfolded, which is how I left him there for the police to find.


I admit I was shocked to see his cock begin to rise and, while no longer cursing at us, he had a deep, growling laugh come out from his throat and he was fully erect when I took a photo of him from my cell phone. You can see how I left him standing there for the police to find and take him away, as well as the box of evidence we left for them to use against him.


The End …or is it?





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