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Prey and Predator




Tarzan and the Snake Priest


Gremlin Horse


Cowboy Take Down


Let's Talk 3D Rules


Jake in the Aging Process


Jake and the X Dolls


Messing Around


Poor Peter Parker


Reference Picture


Photo Shoot I & II


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure





"He ran that way...."



"Sure I can give you a lift, need to swing by my house first..."


Ransom Note


Safe at Last


The Month of Professor Gix



This is the 2 year I make the art that go on the posters and flyers. that go on the big Copenhagen event.





The Holiday - Part I

Jake and Peter Obanion went to the USA on vacation. By pure chance, they ran in to the place were American heroes hung out..


The Holiday - Part II

They meet all kind of cool heroes!


The Holiday - Part III

The next day they found one of the sidekicks, head down in the main pool. There had been an big feast on the grounds, where they all let the hair down. Some of the younger sidekicks did drink; and little too much..

The kid, they found, was last seen staggering out the terrace doors; mumbling something about getting some fresh air.


The Police came and went. The conclusion was that the kid must have slipped on the wet towels near the pool- fallen in and drowned. The case was closed..


The Holiday - Part IV

When one of the local journalists, Mcpetra197, (featured by the owner), asked the police if they didn't find it strange that the boy was found naked. They merely replied they did not.

The boy must have undressed, and gone to take an swim. And some hero fan boy, or fan girl, must have found his clothes and taken them. It was not uncommon that gear and clothing had gone missing at the resort.

As the Police chief said to the press. "It was the sad truth of this island. A million tourists flocked to this place every year and every month they had cases with young males who had gone missing. They were usually last seen drunk in one of the clubs or bars.

"A few, they found, now and again, sleeping at some girl's flat or house. Some were never found. And many, like this young sidekick, were found drowned in the harbor... or some other places.

That this kid was an famous sidekick; just meant this had become an high profile case.

The autopsy had shown no signs of wrong doings; and they were lucky they found him right away. Normally it took weeks before they found the boys, and by that time, if someone, other than the water and the sea, had done their job, there would have been some bruising. But nothing that rolling round in the pool zone did, could be accounted for.



The Holiday - Part V

Three weeks after the drowned sidekick was buried, the twins - The Obanion Brothers - disappears. They were last seen in an drunken brawl over one of the local girls. They got kicked out of the disco and were seen stumbling up the street towards there hotel; in the low budget end of town.

The next morning, one of the brothers was found drowned in one of the sleazy hotel's water features.
The subsequent autopsy shows that he have been held. or pressed down in to the shallow water where he had died. It further showed that he had been molested, and that it was his brother's DNA that had been found.

Subsequently, a huge manhunt began and they went looking for the missing brother all over the island. After fourteen days, with no sign of him; the search was stopped.

Months passed when the missing brother was finally found by one of the local fishermen.
The subsequent autopsy proved that he was dead within hours of his twin, but the body was in too bad a state to show anything more.

The police concluded that these events were an accident/suicide; that the brothers, both in an drunken stupor, started fighting and the twin that won had been so lustful that he had taken it out on his beaten brother, killing him by accident. After doing so, and realizing what he done. He run away and later drowned himself down by the beach were his body been washed ashore by the morning tide.

And with that.. the case is closed.



The Holiday - Part VI

We will end this series, with this. Had they found the other twin faster, they would have been able to tell that the two boys died at the same time. They would have also been able to tell that both the boys been molested. However, because the last body had been in water for so long, it had destroyed any clues to these facts.

I have, in this set, let my monster out. I did not choose to have these needs; I can only choose how I live them out. Sexuality is the strongest drive we humans have, and not all of us are blessed with some of the sweet and harmless needs.

You can take my word on this; the longer you try and fight the needs, the stronger they get! In my case, I ended up almost killing a boy. Luck had it that I regained control just in time and stopped myself.

I have since spend my life trying to help others that might be on the edge or have passed it.

I will not judge anyone, whatever they may have done or whatever they might like or want to do. I know from myself, that I did not choose to like things like that. It just is. The best I can do is try and not hurt anyone again.

Not talking about these things, or understanding them, just pushes it back in to the darkness that these persons live in. Many of them end up in an truly dark world where they do hurt others or themselves.

Knowledge is understanding.

Do not Judge; understand... and the world will become an better and safer place.


Dark Needs


So what are dark needs, some of you ask me? Well lets start with the most common... most of you will have run in to this temptation when you were young; before you told anyone you were gay.

You have that one friend that looked way too hot, and he has tons of girlfriends. You always hang out with him. He do not know you gay; you have not told anyone. So, he does what most boys do. He fights with you, he punches you in fun, and he gets too close when you go out in town and he gets drunk. Normal, straight boy behavior.

He often sleeps over at your house-and it is, normally, not an problem.

Here comes the most common problem of all...

He lie beside you sleeping, and over time you really fallen for him- everything about him turns you on, and it is killing you to lie there, awake, beside him. You want to caress his body. You might want to kiss those tempting lips, and so on...

This, is dark needs...meaning you can not do that to any person without permission and there can be many bad consequences if you do so.

The problem is.. if you do it, and you get away with it, you will do it again and again. until the day you almost get found out, or you are found out.

The blog will be an safe place to live this out. The 3D boys do not mind if you play with them sleeping and it will help you not to do that to your real friends who do not know you are gay.

I hope this will help you to understand why I think this new blog is important.



One Way Street



The Drunk Sitter


Roxx  (the stripper) and Professor Gix


The Pizza Delivery Guy



The Film Part I

Read the Story Behind the Render! Click on the above image!


The Film Part II

Read the Story Behind the Render! Click on the above image!


The Film Part III

Read the Story Behind the Render! Click on the above image!




The Bet

Read the whole story by clicking the link within the title!



Roxx - Just Before He Goes Onstage at the Reinbeaux Lounge


Roxx - Just After He Goes Offstage at the Reinbeaux Lounge



Tarzan and the Snake Priest Kidnapping


Stan and Jake Hansen


Super Fun With Superman


In the Army



Involuntary After the Party - The Drunk 1


Bartender: "Let me help you," The bartender said, pulling off the drunk boys jeans. "Tell me about her breasts again and have an fresh beer. On the house!"

Drunk Boy: "Hic! Why are you pulling of my jeans?" The drunk boy slurred.


"You're going to crash here and sleep it off, so your girlfriend won't see you this shit-faced." He was told by the Bartender.


"Hic! Oh yea, I remember !"


Involuntary After the Party - The Drunk 2



And as the drunk boy passed out from to much to drink, the bartender set the plan in motion. He'd been scheming all that night when he first saw this young buck getting it on with Lisa, the club's temptress. Lisa was hired to get the customers to buy drinks. Not Beer. And most nights, two or more young, horny bucks, went willingly into the web she spun.

This boy was going to end up in the bartender's soundproof basement before he woke up. That would be the last time anyone ever see him again. Oh, there'd be questions asked; there always were, but they have never found the last eight boys, so there be no reason why this turn out any differently.


Involuntary After the Party - The Drunk 3



After the bartender made sure the drunk boy was out cold, ( He'd also use Chloroform on him), he started to drag the, now drugged, boy down to his soundproof dungeon. His Dark Net company, Live Murders Inc., had started to get a huge following online as he held live streamed auctions which would decided the boys' separate fates.


Involuntary After the Party - The Drunk 4



Going out was fun. Meeting Lisa and get really drunk, was fun. Wakening up, hands tied behind your back, a gloved hands pressed over your mouth and nose; unable to breath... Not Fun!!


Involuntary After the Party - The Drunk 5



The last thing you remember was swaying beside the wonderfully, big busted, blond girl and grinding to the music on the dance floor.

And the next thing that happens, is the naked, gloved bartender from the club is now standing behind you; tightening the black cord around your throat and starting to choke you on live web streaming.

That should be the time to figure out that you have to cut back on drinking when out in town.


Involuntary After the Party - The Drunk 6



So don't get to drunk out there. or the Club Bartender might get ideas!



No Talking!


The Janitor





The High School Janitor

This janitor works at an all boys boarding school. One of the games the that older students love to play on the Freshmen is this. They grab a Freshmen and they end up getting tied and gagged in put into the lockers for the school's janitor staff to find.


Janitor: Do they still put your cloth in the shower?
Jonick: Mhhmpf!
Janitor: You come with me boy. I might have something in the boiler room. we can put you in.
Jonick: mmmpfhhh!


Janitor: See! I knew I had something that fit you. I just need to go check the other lockers. Best to stash you in here.'







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Stan and his football teammates are brutalized, abused and murdered!


This time, superstar football player Stan learns the hard way. Like the saying goes,  "Sometimes when you win ...you lose." Stan and his team mates Peter, Kenny and Assad won the game that afternoon. They won big over a team no one thought they could beat. The four boys decide that this is cause for an little celebration back in the locker room. Unfortunately, the team they beat had Jake Hansen as its quarterback. Jake...well he is not an good looser. He creeps into the locker room and starts by grabbing Peter forcing the drunk football boy, at knifepoint to jerk off in front of him, killing him just before he climaxes .


Wow! After that. Jake goes on an killing spree inside the locker room; raping, humiliating and killing the drunk boys one by one. To the victor goes the spoils I guess.



Stan is abused, murdered naked in the 3D dungeon.


Everyone loves our actor STAN. He is young, cute and sexy. Fans always wanted to see him do some extreme things...but STAN was just not up for it. Until now. Meet Jake Hansen. Jake is a huge web 3D star that turned up online the last few years. He is the creation of Vuffer one of the many gifted 3D artist that have been creating these images . Here is a VIP Best Death images. We now have the pleasure to share with all of you. The Picture Pack you can purchase here. In it he takes his favorite young actor...STAN. and does terrible things to him. Stan meets Jake Hansen in his 3D dungeon and the extreme sexuality and violence takes over. See STAN as you have never seen before



Rupert Rat formally known as Jake Hansen aka Vuffer






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